Semayawi Party Protest Rally Postponed to September 21


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13 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    I sometimes feel ‘DERGE regime’ alive than useless opposition parties who are always living in a fantasy.
    In fact there are two things that are more mystifying and hard to believe…Semayawi party’s understanding of Ethiopian constitution and their disrespect for the Ethiopian parliament and judiciary system..
    Till now, Semayawi party doesn’t have the courage to label Ginbote 7 and its associates parties as terrorist organizations. As we speak, insiders say the semayawi party Diaspora wing is in Eritrea for coordinating arm struggle. Well Governments are obliged to tolerate political differences, but this action is out of its way and most importantly unconstitutional
    This is the time we need more answers, before we they conduct any sort of demonstrations….
    Gradually but surely, the semayawi party is getting a foot hold to overthrow a credible government..This party is too close to ‘Ginbote 7’, OLF and ONLF than ….EPRDF officals and the government of Ethiopia would like to admit..
    Let me say this, there are mistakes a kind you will learn, there are mistakes a kind that change your life..Semayawi party prefers a mistake that changes the life of their party for ever….
    Semayawi party is telling us arm struggle is justifiable in Ethiopian context, and is the holy of the holiest political tactic to tackle EPRDF….You guys are playing not with fire but a wild fire..
    I can’t wait to see the heave price you would to like pay

    • keyo says:


      I don’t know what you really want? no different idea to exist in ethiopia? i know you are against arm struggle so what is the other option you advice every body to think the same way like you?
      I am against those extremist diaspora who run away for life and who preach hate day and night from there comfortable sofa in the west. specially those borcham G7 leaders who only talk and collect money.
      but i support and peaceful struggle back home against all odd they are trying to give a choice to the people whether it is right or wrong the let the people decide.
      don’t be like Issayass and try to tell the people i know all for you.

      • teshome says:

        @Keyo, Merone
        It is not about whether Semayawi party is conducting a rally or not. You need to think beyond….
        We knew very well Edward Snowden, is a highly wanted American whose profile is more than a terrorist but got a shelter in Russia..
        The fact that Edward Snowden got a political asylum doesn’t justify that he is a freedom fighter or what adjectives you would like to use. In the eyes of Americans He is a criminal, PERIOD.
        Edward Snowden, may teach in Moscow University or working as a laboratory technician is a different question…
        This is not Chinese arithmetic to label an individual or an organization as a terrorist, Ethiopia should get blessed from American or British government, as do Americans and British don’t need from others..
        I am happy let alone, Semayawi party leaders but also Meron didn’t deny that Ginbote 7 is working hand and glove with some opposition parties…Good examples are Adinete and Semayawi party are still justifying their relation with Ginbote 7 and OLF..

        As we many Ethiopians work abroad, Well Birhanu and for that matter many OLF leaders may be parking or rest room attendant in one of the prestigious Americans University, but what has this to do with terrorist organization….The case of Edward Snowden is good to mention here.

        I am still with you our government is so weak to let ‘Semayawi party’ and its associates still to operate and manipulate the legal frame work of the country…
        How long it takes to end this carrot and stick approach…
        Semayawi party current movement is more than political..
        It is about rule of law,
        It is about the constitution and
        It is about sovereignty of the county

  2. meron says:

    at teshome,

    have you followed the discussion on the anti-terror law on etv? i hope you did that, but pls also look at the one posted by andenet, not only the one distorted by asheber! Asheber alut, semen melak yawetawal!

    In that discussion, the leader of blue and almost all the rest except my shimeles (who is fulled by smart tplf) clearly put forward that, it is only eprdf call these parties terrorist. The leader of blue even went saying if G/7 is a terrorist, why america give them office to work, teach in their universities, invite them to their congress discourse—-according to his argument, the labeling may not minimum fulfill international standards. according to the Un protocol too, a terrorist must carry a certain kind of indicators. hence, pls donot demand them to call theses parties terrorist following you! But if there will be true evidence then they have too!. Also when shimeles raised the issue of bedeno, may be one of the most horrible genocide in Ethiopian history, shimeles gave that to olf, but the opposition told him that, that time in particular woyane and olf were working together. hence, they have to share the responsibility. You may also remember that person who lost his family, ehenen hulu yaseran meles new—-

    But let me ask you one simple question? direct!
    Is it not constitutional to hold on rally? then why you feel that mad when blue call for rally? why that is allowed to woyane, but not to others? so if you donot afried and trust that you are for people, let blue call the rally and if there is no one to follow them, they will suffer the consequence? why you deny them the right given to them?

    I know you do this becuase, if oppositions are allowed this chance, they will bring out millions without sending a cadre like you to people’s resident to force people to join government rally, and without payment!

    Anyhow, pls respect the Constitution!

    • axumawe says:

      HI moran,good to see you to !i just won’t to ask you only one thing ? can you fair a fair arm like those tigers(deki tegray ?)
      if you r answer is yes then drop your dress and put your pants. fight for your freedom of diaspora amhra !!!!to be in 4 killo if not no one well ever hand it for you at all.

  3. teshome1 says:

    Ethiopia must stop threatening legally registered politicians. Every citizen has the right to speak its idea as long us it doesn’t hurt the welbeing of an individual or a group. Every person has the right not to support elected officials if they do not abide by the constitution of the country. The elected officials must respect the constitution. They cannot be above the law. This is how we can develop and be civilized. The current officials require “tehadiso” training to know how to live and govern. All we see is too wild and too primitive.

  4. aman says:

    i dont understand how ppl Call this morons for opposition,.,opposition is some party who bring better human right better economic Growth ,.but this idiots just complain and complain like som activists ,.,my god losers VIVA EPRDF F,., THE REST

  5. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I look forward to the next election where EPRDF will once again become the devoted servant of its people and our hopeful nation.And where opposition will once again become the devoted servant of Toxic diaspora g7. Its all good all good.

  6. meme says:

    @MERON ..what a nice analysis! well done sis! I afarid that Tplf has a right undertanding to the value & the cost of democracy. Democracy is bitter for those on power as it makes them accountable to the people. Democracy isn’t dectated by those at the top,it is rather a brack on them. As simply said by E.M Forster,”Two Cheers for Democracy: one because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism.” However neither is welcomed in good faith in our case & the march for freedom & equality will demands more strength,more work,and more fights. At no history did dictators gave up their sits volunterly and it will not be here too!!

    • axumawe says:

      y ait mesker dembit alu !
      who well be better than Tplf for interpretation of democracy in Ethiopia? knejet ?
      medrek ?
      Eprp ?
      blue party ?
      derg ?
      meson,Espa who tell me one oh i get it G7

  7. miriam says:

    I have a great idea… we should all wear a tshirt with the word Ashebiri mengist nhew written in front of it.

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