In search of our own Martin Luther King (Girma Seifu)


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36 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Girma Seiyfu
    You didn’t yet wake up from ill politics..
    We had lost Ethiopian Martin Luther, Meles Zenawi a year ago. As Americans do not need another Martin Luther, we Ethiopians do the same…
    Martin was a town fighter and was fighting staying in his home, having all the comfortable life in Anmerica. As all of us knows it, Melse case was different. Martin was a localized leader and Hero but Meles was not only an Ethiopia but also a true son of Africa..
    By any parameters Meles Zenawi excel the American Martin Luther…
    Leaders like Meles are uncommon, they don’t come often..
    Meles life as a rebel fighter and state man was completely incredible…
    I don’t understand why this confused Ethiopian parliament member looking for an Ethiopia Martin, yet we had better Martin.
    Meles is our Martin Luther,
    He is our Abraham Lincoln
    He is our George Washington
    He is our Mendel….
    MELES IS A FOUNDING FATHER OF NEW ETHIOPIA. As I used to call him, Meles is the gods and stars of new Ethiopia. Had it not been for Meles, we wouldn’t have known the current Ethiopia in such socio-demographics and political arena

    Mr. Girma Seifu, Being an Ethiopia is always a problem we don’t appreciate the Gold we have at hand…

    • slick says:

      Hire Hiee hieeee (laughing)

      Let me ask you one thing. Do you genuinely believe that Meles has a dream? I just want to remind you some of his speech or shall I call them nightmares? The guy never had any dream except putting his ethnic first than having a grand vision for the nation. If you ask ordinary people up and dawn country, they will tell you no one share his nightmares.
      Look at Dr.Martin luther king , his aspiration, dream to the nation attracts millions and only took 50yrs to fulfill it. In the contrary Ethiopians will take any opportunity to dismantle and wipe out what is considered to be Meles nightmares… Do I have to remind u again? His nightmare (my ethnic first).

      • teshome says:

        By the way Slick, please would share us what happen to DC Tuesday rally…

        ESAT was telling us there were Olympic size protesters, but my dear friend told me that is rather Olympic size lie…..Isn’t it?????
        I guess you are guys are shrinking in number, you see the fate of hate-infected politics..
        Had there been a a genuine concern of protest, in the presence of half a million Ethiopians in DC and near by city, we wouldn’t have seen such number of protesters counted in fingers…
        Incidentally, we are always watching the same face in the place for the same bankrupted idea

        • genan atnku says:

          dear sick, the list above is the dream of ESAT for ethiopia and the truth is in the contrary. just as advice for you consider ESAT as just for laughs in amharic and not a news station as ESAT can’t even count numbers or according to ESAT standard 25 people are olompic size may be ESAT uses nokia phone camera to take protesters picture and when they saw the screen is full they though the streets of DC are full you know what even if you count the protesters all limb fingers and body parts you could hardly fine 200 but ESAT says olompic. and last week there was rain in addiss and ESAT reported there was TSUNAMI hahahahahaha and dozens of people killed then i asked my self does ESAT know where ethiopia is ???????????????????????? I am not sure if they do

      • genan atnku says:

        Slik, let me answer your silly question meles had a big dream not only for ethiopia but for africa as well and his dream is becoming true he has tought the world and ethiopians alot of things not like the barking dogs so called oposition who are worthy of some dollars meles was worth of reputation and respect as he respected and loved his country and people. he brought ethopia from a failed state of africa to a strong nation in africa that has the power and capability to represent africa internationally meles has created governance system which will work and continue no mater who is in power not like your dictator fathers when one man goes off power the whole government declines and restarted for a human being with healthy brain this example would be enough to consider meles as a hero with out mentioning his uncountable patriotic commitment to develope and strengthen ethiopia.

        • slick says:

          @ Jegena atenku (correct ur nick with no permission) g or J

          Let us share share and discusses what u considered to be a dream of Meles and what we call a nightmare of meles.

          1. First his vision dream was to establish Tigray repubic. His struggle has nothing to do with the rest of Ethiopia.

          2. When he found himself in office back in 1991, he dreamed (was a nightmare) to feed ethiopians three times a day. Reality after 21 yrs ppl come up with their own solution eating breakfasf and lunch together and called (Qumessa) wires and Messa.

          3. He dreamed to build democratic nation but we end up with one corrupt TPLF dominated party same as derg ESEPA

          4. He dreamt to build a free society but politics, economy and security is under one ethnic.

          5 he dreamt to have free speech but Journalist end up behined the bar labelled as terrorist.

          6. He dreamt Ethiopians to enjoy state funded medical care , education but nowadays only rich can affford them.

          The list goes on in every direction. If one has a dream thousands will be devoted to fulfil that dream as long as its benefiting the nation. But sadly meles zenawis nightmare has nothing for the rest of Ethiopians rather benefited for the people he came from. They are the one who come here and bark. The rest of the nation is working hand in hand to abolish the nightmare and replace with genuine dream and HOPE.

          • axumawe says:

            @hi sik,i can tell you don’t even know pm melese zenawe !
            when bbc( chathrien)asked him in the 90th
            about his dream (vision )for Ethiopia in the next 20 years ?
            pm melese answerd acureatly this !
            you can wach his video if you want.
            “i well like to see every Ethiopian to have 3 meels pr day, break fast,lunch & super!
            that is how mach he caers for his people and for his country!
            TO girma sefu !
            GET REAL !!
            have a real job that can pay good ,from what i see you are not gona lost long in parlament! b/c who ever send you last time they regrted it by know,even your parties representativ on the debat was destnced from your comment in desse!!
            your party didn’t like what you say about shek nori .this is the party you represent,not me.
            instd of you, traing to get atintion by raising d,king name,think of your own.what happend to the Ethiopian heros like mengestu neway,king tedros,king yohanes,king minlik,king haileselase ,pm melese !!
            do you know why we Ethiopianes are diffrent ?than the rest of the world ?
            b/c we are proud with our own identity. we are selfe relaied people, we don’t import other example to express our say, or our feeling, or our wright ! we are proud Ethiopians. grma sefu,know this be for you wigled you tail to others,having say this i ador d,king.
            but as i say we have even way better more dr,kings!! that is why GIRMA SIFU,BUT YOU TRAIED REALY HARD TO BE HERD
            i feel so bad for you,don’t tray to massure up your selfe,to some thing you well never get closed to.
            people like pm melese,precident (mediba)mandela,dr,king,ghandy,lincholn,mother terisa,patric lumeba of (GHANA),and others are rear people. who came ones in a 100 years until that time comes you well be a good brown soil!!!!!
            as all ways long live Ethiopia
            long live Eprdf!!
            long live Woyen !!
            by the way i have no problem with you grma sefu as a person but you as public representative (politcan)i gave you F NOT GOOD!!!!!!!SOME ONE WHO CALLED HIM/HER self as a politican needs to be PRAGMATIC,THIS IS WHERE PM MELESES BIGEST TALLENT!!!!

          • shibru says:

            the list you stated above are good to explain the derge administration which you and the opposition trying to bring it back but the reality in ethiopia is what i stated in the above let me give you advice if you are he in the us or out side of ethiopia stop beliving ESAT and try to know the truth for your self because what ESAT broadcasts is its mobilizers dream for ethiopia and what ETV says is the fact in the ground when last week was raining in addiss ETV reported the truth that there was rain while ESAT reported it as tsunami and they told us that 100s of people afected very funny for your surprise i was in addiss that time for my vacation and just couldn’t believe my ears. you know what ESAT is just for laughs program for me
            i wish they call it GAGS in amharic

    • dubale says:

      I wouldn’t say it better. Before I saw your comment, i just read Girma’s article. While reading i was thinking what to write in the comment. Actually when i see the title of the article..i said “we have our own Martin Luther King~~PM Meles Zenawi”
      Anyways thank you for that you spoke my heart!!

      • keyo says:

        Why is everyone have big mouth when it comes to christian and shut there mouth about muslims.
        even in the west they mock every day about christians and on the religion but you will never see one day saying any thing bad about mohammed or muslim.
        they know what will happen next if they try.
        so this guy is trying to get support from muslim and started insulting all christian. bad bad bad

  2. Mess says:

    I was thinking you are our martin luther king ,kikikiki…

  3. Dan says:

    It is hard to believe this guy is an elected MP. Is he trying to follow/please diaspora extremsts or speak for the ppl who elected him? He is clearly advocating the involvement of religion in politics. He has to make sure he understood what the constitution says first.

    • genan atnku says:

      He is elected but he doesn’t know the constitution I don’t know why he doesn’t may be he studied the constitution of extrimism instead of the constitution of the country in which he is representing people shemale he is just shemale

  4. Mario says:

    This guy must be losing his mind! In search of our own Martin Luther king? Really ! So Ethiopia will need 9 Martin Luther kings , don’t you think so? Marin Luther king flega gebeya mrwtat newa! Yihe sewye Betam yihermal!

  5. slick says:

    Meles Zenawi lost his golden chance by replacing a dream speech by a racist narrow minded addressing the nation by saying…. “Enquan kezih hizeb teweledku”. K k k k

    • genan atnku says:

      yes he said that because he loves his people he was not like you who deny his ehtiopian roots when going to europe and us secking asylum you and your likes are claiming to be eritreans when going to israel, us and europe do you want him to be like you and say i wish i was an american, he is not cheap he admited he is ethopian, from tigray and loves to be so so do I

    • axumawe says:

      @SIK LET ME TELL YOU THIS,YOU MAY NOT KNOW your root ?sorry bro
      you see i am so proud tegre(wedi tegray)
      b/c that socity is fair proof,golde socity.
      do you know we are neded for marage by amharas & Eritreans at this time????
      to be breaded from tegray,even your king minllik gave his doughter zewditu to Ras araya the son of king yohanes.
      your haile selase gave princes aida to ras mengesh!!!
      so if you have low low low praied for who you are, it is not my problem or pm meleses problem.
      but your own,her again i well frase it for you.
      “ata qnkaba kabakum tweldna,ata enqabq ny amatna aikonkum ”
      “hezbi tegray b hawe tftenu zwos wrkie eyu” pm melese b/c he is so proud of who he is thats all…korto ketel you can teer it to any way you want. kkkkkkkk

  6. Satellite says:

    Slick =\ sick

    Meles was more than Martin Luther; Meles was tested by fire more than Martin Luther. Meles acievement can be only expressed by freedom fighter thriller movies.

    Meles did not insult any race or colour or religion. Meles said he is proud he is born Tigreans? why is this racism? how come? Where is the racism? what is wrong if someone is proud of his heritage? It is the racist people interpret is racially. Meles saying he is proud to be Tigreans has nothing to do with race or anything.

    it is the racist amhara elites who are twisting things. They wanted him to say he is a proud Amhara? Hey, Meles was right he is prould Tigreans ; Tigreans the people who have passed throught harrowing opppression suppression, repression, discrimination. Meles saved them from the ashes of extremination where they wered reduced to beggary only and outcast in Ethiopian society and even derideed for speaking language. Ata gidefuna, ebakachu, amara fanatics leave us and give us peace. We are tried off. You nazisst and racist who you are struggling to make Every Ethiopia amhara which mweans one Ethiopia = one amhara. I can not understand why Meles racist because he ssaid he is proud being Tigreans? where is the racistm? Please stop and live the dead man in peace. When anyone talk about Menelick’s weaknesses you cry? but you attacking Meles for nothing ? He was really your nightmare and he is still your nightmarae after death.

  7. Satellite says:

    Racist amahra elites: you need to learn to respect people. When Jawar said he is an Oromo, you made a big noise as if it is wrong. What is wrong if Jawar say he is Oromo first and Ethiopia second? what is wrong? I think the amhara elites live in the old system and they are not yet read to accept the indentity other people.

    Ethiopia is made up of all ethnics; Ethiopia would not exist without the ethnics. First things is the first, the ethnics are first which make up Ethiopia. There was nothing wrong Jawar ssaying he is first Oromo and then Ethiopia second. It is true he saying he is not Ethiopian is wrong. But stating he is first Oromo was okay but you made a big noise because he said he is first oromo?

    Now Meles said he proud to be Tigrean and you tell us this is racist? You are living in some kind of delusionned world of amhara that is still not ready to accept other people’s indentity. This is a big problem. It seems you have a righto to be racist? but you condemn, demonize, dehumanize others for expressing who they are? This old system of thinking.

    • genan atnku says:

      because jawar before his mother and fatehr migrate to ehtiopia they were not oromo they came to ethiopia form chad and other centra africa nations then they got assylum in ethiopia after that they started being called oromos theis is the story the truth they were not oromos when they were in centra africa it is after they came to ethiopia/ abysinia that they become oromo this should be underlined.

  8. aman says:

    martin Luther king was a great man who fight for race discirmination in America. why do we need that in ethiopia? is it race problem like the HUTSI TUSI,.,He could choose some one else. but MELES THE GREAT man have done it for us 1 fight againest discrmination of ethnic grupes rights.And 2 he fight for all africans and all the poor ppl in the world in economic,global worming etc,.,IF u ask me Meles zenawi was better than Mandela,Fidel castro,Ann sun su chi,mather Theresa ALL Mandela was great man who fight aginest appartaid jailed for 27 years and his ppl was merdered in Cold blood in the streets of pritoria,in the streetes of seweto etc,.,.but he did not see it like meles did in front of his face and fight that make him better.Fidel fight in sub jangel With no probem of Food they can hunt or just pick some frute in the jungel,Meles fight in sub Sahara With very Limited food and water.Ann the fight human right in house arest .but Meles fight till Death. Mother Thresa was a very generuos women who try to help the poor so it meles but no body scrim at her like a killer evry time she step out of her country and the worst part is his oun ppl Ethiopians so that makes MELLES ZENAWI THE GREATEST like president zuma said THE GREATEST SON OF AFRICA

  9. kelemu says:

    Awramba editor;
    I wonder what value you see in this man’s writings that you regularly post.
    I get it that all voices must be heard. But some voices are more of a shout devoid of real substances.
    I have never heard this man practice tolerlance, peace, except innuendo and bad mouthing. It is a pity that he invokes Matin Luther’s name in vain.

  10. Jr. Girma al-Saifu King says:

    You have so many of your own Martin Luther kings & choose one among them.

    1. Professor Alemayehu G/Mariam (former Martin Luther King Student)
    2. Salat Man- Symbol of resistance
    3. Yilkal Getnet (rally hero)
    4. Eskinder Nega (Award Winner)
    5. Dr. Birhanu Nega (gallant fighter)
    6. Abebe Gellaw (Father of Democracy, FBI/CIA coworker)
    7. You have millions…

    Why not we can take you as Martin Luther king ? You are the only one MP representing Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia in the house of Devils.

    Martin Luther Girma al-Saifu.

  11. Mario says:

    Mr Girma Seigu

    So what you mean is , Oromo, Amhara,Tigrian,Afar,Somali, the south,the west & many more needs many Martin Luther kings! I’m sure you can’t choose a Martin luther king for the nations, nationalities & people’s of Ethiopia! Meles is the Ethiopian people’s Martin Luther king & you have seen the people loves Meles!

    Mr Girma seifu , what did you do for Ethiopia? I know you did nothing, so when you have no credit for the people, how do we know you are for the people?

    There is no short cut to power at this time of the century! What you need to do is; serve the people from the bottom up & the people will protect you! Don’t try to represent the complex society of Ethiopia! Everyone every right to represent oneself!

    You are an Amhara, serve your people, then let the people elect you to higher offices!

    No history of service to the people , simply wishing a Martin Luther king!

    • axumawe says:

      @ mario i agree with you, but the guy don’t think like that. he just want power and attention,the sad thing is he don’t even know who represents, he lookes lost .
      do you know why ? b/c grma sefu sites at the front corrner of parlament, and he never ever look back. if he see back those people are from all part of the nation and they are all martin l k to as Ethiopians what a guy!!!

      • Mario says:

        I have never seen or heard this kind of politician anywhere! All we know about Girma Seifu is, in the parliament opposing everything just for the sake of opposing! We don’t know if Girma Seifu have something to offer! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ዝንጀሮ እንዳደረገችው የቆጡን አወርድ ብሎ የብብቱን ይጥላል የሚል እምነት ያላቸው ይመስላል። የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እንኳን ኣሁን ድሮ ልጆቹ እንደበግ እየታረዱ ያልፋል ብሎ የጠበቀ ህዝብ ነው!ሰውየው እንዳለው የራስህ ማርቲን ሉተር ኪንግ እነ ብርሃኑ፣ኣልማርያም፣መሳይ፣ ታማኝ፣ኣበበ በለው ገላው ወዘተ ኣሉልህ ከነሱ መምረጥ ነው!

        Axumawe, am I right broda!

  12. yoghannes says:

    I am sorry a country like Ethiopia search Martin Luther . First od all this man is not free in mind but have a slave and colonized mind. If he is Ethiopian I am very shay of him, because the country have paid martyrs to defend they Owen country from all enemies Arabs, Italians, British and all who tried to subjugate it. they where not shooting like Martin Luther in the street of New York or others. The Black Americans have learned a lot from the Ethiopians patriotism ,independence and respect. Ethiopia was a sample for all the oppressed people specially the black people . He have to be proud of his Owen history he have never read it.
    how many ignorant scholars are present in Ethiopia, poor men, the black lions are forgotten by their sons.

  13. Abegaz says:


    meles is the stars and god of corruption. he has no other legacy in ethiopia.

    @Girma Seyifu

    We cannot have an Ethiopian Martin, or Mandela or Ethiopian Dhandi. Ethiopian situation is different. These three great men operated under different conditions. They were among civilized people who have a sense of reason and truthfulness. Woyanies are different breeds. Peaceful struggle doe not work in Ethiopia. Many people miss this objective reality.

  14. teshome says:

    cyber worrier…
    You are right, Ethiopian toxic Diaspora are determined not to win EPRDF …Where in this world ever you saw a struggle away from 13,000kms…
    You are political toys, …You were born, raised, get old and die as a paper tiger
    You guys miss something big here, Arm struggle needs a similar bile, Meles and his dear friends have 34 years ago…
    I said it earlier, Meles is a founding father of Ethiopia…The new Ethiopia created by Meles is changed for ever, and taking into the consideration for the softens of your bile, it may take you million and million years to bring the ‘Haileselasie or Derge Regime’ …..

    Your activities are out date and not to the expectation of 21st century politics…You still burning tons and tons of candles in front white house..
    Like ‘Kolebe Gebrel’ You keep on lighting whit house surrounding with candle, and we will see what type of changes the American administration will for Ethiopia….
    Eve You don’t know the simple Political calculus that westerns have not all the answers….but your foolish is at record level you still expect a change in Ethiopia by the fine orders of Americans…

  15. meron says:

    at all tplf cadres
    should i mention your name such as t, m, a…

    No need of wasting time as you knew yourself and known by woyane and get for your belly.

    As Abegaz put it clear! meles is the one behind all kind of racism and grand corruption currently make suffer the majority and enjoy few, such as the loyalties. I donot think you are among these becoming billioner over night, not because they do right business, but via accessing any kind of money from and banck as they wish, and import anything they wish without tax, while the rest are discouraged to enter business, may be they are amhara, oromo or they are not simple horse of meles-bereket circle. They donot give their back for your man to jump on them and ride them as he is doing with our aba dula. But nothing is wrong with them than this, but denied of getting access to hard currency, robbed via illegal taxation….

    by the way, where in the world a man who is like a martin Luther was responsible to exile 126 journalists in few years, killed over 200 in day light including a 10 year boy, but 1000s of youth behind the bar, torture them…divide ethiopia and Ethiopians, so that one is racist againest the other—

    hey hey, are you mindless!

    you donot think the current displacements of one ethnic group from all around the country calling he go you dogs….is the plan developed by meles? this is your martin luther, yes? or you just wanted to give that responsibility of shiferaw shigute and Nasir ahmed and free your man?

    Just back to your mind! what meles was dreaming and dreamed about is just simple to divide Ethiopia, and destroy amahar! Period. to realize that, he used corruption very effectively. A corrupted army, a corrupted police commissionaire–a corrupted minister never stand up infront of his face and challeng him, otherwsie he put the in jail but taking out these documents he keep on his table. He is nothing than a master mind of evil!

    Rather let us now come on board forget past and look forwards and do our assignment. Meles with all his flawed things no more back to us. We are here to live our life and make Ethiopia a country that is home to all of us. Some of you donot tell us it is sustainable for us, it may be for you.

  16. Habtamu S says:

    Dear brother; you still continue your undigested opinion and so let me follow you with my undigested advice. You side in all church the youth encouraged to safeguard their religion even if it will ask one life and this is from Ethiopian government. By this I think you mean the church is Ethiopian Orthodox and this inferred that the Orthodox Church and its members are pro government. So what you need is to see great conflict on this land? Have you ever seen all the church and their attendant? Who told you such things? How on earth one tries to dispread such gossip irresponsibly? Actually the first paragraph is really inconsistent and you wrote it carelessly. Sir, please before you send your letter, show it for someone so that you will have the correct one. Thank you

  17. Mario says:

    ኣቶ ሰይፋ የራሳቸው ማርቲን ሉተር ኪንግ ፈለጉ!
    ኢትዮጵያን ከባርነት የባሰ ከከፍተኛ ጭቆና ነፃ ያወጣ ኢህኣዴግ ሳለ? የኢትዮጵያ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦችን ከባርነት ከከፋ ኑሮ ኣላቅቆ ራሳቸው በራሳቸው እንዲያስተዳድሩ በር የከፈተ ኢህኣዴግ ሳለ! ህግና ስርዓት ባልነበረበት ኣገር፤ሰው ከቤቱ ተጎትቶ ተወስዶ ኸደጃፉ ተገድሎ ኣስኬረኑ ሙለቀን ኸውጭ ተዘርግቶ ሲውል ከነበረበት ነፃ ኣውጥቶ የዴሞክራሲና የነፃነት ጎህ የከፈተ በመለስ የተመራው ኢህኣዴግ ሳለ! ትግራዬችን፣ኦሮሞዎችን፣ሶማሌዎችን፣ቤንሸንጎሎችና ጉሙዞች፣ደቡቦችን ወዘተ በማንነታቸው ሲሰደቡበት ከነበሩበትና በማንነታቸው ኣፍረው የገዛ ኣገራቸው ተደብቀው ሲኖሩበት ከነበሩበት ነፃ ያወጣ ኢህኣዴግ ሳለ! ለነገሩማ የኣሜሪኣ ጥቁሮች ለነፃነት ባደረጉት ትግል ነፃነት የለም ብለው የታገሉም ነበሩና የኣቶ ሰይፉም ከዚህ ያነሰ ኣይደለም! ኣቶ ሰይፉ ዝም ብሎ ነው ኣንጂ በምንም ነገር ተሞክሮ የማያውቅና በኣፍ ብቻ የሰለጠነ ነው!

    ኣቶ ሰይፉ በማንኛውም ዴሞክራሲያዊ ኣገር ፓለቲካዊ ሰው ከታች ይጀምራል እያደገ ይሄድና በጥሩ ኣገልግሎቱ ከክልሉ የላይኛው የፓለቲካ እርከን ይደርሳል በክልሉ የተሰጠውን የስራ ሃላፊነት ሁሉ በብቃት መወጣቱን ታውቆ ወደ ኣገሪቷ ከፍተኛ የፓለቲካ እርከን ይሸጋገራል እንጂ፣ምንም ኣድርገህለት የማታውቀውንና የማታውቀውን ህዝብ ካልወከልኩ ብለህ ማቅራራት ህሊና ካለው ፖለቲከኛ ኣንደበት ኣይወጣም!ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ የኣቶ ሰይፉ የሰሙኑን ፅሁፋቸው በጣም የወረደ ሆኗልና የጤና ኣይመስልም! በየትኛውም ዓለም የኣንዱን ክልል፣ክፍለ ሃገር /state/ ፖለቲከኛ የሌላውን ክልል፣ክፍለ ሃገር ካልሆንኩ ብሎ የሚያቅራራ ታይቶም ተሰምቶም ኣይታወቅም!ስለሆነም ፖለቲካህ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እንዲተርፍ ከፈለግክ በዘፈቀደ መናገሩን ኣቁመህ ልብ ብታደርግ ያሻል!

  18. Mario says:

    Jr Girma Al-seifu king

    All I can say is wow! Nice name! This name by itself can match the real Martin Luther king! Cheers broda!

  19. Degefa says:

    at mario
    hahahaha am sure you are kidding and it is not from your heart.

    hello, it is still fresh where meles gang killed his young brother in 2005 when he tried to pick his already shot older brother by agazi.

    It is yesterday where another agazi killed over 10 farmers in kofele! It is still fresh when meles jailed over 50,000 in two months time in 2005. Never in this earth one government jailed 50000 people in 2 months except your man.

    you knew it, except meles, there is no one in this world who gave his/her own country’s port when he/she has right to have one! It is meles who did that! And this will never happen in the world, i tell you.

    man it is meles (but there are others too) who divide his people and able to made one racist over the other.

    it is meles who is able to loot 3b and save abroad, and still international community is struggling to find out how much in the name of his children and wife.

    It is meles who is the husband of the world class mother of corruption. it is meles who exile over 120 journalists in few years including dawit. What can i read now. When dawit left Ethiopia i was really felt sad. but put my hope on fiteh, but gone. man meles and his woyane is just mafia, but we have to live with it, until our divide oppositions come together and lead us.

    • Mario says:


      ያንተ ነገር የደሮ ዘፈኗ ኣንድ ናት ዓይነት ነው! Yes in 2005 Ethiopian died in hopes of getting better political party, but what they didn’t know is, the so called kinijit was in Ethiopia under the cover of colored revolution armed by fanatic Neo -liberalists! Politics costs life,money & everything one have! Nevertheless : remember where kinijits are now! They don’t even see eye to eye to this day! You talking about people died in a political struggle, but you don’t know Ethiopian has been paying their lives so to keep Ethiopia going! Anyone who paid his life in the struggle of politics is our martyr, but these empty , useless & greedy politician are Ethiopia’s internal enemies!

      You can see Girma Seifu is not politician at all! The nations nationalities & people of Ethiopia considers Meles much more better than Martin Luther king! The problem in the Ethiopian politics is power greedy Amhara elites that has no record of public service! These elites motive is just a power greed!
      Degefa, my brothers too was killed by Derg, but I never tried to be politician , coz I’m not! Whatever had happened in the USA, Egypt…never been repeated in Ethiopia! Ethiopia came all the way making its own history & you can see it making one as we speak. Ethiopia’s Martin Luther king started his struggle in AA campus,went to the bushes to start an arduous struggle against all odds, won the war, & now as we speak his ideas are changing Ethiopia on the fight against poverty! From my point of view, Ato Girma don’t seem to have the capability to lead even one little Kebelle properly let alone the complex society of ethiooia!You can see from the content of his writing that came from his inside brain!

      Degefa, you are just desperate, but let me tell you this, all the opposition that you see has nothing to offer at all & you see them crumbling every time!

      You talking about 50,000 people, but you don’t know Ethiopia was saved from ,empty,useless & greedy politician who have nothing for the people! Your politician still has nothing to offer for the needy Ethiopian people! A politician who are based on hate! Don’t ever think your greedy elite will have a chance to play politics like usual! If you play politics one must start from where one is known as a person & his service to the people! Therefore, If one is productive where one is known as an integrated politician he will be good to go to serve Ethiopia as a whole! Degefa, you have better to think where you belong though! Nothing to gain here!

      Please don’t sicken yourself to see what you day dreamed happening! Dreams are just dreams good only happening in your eluded brain!

      I’ll talk to you sometimes in the winter! I need to get of your hate politics for just a little bit to cleanse myself!
      Bye Bye!

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