Ethiopia: Authorities Reject Pardon for Woubshet Taye


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21 Responses

  1. taye says:

    the problem with pardon is , there has never been real repentance after they had been released. take brish nega as an example and other except few.the gov .has taken good lesson from previous people who asked for for pardon .

  2. teshome says:

    I would take this information at face value, simply because it is reported by Dawit Kebede.
    One thing here should be clear to all of us, due process of pardon is always done at the will of a government.. This is true whether in America, far east Japan, Ethiopia or any where else in the planet Earth…
    The fact that the Ethiopian government decline the pardon request of Wobeshet Taye, ( if at all there was such a case) shouldn’t be subjected for interpretation, because pardon always necessity a political willingness…
    Yes the Sewdish journalists were released after requesting a pardon, but at same time I don’t think the former ‘Kinjet leaders ‘ were also released because they were Swedish people.
    Rather pardon process is all about principles, more over I said it earlier needs a political willingness..
    I would prefer to ask his wife a serious question, is her husband, wobeshet Taye is asking a pardon from his heart or for the sake of a political game, is a good question to ask..
    If I were Hailemariam Desalegne, I would accept Wobeshet Taye’s pardon and jail ‘Engineer ‘ Yilikal in place…This Guy is dangerous, there is a clear and compelling evidence that he is backing Ethiopian Muslim Fundamentalist…
    I have already changed my calculus that most ‘Mederek, Adinet and Semayawi party’ had crossed the red line, the Ethiopian government drew long time ago…..

    We are really fade up of the political life cycle of few opposition parties…
    They start as a legal party…..then involved in illegal matters….then jailed…..then ask pardon and released
    I think it is high time the Ethiopian government, should break the this awful political cycle…
    AND Wobeshet Taye’s case should be viewed from this perspective

    • Ash says:

      I agree with, if I commit a crime and if I ask government pardon and if 100% sure the government give me pardon… Then is what is the point …I will do cirme again and I will ask again pardon

      What I don’t agree with u is about jailing Engineer ‘ Yilika. In fact that is what I want but what I want is not always the best solution. If u jail Eng. Yilika u will make him more powerful then he is now… Even if u kill eng Yilika u can’t solve the problem because what we fighting is an idea u can’t kill an idea by killing the person u kill an idea with a better idea for this u tell Eng. to keep on speaking in fact don’t interpret him late him speak nonstop broadcast his speech on TV in fact give him TV air time for blue party to speak freely…this is only way u can know what they r thinking.

      Can u imgine blue party survived saying the Muslim leader killed by extremist is a TPLF drama on their on TV.. Would ethiopian people forgive them if u ban them u protect the from making mistake…in short the answer is more free speech to all extermist

  3. yohannes says:

    way all these terrorists journalists are asking pardon through their wives and husbands . the Swedish yes and the Ethiopian no.
    the Swedish journalists was misguided by such pseudo-Ethiopian journalists to create havoc in the country.
    Most Ethiopian Politicians have got pardon by the president, where are they now, in Eritrea or in Egypt to create confusion in the country. they want Ethiopia of middle-age . most of them are narrow minded , they now only the western world they don’t know Ethiopians. they born in Addis. Ababa. they are not our people

  4. Meaza says:

    @ teshome, … Kinijit leadres were released not because they asked pardon but your former coward learder, Meles, was under pressure from his masters. So he made the pardon law as excuse and released them. The pardon legislation worked only for that time and Swedish journalists. However, yihenin mesemat atichilim. you said “wobeshet Taye is asking a pardon from his heart or for the sake of a political game” ha ha ha…this is too funny. Everyone ask pardon just to pretend, because they didn’t make a crime…for a fake charge fake request of pardon is enough. Your Meles was a God for you…he is not a god of no one…so pardon is requested just for formality….

    • teshome says:

      You are very innocent, Politics needs a sharp mind. In a person like you who prefer to live in a blissful ignorance, politics will bring more unintended harm….
      Anyway, to say ‘Kinjete leaders’ didn’t write a pardon letter, You have to ask the Bipolar Birtukan, why she said what she said…You have no reason to present this in any other way other her words cos as you always said it, she is now living in a free world…. But we didn’t hear that either from her or even from the lie institution, ESAT, she asked fake pardon…did we?
      Secondly let’s assume that your assertion is correct, then these opposition leaders are unprincipled people and don’t have the political commitment…they should prefer to die in a prison than to lie to get out of prison…
      Have you ever heard the story of unsung hero ‘Keshe Gebru and Amoraw did’ in the era of TPLF struggle…
      They were regular rebel army members of TPLF, but showed us how a person should die for the motive he had.. That is the crucial ingredient always missed in the opposition party
      I guess you are ‘Ginbote 7’ party member, and you put in the same parameter Esikender who refused to ask pardon and Berhanu Nega who asked fake pardon…
      …So you made two separate claims, no syllogism, no therefore

    • axumawe says:

      @ Hi Hi Meaza, cool of !
      also don’t crosse the line, live alone my hero,leat him REP!AS YOU SAY YES HE IS MY GOD PM MELESE ZENAWE !!!!!!HE IS ETHIOPIAN GOD,I DIDN’T SAY THAT LOOK THE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA,
      you well never ever make any diffrnce in this matter.know to your point
      pm melese have no master his masters are his people ,the people he gave his life for.he never run away to england or zembabwe,you know ae we give our life for our people and for our belive do you want proof ok1!
      dogale italy by alula
      metema by king yohanes derbush
      adwa italy by alula & tahaytu
      derg,eritrea,by melese and so on
      let me give you good example of pm melese
      when the un &usa aford him assab for 50 years & some wheat donation for him to sign there offer in Ethiopian histery he say over my dead body we don’t need your help !!!!!!!!!he never ever gave his countrys intrest for his benefite.
      but look who soled Ethiopian pare like a butcher ?for raill roar ?
      who took 34million us and run away ?
      who abandond Ethiopia with his family to london ?
      who is sealing Ethiopia for 500,000us know ?
      cawerds don’t make as tell yoiu don’t !!!!no body well site and listen to yous any more enough is enough!!

    • welde says:


      Don’t forget the derge generals who were convicted of genocide and sentenced to death; where are they now? Do you think, they didn’t make a crime. You may think that way, but the judge is the ethiopian people who went through that awful period. Any way;surprise,surprise wow! they are pardoned and out of jail. Pity for the Emperor and his ministers!!!. Do you still think all these are a political games?

  5. yohannes says:

    Dear, awaramba times , do you know people are start to get tired of bogus journalists and warmongers. not only even about corrupted mass medias can you open a discussion about this issue to see what the people are thinking about media and journalism and its ethic.

  6. Gebez says:

    People are abusing the terms of pardon relentlessly. So, the government might not pardon citizens as easily as before. This guy seems to be a victim of this. For me, he is a pitty criminal though. Laws( whether we like them or not) should be respected!! H

    • kifle says:

      “he is a pitty criminal though”.
      What a pity nonsense you are? I have no doubt you have much blood in your hands. Yet, you do not consider yourself as criminal. How come a journalist with his inks and papers called as a pity journalist? Why then you don’t call Awramba editor Dawit Kebede once again a pity criminal?

      • Gebez says:

        Most private “journalists” in Ethiopia act as spokesmen of the opposistion political parties rather than as genuinely independent, free people expressing their views impartially. Things become more serious when these individuals cooperate with medias or opposition parties labeled as terrorists by the state. This guy knew that he is violating the law and wanted to take a risk. Well, he is now reaping the fruits of his temerity. Speaking of his former boss aka Dawit, they are all the same shit when it comes to their profession. On a personal level though, I do respect them all. They are my fellow Ethiopians.

  7. wedi agame says:

    now you you are listening!
    you thought the dishwasher diaspora were going to save your a$$ and now you realized that they are toothless! LOL

    well i am glad you were rejected:: finish your rime and learn from it.

  8. jon says:

    I’m really hurt & disappointed by what I’ve heared. I’m saddened that we do this to each other . There is nothing “less than” about to harm ur brother like this.U guys better to look ur self as wubeshet blocked in!

  9. Mario says:

    The formers has their pardon abused,therefore , they must do their time in hopes they learn better than the former pardonees! They ask a pardon, to go abroad & be the worst kind of haters! The EPRDFites are really merciful! We remember Derg! We remember Melaku Tefera! If that’s what you want , God will give you the worst kind of Mekaku Tefera for you alone!

  10. engda says:

    I remember when Burtukan medeksa was asked by the ethiopian gov.either to retract what she said about her deial she requested pardon in the meeting she had with her fans in sweden or norway, she would not come clean .she tried to play with words in amharic by saying QALE ,but that costed her another two years in prison.

  11. Belachew says:

    @Teshome, I took a point below from your article
    “….Have you ever heard the story of unsung hero ‘Keshe Gebru and Amoraw did’ in the era of TPLF struggle…
    They were regular rebel army members of TPLF, but showed us how a person should die for the motive he had.. That is the crucial ingredient always missed in the opposition party”
    I don’t think that they are heroes rather they are a fabricated tings made by their owner…’ keande fabrika yeteseru samunawech ‘‘… they didn’t had any critical observation of the actual world they were living in. They said what they owner let them to say. That it it!!

  12. Belachew says:

    Awramba times;

    You better treat all comments equally; if you have a special criteria let us know.

    • teshome says:

      Your paranoia is disturbing…..
      Dawit gave you a special privilege, which Ethiomedia, Ethiopian review and ECADF denied you…
      Don’t bring cabbies politics here, in the space and time you wasted, you coud have write some sensible thing, but that is apparently not possible..
      I always wonder how you guys who are packed like sardines in the opposition camp have a badly programed mind…You are simply a living robot

  13. Bex says:

    The best decision ever by the government. Well done!

  1. December 24, 2013

    […] Woubshet did not appeal his conviction and applied for a pardon, according to local journalists. In August 2013, the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice rejected the request for a pardon, the Awramba Times reported. […]

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