Defending the Indefensible: Andargachew Tsige Lionizing Isaias Afewerki


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75 Responses

  1. menen says:

    Dear Editor,
    There is nothing wrong with the interview. When you listen to interviews with people like Andargachew Berhanu, don’t you feel sad Ethiopia is ruled by woyane morons. Eritera is country they have problems yes. But it is up to them to solve it. He wasn’t lionizing Isayas, it was a fact… Isays loves his Country. Trust me time is coming we Ethiopians regain our dignity. For that to happen we will work even with Satan.

    • Masinko says:

      “Eriterans have problems …But it is up to them to solve it” yes I agree with your point here. But they are not solving their problems. Instead they have enslaved your bosses (Birhanu and Andargachew) to destabilize our blessed nation.

      • hello says:

        Think before you write. You don’t have a moral ground to judge the poeple or the country. You jackass moron.

        • keyo says:

          Our great leader issayas is sleepless for poor Ethiopian for not having democracy. Eretria is like USA in Africa and we will through every stone to bring democracy and prosperity for our poor Ethiopian brothers.
          take the eye witness Andargachew Eretria is rising beyond every one thinking. we can defeat America if we want let alone the poor Ethiopia we have done it before. if you guys really want to make Ethiopia like Eretria rich and democrat take our help and change the eth. gov with in weeks

          • Jamal says:

            ራሳ እያረረባት የሰው ታማስላለች::የምትልብስው የላት መክናነብ አማራት::እስቲ መጀምሪያ በስህል በረህ ኩላሊታቸው ከኤርትራውያኖች በአርቦች ውጥቶ የሚቸበቸበውን ለማስቀርት ሞኩሩ::

          • SAMUEL says:


      • It is good response,anybody or opposition side with dummy colonized mind who tried to dismantle Ethiopia into pieces, I and other Ethiopians oppose the Gnbot-7 lead by Berhanu Nega hungry for power and they are associating with Ethiopia arch enemy Egypt for money and those elements are not concerned for Ethiopia, it is only for self interest and they do not get it.

    • Aster says:

      Andargachew and Birihanu are draining Isaias Afewerki’s money. Andargachew is not a stupid man; he knows what he is doing. He knows Isaias is a psycho man and he will get inside his mind and do everything he could to get his objective done.

      Unfortunately, I feel sorry for Eritrean people are used by these people. Today, Eritrea is becoming a ghost land. Its people are dying off hungers and young men are fleeing the country by thousands. The country is without water and electricity.

    • Selam says:

      Why are we interested in Eritrean news? Why is this a headline in Ethiopian news website as the editors note? It has nothing to do with Ethiopia. Lets mind our own business, no need to give attention for such nonsense.

      • Ambachew says:

        It is not about Eritrea. The issue is directly related with Ethiopia. Those Shaebiya slaves who are glorifying Isaias are trying to change our beloved nation to Syria. The fact behind this glorification is nothing but nation disaster.

        • Selam says:

          It is obvious that they always wanted the distraction of Ethiopia. It is not something new. What I wanted to say is Ethiopian news websites shouldn’t give a line, let alone Editor’s note for such useless ‘ tera were’. Let them bark, as long as they can… Who cares? Ethiopians should continue their peaceful struggle for freedom and democracy while contributing for development of our country.
          Long live Ethiopia!

      • Zemen Berhan says:

        Dear Selam: I agree 100% with you. Let us focus on our own issue and forget Eritrea.

  2. Jamal says:

    How ESAT, G7 collaborating with Shabiya bringing democracy to Ethiopia? Shibiya is pushing new warlords to Arat Kilo. Shabiya is facilitating itself for self suicide. Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian deference force ones for all should close the chapters of Shabiya. Ethiopia collaborating with Sudan, the lowland of Eritrea should be given to Sudan, the Afar part should be united with their brother of Afar in Ethiopia. Then there is no more Eritrea on the map. This is the strategy that dissolves Shabiya forever. If a single bullet fired to Ethiopia by G7,OLF or bilabila, dragging the war into inside the field of Eritrea

    • haki says:

      If Ethiopia has the power to chop Eritrea into pieces then why has the Ethiopian military kept 400k NON-TIGRAYAN SOLDIERS IN TIGRAY FOR OVER A DECADE? Because Shabia is weak right?

      • Jamal says:

        Eritrea may have million AK47, Eritrea couldn’t import large size military weapon due to under sanction by UN. Eritrea couldn’t cross freely to Ethiopia as it did 2002. Eritrea had better build relation than leaving with a war for many decades

      • sam says:

        yaltetsafe lemin tanebaleh ?

    • Diana says:

      ምነው ጀማል!!
      በውግያማ ኢርትራ የምትባል ኣገርና ህዝብዋ ለማጥፋትና ኣሰብን ለመውሰድ ተእሞክሮ ነበርኮ ኣልተሳካም እንጂ፣ ወያነ ሃይል ቢኖሮውማ ባሁኑ ግዜ ኤርትራና ህዝብዋ ታሪክ ሆኖው ይቀሩ ነበር፤ ያኤርትራ ህዝብ የማይበገር ህዝብ መሆኑ መላው የኣለም ህዝብ ያውቃል ከንዳንተ የመሰሉ ድንጋይ ራስ በቀር!!

  3. meron says:

    at the editor!
    Dave, i know gona ask you and started to develop doubt about you. That is what i really donot like of course!

    Brother, in most of your posts which matter us very much (on Ethiopia and us) you rather just post without comment/explanation and if you do, just few lines. You were not courage to make such a commentator on the government’s crackdown of semiwi party recently, which is more than illegal act! Also you didnot not that elaborated as introduction when agazi or police went to on to bit people only for demonstrating for their right.

    You didnot explained when policy arrested 100 members of semawi recently, while they are at their office and preparing for their plan. Now, you got enough time and concern to discuss to us about isayas—and the migration?

    Isn’t you have an idea of 80,000 migrant received by UNHCR in month some moth ago at the territory of yemen, or that is nothing?!

    You were concerned about the man treated leader and killed in Ertira, that is good, but why you failed to take time and right something about the recently in died oromo activist in kalaity or kilinto, as the reason is obvious?

    Common dawit!

    I donot mean isayas is a leader, he is a satan, an elder brother of our own passed man. They were fetched from same river and are the 2 side of 1 coin. They use you and kill after wards, as far as they think you are dangerous to them.

    They are two of the few human flesh eaters of the 21 century. God decided and said enough on meles and we pray so that he will say enough to isayas and also others who support their bad dids.

    They both are bad and corrupted leader! They are killers, they used to kill when they were in the forest (that may be ok, as they determined) but what they killed when they were in their palas surpasses what they killed when they were in the jungle.

    I heard several times, meles didnot killed many people when he was in dedebit, as he fear to take part where men spent their day, rather he led two missions, both were robing banck. he carried that profession with him to 4 killo and that is period. He is the father of corruption (i am not sure how deep he was corrupted, though some say he diposited some 3b) but he is the most single person after all these sophisticated corruption we remain today.

    Anyhow, dave please try to remain balanced so that we will stay on board reading AWTs!

    tnx 4 posting!

    • axumawe says:

      @ Hi moran i like you, you have some kind of info about Eprdf,ok let me ask you this what happend to king haile selases swith bank account ? where is the 11 million dollar ?????
      2nd what happend the gift for mengestu thru kassa kebede for the seal of 12,000 felashas ?
      where is that money ??
      where did mengestu, your uncle got 34 million dollar to have a farm land in zembabwe ???
      why are you so inocent when it comes to amhara ?
      you want 4 kilo i just told you period! throw your dress and put your pants if you have the got!!!to get to 4 kilo.
      you are talking about corruption what is worest sealing the intaier nation for 500,000 or some selfesh,individuale her and there i am not defending member of corrupted Eprdfs there are few of them not all of them but to point at leaders which have no bases for your info whwn your side is so socked in it for over 100 years it is not wright that is my opinion my friend moran!tanx!!
      as all ways long live Ethiopia!!

    • Abay says:

      If you know about the topic that you feel it is missed by the editor, you can write and request to be posted. Do not blame him that he can not read your mind. It is for that matter you or any one of us are paying to read his website.
      Editor! Go Go! write

  4. Azmatch says:

    Andargachew is more Eritrean than Eritreans. He is reading what is not written. He is an opportunist who has sold his country and soul because he hates Ethiopia’s prosperity and progress. I have lived many years in Eritrea and have many friends and families who are Eritreans and that is not how they see Isayas or Eritreas destiny under the tyrant.

  5. yo says:

    thanks meri well done.

  6. Bargaining Chip says:

    Bargaining Chip! Trash Enemy Agents!

    No need to talk about these defected Ethiopia’s enemy agents.

  7. axumawe says:

    The sad thing about Andarg is he is not any deffrent than Esaias Afworki.
    Andarg you say that Eritrea is not Arab
    Eritreas, 2nd lungug is not Amharic it is Arabic,do you think Esaias loves you he is thinking what kind of pc of s….t you are in his mind. b/c you are sealing your people for your own personal intrest,also he, him self have fought you,he heated you for so long. in order for him to raised an arm stragle, againest the amhara king & millitary he must hated you for years dood!!!
    And know you are in the same bed with the person who humelated you in public, in front of the world,do you know Elf(SHABIA)& TPLF(EPRDF)ARE THE ONE WHO ended the amhras domain,and know you are going to bed with this people ? what happend to you????wher is your pried if you call your selfe Ethiopiawe? i don’t belive yous are Ethiopiawians,(GARBAGES) we Ethiopians we don’t negoshet with our DIGNITY!!!!all arabes
    KNOW AS,we are Ethiopians, also Eritrea are Ethiopians to most of Eritreans are opening there eyes know give them time,b/c the shagy genaration is heading in to there graves.witch means people like you and him!!!
    yes in your mind you may think you are helping your country,
    let me ask you witch one is your country ? do you consider Tgray is your people or part of Ethiopia ? if so how do you feel the aider students witch have been bombarded by Esaiases poilots in day light ? tell me this if you think you are for the Ethiopian people Andargeee?
    but let me go back in history for this guy.
    Eritrea is Ethiopia until king yohanes died in metema!!!
    but after that Eritrea is colonized by Italy in your minliks watch!!
    listen every one who have the common sence of asking why ?
    why did Germany have divided west & East?
    why did korea is divided north & south ?
    why did yeman is divided why and why ?
    ANDARG yes we are the same people,but your king have seperated as, b/c he well never ever resist as, as tegreans in general,but look as one! we are power full.we are one it may be one day people like your friend Afeworki well gone for good.
    Then history well united as again b/c look at GERMANY,YEMAN AND SO ON.
    let me say this, you say you never see any leader that drives among his people freely,dood the people who opposed him are in jail,and in exile there is no one in Eritrea to even go to school as you say.
    Most of Eritreans are in Tgray,why do you think the border of Ethiopia is open for Eritreanf ? b/c we are one people ?
    Andarge,FOR ALL THE SAFERING HAD HAPPEN TO THE Eritrean people,you and your kings m & h are responsible, what you are traing to do is to keep IT CONTINUESITY that sabage,evel,unhumain behaver by helping each other with Esayas AFworki.
    b/c he don’t want to see Ethiopia be came prospuress under Eprdf,so do you.
    this is the only one thing you (G7)& SHABIA HAVE IN COMMON !
    you don’t give a sheet about your country Ethiopia,about your own people Ethiopians!! give me a break take a haike>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.!!!!!!!!!We Ethiopianes never ever think the Eritrean people are our enemis never and ever,also the Eritrean people have ever thought that the Ethiopian people are there enemis. but the shabia government have low self stem about there mind.
    let me tell you this when shabia fought for 30 years they never ever have a single plan how shabia well lead the Eritrean people ,but in emotinal thinking they bosted, they well be come the African Singapoor!!!
    the African israel !!!
    they just put Eritrea in over night the most power full nation in the world if you realy know about the Eritrean government.
    Andarg,how many political prisnores have Eritrea ?
    what is there human right record in your own mind!
    any way when you say the government of Eritreas transport is old cars not 2 million birr like Ethiopias officals.
    you are right b/c he is poor he can’t afford it, but we are way better than Eritrea we can afford it ,why is it a crime.
    if you use your knowldeg and talent to serve your country you could have that too b/c this is Ethiopia!!!!
    As always long live Ethiopia !!!
    long live Eprdf !!
    long live Woyen !!
    Y Ethiopia telatoch b bomb enagaiachewln!

  8. Obama says:

    Obama has become a street kid; Obama exposed himself as the lowest person on our planet; Obama uncultured, belagie; he is insults a man like him by calling dick? He called Putin Jackass and dick. can you believe it? How can a president behave like this? I admire for Mr. Putin for sucking it without saying much. Putin you are a wise and dignified man. That monkey has degraded himself. I have negative grade for Obama. He is the lowest and uncultured man on our planet. Arrogant and ignorant.

  9. solomon says:

    Great interview!!!
    As poor and undemocratic as Eritrea is, their leader Esayas did not create a discriminating economic system (like TPLF’s EFFORT), or exclusive military system, security apparatus, or customs office. What good is a “democracy” if it does not help us create a plain playing field?. How ironic that it is the TPLF’s who demonize Shabia that used to be their god father, the one who reared, trained and lead them to where they are today.

    • Habte says:

      Northeast Africa and Middle East: Gold Frontier

      Posted on 13 September 2013. Tags: andiamo exploration, bisha, Eritrea, Mining, Yacob Dewar Deposit, Zara

      Eritrea – the New Frontier for Mining Companies
      Eritrea – the New Frontier for Mining Companies

      By Tim Williams,

      Eritrea is underlain by the volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Arabian-Nubian shield, one of the world’s most unexplored but potentially productive mineral provinces. It has only a handful of deposits now in production or under development.

      The major styles of economic mineralisation include the volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits; the geologically much younger orogenic and intrusive related gold deposits; and very large potash accumulations. Many of the outcropping VMS deposits form high-grade ‘gold caps’. The current rapid erosion of the elevated land surface has resulted in excellent exposure of the geology.

      Gold has been mined in Eritrea for thousands of years, but the country is seeing a rapid expansion of artisanal mining activity in several areas – not only in river valley deposits, but also in auriferous quartz vein systems.

      Eritrea has promulgated a Minerals Proclamation that is clear, concise and enforced, which significantly encourages foreign investment in mineral exploration. More than 20 companies are actively exploring in Eritrea.

      Bisha mine

      The first modern mine to be built in Eritrea is the Bisha VMS-gold mine of Bisha Mining Share Co, which is 60% owned by Canada’s Nevsun Resources Ltd and 40% by the Eritrean National Mining Corp (ENAMCO). Bisha is a large polymetallic deposit that went into commercial gold-silver production in February 2011, built on time and on budget.

      The mine produced 379,000oz of gold in 2011 and 313,000oz in 2012. Bisha has a proud safety record with more than 12 million man hours without lost time injury.

      A major copper expansion project is now complete, again on time and under budget, and Bisha will transition to low-cost copper-gold-silver production.

      After a ramp-up of copper supergene ore is completed in the March quarter of 2014, the Bisha operation is expected to produce around 200Mlb/y (90,000t/y) of copper at less than US$1.00/lb (US$$2,200/t) cash cost.

      Bisha also operates a substantial exploration programme in the area around the current operations and this is expected to extend the currently remaining 12-year mine life.


      The second modern mine being constructed in Eritrea is the Zara gold project under construction by China’s SFECO Group, with a probable reserve of 0.76Moz, grading at 5.1g/t Au. This is an example of the separate, and geologically much more recent, style of shear-hosted gold.

      Construction of the Zara mine and infrastructure began in 2012 and production is expected to start during 2014.


      The Asmara project, of Sunridge Gold Corp has six separate deposits in the region around the country’s capital, Asmara, and they contain significant amounts of copper, zinc, gold, and silver.

      A feasibility study on the four advanced deposits estimated the net present value (NPV) of the project at US$692 million at a 10% discount rate, and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 34%.

      The plan is to create an integrated mining operation for all four deposits with a central mill located at the large Emba Derho deposit to process ore from open-pit mines at Emba Derho, Debarwa, and Gupo and an underground mine at Adi Nefas.

      Yacob Dewar

      Andiamo Exploration Ltd has reported a discovery of oxide gold mineralisation at the Yacob Dewar VMS about 50km southwest of the Bisha mine.

      The current mineral resource is expected to increase with further drilling. Oxide copper has also been discovered in the area, with a drill intersection of 63m at 2.4% Cu from surface.

      Colluli potash project

      South Boulder Mines Ltd reports that Engineering Scoping Studies have indicated that a 1Mt/y potash mine could be built at Colluli in the Danakil depression, some 65km from the Red Sea coastline, at half the cost of a typical potash development.

      The estimated open-pit mineral resource is reported at 1,080Mt at 18% potassium chloride (KCl) of contained potash at very shallow depths of 16-70m below surface.

      South Boulder reported in 2012 that the capital requirement estimated at US$736 million would produce an IRR of more than 40% and an NPV (12% discount rate) of US$1.33 billion on project revenue of US$6.03 billion.

      In March 2013, the company outlined a proposal to mine the sylvinite resource at a rate of 1Mt/y and then expanding after five years to a production rate of 2Mt/y by mining and processing the carnallite resource.

      In May, South Boulder announced it had reached a joint venture agreement with ENAMCO stating that each party would hold a 50% ownership interest in the Colluli project.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      Tim Williams is the chief executive officer of Andiamo Exploration Ltd

  10. Lubak says:

    Dear Editor

    I am disgusted by your editorial. I heard Andargachew like you did.

    Afeworkie rule a country he loves. Woyanes rule a country they hate from the bottom of their heart. There are more Ethiopian refugees during Woyane.

    Why working with Afeworkie is right when it’s for Woyane and wrong for Andargachew?

    • eshe says:

      I love your comment man. U wrote my mind. Dawit,the editor is mad not because Andargachew praised Isayas rather because he told us who the little devil,Meles was. Did u hear what Meles used to say :” it is better to listen to Isayas for an hour than reading 1000 books.”
      Andargachew is real fighter. He speaks his mind and determined to liberate us from weyane. I am sure he will succeed.

  11. Alegnta says:

    Dear David,
    Thank you for posting this candid interview. Ato Andargachew is clearly not fit to be leader of an organisation let alone being trusted by a national position. Remarks on whether President Isaias drives alone or has body guards, or indeed whether some of the ministers drive delapetated cars is not at all relevant on whether there is democracy and the rule of law! President Isaias has been in power for over 20 years without any elections. He has impoverished a his nation and rendered it an isolated and failed state! Speak with any sensible Eritreans and they will tell you the man is a crazy despot! He has not allowed many educated Eritreans to help with development of their country. Thus when Ato Andargachew speaks of Eritrea as a model country it laughable at best and is displaying his insanity at worst. Talking about the president “walking freely” when many opposition leaders are incarcerated in his jails, and that his kids are earning peanuts, even if true is totally IRRELEVANT! A leader of a nation has to weave a careful thread creating alliances to steer his nation to development, improving infrastructure, the economy, health and education. That is how a country’s leadership should be judged – and not by his “courageous FAILURE” . Ato Where is broader political analysis of the Isaias regime? Andargachew – you have singularly displayed your political immaturity in a single act of a short interview. No wonder people are not flocking to die for your idiotic and ludicrous cause. They have more sense than to be led by a bunch of arm-chair “IDIOTS” that the late PM MZ correctly characterised the likes of Andargachew TSige. Ethiopia may not have the perfect democracy but it has made a start; the green shoots of development are evident to any honest person! Clearly, as the late PM said our democracy is work in progress in which we need to make contribution exercising wisdom. We have a long way to go but with conviction we will get there. You can’t say that about Isaias’s Eritrea! I am sure the Eritrean people will topple this dictators but I wish that was sooner than later!

  12. hanetay says:

    would you mind about your own country than others….leave Eritrea alone!!!!!!!!!

    • Shamot says:

      Super idiot! How do you expect Ethiopians to refrain from Eritrean issues while one of them is openly collaborating and conspiring to destabilize their nation?

  13. Mahlet Asefa says:

    It looks like Andarge didn’t get enough of the one night stand he had with Isayas at beautiful Asmara. He is begging for more lovin from his lova. I mean seriously. …. Andarge take it easy. And don’t tell the opposition what to do. You praise an evil children killing bastard like isayas. This is why you and some other opposition NEN BAYOCH are called YE ETHIOPIA TELATOCH. Period.

  14. '70s says:

    It looks like he has been into Issayas’ old wardrobe. It’s in fact Issayas is literally feeding and clothing them.

  15. addis says:

    This is what isayas afeworki had To say about ETHIOPIA (Andargachewes Ethiopia) its sad, ……taken from Er forum.
    PIA in his interview in the nation’s capital today has thrown the 3000 yrs of fairy tale history of Ethiopia into the dustbin of history where it belongs. 😯

    He reiterated that Ethiopia isn’t even an nation but an entity created by the western powers to be their surrogate to implement fully their national agendas after WWII. 😆 😆

    Ethiopian successive regimes might have benefited from this arrangement. But, calling Ethiopia a colonizing power is giving too much respect to a surrogate and backward entity. To be a colonial power a nation should have to possess certain criteria’s. Ethiopia historically, politically, economically…etc….etc doesn’t fit the definition of a colonizing power.

    Let it be written and curved in stone that Ethiopia is the creation of the western powers pure and simple with no ifs or buts added….truth hurts but history should always be our guide. Thus to say that Eritrea was an Ethiopian colony is historically incorrect because Ethiopia was and is the whore that was and is always in the service of the powers to be. 😆

    For any Eritrean to be associated with anything and everything Ethiopian is a humiliating, degrading and morally incorrect course of action and experience.

    Am wondering what andargachew has to say about this !!!!

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @addis or may I say @Asmara if there is any country in the world that is a whore it is Eriteria. Eriteria has been a major Whore since its creation and even its creation was so it would be become a Whore to Italy and to several other nations through out history. What a distorted and unbelievably idiotic argument is to say Ethiopia was a creation of any other country when we clearly have history going back thousands of years. Ethiopia is a creation of Ethiopians and nobody else, proud history proud people. Not like Eriteria the colony of many countries after disgraceful Mini-leak sold it to the Italians for quite a few coins. Imagine even disgraceful Mini-leak knew Eriteria was useless.History is there for everyone to see so please spare us your fantacy and stop mentioning my beloved country next to your disgraceful country Aka Eriteria.

  16. Abegaz says:

    It would be only a foolish politician that does not want to work with eritrea to free us Ethiopians from Woyanies. There is no other short cut or long road to get rid of woyanie.

    If it is okay for Woyanies to defeat the Derg by working with EPLF, why is it wrong when Ginbot 7 does it? After all, it gets rid of jib woyanies elites that divide us based on our ethinic identity and loot our wealth. Ginbot 7 should not even go to demand port from Eritrea if it can get rid of Woyanies by working with Eritrea, that is a great achievement by itself. Forget about Assab. Blame woyanies for that and not Ginbot 7. We can have good relationship with Eritrea, far better than doing it with djibouti. Important for Ethiopian is to restore their freedom and not port. You want to lose your freedom and your port at the same time, or at least restore your freedom – that is the million dolar question.

  17. Abegaz says:


    I like your comments. Just to come to what is relevant to us Ethiopians, we should not bother if Isayas is gone or not. In fact he is important to us if he stays in power. He is the best ally to get rid of Woyanies. It is not our concern what he does to his people. Peaceful struggle does not work in Ethiopia. Situation are different than it was in South Africa or india. This is an important point we need to grasp in the Ethiopian context. Peaceful struggle is just a help, not an end by itself. Armed struggle is needed to remove woyanies, and the most rational approach is to work with Eritrea.

    • axumawe says:

      you see what you say in your word ,you don’t even caer about the people of Eritrea, on how this guy govern them. you just want to use them like he is using you.
      this is reality
      1)derg have been destroied by woyen !
      2)shabia have been routen like a dog from his own tranches in front of the world.
      do you think you well be victerious ???
      good luck. but 1st you should throw you dresses and put your pant.

  18. Aman says:

    I just can’t believe one puts himself in this position to defend a ruthless killer. What is wrong with Ethiopian Diaspora extremists, you can thank him for whatever he is giving you, but trying to put the killer as human being is amazing. Do you know how many people including his comrades, and friends he killed? you are opposing every good things happening including the Nile dam, or any development progress in Ethiopia, but have you ever notice this great development stories are not happening in Eritrea. Do you even know that the people of Eretria are in a great fear, that some of them start saying dictater Derg era is better than the Shabia government . Now I got it, the only reason you are defending him is, because Berhanu and Ginbot 7 has the same kind of Government style for Ethiopia /after all he is your role model.

  19. teshome says:

    Although, I have to watch the second part of the interview, so far I really appreciate the interview skill of Sisay Agena. Some times, it is good to give credit when it is due..
    This is a good example to show what kind of bankrupted politics, is Gibotee 7 immersed in.
    I think it is time ask themselves the supporters of toxic oppositions why and for whom they stand for…
    The Ethiopian government had a lot of information obtained by tel communication interception between Berhanu and other Ginbote 7 officials with Eritean Regime, I personally knew few classified information…
    …I kindly request the government of Ethipia to release some of the information to educate the Ethiopian public on the matter…

    ..Adargachew Tsige here went a long way to shower Isayas with a praise…That is weired and a very strange but it rather pop up my mind what my friend told some time ago…
    I am not sure how far it is true, But isayas is called by many of his fellows as a Bi-sexual man. May Anidargache Tsige entertain this service…We don’t know
    …Why all this strange praise to bad Man Isayas is a good question to ask

    • Hailu says:

      Watch out what is coming out of your mouth at least in public forms. It glaringly indicates what kind of indecent person yourself are. You sound morally and politically bankrupt as well. Express your opinion not your hate!

      For me Andargatchew is a confused person since before election 1997. He is not driven by thought out politics but hate to his old EPRDF friends he fallout with while he was in Addis because of a quarrel over power and wealth sharing.

      On this interview, by saying what he has said about Esayas, he has openly admitted to be a a member of the terrorist group like Alshebab who is operating under the god father Essayas.

      By appreciating Essayas, Andargatchew has has openly rejected respect to human right.

      • eden says:

        I think you are one of the least informed individualls about sexual orientation..
        If you are hetro sexual…that is completely fine..
        If Isayas is bisexual, that is also fine..
        If Some one said he is a gay, there is nothing wrong with..
        Why do you bring moral standards in its wrong place?
        If teshome had a good infomation about Isayas bisexality, well and good.
        But you can’t speak on behalf of Anedargachew Tsige sexual orientation, simpe because you don’t even know whether He himslef support the sexual fundamentalism you are advocating for

  20. dagne says:

    Ato Andargachew it is sad you are fooled by them and it is more sad that you try to fool us. The worest country in the planet is Eritrea where there is no law, there is no constitution, there is no democracy, there is no freedom of religion, there is no freedom in what ever way and you are trying to tell us there is a wonderful leader who ruled for the last 25 years with out any mercy killing thousands. Don’t try to fool us.
    Long live Ethiopia

  21. Abegaz says:

    Do You want to lose your freedom, pride and port, all at the same time under woyanies occupation, or at least restore your freedom and pride by working with eritrea to purge woyanies? vote now!!

  22. esayas says:

    as you know ato andargachew and berhanu is sentence to death in the weyane kangaro court so are you telling me that they have to go to ethiopia for peacfull struggle …fool me ones shame on you but twice finish your self !!!!

  23. Helen says:

    What a revelation! – in this interview, Ginbot 7’s 2nd boss in command has openly admitted his alliance with Essayas who is the captain of all terrorist activity in Horn of Africa.

    I am now convinced that Ginbot 7 is a terrorist organization.

    Therefore, all Ethiopians outside Ethiopia must stop financing Berhanu Nega’s terrorist ideas.

  24. Tselote says:

    In this interview, Andargatchew and therefore Ginbot 7 has openly rejected respect to human right.

    No surprise, as we know all armed struggles are struggles for power through terrorist activities with disregard to human right. That is what Andargachew has boldly told us.

    Ginbot 7 is a terrorist organization as TPLF is.

  25. Qebbena says:

    These self- appointed warriors lost it completely.
    ewnetim ahiyoch.

  26. sis says:

    at teshome
    I consider you as one of the very few big but also careful woyane cadre on this forum.

    I used to respect your comments, though totally disagree with most of them. For you woyane is a blessing but for me it is a nightmare. As you may have some supports who support your opinion, i am sure there are even more million people who rather wish to exchange woyane, as it is really getting older and older—and when a man is old enough he has to retire, from government job, otherwise he creat big problem with irreversible consequences. Woyane is like an old man, jajtewal. They have to go down and live the rest of their life in peace. They have done their share (though they pulled us and our country to the most bad corners, though i also respect the good corners they brought). But now they have to retire before they take us to the no return door—i hope you have idea of the no return door in in many countries in west and south africa. Once you passed that door, you are lost, you are just slave, like a commodity, you could be througn to the Sea if you say anything.

    so teshome it is good if we discuss politics than hate. If you can convince us, try to do that, otherwise try to be convinced.

    Otherwise, it is really bad of you, to just go that deep and try to blackmail a man who you and your government think the most dangerous, using irrelevant indicators, at least when you talk with us.

    demo manech echi eden yemiluat medede!
    Pls shut up! Go and learn the histry and culture of your people first before you vomit on this forum! Sed adege. Lenegeru woyane yaferaw endanchi aynet kenti fere new.
    Go and learn, gaysim is not and by no mean could be promoted in our culture as you put it overe there. if you are here in addis, you better try to act in order otherwise, you better leave this country as you donot belong to us. We are looking for the government to enact the death to those type of people. Donot try to tell convince me mixing it with democracy.

    • eden says:

      Misquoating is bad…
      Anywhere in my comment, did I advocate homsexual????
      Thank you very much for all deregratory terms you used to expalin me…
      Initally when I read part of your comment, I thought you were one of the few civilzed individuals in this forum who believe in disclosure..but that didn’t last long you went too far too comment even to strip off my citizenary right…
      Being an Ethiopian is always a problem, we don’t have the culture of civilized discussion…
      Your ignorance is untapped… But I won’t get desprate, if the will is there. still you can improve yourself
      Anyways happy new year

  27. yohannes says:

    100% ahiyoch my God !!!

  28. sis says:

    at Eden
    Ok let me regret for overriding when i have thrown my small comment today. I am doing this, as you said, indeed i believe in civilized discussion though we were biased during the past years as our government and the followers never like to hear than to talk. I will refrain from throwing disgasting words sister.

    I felt bit emotional reading your message appreciating everything. Your message say —If you are hetro sexual…that is completely fine..
    If Isayas is bisexual, that is also fine..
    If Some one said he is a gay, there is nothing wrong with..
    Why do you bring moral standards in its wrong place?

    this for me is like also promoting gaysism, as you put all is right. Then what is wrong? For me saying or accepting gaysism as something fine or ok itself is ill thinking and personalty. It may be ok somewhere else, but not in Ethiopia. I donot mean it is not existing. Recent reports are showing its is exploding in addis eating old and youth, men and women.

    I am so so sick and the shock is still fresh in me when i heard what happened in one of a school in addis around Bole some 3 months ago.

    I afarid when i think of such happenings and i really blame the government for not protecting its citizen from such an evil. Anyhow we are really pushing the government to enact certain kind of law that will discourage this, otherwise, we will suffer the consequence!

    As i accepted your advice, i hope you too, stop appeciating these kind of things and may say they are bad than appreciating them. For me, using the phrases such as fine, or—things are equivalent to promoting that thing.

  29. Mehret says:

    Obviously, he is not doing/saying this to convince any ethiopian, even his supporters. What is funny is the way the journalist tries to make it sound fair.

    • Orion says:

      Both the journalist (Sisaye) and Andargachew Tsige are patently Psychopaths….observe how they routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous home-made little sick chit-chat….

      Who are these people anyway??

      Who are these unelected individuals such as Andargachew, Birhanu Nega, Tamagn Beyene, Iskinder Nega, Prof Al Mariam etc. etc… they are victims of mental disorder with psychopathic tendency & behaviour manifested as:

      *Superficial and average intelligence.

      *delusional and with irrational thinking.

      *Untruthfulness and insincerity.

      *Lack of remorse or shame.

      *Antisocial behaviour without apparent compunction.

      *Poor judgement & failure to learn from their own experience.

      *Pathological egocentric & incapacity to love.

      * rich with specific loss of insight.


      So, we do not need to be angry towards these lost and sick fellow Ethiopians…rather, we should feel sad and seek remedy for their wellbeing or pray for their troubled soul at best.

  30. berhane says:

    Look at this chimpanzee. he has a brain size half of a human. what a shame full chimp.

  31. Zenebe says:

    I see a coolie in this man praising Isayas Afeworki!! He may be help hostage by the Asmara regime some how. His tone is one of apprehension!

  32. yemane says:

    hahahaha we are eritrians.gena engalbachuhalenn

  33. YONATAN says:

    egna endenante aynetun(ADGI)AHYA eyalnn endnasb tedergen new yadegnew.ahun ginn sile WEDI AFEWERKI kidusnet enante sitsebkun ewunetm ADGI ADGI ER alone legna egna enawkalen.

  34. dane says:

    weyane is scared,,now its time 2 remove those thuggs and put them in jail where they belong.

  35. Neakutolea says:

    This all indicates that Ginbot 7 as an opposition in Ethiopia is not guided with its own principles and viably acting devoid of comtroversy and paradoxical course, whereby it ultimately remains as an ally of the ethiopian Arch Emmy; what has surfaced right now is the beginning and as you had made kinigit a defunct recent memory here you go again you are at the brink of burrying of G7. You two guys are fun anyways.

  36. sinte says:

    look @ the big picture,when u engage in to a real war,u can seek and secure any kind of aid from whoever offers u especially from the enemy of your enemy.
    And if Eritrea cant assist Ethiopian oppositions,,who do u think will?u really think uk and us will help the oppositions?
    i support andargachew 100%

  37. Al says:

    Birhanu and Andargachew why they want help from someone who can not even care about his people?If you want to help your people Ethiopia you do not need this Isayas!I am Eritrean ,I know this man he is no good for nothing…ask a mormal Eritrean they will tell you who Isayas is !

  38. denden says:

    It is sad to see Some Ethiopians are behaving like a dergue times; During dergue era we heard numerouse lies while the poor Ethiopians were being killed in thousands and yet Awramba times must be deluded to write such a garbage article thinking that it will sooth the ills created by woyane, mark my word and read my article and note my lips Ethiopia is going from bad to wrst and abyss; I feel sorry for the majority Ethiopians who are subjected to false propoganda but hwen they wake up the liers will be hunted but the ugly quenseqence is the fragmentation of Ethiopia akin to somalia, but I will pray to my beloved freinds in Ethiopia to come out victoriouse and lead a normal life.

    Awuramba Times wake up smell the coffee before it is too late stop sucking your brothers and sisters blood.

  39. dusty says:

    I do not understand why Ethiopia should have any relationship with Eritrea other than strategic alliance based on mutual respect, on issues of national interest, like any other other country…. Of course, building alliance requires rules of engagement,diplomacy, and civility.

    There is no permanent alliance with any country, only a strategic alliance built to address issues of common interest….
    Beyond that we verbally extend our wishes and good intention to every country and human race.

  40. Mj Tyson says:

    Slowly the reveal their ugly truth.

  41. Berhane says:

    Hi guys. Eritrea is very small and useless country in East Africa. It future is disaggregated into small land where the Kunama and Afar will join their mother country Ethiopia.
    You we defeated you in Badme and if we were kill you it was easy that time but not our agenda. Please listen what Eritrean leaders said after the defeat.

  42. baya says:

    kee ahaya yetafaxark yaa samen monkey kaa antas wayanee 10% nafxanya !!!!!!!!!!!

  43. new era says:

    Even if we say Ginbot 7 is evil, it is the lesser evil than EPDRF. So until we find a lesser evil than the two, go Ginbot 7!

  44. viva ethiopia says:

    @axumawe እናተማ ዘመዶቻችሁን አሞካሹ ከወያኔ ቂጥ ስር በሉ ወያኔ መውደቂያው ደርሷል።ብተረዱት ይሻላል ወያኔ ከኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጋር እንዳጣላችሁ። ወያኔ ወያኔ ስትሉ አብራችሁ ትቀበራላችሁ። ዘረኛ ሁላ

    አንድ ቀን ኢትዮጵያ ነፃ ትወጣለች እሱም ቅብ ቀን ነው።
    viva ethiopia

  45. viva ethiopia says:

    እናተማ ዘመዶቻችሁን አሞካሹ ከወያኔ ቂጥ ስር በሉ ወያኔ መውደቂያው ደርሷል።ብተረዱት ይሻላል ወያኔ ከኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጋር እንዳጣላችሁ። ወያኔ ወያኔ ስትሉ አብራችሁ ትቀበራላችሁ። ዘረኛ ሁላ

    አንድ ቀን ኢትዮጵያ ነፃ ትወጣለች እሱም ቅብ ቀን ነው።
    viva ethiopia

  46. Abduljelil says:

    So funny talks! “The only city in the world with no gun-men is Asmera; The only president with no guards is Esayas, The only country that do not receive 05 cent foreign aid is Eritrea, . . . ” Abet wushet. . . .! Alem bigelebet nuro be Ato Andargachew wushetna Witfet new” Aski Ahun degimo be ETV min taseman yehon . . .”Blessing in Disguise, No anger, I want to get rest . . .” O’amlakye! Bulshit guy!!!!!! Yih sew gn befitsum Ethiopiawi dem yelewum! Besme-am!!!

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