Ethiopia Denies Crackdown on Semayawi Party (BBC)


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20 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    This party is using religion as a back door way to play politics. More over they are questioning the legitimacy of the our court system. The few Muslim ‘ mefetehe afelalage’ leaders’ are only under arrest, yet the court didn’t pass any verdict. Secondly, we knew the court system assed a verdict on few terrorist affiliated individuals. But we are told by ‘semayawi party’ it is wrong verdict and it is saying, the verdict should be reverted….
    How on earth a political party who claims to be peaceful and legal give a judgment being above the law.. This party, as it is new for Ethiopian politics and it is risking everything.. Eventually, we are gonna witness Hollywood style finish..
    I think it completely the weakness of the Ethiopian government didn’t ban this party once and for all. I mean there is a clear and compelling evidence that semayawi party is working against the law and doesn’t respect the rule of law…Here is a good evidence the Ethiopian constitution is severely fractured.. One of the biggest institution given credible responsibility by the constitution is the judiciary system but Engneer Yilikal and his colleagues are playing with it…
    It is completing illegal to question the integrity of a judiciary for a political party working with a constitutional framework ….
    I am sure in no distant future, Semayawi party will be How long it takes for the semayawi party to be ban from the Ethiopian political system but the question is.. How long it takes????

    • Ash says:


      Very good point why we need ourt system.. All we have to do ask the people to demonstrate in support of jailing the extremist then released them if another one demonstration to release them as soon as we released them if another demonstration to jail them take place them jail them the cycle keep on turning.

      I don’t believe banning blue party, how in hell do u know they r crazy if u ban them if u ban them u allowed them not to make mistake but if u allowed them more freedom of speech the more they speak their will be more chance they make mistake short allow them to destroy themselves don’t be in the middle other self distract.

      My last point is if a police told them no demonstration that mean no demonstration u can’t argue with the police…if u think the police is unfare then u go to court, u argue in court not with police the police represent the law… U do what u have been told.. No question otherwise if the police told me to stop…instead of stopping I will start arguing… The police even have power to use his gun to make u do what u tell u to do… If the police told the cud ( blue party) no demonstration that mean no demonstration that means the police can us gun power to stop them from demonstration late all own beating…

  2. Ethiopian says:

    It’s great News that has been unblocked here in Ethiopia.

  3. Habtamu S says:

    This Bull party is really come with violence means to power and should know about what law is above all. You know from their beginning they tried to cover the street but not the mined set up of the people and I think their technique will grow as EPRP as 1970s and should/should correct now. If one take time and see who share their post on face book, one can get easily that who affiliated them or who are the supporters and even liking on face book is not the same as liking on the ground. But what more important is it is an acceptable to make violence movement in the name of legal party that registered on the land law. Also they should advice or corrected by the concerned body that they should stop insulting the state, individuals in the government and the opposition partys .Thank you

    • adddisab says:

      First of all, the name u used as Habtamu was not correct. I m sure your name is Hagos or breha. The comment u wrote was purely TPLfs opinion. u are one of tplfs member. U are telling us that if any one protest in a peaceful way they end up being killed like eprp members. U guys u do not have feeling at all. where is your humanity and decency. I leave the answer for u.

  4. Alex says:

    ምክር ለዳዊት: ከዲያስፖራ ጓደኞችህ ጋር ያለህን ተራ የግል ጉዳይ በተከበረው ስራህ ውስጥ አትዘባርቀው:: ተራን ነገር ንቆ ማለፍ እና ባለህ ሙያ ለህዝብ የሚበጅን ስራ መስራት ላይ ማተኮር ይገባል::
    በጣም የሚያሳዝነው ብዙዎቹ የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲከኞች መለስ ዜናዊን ጨምሮ ከሆነ ግለሰብ ተራ ጥላቻ ዎይም ነቀፋ ሲደርስባቸው ቁጭታቸውን በአደባባይ በህዝብ ላይ ይፈጽማሉ::

  5. tola kebede says:

    I don’t under stand this blue party is that religeus or poltics .first pgf all both they r diffetent so this is not dificult for enginer yelkal. Bro pls be smart it’s shame to u we r in 21 centuery. Don’t be back ward or u have to be abgrade u’r….

  6. thinkfree says:

    It would have been nice if the people running this website would tell us, as to why this site feels like a gathering place for EPRDF cadres? Unless it’s the whole purpose of the site?

  7. axumawe says:

    This is my point of view!
    iam sorry to say this, if a plumber can be called engineer, i am un engineer to!
    but i don’t dance in a country of 85 million to destabliz a nation. i am doing my part as a plumber,to be part of the devlopment in my filed.
    what we see her is exactly what the Egypt politicans promised to our nation.
    i live in north America,since this guy is using the western as good example in his argument on the terror debate with the other parties,her is how the western democracy works in practic.
    when g w bush run for office in 2000,al-gore is the winner.
    they went to the supreme court of the country,the court dicided that bush is the winner!!!!!!end of story
    all Ethiopian opposition parties seem, so aroggant,uselesses,and naieves when it comes to rule and low.
    b/c it have to be in there best interst.
    for example, they sow the recidence of addis,the people have spock in one voice we don’t need extremthem,division,and terror ! who is more power full her ?
    blue party or the addis ababa recidence?
    who is the gurd of the constitution of Ethiopia ? the police or blue party ?
    who is the inforcer of the constitution of the country ? the court or blue party
    that is why i sjuest last time the government needs to band or domileshed this so called opposition parties in general at this time .
    Ethiopia needs one party system,and Ethiopia needs to follow the great chinas polece,prison for devolopment.
    you can’t just let him site all days.
    i am not eivel person. i belive in freedom & democracy,but according to my countries political evidence, it didn’t work.belive me this party is pushing the government in to blood shed,and it is not going to be easy,at the end lesson well be thought the hard way witch no one well be intrested to see.
    there are tow ways lesson to be learn
    1) the easy way!!!
    2) the hard way !!plumber yelkal and his followers are crossing the red light.
    i belive if some one have to tell those people what really politics means in the 21 centuryand listen, well be a good idea.
    America and western in general don’t give a sheet about you or me at all.America cerres about Americans best intrest .
    let me give you good example,
    1)Americans luctur the rust of the world about human right,do you know most of American prisones are full of inocent(guantanama bay ) people,let me give you one sad story .
    it was happend in mississipe,some of yous may herd it,about the 2 sisters who are convicted for shop lifting food and sentencesed for 18 years.
    last year the one have to have kiddny transfer and the only kiddny she can recive is her sisters and thru the public pressure the governor have to give both of them after 13 years in prison.
    2)look the saudies how they controlled there woman,if so where are the human wright watch doges ? how come they never ever say a single word about human wright for all the Arabes ?
    do you know any woman in saudi never come close to the king showing her hair? she can’t drive ,she have no drivers licenc, she have no bank account, and so on. why in earth do you think the Americans and westerners never say a word to the arabes ???b/c they get more what they need, more than any ones human right,or democracy of a nation.
    IF CHINA wants to in prisone one 1000 of its people, they can do it. there is nothing us or western countries can do about it !
    if Russia wants to drop a necullor bomb in chechnia, they can do it and there is nothing the us or western can do about it !
    when Seria is using chemical weapon, look who is sufring ?
    look at Egypt USA best allay there is nothing us or the west can do !
    why do we see or belive white westerns than our own people????why ?why ?
    do you ever think of the human life it well be lost,the sufering ,the economical crises and so on ?
    do you know the government have the mandet and responsiblity to protect its people ? also to use any means necessary to protect the constitution??????
    well i don’t think you realized it where you are heading.what you are asking at all is force “mekerow-mekerow,embe kal mekera-ymkerow alu abo”
    as all ways long live Ethiopia !
    long live Eprdf !
    long live Woyen !
    pc and love for all of as!!!!!

    • Ermi says:

      Axumawe, how are you doing my brother?

      I read your comment above and got perplexed a bit. I understand your support for Woyane which is perfectly fine. But your examples of the American [injustice] system, the Saudi brutality, and the Chinese dictatorship seem to be the ideal policy and dreams you have for Ethiopia and its people, right? If that is the case why don’t the Woyanes uphold such policy overtly rather than preach fake democracy. You clearly support its policy of slavery and inequality. Do you support such system as a slave or as a slave master? Which role do you want for yourself in such system?
      And lastly, why did TPLF sacrificed 65000 souls in the first place since what we had during Dergue was a pure dictatorship that didn’t tolerate dissent in any form? I believe the only difference between Woyane and Dergue is that the latter sold Ethiopian territory and its only functional port while it continuously struggle to instill hatred in Ethiopians against Tigrians so that they bring ethnic cleansing similar to the holocaust so that Eritrea will guarantee its survival for a long future.
      Putting aside the naïve foot soldiers of Woyane, the leaders are all Eritreans in Tigray jackets and were created to advance the cause of Shabia and Eritrean separatists. So it would not surprise anyone if they subject Tigrians to holocaust. They have already killed their foot soldiers for having sexual relation with opposite sex during the 17 years gorilla struggle they waged.
      I have a feeling you are supporting them because you are Tigrian and you think you relate to them. But my friend, they are not thinking they are Tigrians. From your writing one can easily understand that you don’t care about democracy and freedom or equality, but do you also enjoy holocaust to be committed against Tigrians(you may be a victim too directly or otherwise) . So what got me confused about your many comments is whether you are suicidal, sadistic or a naive brainwashed blind individual.
      Peace and love to all!

  8. HANA says:

    Wow! Too much intolerance from Eprdf supporters. How come we build a nation of plurality if we don’t have a courage to accomodate at least an opposition party protest after a long long years of absence ? I it is easy to give any bad name in the dictionary to make them ugly but as a government of the people,we should give equal right for everyone, & by doing so we give a message for every citizin that the law is applied equally on everybody. In effect,we are marching in building a perfect union & a law abiding nation. However,wining a temporary gain using a propaganda machin don’t put anything good on public confidence & maturity of our democracy. Let us give our comfort,our power,our ego for the sack of the well being of our nation! Don’t be short sighted in your political judment!

  9. w .yilma says:

    I think semayawi party should refrain from following the old way of party doctrine. This part is loosing support because path they prefer to follow is completely wrong. Instead of mixing religion to the worst radical Islam will drag the party to back ward. Instead of following confrontational politics injected by Diaspora politicians, the party should steadily follow strictly its own political principles. The party should reject advice either from Diaspora or domestic old politician. These two groups have nothing good to advice.
    If the party is not looking its steps, and continue to mix politics with religion its demise will count in days.
    I do not understand why in Ethiopia political party and politicians rise and extinct like a mushrooms. Hidden political agenda will not work in Ethiopia.the people are more smarter than the so called pseudo politicians. Semayawi party is one of them

  10. Mario says:

    Reform can’t happen through demonstration,but one must take a seat in the parliament & pass through vote! There is no short cut to power at all!

  11. Ermi says:

    So which group do you support? The Abay Woldu/Azeb/Bereket conservatives or the Sibihat Nega reformist? They are the only two groups in parliament. I have a feeling the Sibihat reformers will stop at jailing the Azeb group with the corruption flag. What do you think?

    Peace and love to all!


    • teshome says:

      We knew you very well…You are an Abraha Belay, Ethiomedia Editor…
      Man, In this IT era, you can’t easily hide yourself…
      Did ask second opinion before you write such a crap????
      Be careful, Tedla Asefw may got annoyed and ECADF had only an easy patience…
      I am a bit surprise how you allow others, to think for you and It is completely a shame for you to remove what you posted under a fine order from Tedla small mind…
      It is a good a lesson for you, next time you shouldn’t at all jeopardize your monthly allotment check….Thank you Tedal Asefw, I really applaud for the job you accopmlish
      And Aberaha Belay would you write something How a slavery life is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
      Oh sorry, you are not entitled to think and write freely on your web site

    • Mario says:

      Group is in your dream! You guys whenever you have nothing to do, you make your own false group! Wait & see if there is any group! Don’t you think you have better to do real things than simply dreaming empty dreams! Albert Einstein once said “insanity is doing..,.,” Betam tasaznalachu

  12. woldu says:

    Why Tigree politicians fear Ertrians? I mean, tigreans are now at the mercy of Eritreans.

    When I was at school, whenever Ertrians enter a bar, Tigreans leave at the back door. Now, Officials in Ethiopia are Ertrieans. Tigreans do not seem to have any power except some economic benefits. Real tigreans are real Ethiopians. They do not sale their country. I have strong feeling that most violent and senseless cadres are those who do not believe as tigree but do business in their name.

    This is my unbiased study.

  13. Mario says:

    Woyanes/TPLF tell lies and lies with what they did lately.

    It is the responsibility of the rest of us to tell the truth no matter what. Woyanes/TPLF can tell piles lies, but they cannot make the rest of us all liars.

    As President Bill Clinton once said, “You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle”.

  14. Meron says:

    TPLF ( woyane ) must go and others who is educated should come to power. TPLF done nothing within 22 years of ruling the country without killing, torturing, arresting, suffering, Ethiopian people.
    TPLF/EPRDF should stop Mass Arrest And Torture. we need freedom,,,,,

    • astede says:

      Listen to you all, what kind of none scene thing is this? And blue you do not know the meaning of party or politic.

      My advise to you all, do not give up your day job, which you are incapable of doing it anyways.
      you must be the one who is creating the distraction to stop the development the Ethiopia people trying to do.

      Unlike you some of us have no time, we have a country to build and think positive for Ethiopia. We do not have the time to think ill to destroy Ethiopia and people.
      blue I have heard your argument on TV, so illiterate you do not know what you are talking. Lesson to me do not wast the peoples time. Who burned the Flag?? Are those people, whom you want to be free?????
      What Ethiopia needs is some one to work hard for development and progress. Regardless of religion or tribe.

      You people collect digress like toff but when a post is given, you can not do the job. On top that some of you hide in some decadent west who only have 240 years history and you mock the 3000 year history of Ethiopia.

      Wake up and small the COFFEE we grow not some juice collected from rubbish coffee.

      Therefore what Ethiopia needs some one to work hard for progress to come out our poverty…………….

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