ESAT and the Grand Renaissance Dam


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8 Responses

  1. Krios says:

    Dawit, the writer of the article said that he/she only supports the dam not EPRDF, but he lists the good side (according to the writer) of EPRDF. What do you call a person who talks about a government possitive only ? I call him supporter. He have a right to support the governemnt and ESAT have a right to oppose.

    • Dersolign ayichew says:

      Dear Kairos, to tell u frankly i am a critical Supporter of the Government Specially on its economic policy , but if u have read the Whole article it also criticized its policy Towards Human right condition, Deportation….. On Page 7 & 8,
      When we comes to ESAT, it says, ” MIZANAWI ENA GELTEGNA!”,
      But practically it Stands against all the interests of our beloved home Land and its People. This is the Main different between me and ESAT.
      Tank you

  2. Zinjoro says:

    ESAT is an institution full of confused hate-mongers that has a calculated aim to preach civil war back in Ethiopia.

  3. nebro says:

    can I say the same thing about AKA ETV\TPLF tv

  4. Dersolign says:

    u should not ask any one to do so, it ur right, but pls do not go beide of my content.

  5. Dersolign says:

    u should not ask any one to do so, it is ur right, but pls do not go beside of my content.

  6. wedi eritrea says:

    Esat always preaching against limat civil war in ethiopia. Eritreans tv and easat they are same.

  7. Mulubrhan says:

    Put water on fire, it is all easy. ESAT lematfat wehawin mechemer…theretofore ESAt will b gone for good on the completion of the dam and other development undertaking in Ethiopia and the caw they are milking will dry up.

    Ignoring the so called ESAt funky junks is best way to go.

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