Semayawi Party to file lawsuits against city government and police


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6 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    I think ‘Semayawi party’ leaders got their wire crossed. One time they were tell us that there is no Judiciary system in Ethiopia and other time they are tell us that they will file a lawsuit against the government of Ethiopia…
    They can’t claim both opposite things at same time.. Being legal and illegal at one spot. Is it not ‘Semayawi party’ which is opposing the verdict passed by Ethiopian superm court??? What is there demand now??
    There is no way, the judiciary system entertain you case, in the first place it is you yourself who questioned it legitimacy.

    I said ‘F’ ‘U’ and the horse you rode on in
    This is simply a useless argument that resides in among opposition party leaders.
    This is tells us how much they are disconnected with reality. It doesn’t give sense. Does it?

    I said it one time, there is short supply of political knowledge among the opposition ‘intellectual circles…..
    If Semayawi party leader is an Engineer, then I am Albert Einstein

  2. meron says:

    Oh at Getachew,
    how you hug your wife that big lay? how can site beside your children and talk to them after such a big lying?

    is politics stupid in nature?

  3. tola kebede says:

    Listien semYawi “yagerbet genbot 7” that meams “ye andsantim gesita bechiot yetgeneba ager yelm” mr.enginer so u come down we don’t have reliegious revolution that means you are crossing the line “mekemek megebat amrohal malet neaw”.

  4. Hamid says:

    “A government that uses force on its own citizens is a failed government.” Aristotle. Government by definition is a representative of people that only executes and safeguards people’s will. It is moronic to think that people would ask the government (their representatives) to ransack their offices, humiliate, and abuse. Therefore, Ethiopian government is a failed government. When it is abusing Ethiopians, It is not trying to enforce the will of majority. It is doing so only because few gangsters want to stay in power for ever against peoples mandate. They want to stay on power indefinitely because they have committed so many crimes against the country in order to build mega company – EFORT- in short time. Only morons or few selfish people who get some crumbs from EFORT think otherwise.

  5. Ash says:

    Semayawi Party, missing simple fact the police have the right to no demonstration on the same date that the government holding.

    Now if Semayawi Party, think the police give their spot to government then at that point they should go to court and argue that the police unfairly give their spot to government if they did that I will support them..

    But what they did is disobeying police order and try to do demonstration after the police told them no! I know the blue party thought the police is unfair that is not my point.. Even if u r totally innocent and if the police told u to stop u stop no question..if the police arrest u u get arrested again u should not resist arrest..late alone disobeying ..his order u should not even resist arrest..

    The blue party defined the police order and try to go head with their demonstration.

    The question should we ask is if blue party had their demonstration and both demonstration meet what would have happened how about life lost, did blue party would have taken responsibility for life lost.

    In short the police have the right even to use their gun to make obey order…the police can use appropriate force that means not limited to using gun…to arrest u, if u resisting arrest u might even lose ur life over it… So I does see the point of law suit

  6. Mekdes says:


    This guy is anarchist and ambitious to be in power by defaming the govt. I realy apre ciate the pacience of the gvt. They have to give him a lesson that notifying will notbe enough getting permision is needed to have demonstration. To do that there is institution not not his comand post ESAT AND GINBOT 7. There are rules and regulation for every jurisdictions. Without understanding this to be leader of a party will heart you. My advice to trusting diaspora will get you in tro uble.

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