EPRDF general assembly concludes 3-day meeting wishing Ethiopians Happy New Year


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22 Responses

  1. meron says:

    Medbele party? is woyane changing its Awe´ra party system to medebele party system? Big Lay!!
    or how these two go together? meles legacy and multiple party system? because meleles legacy is about awera party (99.6% win)….hahaha

    by the way dawit do you still trust etv? i tell many people donot trust etv. If many of us hear from etv Ethiopia won DRC 2-1, i tell it is hard to trust, and we need to go around and ask more info. man neber etv wushetam etv weshetam yalew—

    woyane is always talking about kiraw sebsabi, but meles is the father of this idea and who introduced it to ethiopia. He used it as a tool to degrade the moral background of his comareds, and also to jail them whenevr he want. He is not only behinde the introduction of keray sebesabinet (corruption), but also immersed in deep and very well. It is beyond now to falsify the 3billion USD asset of meles accumulated abroad and the sources of the money says politics.

    he is smart in using politics to make himself, and his family billior.

    That is his legacy! Continuing meles legacy means continuing corruption, nothing more than that! Continuing degrading the culture and history of Ethiopia, degrading and if possible burring Ethiopians unity! He is successful somehow. He is now able to create a Benishangul, Oromia and SNNP that are cruel enough to engage in ethnic cleansing. He has lot of cadres who never mind to kill, jail and torture.

    That is what etv and the meeting have concluded about.

    Look at the face and belly of the participants and compare it to the million people going hungry.

    On point come out clear on this meeting is also the issue of opinion. Amelekaket—amelekaket—they are going to do other round of torturing as 5 to 1 is not working as they wish it to work. Now we are going to face a new marginalization based on our opinion. Before they said you got a call from G7 and hence you are terrorist. Now they are going to tell us we can read your inside, and hence your amelekaket is bad—hence you are terrorist. echin guday betenachew alachohatem!

    But that is what a man who never tried swimming, but thrown to big river is doing! If no lifesaver, he will die anyway. Woyane has no lifesaver this time and better they work close to the real opposition parties. That is the only way out! even for them to eat the billion and million they accumulated!

    • teshome says:

      You guys are still resistant to change…
      Okay, girl.. We will continue together as people of different countries with no shared vision. I don’t care about that.
      All the shit that you said in the first day of the new year, have no answers…simple because they are not based on facts.
      It only tells us how badly programmed person you are…Even I won’t have a hope in the near future, you and people at your wave length will bring the end of Nursing the worst form of hatred politics. That is completely hope against hope.
      More importantly, Immaturity of your political knowledge, is encyclopedia…
      That is why, The Ethiopian people will let EPRDF to govern the country for decayed and decayed, because they knew very well, the opposition parties have no best option, no in-win solution nor compromising…
      100 years of Amhara rule, I am sorry..Amhara Misrule had gone irreversibly. So effort of some opposition camp Amhara elites to restore its supremacy is not going to succeed in a million years…

      Girl where is the beef??
      ESAT and the toxic opposition parties were telling us Division among EPRDF or TPLF party??
      This is simply another round of lies but the good thing is as the toxic Diasporas keep on lying, more and more people turn a deaf ear and blind eye to their claim…
      It is said that fools and the insane share a common denominator: both repeat the same error and expect a different result….
      This is exactly the same what is happening now in ‘Semayawi party’ and ‘seyetanawi party’ and of course in the toxic Diaspora camp….

      I wish you all the best the little looser girl in Ethiopian new year

    • alemayehu says:

      are you clear about democratization and awura
      party system? in my view it is possible to be democratic being in Awura Party system history tell us Awura party system in Japan and Sweden has been democratic and build their country democratically. you mean that by the name of multy party system giving power to weak and parasitic party my lovely country? by no means !!pleas bring out this thought from your mind!!

  2. Benyam says:

    Hi Dawit I wish you the Best Happy New Year,EPRDF ,Tplf as well vision of Meles on the way soon .Meron happy new year but grow up don’t think like Esat or terrorist Genbot 7 be your self for better Ethiopia you are the wrong way ,I wish you the best way like ETV. Benyam best Boston

  3. Hamid says:

    Dawit, whether one’s posting is a propaganda, gossip, or news depends on the motive of the writer. As the months go by, your true motive is becoming clearer and clearer to every one. Don’t you think you are insulting your readers’ intelligence by referring ETV as a source for your information? I really do not understand your motive of posting this ETV trash here. Do you really want us to believe that among many things EPRDF is going to fight rent seeking in the coming year? My question to you is why did rent seekers get government offices in the first place? Are you trying to tell us that the perfect altruists who would have been perfect government representatives are not those who are being labelled as terrorists and now languishing in TPLF dungeons? Are you also telling us that the true Ethiopian government officials are those who are yet to master the art of governing a country because 21 years was not enough to do so? Shame on you Dawit! What has gotten in to you? I loved every print of Awramba Times when you were publishing from Addis. How could you become such a low life when you are reporting where you have unbridled freedom?

  4. Abegaz says:

    Dawit is right posting ETV here. That helps to remind us the constant lie of EPRDF.

    Thanks for observing how the EPRDF top members are getting fat by the day. I like to see the work of a good artist that can show side by side these fat EPRDF cats along with the 90% malnorished Ethiopians. Look wezachew yintefetefal ayidel at the expense of the thinninf Ethiopians. The more they eat the more Ethiopian starve. The more they build buildings the less the ethiopian people eat. That is the mystery of the so called “limat.”

  5. Embasoleda says:

    Hi people, you like or not, ETV is a national TV that has more 80+ million audiences, and it is not like ESAT the enemies mouthpiece propaganda matiche, what so ever…LOL. So, sorry for you guys that are trying to make a pointless argument..ETV that and this…bla..blah..

  6. Tutu says:

    Why they do not the use smaller meeting room? This meeting room is for general assembly

  7. Kiros says:

    Dawit Kebede,

    Don’t you think you are taking the work of ETV, Aiga, Tigrean online, Walta Information Center?

    Why duplicate? the government have many news outlets.

  8. meron says:

    at teshome!
    Despite all the foolish things you repeatly tell us (yetebela ekub, some of them are fad up and even woyane stopped using them), I appreciate your loyalty. Your loyalty for ruthless and killers.

    I am sure there must something behind. Otherwise, you can’t do this without that something i suspect.

    By the way where do you get a moral to call my message faceless? did woyane have an idea of facts? what is fact for you? Do you mean the numbers that you fabricate on Excel sheet?-11% growth, 99.6% won, tikitoch, 7billion seedlings—-Come on!

    I donot care about your ISAT and your diaspora. you can call them the way you like, but are telling us that etv is better than ISAT? Man why donot sue make an assessment at least through your 5 to 1 gant to estimate how many people open and see etv? you will shock. For that matter you knew it well, that people including your anestegna and tekaken open it to see either football or derama. That is all.

    What fact are you asking me? Is corruption is not a problem in Ethiopia? isn’t it already state corruption? what fact are asking me when anti-corruption commission is gathering 100s, including your intelligence people. is that not fact? aha sorry fact for you is these that you cook on Excel, yes?

    man i am telling you based on facts. Is it not verey recent event that 100s of 1000 people passed etv and told the biulding (i am saying the building as the people donot have ear) that etv is wushetam? what fact are asking me? or is it not fact that still million go hungry in Ethiopia? are denying what woyane already confessed?

    what is fact for you, is this one if not fact? what isthe name of meles doing in the celebrity net work home page? http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/presidents/meles-zenawi-net-worth/?
    are you going to tell me that some has made that with out any base? donot try to fool yourself while trying to fool others?

    Or do you mean meles never used corruption as a weapon to attack others?

    Or do you mean meles didnot eat his best comrades? should i bring to your attention these all articles based on various facts?

    man, had it been things are as you said, i am had it been woyane care about Ethiopia, i could have also rested on them, but unfortunate and they are there to loot us and our country. You put it clear, that you donot care about the division among us and our people. Yes, you put it clear now and you donot care, though we become a people of differnt country? That is in fact what you are doing day and night-dividing us. You now have best people like jawar who promote throat cut.

    by the way,Ethiopian people never ever let woyane to govern them and you knew that! In that case simple allow people to make simple demo, and you will see the consequences. simply question, then why you worried that far, and kill and tortuer and jail journalists, if people are with you? what you evacuated dawit?

    why you organize people 5 in 1 and make us suffer like this? then why you decide to make muslism leaders election in kebele or divide the Christian church like that?

    So when you can’t simple true fact about your woyane, actually it is also mine and that is why i knew it, do not ask me about facts. Woyane evils are not secrete—tsehay yemokew new.

    By the way, i have no problem with you in person, but your idea! As to the web length you are talking repeatably, you seems a student sent out for double mission, study and also fight your diaspora–but man donot forget your study too–hahahaha.

    • eden says:

      It seems that you have good idea…but most of the time I had hard time to understand you.
      It is not an offense…But There is no doubt, English language is in short supply. Would please next time type your idea in Amharic.

  9. freedom says:

    Animal farm!!!
    All animals are equla but some are more equal.
    Pigs farmed and protected by woyane teror machine!

    • Embasoleda says:

      As for to any normal human being concerns, most of the diaspora, the so called oppositions are the one whom refelecting animal like beheavior in their daily unproductive political activities. For example, animal have limited fanctionality that are easy to predict, and most of the diaspora so called politician are predictable as well.

      Animal make different kind of voice: bea…Moo..haha….itc. And the diaspora poletician just have one and only one to say: Woyane…Woyane…bla..bla..most of all, most of them are so foolish that they denounce Ethiopia’s developments…So, who is hodam animal? For sure, not those law maker or the member of the Ethiopian government law makers.

  10. azeb says:

    “EPRDF general assembly concludes 3-day meeting wishing Ethiopians Happy New Year” ….Typically ETV style reporting!
    Wishing a happy new year doesn’t tell us what major things are addressed during the 3 days assembly. It could have been great had the assebly shows some gesture by realeasing some political prisoners. However, MELESE YASEREWIN ERASU YEFTACHEW AYNET YEMESLAL!

  11. meron says:

    at eden,
    Indeed, English is my 3rd, as my 1st is Oromepha, 2nd Amharic, also got the opportunity to learn bit of Geez. Recently have leart bit of afar in relation to my work. I will try to either improve my English, or use the language i better know as u said. Sorry for bothering you sistu!
    But also, it may happen as i write too much and too fast and spoken English than written one. I have to be short. The problem is that,once you started to think about the evils of woyane many things come to your mind. There are also some people on this forum who often make you emotional—shall i name them, no.

    Anyhow, tnx for your open comment and suggestion. I donot afraid such comments even when it is offensive, rather like them. Thanks be to my father who thought me that!

  12. chane says:

    @meron and azeb you have a good idea
    @freedom you remeber me the film “animal farm” . It is correct every thing seems like animal farm.
    @teshome and the others be “kobel stone” or “tikakin anestegana” or “lig” or “forum” or “mahber” yetederajachihu timeslalachehu..
    Eprdf general assembly is for nothing. The sane thing In the derg time there were many times “esepa” general assembly for nothing

  13. Fukeraw says:

    No doubt, Ethiopian is one party Stalinist police state dominated by single Tigrian ethnic group. There is no room for political opposition, ideas nor freedom of political association. I saw with my eyes what was happening in Zone 5 or Somali Awrajas: naked political oppression, corruption, debauchery, dirty tribalism and so on presided over and enforced by the TPLF thugs, along with stooge local clannish people, under the nominal cover of the so-called EPRDF party Pulitburo. There no accountibility and transparency whatsoever about the daily corruption, injustice,political shenanigans and other criminal activity they carry day and night out as long as the TPLF masters are happy with it. What a missed opportunity and wasted resources. What an arrogance and inherent deception. They staged now three days of propaganda, indulgence and self-congratulatory delusions. They just lessening to each other`s lies and bravado without any reflection of the reality. Good riddance.

  14. Nega says:

    Dawit, you are a good, honest and creative thinking person; I like that. But you are following the BANDA, killer, arrogant—group. Your critical thinking should not be in band’s box. Think about it.

  15. Embasoleda says:

    Yeah, the well known BANAs that Ethiopia facing in the 21st century are those whom liking enemies’ boot as we speak. For sample, Brie Nega, Andargachie Tsige and so many diaspora idiots. So, it a moral duty for all the Ethiopian diaspora to say no to those coward BANDAs.

  16. Mario says:

    One thing only amazes me looking at those faces in the general assembly. They tell many stories collectively or individually.

    They all look like criminals under police custody waiting for an investigation by a cruel security agent in a small examination room.

    None of them looks listening to the speaker, but deeply troubled from inside with who they are, what they are doing there, and most probably why they are under the camera for the rest of us to look at them. Being on the record seems bothering them a lot.

    None of them have the slightest happiness from within to be shown in their faces (to at least pretend), but most are miserable and a few with even scary and murderer faces.

    I wish I am a psychologist to read the faces of each and every participant of the assembly in detail. One day, may be they themselves will tell us why they behaved in that manner.

    They also have the courage and audacity to wish us a happy new year with that miserable face. Did they really wish us a Happy New or something else?

  17. በለው! says:

    ከ፳፪ ዓመት በኋላ መልካም አስተዳዳር የለውጥና የልማት ሠራዊት ለማምረት እየተሞከረ ነው?በለው!በችግኝ ተካላ ብቻ ራዕዩ ተሳክቷል!ጠቅላይ ሚኒስት በመሞታቸው በቅጭትና በኅያል ተነሳስቶ…ከዚያስ ምን ሊያደርግ ነው? ጌታዬ አሁን ሕጻናት ትምህርት ቤት ስለቤት እንስስሳት ሲማሩ “ድሮ አራት እግር ያለው ‘በግ’ የሚባል ለዓመት በዓል ይታረድ ነበር ይሏቸወል አሉ ።በሬማ የኢትዮጵያው ዳይናሶርስ ሊባል ነው ። የዛሬው የኢህአዴግ እንቁላል በ፪ብር ከ፶ ሲያወጣ…ድሮ በስሙኒ ፭ የጨቋኙ ዘመን ፴እንቁላል ይገዛ ነበር። ምን ይልክ ተወልደ ባያነሳ ጋሻ ምግቡ እንቁላል ነበር ይህን ግዜ አበሻ!ኢህአዴግ ባይመጣ ፈጣን ዕድገት ባይሆን የድሃ ልጅ ሁሉ ዕንቁላል ባልናፈቀው ነበር~!!የኢትዮጵያ ሕጻናት አውራ ዶሮ ኮንደም እንዳያደርግ የተቃውሞ ሠልፍ ሊወጡ ነው ።ገበያውን ለማረጋጋት ሲባል ከኢትዮጵያ የሄደው የቀንድ ከብት ግብፅ ላይ እረክሷል አሉ። አንድ ዛላ በቆሎ እሸት አንድ ብር ያወጣው የጉምሩክ ተከፍሎበት ከቻይና ነው ከኮሪያ የመጣው ?ቢባሉ መልሱ “ኢህአዴግ ማዳበሪያው ውስጥ ሙስና ጨምሮበት ነው”።አሁንማ ብሔር ብሄረሰቦች አባታችሁ ሲሞት አጎታችሁ ሊመጣ ነው እነዃን ደስ አልኩም!! የራዕዩ ዋናው ወራሽ የኤርትራው አስተዳዳር ኢትዮጵያ ም/ጠ/ሚኒስትር አቶ ኢሳያስ ኣፈጮሌ ያክስታቸውን ልጅ የጀመሩትን ግድብ ሊያስጨርሱ ሊመጡ ነው። ዕድሜ ለጠ/ሚኒስትር ዶ/ር ደብረጺዮን ገብረሚካኤል…አቶ ኀይለመልስ ኅይለማርያም እግራቸው ላይ ወድቄ አቶ ኢሳያስን እለምናቸዋለሁ ብለው ሲያለቅሱ ሰውዬው “ይህንን ነጻነት ያገኘኸው በእኔ ነው መጣሁ እዚያው ጠብቀኝ ሲሉ ከኤርትራይኛ ቃለመጠይቅ ወደ ትግራይኛ ተተርጉሞ ብብሔር ብሄረሰብ ቋንቋ የደረሰንን ዜና ቀድመን አውቀነዋል ተናግረናል በለው!!ድንቄም እንኳን አደረሳችሁ! ለምኑ? ለድህነትና ለድንቁርናው? ለሥራአጥነት? ለመፈናቀልና ለመሰደድ?የባለዕራዩ እህት ወ/ሮ አዜብ ዜናዊ ጠላ በመሸጥ ወንድማቸው ፀጋዬ ዜናዊ ጢቢኛ ስለሸጠ?ለዚህ ነው በሞቱ አፅም ፎቅ መሥራት ዕደገትም ሠላምም አያመጣም የምንለው!። ታጋዮቹ ለቤተሰቦቻቻው ሞቱባቸው!በእኛ ሞቱ! ለእናንተ ሞቱ!ለራሳቸው አጥፍተዋል! ምን ነበር የዕድሜ ዘመናችሁ የሚያጥርበት በደረሠን!በለው! ከሀገረ ካናዳ

  18. Tadi says:

    Oh! We are confused with what allpeople debate. We are growing past Generally and our people also growing fast in poverty terms that is degrading the living standard for the ethiopian massess exept Political elits. I rmember one thing one time mentioned by Ato Bulcha Demekisa. 11% National Growth. Where is that growth? if you are telling us the growth of EPRDF Cadrees, Well. but the growth of the comunittee from where I am grown down. Eg Farmers in My Village Drink Coffee some years ago but now they are anable to drink coffee if that is growth well. Simmilarly people arround me growing down during my childhood my parrents and other neigbures eat meat at frequent inteval but now it is a dream for them even in a yearly base. in The towns no Suffucent electriccity, No sufficent water 95% of people go half mad due to terrible living cost despite thier low wage. may be 75% of that small income go back to government in terms of Tax, Rent, VAT, Pention,Bonds,Membership fee to EPRDF that taged on them……………..a lot more. people only earn 25% of thier most lower wage in the world despit the theory of boosting economy that only few people see as revelation. Oh!!!!! What a tragedy that we see and hear?….

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