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“አገራችን ገብተን እንድንሠራ ይጮሃል፤ ሆኖም አገራችን ስንገባ የምናየው ሌላ ነው፡፡ ገብተን ከምንሠራው ገብተው ጥለው የሄዱት ይበልጣሉ፡፡ ኢሉአባቦር ላይ የጀመርኩት የእርሻ ሥራ ቢኖርም ውጣ፣ እንገልሃለን ተብያለሁ፡፡ የቡና እርሻችን ላይ እሳት ተለቆብናል፡፡ ከብት በእርሻ ላይ ይለቀቃል፡፡...


Ethiopia: the politics of adoption

By MIRIAM JORDAN reporting from Stillwater, Minn., and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Seated in plastic chairs in a grade-school cafeteria in Minnesota, Sandra and Alan Roth admired their 7-year-old daughter, Melesech, making her stage debut...


A New Ethiopian Sound via Teddy Afro

By Samuel Getachew A noted blogger was once asked to describe music by a certain Ethiopian musician after hearing it for the first time. He explained his first reaction as feeling as if he...