Last immigrants from Ethiopia land in Israel, ending a 30-year saga


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4 Responses

  1. Aster says:

    This is a sad day, we will miss you our Jews brothers and sisters. You are welcome back home at any time. We Ethiopians understand you are doing this at your own choice and we respect your choices.

    I guess the next immigrants leaving Ethiopia to their home land would be the Muslims.

  2. yared says:

    Tesfahun Tchemeda is my hero ! I will always remember him and may God have mercy on his Soul !

  3. Moishe'la says:

    Discussion with Moishe’la

    A handicapped child

    Elul 13’ 5773 Aug 18 ’13

    “It’s time Am Yisrael. You better get your act together”

    So many things are happening in this world every single day. From hour to hour, from minute to minute, we don’t know what giant new event will bring us to feel shocked, startled, afraid etc

    The upheavals in the Arab countries are very frightening, especially for those who live in Eretz Yisroel, but the Israelis don’t seem too disturbed. They’re going along happy-go-lucky or running from place to place trying to make a living, not really worrying too much about what’s happening.

    In the whole world, in the giant world, it seems that things are quieter, but in reality great things are happening. Very frightening things are happening, things that will bring us to a major, major explosion. The end is coming very close. Everyone with any brains in their heads, with any feelings at all, can feel, can see the terrible dark clouds amassing everywhere. The sky is full of them blocking out the rays of light. Of course I’m speaking figuratively, but that’s the feeling inside. That’s the feeling inside of every person who can see the truth and feel what’s happening.

    I’m going to warn you that it’s time to do Teshuva. Am Yisroel, I’m talking to Am Yisroel the time is coming. I would even predict that by the time Succos is over, by time they put back the Torahs after dancing on Simchas Torah and say Havdolah it will be a different world.

    I want to tell you that for many years there have been handicapped adults and children writing, warning and people keep saying, “Oh you said that already. It didn’t happen yet.” True, everyone sees that the world has become more difficult to live in, stranger, full of crazy things happening. The sinister side of the population of the world is coming to the surface. The Rishus, the evil is expanding everywhere, and oozing out from every corner, but still the average human being wants to go on with his regular life.

    Very similar to World War Two, to just before World War Two. The main difference is that as evil as Hitler was, these maniacs that are trying to take over the world are ten times more evil, maybe even a million times more evil. And they are in charge of all kind of weapons, all kinds of poisons that they have already spewed into the world and are ready to destroy much of the world to gain their crazed power. Basically they are no different than previous generations of Reshoim, just they have much more technical ability to control the world.

    So now where are we left, Am Yisroel? Where do we fit into all this picture? It’s just as the Nevuas (prophesy) say. Read the Nevuas and you’ll know where we fit in. It’s time Am Yisroel. You better get your act together. It’s time to do Teshuva. You can’t trust anything anymore, nothing, only Hashem. We’ll be stripped of everything. The only thing we’ll have to lean on is our trust and our love of Hashem.

    If we are really ready to sacrifice ourselves for Hashem, and to admit that everything He does is for our good, then we’ll be saved. It’s not going to be easy.

    Again I warn you, make a Cheshbon Hanefesh. Make an exact Cheshbon. Make an accounting of all of your Aveiros (sins), of all of your weaknesses, of all of your Aveiros against Hashem, SheLo Naidah, of all of your Aveiros against other human beings, and beg forgiveness. Beg forgiveness. It’s not enough to beg forgiveness; you have to cry. You have to feel so sorry that you ever did it, that you ever got into the stupidity of hating other people, of trying to get revenge, of taking things that aren’t yours, of doing any kind of Aveirah that’s against the Torah. Cry over it. Feel in your heart, that your heart is crying over it.You must do it, Am Yisroel. Things are going to be very hard now. They are getting more and more difficult. However it’s going to change drastically. All of a sudden, in one minute the whole thing will change. We’ll get a tremendous shock, but the whole world will change. There will be a totally different reality.

    Am Yisroel I beg you, whether you are in Eretz Yisroel, or in America, or Europe, or wherever, beg Hashem, beg Hashem. It won’t matter how much wealth you have . It’s not going to help you. It’s going to disappear with everything. Everyone will be the same. Everyone will have the same. The only ones that will be ahead of the game, are the ones with trust, Emunah, Bitachon in Hashem. And they won’t be so scared.

    Am Yisroel it’s really not a joke, and it’s coming very soon. And all the warnings you’ve been having in every direction, all the tragedies, SheLo Naidah, all the Tzaddikim that have been taken from this world, all the horrific happenings like the gay parade in Yerushayalim, like crushing up the bones of Jews that died a few thousand years ago, these horrific events bring upon us other horrific events, and we have to do Teshuva! Also if we did not raise our voices, and we did not oppose and protest. If we allowed Yerushayalim to be desecrated, if we allowed the graves of Kedoshim to be desecrated, then we’re at fault and we’ll have to pay. We have to beg forgiveness. We have to do real Teshuva. It’s hard work to do Teshuva. You have to tear your clothes and cry. You have to beg. You have to cry with a broken heart. You have to feel how bad you were, how evil you were, and beg Hashem to help us destroy the evil in ourselves, and come back only to Him.

    Only a true Jew that stood at Har Sinai would ever be able to do this. No Erev Rav would be able to do this because he does not have the Yiddisha Neshomah, and he can’t be that close to Hashem ever, and he still has idol worship in his heart.

    I’m warning you Am Yisroel. The Goyim have their eyes on Eretz Yisroel. They want to control Eretz Yisroel, and they don’t want Moshiach to be a Yid. They want Moshiach to be one of their people, and their big victory, in their minds, SheLo Naidah, is when they sit in Yerushalayim and rule.

    I’m not talking about the Arabs, I’m talking about Edom, and that’s what they’re planning Am Yisroel. So if you think you’re going to have a picnic here in Eretz Yisroel, think again. Hashem will defend us, Hashem will help us, but until He does, we’re going to have a very very big test of Emunah and Bitachon.

    So Jews all over the world I beg you my fellow Jews, by brothers, my sisters please, please don’t make it hard, don’t make it hard. Come back. The Gashmiusdik life of the Egel HaZahav is finished. Accept it and go in the way of truth.

    There will be atomic explosions.

    There will be soldiers killing civilians.

    There will be chaos in the world.

    There will be starvation.

    Your money is not going to help you.

    Eretz Yisroel will have it easier, but still we’re going to have it hard.

    I’m warning you, please do Teshuva. Survive

    Do Teshuva, Am Yisroel cry out to Hashem and do Teshuva.

  4. Helen freedom says:

    Now no one is able to determine when the Jews were in Ethiopia. Some people believe that this happened in the days of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba , others argue that since ’73 BC. e . They came as refugees from Yemen to Ethiopia.
    In the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, 36th chapter, we find the most complete description of the state of the Promised Land and the people directly to their recovery. (Ezekiel 11:8-11 ) .
    It must be remembered that the entire Jewish population statistics of the Jewish aims to hide the real numbers of the Jews , so the Jewish population figures are taken from the ceiling , that is just the desired figures are taken that will not be any strain . For example, now the official statistics in the United States of 6 million Jews , but if you look at the statistics of the American Jewish hundred years ago , then there will be the same 6 million Jews. If you now look at the official numbers of Jews from Ethiopia , you will say it is 65,000 Jews, but if you look a hundred years ago , and even then, it turns out those living in Ethiopia as 65,000 Jews ( beta israel ) .
    question:1) already 1000 years has passed, but until now their number is not increasing, why?
    2)However, Should there to return there, for example, American Jews?
    or Maybe that will happen when the world was predicted in the Bible “earthquake, revolution, famine”?
    Many of the Jews are not even aware that they are Jews , or as live well , do not want to delve into this , but retain the inner loyalty to their homeland . Approximate extrapolation of these data shows that the Jews , hidden Jews and hybrids are the most numerous race on earth. Without exaggeration we can say that the Jews – is the other half of humanity.

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