Hailemariam Desalegn at G20 summit in Russia (in Pictures)


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25 Responses

  1. slick says:

    Atleast the image of begger of Africa Meles Zenawi is out of the sin and replaced by new image of African dictator Hailemariam.

    • keyo says:


      you are image less who live in depression your children even forget your name sometimes let alone to be know by others.

      Meles was the great man the whole world admired his knowledge and skills even the extremist diasporas agree with that.

      it is a shame that you are going to be called human the same way with great man meles who lived the life in full and achieved billions of people just dreamed about.

    • Kebede says:

      Slick….I can see u are one of those losers live in depression
      Even can’t manage to live ur shity life…I am glad u not living in
      Ethiopia cause u don’t deserve to see the rise of the country .
      Anyway what ever the case u will never change

    • Mario says:


      shabiya, I’m glad to see where you are now running for your life! Your slavery mentality is still hallucinating around Ethiopia! Ethiopia has gone forward where you can’t reach it!

      Fu… slick, Ethiopia is a country survived against all odds, so you can only hate it!
      I’m glad that you abandoned your own privilege in Ethiopia on your own willing which You will never get it again!

  2. Denden says:

    i DO not understand, that why the ethiopian leaders partcipate, with the white men, especially in G8 and in G20, when even they do not able to feed their people, what is the meaning of their particaipation, we know, that how much the ethiopian peoples are suffering of hunger.

    • slick says:


      Well the idea of putting Ethiopian leader among the most advanced and democratic nation is just to see how bad it gets having the two evil scenarios in any country which is poverty and dictatorship combined and it gives them a sense of satisfaction where they are now. It reminds the industrialized nation how far they have come within the last 50 years. In the contrary the Ethiopian leader has been used to explain the worest case scenario. Poverty, dictatorship, extremism, bad governence, …the funny thing is that Hailemariam is happy representing all case studies and keep smiling.

    • Amare says:

      jealous! shabiya teqatel!!kkkkk

    • SHAEBIAYWDEM says:


  3. A. says:

    In what capacity is HM going to G20 summit? We knew Meles was going to the summit in his capacity as the most brutal dictator doing the dirty job for the west.

  4. eshe says:

    Putin was saying: ‘who are u and why are u here?, oh.. I must have forgotten.. you are looking for MiG 23 .. and some AK47…wait at the back door”. No other reason for the puppet leader of the poorest country on earth to be there with G-20 countries.

  5. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Soooo proud of you pm Hailemariam, thanks for carrying on Meless great accomplishment of daring to go alongside the big giants of the world. This will definitely give Ethiopia the respect she deserves in the eyes of the international community.
    I was having lunch with friends and watching BBC about syria and when we saw our leader among those who decide everything about the world we were so excited.
    God bless Ethiopia. And our leader.

  6. Aster says:

    Our PM looks handsome and sharp at the G20. Hailemariam we are proud of you.

  7. solomon says:

    You are the other extreme of the ever Pro tplf commentator with the user name “teshome”.

    Either extreme is toxic for all of us.

  8. Mess says:

    Denden,nakfa …whatever.The reason why is coz they have the leadership quality which your retarded leader esayASS is missing.you know it is 1000x better than liking arab’s ASS.

  9. Halibet says:

    Hi Denden I think you are living in 20th century. I would be happy to remind you that we are in 21st century. Ethiopia is a poor country like many other countries in Africa. We don’t deny that. But Ethiopia is not the same as 10 years ago and it will not be the same in the coming 10 years. It is progressing. As your name suggests you are Eritrean. What do you think Eritrea would be in 10 years time? If it works hard at best it will have the same economy as Ethiopia at worst it will have as ineffective government as 1990-Somalia. Your dream of being Singapore evaporated years ago. Wake up Denden!

  10. dirsu says:

    where is teshome? It is a double standrd that he didn’t call Hailemariam as his hero, as he used to say to Meles.

    Hailemariam is doing the best job of TPLF in pushing the later to commit more crimes. So, he (hailemariam) deserves more TPLF affection.

    And TPLF cadres like teshome must elevate hailemariamm’s name above the late meles. After all, Sibhat is more close to hailemariam that the late meles. So, meles story is uselsess.

  11. dirsu says:

    when I see these images, I can’t tell you how I am happy about Ethiopia. Ethiopia is retrieving its past glory and power thanks to Hailemariam. Meles was really nothing. Hailemariam is 1000 times clever and hero than Meles. Hailemariam is a genius because he is a civil engineer graduate. God bless Ethiopia and God bless Hailemariam.

  12. meme says:

    “Ethiopia’s late leader Meles Zenawi was a regular at both the G20 and G8 summits for several years.”,so does Hailemariam in the comming years!Both guys get this opportunity because of our country’s long & pivotal role at OAU and long standing great friendship with the west(except the derge era).So BANAKABEDEW YESHALAL …G8 HEDE,G20 OR MEKELE HEDE BAHEDAR WANAW HEDO HEDO LEHAGERU MIN SERA NEW …SELESERAW ENAWERA,SELEZURETU ETV YEBEKAL(“ATO HAILEMARIAM LE ADISSU AMET BEG GEZU” YEMIL AYNET WERE YEMIAWERA AYNET ANEHU !

    • ewnetu says:

      endaw yehonk donkey neger neh. habh hulu yemitm neger yelewm. yehe hulu project agoth derg titot behede genzeb meselh. Lemin satasb taweraleh.

      • asu says:


  13. Tatek says:

    To have one of our own at the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, in my view is not an issue. After all this guy is ours. We can’t change that. But the issue is, though we may need to commend the G20 for inviting Mr. Desalegn to such a huge Summit of Global prominence, one can’t help but wonder why Ethiopians are furious to see Mr. Desalegn and his predecessor at these summits. The answer as we all know is simple. Mr. Zenawi came to public office at gun point and Mr. Desalegn was anointed as his successor unchallenged, and therefore, his legitimacy to hold public office in Ethiopia is irrelevant to public approval. Many, including some in his EPRDF circle, see Mr. Desalegn as a’’ wolf in a sheep’s clothing’’, the gentle façade of a regime whose ambitions of holding onto the mantle of ruler ship has not changed one iota, NOT a savior charged with extricating Ethiopia from its predicament, capable of making significant concessions in exchange for commensurate support that his fading regime has been desperately trying to buy with public money, coercion, intimidation and unholy patronage. Contrary to a belief by some, mainly from those of his own Christian sect of Ethiopian Apostolic Church, he didn’t live up to public expectations that he would be humble, God fearing, truth speaking and one with a healthy dose of humility as required by the scripture. Given the nature of the regime he is heading, at least by name, one can’t help but realize that there was nothing he could possibly have done, mainly as politics after all requires that Goodness is NOT better than greatness— for the moment you are too good to any one in politics, you are finished. His premiership prerogatives, so bold and imperial under his predecessor, were substantially constrained by his TPLF bosses and his other two deputies who are in charge of the cabinet. Subservient to his TPLF warlords, and having found himself between a rock and a hard place as expectations are so high with a nation facing very high unemployment, chronic corruption that has become a way of life, a staggering public debt, a slowing economy— mainly because of the regime’s refusal to allow the private sector to play a magnificent role in the life of the economy for fear that such a measure would hurt the monopoly power of EPRDF companies—-he faces a huge task of getting things in check. For now, having a wine with the political sponsors of his EPRDF party (the West) and the nation’s former step dad, Russia in St. Petersburg, for me he has every reason to smile, although that smile may be short lived because Syria and the still fragile global economy and NOT Africa are in the minds of the G20 leaders.

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