Andnet Party held a protest rally in Adama (in Pictures)


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14 Responses

  1. keyo says:

    Well done.

    This how the real change will come. by ethiopian to ethiopian not by foreigners like Esayas(eritria) , Andargachew (Uk , Birhanue nega (USA) those three used to be ethiopian but now they all change there citizen and now want to rule ethiopia from there adapting country.

    • Mess says:

      Keyo, I totally agree with you.we should say NO to part time poleticians !

    • ashagre says:

      selamawim hone wetaderawi tekawmo biyasemu tekawmoachew teseminetm hone ewneta slelelew edmeyachewn ychersuwatal enji minm ayfeydum mknyatum ethiopians weyane malet limat malet ende hone gebtonal ena uniti quarenti eyalachu atcheqchkun.

  2. Sisay A says:

    I am against this peaceful demonstration it is only help woyanne to show they are democrat.
    the solution for our problem need to come only from Issayas. He is our hero. he is the best leader in the world all Eritrean and ethiopian in diaspora love him to death.
    He is a master of war let alone the poor ethiopia he can win a war against the almighty America. lets put our trust on him he will change the woyanne gov. in weeks.
    bravo ESAT for showing us the true solution for our problem. we are nothing with out Eritrea.
    WAR is the solution and we ask forgiveness to Shabia for our bad thinking of them before but now ESAT told us the truth Issayas is sleepless to give the Ethiopian poor food and democracy.

    • Chala says:

      @Sisay A

      Weygud so Birhanue USA citizen and Andargachew UK citizen and Issayas Eritrea going with out food and drink to fight for the poor ethiopian to get democracy?

      I have one question thou. If Andargachew says is true and Issayas is powerful to get G7 to 4 kilo why on earth he is begging for 12 years just for small badma then?

      if he really the one who help woyanne to get to Addis with out big military equipment 22 years a go then why now with 200,000 thousand soldiers the biggest number in africa and with missiles and Mig 29 jets still begging badma that the world court gave to him.

      Shabia needs help from Ethiopian not the other way round.

      so don’t teach us to become a slave to a looser who is making Eritreans the gypsy of africa.

    • Helen says:

      Sisay A
      You do not know what democracy is …. Please shut your mouth on subjects you have no clue!

    • axumawe says:

      @ AIEEE,SISAY !
      DO YOU REALY think what you say is true ?
      well,let me tell you this and then sheet in your pant.
      go back to 1970,when kye kokobe zemecha is in final push,from the ground,air force & the navy when nakfa was bombarded,by misilles from fss,squadron,and frigets from red sea,when shabia is destroing his files to run to sudan,it is the heroic TPLF serawet have saved shabia!it is not that we love them but for our benefit,if derg is wiping out shabia then we well be next it is smart strategy woyens mind looks way ahead.
      shabia have fought for 30 years with out any sucsess,but the tplf have over throun the derg with just 17 years.
      with out TPLFs full support, shabia could be still in eritrean jangles by know.
      when your emotinal leader say in public,if we los badem the son never rais again,it is the TPLFS HIT BACK sun set opration witch let your leader 25 killometrs in to his own land so who is who ?b afma enante
      y african singapoor ?
      y african isreal ?

  3. teshome says:

    These UDJ people like, Hailu Araya and Professor Mesifin, have brain tumor or something..
    What are these toddlers and kids with their diaper in the rally????? Is it to inflate the numeric size of protesters??
    This rally tells simply the symptoms os a more general problems of the party.It sounds like a sick joke but it is true
    This is completely incomprehensible to explain, UDJ party members are packed like sardines with such profile ( kids and elderly with diapers)..
    May be these are the two yardstick to be a member of UDJ, we never know…
    No one will take such rally and stories seriously.
    UDJ failed miserably, Especially the party is taking a wrong turn, I am optimistic to see and think a future is always better but this time around, I believed there is a more sever dark away from the darkness.
    UDJ is becoming worst of the wort Ethiopian political parties.

  4. yared says:

    How much is Woyane paying you to be consistently posting your comments, i see you are a very reliable slave to your masters so why don’t i give you an interesting offer and come work with the side that will build better you career and offer you more benefits!

  5. Ameha says:

    Can it be called an Nazret rally if majority of the participants traveled from Addis Ababa? Just a question.

  6. meron says:

    at teshome z woyane
    know it is woyane who force and at the same time cheat child and olds to join them on demonstration.

    Your mind canot make simple maths when it is for opposition. In that case you seems you had f in maths. You remember what at weshetam from 4 said on voa about the neumber of blue members—-

    whan it comes to woyane economic reports you like to make double digit, but when it come to opposition members and demonstrators your like you single digit. you like the word tikitoch, tenishoch, andandoch…..hence dividing is your faith! Isolation one from the rest is your principle. But all is like yetebela ekub, you know what is yetebela ekub?

    We know why you fear UJD. Of course you fear unity. You love division. That is where you and your woyane has expert in maths.

    By the way you fear demonstration like that? can imagine how much you are hated by the soceity? even these corrupted people, hate you, but they support you only to protect their sin. They afraid they may be asked!

    You have introduced 5 to 1, 3 to 1, forum, tekaken, setoch—-all such evil tools to divide and use people. But all your strategy are already known and evil. I really donot think you can fine one to cheat us any more.

    My brother you better back to your mind. Woyane will eat one day, as they even eat their heros. Do you think woyane will be good to you, if not for siye, geberu, hayelom, name all these peaceful people meles eat?

    • axumawe says:

      hi moran how are you ?
      for a woman you sound very angry,i don’t know why ?
      but you just say some thing true about as woyenes !
      1st of all,woyane means it is not un individual name , it is the people of tegrays 1st organization! know this for shur, TPLF,WOYEN and THE people of tegray is one !!!!
      to your point you say you woyanes are good in maths.
      yes you are right we are good in maths,do you know Albert Anstien ?
      have you herd that pm melese have economic plan for Ethiopia for the next 50 years ?that is maths.
      when you govern a nation you need to plan need to think you are wright.but look all the opposition,no maths skill you are wright.
      you see you well never make any deffrence
      in any way,do you know why b/c yous are foxing on how to get power,but EPRDF(woyen)they are foxing on how to govern.
      do you know how i know ? most of the diaspora amaras called them self PHDS they are either animal docters,or economistes or sphycologests,but most of the rest of Ethiopians intelectuals are mds,enggeners,(not plumbers like yelekal)
      hart sergions,lecturers,phisisests,mathematicans and so on and they are bullding mother Ethiopia !
      you have the wright to call them what ever you like to call them.IT IS FREE COUNTRY, it is ok!
      mashela eiarere yeskal y lo yel!!
      best advais for you in 2006 find some one who well be put up with you to marry you ,have lots of childrend and be come grand ma!b/c you are very emotional person.
      as all ways long live Ethiopia !
      long live Eprdf !
      long live Woyen !
      and happy new year to all of you there
      love and pc for Ethiopia !

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