Pioneering British broadcaster David Frost dies of a heart attack


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  1. HANA says:

    Interesting interview & really a skilled interviewer? It cracked Meles’s hiding methdods in simple words. For instance,”will u step down soon after 15 years”,..Melese:”If the party decides”. Interviwer:”U don’t definitly give up ?”,Melese:”I prefer to” …This is the way a skilled interviwer exposed an internal feeling out ..As a matter of fact,Mr. Melese could have easly say I can’t continue period but the meaning of “I prefer” was as we witnessed allows staying on power until he stays in death bed. Melse was ofcourse a skilled person but he used everything he has & everyone he knows to keep his power & to excute his own will without any real will to compromise, at any issue, unless it benifits him to buy time! Ethiopia desrves a better leader who is called ours than theirs!!

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