Isaias Afeworki says Eritrea Plans to purchase Hydro power from Ethiopia


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58 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    I think Isayas had got cure from his Psychopath and sociopath personality.
    You are right President Isayas, There are plenty of incidents, Eritrea will benefit from Ethiopia and the vice versa.
    Ethiopia’s economy is immensely growing and nowadays the world is watching Ethiopia as a beckon of hope.
    Ethiopia is an economic corridor of East Africa, …and If the Kenyans are benefiting from Ethiopians economy, if the Sudanese are benefiting from Ethiopians economy, so should the Eritreans
    You are right Mr. President Isayas’s, your demand is not impossible for Ethiopian government. That is the least what Ethiopians can do for Brothers and Sisters Ethiopians.
    I am enthusiastically waiting that moment to happen…But the good news is by the time the Ethiopian government makes agreement with Eritrean Regime, I am sure Isayas will bring Adaregachew Tsegia and Birhanu Nega as a holiday sheep present for Ethiopian people and Ethiopian government…
    I had a strong believe that this news will bring a mental and physical break down for ESAT, (lie institution) and Ginbote 7 party.
    It is an absolute agony for toxic Diasporas who work day and night to destroy the Great Renaissance Dam.
    How would ESAT, which joke around all the day about Ethiopia says about this news???

    • Azeb says:

      I can not stop laughing….. Teshome, I always entertain your comment. You said……… by the time the Ethiopian government makes agreement with Eritrean Regime, I am sure Isayas will bring Adaregachew Tsegia and Birhanu Nega as a holiday sheep present for Ethiopian people and Ethiopian government…

  2. aba_chegora says:

    The president did nat say that. What the president said was this: eritrea can purchase electricity from neighbouring countries including Ethiopia ( after Ethiopia hand over the the territories it is occupying by force) if it is cheap.

    • bendo says:

      Well all eggs of the extremist are in one basket in Issayas hand and he will swap them with electric when the right day comes.

      I would love to see Birhanue nega, Lemagne beyene and Sisay Agena who are preaching war from confirmable usa life to move to Eritrea and we can catch them all as the same time.

    • Anbeta says:


      In case you missed it, he said there is no border dispute and also insinuated that Ethiopia might use Assab port. Then again no matter how many times DIA insults the people of Eritrea, die hard supporters like you will always support him just like a soccer fun supports his team in all circumstances.

      • aba-chegora says:


        His excellency the president is right. there is no border dispute with ethiopia. Ethiopia is just accoupying our territory in violation of the final and binding ruling. His excellency the president is also right, ethiopia might use the port of assab. But there is one precondition: FINAL and BINDING means final and binding and ethiopian leaders must simply leave badme. we have nothing to do with ethiopia as long as the leaders continue to play with the rule of law.

        • Ash says:

          U r right Ethiopia must leave badme, without if or but… Once Eritrean pay as blood kassa… Eritrea started the war, if u started the war u pay blood kassa…once this transaction settled Ethiopia will leave…

  3. BB says:

    Which neighbour has electricity for sale except Ethiopia? The answer is no one. Therefore he means buying from Etrhiopia.
    I don’t think Ethiopians are ready to sell Electricity to Isaias.

    • aba_chegora says:

      BB agame,

      dont forget that the liberation of tigray from slavery was made possible by isayas afeworki.

      • Wanjiru says:

        No that is history in reverse. In fact Woyane, TPLF, helped Isayas walk into Asmara, unfortunately that resulted in the subjugation of the Eritrean people under a brutal dictator

      • SamsonTesfa says:

        You are trying to write history based on lies.
        The TRUTH is Vise Versa,
        With out TPLF-EPRDF kicking out Derg/ Mengistu out of Addis, Shabias struggle would have been meaningless.
        They might occupy Asmara but will never ever settled in it.
        So we and Shabias know the history and ditermination of TPLF-Woyane, let alone helping or credited for the success of TPLF.
        I am pretty sure you know why Shabians fighters call Woyane passionately as “WOYANE GOMA EGERA” !!!!!!!
        I hope you know why, if not, ask the olddies Shabia fighters and they will tell you why.
        Lemayawekesh Tategne yelale yagerie sew Seteret.
        Happy new year !!!!
        Cheers !!!!

        • aba-chegora says:

          Please ask sibhat nega and siyum mesfun or abay tsehaye. They can tell you the truth. Shaebia was the reason why they survived. It is also true , TPLF helped EPLF in difficult times.

  4. Chala says:

    Is Andargachew promised him if you help me to get to 4 kilo i will give you free electricity.

    foreigners like Issayas (eritria), Birhane(USA), Andargachew (UK) are making a deal how they rule ethiopia in there dream.

    it is not easy like fulling diaspora and collecting money. Issayas only can teach you how to collect money from the diaspora the rest is just a dream. he is loosing thousands of soldiers every day and he is making Eritreans the gypsy of africa.

  5. Adugna says:

    Agena is a person dreaming during day time He was expecting Andargachew tesige to answer for him what he dream. the question he asked is just his dream but what Andargachew tsige answers is the reality in Eritrea
    Andargachew tesige is a realistic and enocent person but Agena is arrogant not a neutral journalist but pure politician

  6. beky(bereket endrias) says:

    if isayas said the above,it is promising for them/eritreans not only to buy electricity frm ethiopia but also to benifit from the fast growing economy of ethiopia.
    it means that he/esayas came to his conscious & he realised that his country is suffering from extreme poverty & exclude from neighbouring nations as well as international comunity.
    but as ethiopian case they’re comfortable to sell their power to any other country in the region.

  7. Mess says:

    Dr. Dawit I like the message you want to pass by that picture.We have to look at him the way he is looking at our dam.

  8. Self Reliance says:

    What are u saying guys, if u did not know Tigrigna ask help to understand what he says, to ur Understand what he says is Currently Ethiopia has about 834MW of electricity, when they build the What they call the Renaissance dam which is capable of 5000MW,they will have about 6000MW of electricity, Guys look Israel with only seven million population has about 11500MW of electricity, Do u think that Ethiopia with population of about 85000000 the so called 6000MW of electricity is enough for her, Guys it is fool mans joke Ethiopia will export electricity to its nehbours ,it is poor propaganda, think little ,what is going on,
    Best wish

    • Gebez says:

      Self Reliance,
      Ethiopia already exports electricity to its neighbours The Sudan and Djibouti. Where are you man? Wake up! Drop this bogus pseudonym Self Reliance and face the reality. Eritrea is not a viable nation as an independent country and without the economic, political, social help from Ethiopia. And, stop lying. The numbers you jotted above are not real. Eritrea has just 120MWs of electircity and it can never be expanded. NO water, NO electricity, NO food, NO freedom, NO free press, NO elections, NO parliament, NO consititution, NO official budjet, NO universities, NO ports, NO political parties, NO hope. Eritrea=The land of NONE. Enjoy your InDeepenDance man.

      • Habte says:

        With all the electric power Ethiopia has there is no power in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia gets $4 billion in foreign aid after you guys kiss American and European behind. I would rather live without power with dignity than kissing behind. You all don’t know your priorities. With the attitude you all have you will all suffer under woyane. Ethiopia is the second poorest country in Africa and the world ignorant country according to the UN. Instead of talking sheet help your people. In 10 to 15 years Ethiopia will be a failed state the way things are going in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not owned by Ethiopians the owners are Arabs, Indians, Turkish and Chinese. And now Indians are taking over Ethiopian Electric company. Keep on talking shit in few years the whole country will belong to other countries.

    • dnqem reliance says:

      hahahahahahahahah eritrea has 11500MW electricity hahahah very funny the capital asmara gets electricity 3 times a week and yet you claim to have 11500 means it can power all EGAD capital cities 24/7 including some major cities if you don’t know about mesurments or electricity just keep silent and we consider you wise besides unless everedy AA size battery can produce 11500MW where the hell is eritrea going to produce that amount using fuel????? hahahahhaa Hirgigo can only produce 88 MW and the previous stationed in asmara is only about 65MW so intotal you got 153MW not 11500MW poor selfreliance

      • Self Reliance says:

        read carfully my comment I said Israel =11500MW Eritrea has 120 MW we are working to make another 50 MW.I am not boasting I am telling u the truth

        • DIA says:

          Eritrea has only 120 and cannot expand it. Ethiopia has already 2150 MW and in 3 years will have a total of 10,000 MW. Ethiopia is already selling to Djibouti and Sudan. Even your bosses the Egyptians are looking forward to buy from the Millennium Dam. Don’t be jealous find a solution for Eritrea.

  9. Gebez says:

    Isaias said this deliberately. He wanted to demoralize Eritreans.ኢሳያስ ሆነ ብሎ ያደረገው ነገር ነው:: ኤርትራውያን ጉረኛች እንደሆኑ ስለሚያውቅ ይህን ጉራቸውን ለመስበር ነው ኣላማው:: ቃለመጠይ

    • abrish says:

      ኢሳያስ ስለ ተናገረው ነገር ተቀብለው ተግባራዊ የሚያደርጉ የሀገራችን የፖለቲካ ሰዎች ሰውየውን ጭራሽ አያውቁትም ማለት ነው፡፡ ኢትዬጲያ እንድትጠፋ በግልፅም በስውርም የኤርቲሪያን ሀብት እያዋለ ያለው የፀረ-ኢትዬጲያው ግልፅ አራማጅ ኢሳያስ ስለ ኢትዬጲያ መልካም ለማለት የደፈረው የእባብ እርምጃ አካሄድ አይነት ነው፡፡ ሁሉም የስሜት ህዋሳቶቻችን ካልሰሩ ለውድቀታችን መነሻ ምንጭ ኢሳያስ እና ሻዕቢያ ብቻ ናቸው!!!! ለ50 ዓመታት የዘለቀው የጠላነት ስሜት ወደ ተጋጋለ የማፈራረስ ስራ ሁለታችንም እየሰራን ነው፡፡ በህዝቦች መሃል የተፈጠረው መቋሰል በዘመነ ደርግ ምንም የማያውቀው የደሃ እና የገበሬ ሰራዊት ከተማረከ በሁዋላ ከነ ህይወቱ የተቃጠለው ኤርቲሪያ ውስጥ ነው፡፡ ይህ በሁለቱ ህዝቦች መካከል የማይበርድ የጠላትነት ስሜትን ፈጥሮአል፡፡ በመንግስት ውስጥ ተሰግስገው አፍራሽ ሚና ሲጫወቱ ከርመው ካርታ የቐየሩትን እንደ ተስፋዬ ገብረዓብን ዓይነት እባቦች ማየቱ በቂ ነው፡፡ የሻዕቢያ የስለላ መዋቅር በአብዛኛው ማለት በሚቻል ደረጃ በኢትዬጲያ ላይ የሚሰራ ነው፡፡ ምንም ነገር አታመልጠውም ነው የሚባለው፡፡ በእያንዳንዷ ድክመት ዘሎ ለመከመር የሚያቆበቁብ ድርጅት ነው፡፡ ባለፉት 12 ዓመታት ያጣውን የኢትዬጲያን ሀብት በተለይ ከደቡቡ የሚያግዙት የቡና እና የጥራጥሬ ምርት ለውጪ ገበያ ለማቅረብ የያዘው ዕቅድ ዳግም እንዲሰምርለት ቢመኝ አይሰደንቅም፡፡ ማንም አካል ከታሪካዊ ጠላቱ ጋር አብሮ ሆኖ ለልማት መነሳት አይስብም፡፡ አሁንም በድሃው ሰፊው የሀገሬ ህዝብ ደም ላይ መንግስት ይቀልዳል ብዬ አልጠብቅም፡፡ የኢትዬጲያ የመጨረሻ ዳግም ለመንሰራራት አዳጋች የሚሆነው ሻዕቢያ ጋር ተስማምቶ ወደ ኢትዬጲያ እዲገባ የፈቀደ ለት ነው፡፡ ህዳሴም ያኔ መቋጫውን ያገኛል፡፡ ኦሮማይ! (ሻዕቢያ አስገደለው እንደተባለው)!!!

  10. Gebez says:

    ቃለመጠይቁን በሙሉ ለሰማው ሰው ኤርትራ እንደ ሃገር ምንም መፃኢ ዕድል እንደሌላት ነው የሚያሳየው:: ኢሳያስም ይህን ለኤርትራውያን በግልፅ ለመናገር የፈለገ ይመስላል::ከጥቂት ሳምንታት በፊትም የሱ ኣማካሪ የሆኑ ኣንድ ባለስልጣን ያሉት ይህንን የሚደግፍ ነበር::

  11. Solomon says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Mind your language please.
    Your heading says “Isaias Afeworki says Eritrea Plans to purchase Hydro power from Ethiopia”, but there is no where in the video you linked that supports your claim. The only place that mentions ‘electric power’ on the video (at hour 1:00:05) by no means indicate Issias’ interest in the project, to the contrary he ridicules the very idea (like the rest of the video full of bravado and arrogance and delusion. He even alleges Ethiopia was “formed” after the World War II).
    That you may not understand Tigrigna very well is no excuse for making up stuff on the fly and to post something sensational out of the blue is very irresponsible and unprofessional.

    • DIA says:

      You have to watch video part one, where he says “who can stop me from buying electricity from the Millennium Dam if I find it reasonably priced.”

  12. Embasoleda says:

    It is so funny that wedi Medhin Berad IsaAss, the crazy clown of east Africa is trying to use totlay new propaganda tactics nowdays to fool those diaspora idiots whom foolishly believe that he is the way to Arat Killo…LOL.

    If we recall Andarigachew Tsige’s recent preach about IsaAss, he tried his best to picture Isayas as one of the greatest leader ever alive as if we have no clue about what IsaAss …LOL. It so funny that Andargachew Tsige was just preaching the same preaching that we have been hears from his Tigrigna speaking cadres for years…

    For example, his tigrigna speaking cadre use tell us:

    Wedi Afom eko be they halawi eye zinkesakes, mes hizbu eyu zetsawet..ab-Africa kemeu zebele merahi yelen..bla..bla…LOL.

    And now, Andarigachew Tsiga, the newly recruited Amharic speaking cadre of IsaAss foolishly preaching us the same thing:

    Esachew eko, yale tebaki nachew yemigazu…ligochachew be 500 nakfa new yeminoru, ende Presdent Isayas yele meri yet ale..bla…bla… I was just wondering he wouldn’t repeat the same failse propaganda if he had known a bit tigrigna or he scrowed him up really good..LOL.

    So, there are nothing news that we haven’t heard about IsaAss the clown, he is trying to use the idiot diaspora by using his new Amharic speaking cadres, because his tigrigna speaking cadres are expired or no more useful to him…LOL. I’m sure I won’t be long to use Andargaw Tsige and likes Bandas to throw them into trash bag.

  13. Self Reliance says:

    Guys for the second time think little, in my comment I did not say Eritrea I said Israel with seven million have 11500MW,so how do u expect u Ethiopians with 6000MW which is too little for 85 million can export, some of u says we already exported to Sudan ,Djibouti,,,,funny do u think that all the villages of Tigray,Amhara,oromo Ogaden,,,,,,,, have electricity, stop ur cheap propaganda.i told you can export but the reality is the Ethiopian Electreac corporation has consumers of approximately 1.6 million.if u do not believe me go to Ethiopian elctreac corporation web site,so again how can u export with the 6000MW in realty wich is not enough for 4 million.wake up please guys,i know u are exporting but your people are living in Dark
    happy new year
    may the new year makes you wake up from your deep sleep

  14. Ararat says:

    Ethiopia’s export to Eritrea olf,onlf , Berhanu nega, andargachew and hydro electric And may be soon semaywi party

  15. Embasoleda says:


    I agree 100% with your point view that Ethiopian should concentrate on providing electricity to the beautiful hard working Ethiopian people first before exporting to outside!! Those are the people have sucrifiesd their life to keep Ethiopia free from External enemies and their children deserve to share the fruits of their countries natural resours before any external countries… If the Ethiopia want sell power to other countries, it should be after the deman of the Ethiopian people fully satisfied, and sell the leftover. This is a warning message!

    • Self Reliance says:

      you got my point, that is what I said.even though I am an Eritrean I will be happy that if Ethiopia exports electricity to whole Africa. But at this point with that much power ,even even it is not enough for Tigray region only

      • FantiGhana says:

        Self Reliance, Embasoleda:
        You guys are generally right but I don’t think that by planning to sell electricity, Ethiopia means that it will have electricity in every corner of the country first. It will have sufficient electricity to industries and developmental requirements first then to the towns and areas that will be deemed to benefit the most and then exchange the rest for what the country may need more than electricity. The economic idea is to use as little as you need of what you have and try to buy what you cannot have with the rest. For example, Japan exports millions of cars to the world but it does not mean every Japanese have a car.

        • Embasoleda says:


          We are talking about the government should concentrate to provide the sociaty all basic necessities, and electrify is one of the examples…Itc. So, please get the point that we are not talking about luxury what so ever.

      • Ash says:

        Self Reliance,

        U have two assumption wrong… Number one isreal and Ethiopia power consummation are not the same. 98% Ethiopian need electricity would be for lighting therefore we might have much left over because even our industry doesn’t consumed all electricity output hence we might leftover to export to anyone who want to buy it.

        Second u r saying Ethiopia must satisfied herself before she export it..again the Chinese 20 years ago they can’t afforded the shoe they were making but they export the brand name shoe to earn a living..if u say Ethiopia must satisfied herself before export then we can’t export. Anything because even coffee we export first class coffee And we drink export reject…if u r poor u must sale before u satisfied ur need…

        We export electricity because we need a lot of good that we import without foreign currency we can’t import most of the thing we need therefore we must export…to earn foreign currency.

        If u ask me exporting electricity is not idea in economy sense.

        For example instead of exporting leather, it would be much beneficial if Ethiopia processed the leather and export finished goods such as leather jackets and leather shoe

        Mind u if we give to those leather company much cheaper electricity locally and attract them to open shop in Ethiopia instead would be much better.

        For example instead of selling electricity to Egyptian monga juice producer in Egypt… Instead if we tell the same company to relocate in Ethiopia and make mango jusice in Ethiopia that would be much better because just like leather electricity is raw we should use it process. Our goods instead of exporting raw electricity.

    • Abay says:

      To Embasoleda!

      We should drink all the coffee and we should wear all the leather. We should embroider all the Gold as well. We the beautiful hard working people.

  16. solomon says:

    So now Isayas is alleged to do business with TPLF, and all of a sudden he is no more the monster that he used to be described consistently in this website and TPLF supporters. Even jumping to have opposition figures as a sacrificial lamb for the blood thirsty TPLF. How our seemingly dogmatic perception alters in a flicker of time. What we need to rely on is not subjective and emotional perceptions, rather on a principle respect for humanity, democracy, and justice. Only then that our truth would not falter with sensational news of the time.

    • Self Reliance says:

      we will not make any deal with weyane ,we will make deal with peop[le of Ethiopia and DEMHIT

      • Embasoleda says:

        Thats right, Weyane will never make any deal with Shaibia clowns either. However, your DEMIT is nothing but a fake organization that created by Shaibia to boost the moral of its blind supporters, and those diaspora idiots. You guys are so comical that you showing us the poor Eretrian children in the sawa slavery camps posting their picture as DEMHIT or other opposition’s armed groups…LOL.

  17. Embasoleda says:

    If IsaAss the clown ever wants inport power or to use electrostatic power. For sure, not to serve the poor Eretrian people, but to electrocuted those whom are fooleding in exodus to escape from the hellhole and injustice they face under his slavery like management…LOL.

  18. Embasoleda says:

    Oh yeah, as to Andargachew Tsige claims that he says living in Eretria for four years to stragle againist Ethiopia unnder the current EPRDF government is like he is staying in a 5* hotel…LOL. What a loser! Did he actually believe that he would fool any normal person, or is he just telling us that his job is that easy that IsaAss is given him a special privilage than the Eretrian people just to come out onece in a while and to preach their foolish propagandas for him?! That might be true…LOL. Otherwise, it is a naked reality that Eretria is a hellhole for the people whom have sucrifiesd their life to fight against their Ethiopian people to get into this mess or fake indolence…
    So, who is paying Andaregachew Tsige’s 5* hotel?! I don’t know what you all think, but I would assum all expenses covered by those Ethiopia’s external enemies and IsaAss is the paid agent to disintegrate Ethiopia by supporting all this power hangery Andargache like BANDAS…LOL.

  19. w .yilma says:

    As usual the Issayas interview is a comical, aiming at deceiving his people. We should not be focused on what Issayas has said but who he is. This man is not normal. From the beginning his ideology is aiming at harming Ethiopia. This man has never been a friend of Ethiopia and he will never be. Hate against Ethiopians is in his blood, and therefore will never heal as long as he is alive. For me he is a Vampire for Ethiopia. He and his cohorts knows pretty well that unless they stick on us like a ticks the country they “liberated” will never stand on her feet. I think the reality on the ground speaks by itself. Where is Ethiopia and Eritrea now in terms of economic growth? Even they are not comparable. We go forward they go backward.
    What is worst is that many the so called freedom fighters change their status and attitudes, but Shabia is not even at the same sport where they were 20 years ago. This is stupid. Stupid because he is repeating the same interview every quarter. How many lies? My God! the Eritrean shoulders is strong to carry this guy for more than 20 years. For how long this will continue?
    We Ethiopian should ignore this idiot.
    The only thing Ethiopia could do is work hard to decapitate his ambition to cause trouble to our country. For me Issayas is an Vampire! not hesitating to cause harm to our great and beloved country. I have never seen Shabia working for his people. Day and night they are conspiring to cause harm to neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia. Because Shabia is a Mafia group, any country or group stand against their interest is their enemy.
    They exploited us after their independent thanks to EPRDF for ten years. However when the EPRDF stand against Shabia Issayas instigated war. That war was the end of Issayas to be a king of eastern Africa. The war he instigated paid him a price. That war is still hunted him until now.
    I do not think we need Shabia at this time. We have many markets to sell our electric power for our friends, not for the enemy!
    To make my point clear the Eritrean people are our brothers and sisters. However I am not hesitating to say that Shabia is the worst enemy of all for us!
    He also talk about Nile. Unless he want to be “Yergo Zinb” Eritrea does not have any say about Nile. She contribute nothing to Nile basins.
    Long Live Ethiopia!

  20. Orion says:



    Bevin–Sforza Plan

    On 17 May 1949, UN General Assembly presented the plan as follow

    Eritrea, except the western province, to be incorporated to Ethiopia, with the cities of Asmara and Massawa to be granted a special status with municipal charters. The incorporation of the rest of Eritrea to the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

    ——- Now, here is the sad part —-

    The Haitian delegate to the United Nations, Senator St. Lot, voted

    AGAINST. Senator St. Lot had direct instructions from the Haitian president of the day to vote for the Bevin-Sforza Plan, but the man opposed his head of state and voted Against. Some alleged that he was ‘bribed’ by Arab delegates who opposed the delay to grant independence to Eritrea.

    That was a missed opportunity….Thanks to that Haitian crackpot dude, Eritrea would have been in a history dust-bin by now.

  21. Orion says:

    Eritrea: Generates 150 Mega Watts for 5 million slaves

    Adama/Nazret Wind Turbine: has a capacity to generate 150 Mega Watts



  22. axumawe says:

    To be honest,i never like this guy at all.
    but when he ordered his pilots to bombarded Ayder school in mekele,i ralized he is worthles pice of sh..t!
    to all of you ,you may not understand the languge,but he is denounsing Ethiopian history”cot he say Ethiopia is a country founded after world war 2″
    i blive he didn’t take his drag when he have this intrvew.
    one thing, “he can’t provid enough madicaer to his people”but he is funding 500,000 for g7 to distract our devlopment ?
    he don’t have enough skilled doctors & nurses,medical eqipments,but he can by weapens,while his people are starving and so many of them are jobleses.
    how in Earth is he going to have educated doctors & nursess when he closed the only one univercty witch Eritrea have?
    this guy he is steel in his dream he is using Isreal as example again,”fyle wedia-kezem zem wdih alu”
    he steel thinkes hanesh is his,djibouty,is wrong,Ethiopia is wrong,the west is wrong.
    but him is the only one right!!!!!!
    Esaias Afworki when every one you think is wrong, some thing is wrong with you!
    by the way did you see the intervewer he lookes so scared to finsh his quations.
    fainaly, Esayas afworki realized his way of governing is not working.
    from his own word so he is going to tray to included the people !!
    well my quation is witch people ?
    most of Eritreans are either Europe,America,IN Ethiopia and midll east,what ever he got is Elderly, young under ages & womens.
    fainaly for those who are going to bed with this sike persone like brhanu nega,andarg and others her is what he thinks about the country you say you want to lead .
    he have no respect of the Ethiopia, that you claim for 3000 years of Ethiopian history,this is the guy you pick to be partners in distroing your country !
    Andarg you even cheerd him as the only leader you know democratic. shame on you!for those of you ,you say he want to buy Electricsty from Ethiopia go to tegrgna langug class to understand the languge 1st!
    even if he wants as you say he wants to buy hydro from Ethiopia? he needs to full file Ethiopian best intrest 1st,then he well be dealt with.the guy sounds he is in given up every thing.
    he looks very hopless,he chooses his words,and he lucks intilectual explanetion, every answer he gave is not presidencial.they don’t even sound ministreal.i feel so sorry for the people of Eritrea !!but the Eritrean people needs to knoe there dusteny (feat) is in there hand.
    as all ways long live Ethiopia !
    long live Woyen !
    long live Eprdf !happy new year to all of yous.

  23. Name (required) says:

    Hailu Admassie

  24. Name (required) says:

    Eritrean leader he is not wise and diplomat . He has to resign from his position no body can trust him specialy EGAD .. He is trying divide and rule policy according to his speeches.

  25. yeha says:

    Have you forgot when you burn your documents in nakfa to scape from derg war. Remembe, tplf was nebsy adin. Ante tut nekash hamashen.

  26. yoni says:

    I guess the diaspora tax is going up to 10% now.

  27. hi says:

    good job isayas u this is like sucide for fuedal ethiopian oppostion rip ginbot 7(aka sebatebete gurage Group)
    rip andargachew segi
    good job Dawit u teach us how to be in front of the idiot toxic diaspora

  28. sam says:

    Dont be dilusional,,u all know that Esayas wont b negotiating with weyane thuggs coz he knows that weyanes r crooks who got power and money,,if there is ever a business deal between the 2 countries,its going to b with the regime that holds power after the blood sucking psycho weyanes r removed.

  29. temesghen eritrea says:

    the only solution for the electricity problem in Eritrea is that………..eritrea has to buy an electric power from Ethiopia…..

  30. Yonas W says:


  31. Hank says:

    It is time for Ethiopia and Eritrea to normalize. Turn Badme over to a neutral party until arrangements can be made to transfer ownership in the least disruptive manner for the population. Ethiopia and Eritrea should begin with a return to economic free trade, with Ethiopia using the port of Asab to supply the north, and Eritrea trading freely with Ethiopia. The IMF needs to set up a currency settlement mechanism for cross border trade between the two. Ethiopia should open to private investment in power in order to build up capacity quickly. It is time to stop the hatred and agree on pragmatic steps for mutual advantage. There are neutral parties available to mediate the details. Everyone should calm down and think of a peaceful and cooperative future. This hostility between brothers has gone on long enough.

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