Jailed Ethiopian journalist begins hunger strike following disagreements with cellmate


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38 Responses

  1. eden says:

    What is the big deal?
    …ሲርባት ትበላለች…

    • Helen says:

      you are one of those ruthless TPLFs. Your morality is eroded. You are unfit to a civilized society.

      • pccccccccccccccc says:

        helen are you serious. eden may made a mistake no one can expect such kind of idea from a human especially. helen you should have to advice her instead of insulting her…i think you are just like extremist. please helen try to control your innate ok and think twice before you talk

    • teshome says:

      I can’t agree more..
      This girl like the toxic Diasporas, is equally a case study. Simply because she had a disagreement with her cellmate she went to hunger strike.
      She is completely diminishing the value of hunger strike. I agree with eden, Reyote …ሲርባት ትበላለች…
      ..I have good instincts, by now she must have been enjoying the holiday dish coming from all corners of Addis.

      • yared says:

        @ Teshome

        It is a pity that prisoner of corruption has better right in prison than journalists. This is the legacy of that dwarf and evil leader Meles Zenawi. I can’t see at all any other positive legacy from him.

        IN YOUR FACE

        • Mekdes says:

          Yared, There are so many people who saw his legacy as a vision for Ethiopia. Whether you see it or not it is not worth. It would have been worst if you can see it. You are blind if u can not see it. Worthles toxic Mehayim diaspora. When we come to Reeyot she is trying to fulfill her father’s Derg Era cadre wish. I am telling youyou her mother’s tigre blood will not save her from jail. She has to behave. She want to be awsrded by ESAT. Sirbat tibelalech ayit.

    • keyo says:

      I have a mixed feeling for the girl as a young politician i admire her a lot she could have become somebody.

      However she choose to work for Elias Kifle a shabia buchila just for a couple of dollar and she was taking picture by damaging the electricity line and phone like just for his website for him to say he is doing something back home.

      She should have choice working with the opposition with in ethiopia. those from diaspora are always want some one to do there dirty work and by sending just 5% of the money they collecting using there name.

      So wake up girl they won’t save you the extremist diaspora they are happy you are in prison as they use you to collect money so wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Omarion's says:

        Name tag

        Ethiopian people do not hate Shabia because you currently separated from your shameful marriage.

        Naming people of Ethiopia ” Shabia ” does not make sense to me and most . Proven Shabias mercenary is TPLF
        Ethiopians in no circumstances flirted for them but TPLF.
        Ethiopians Did not sale them ports for power .

        All Ethiopians have one question in common called democracy . Which includs all of the people you wanted to give different names .
        Like. Moslem Akrari, shabia, arena, TPLF, g7 olf etc in general all Ethiopians with your name tag.
        You can name any my shared interst with the people of Ethiopa real democracy . Not phony one

    • ዶጁ says:

      እሷስ ምግብ ነዉ የሚርባት ያዉም ለጊዜዉ።አንተና ቢጤዎችህ ግን ገንዘብና ስልጣን ታቅፋችሁ፣ ደስታ። ፍቅር። የአዕምሮ ሰላም። ዕውተቀት። በራስ መተማመን ዘላለማችሁን እንደራባችሁ ትኖራላችሁ ።ድኩማን ያዉም የአስተሳሰብ።

    • yonas says:

      Aye Eden, Teshome and others u can support whatever you want, but please don’t give comments if it doesn’t concern you. You dont’t know what Reeyot has done!It is beyond your mind!

    • Sintayehu says:

      @eden Lemehonu mini endetederegebat tawkiyalesh. Hager bemusna yarekesech kolnel gare metaserua bicha liyabesachat yichilal. Beka

    • sintayehu says:

      I am sorry to say that, Eden you are DOG.It is not logical yor world came from one of the weyane cell.

  2. Meaza says:

    It is a pity that prisoner of corruption has better right in prison that journalists. This is the legassy of that dwarf and evil leader Meles Zenawi. I can’t see at all any other positive legassy from him. Dedeb dirom dedeb new!! ideologiwum endehu dedeb new!!

  3. chaka says:

    what is the problem with this corrupted woman? She wants to show her bosses that she is still loyal to them. The prison administration should pull out of the cell this mafia woman. The woman stole the money collected from the poor people of ethiopia. Corruption is the most dangerous problem in ethiopia than other cases even the case reyot is sentenced!

  4. Ash says:

    I don’t mind her if she want to go hunger strike, my problem is her family bad mouthing the government on ESAT, and VOA…now someone’ pls tell me, if u want ur sister, ur wife to get released why are u bad mouthing government…I wander if their own family want her released…I suspecting she might worth more jailed then free… May be her family getting money from the extremist from DC….otherwise I can’t understand their boldness saying all kind of thing aginst the government while she setting in jail

  5. dubale says:

    I was thinking to write a lengthy comment. But U put it precisely in a line. thank u for saving my time

  6. john says:

    To all the cadres of Tplf and Dawit.The truth is there are informants in the prison with privilages who are provoking the innocent.The ilitrate colonel who use to mix boj-boj,who was a friend of Azeb is doing everything to show her loyality by insulting Reyot.Reyot is a heroine who will not succumb to the so called colonel.I am wondering why Dawit is twisting things.

  7. john says:

    I met one Tigre Cadre in Bangkok who came for medical treatment and he started to talk about the the nile dam and i told him why worry about the dam since it is not in his kilil.I was not surprised to hear that it is the only thing that gibes the government credit.But we will make sure it will not be built to benefit a few Tigres.

    • Mekdes says:

      Jhon, I was amazed by you saying it openly, not because you ttold that tigre cadre that why he worries about the dam since, it is not in his Kilil. I imagine that you are not from Assosa Benishangul. I was amazed because, how low u are. They are investing on the dam ofcourse, you will not come and claim their investmenta at the end. Who u refering to when you say WE Andargachew’s G7 army in Eritrea. This dam is not belonging to the tigres it belongs to all Ethiopians. I thank that Tigre cadre who you mate him in bagkok than your dirty mentality. I am not tigre but as an Ethiopian I admire them for putting Ethiopia one of the greatest nation in the world. When I said this I didn’t mean there are not other Ethiopian nations nationalities, who have sense of humor.

  8. ZeBihere Bulga says:

    If you noticed prisoners in like Eskinder who are living on well furnished prisons provided with high speed broadband Internet access & that continued blogging, chatting, writing articles, enjoying life, we might hate Reeyot Alemu’s practice. We have seen Eskinder Nega keep communicating freely & his articles posted on the worldwide known websites like ‘The Guardian’, ‘The New York Times’,…etc.

    Examples: Eskinder Nega’s articles posted on:

    The Guardian:

    “A prisoner of conscience’s call for sanctions against Ethiopia”


    The New York Times:

    “Eskinder Nega’s Letter on The New York Times”


    The posted articles can show us that Eskinder Nega is enjoying life in prison.

    However, Reeyot Alemu has gone on hunger strike following disagreements with cell mate.

    Why not she enjoy prison life together with her cell mates ?

    Why she isn’t using high speed broadband internet access like Eskinder Nega & provide us with her articles ?

    Why not she ask the western powers to put food aid sanction against Ethiopia than putting food sanction(hunger strike) on herself ?

    ZeBihere Bulga = kebulga agereseb/yebulga bihereseb malet yhonal::

  9. amha says:

    miss reeyot i feel very very sad for what is happening on your minde .i feel that you are losing your woman diginity by obeing the people that you never meant to meet them.I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK

  10. axumawe says:

    Prsonaly as Eden say !!
    both those ladies are untie the Ethiopian people,that is why they are in jail in the same room.
    But to any jornalist,i have this sujtion.
    As Ethiopians how did we be came to this era,to this time?
    Who are those people who fought to create the modern Country we called mother Ethiopia,
    Spcialy when the big 4 tried hard to spilit as in 1948(France,Italy Bretine,America & Russia) as we don’t matter to them,the heroic pure Ethiopians
    some of them from inside,some of them from out side,who fought nick to nick,for as, are the one who we need to wright there history and petriotzm !!!!
    those who put the foundation for to days Ethiopia.
    like king tedros,king yohanes and general(rass Alula).letter pm Aklilu habtewold!
    good or bad history is history. we need to tell it exactly the way it happend
    this is what jornalizem is !!!!
    king minlik,king haile selase !!
    spicaly pm aklilu habtewold,the most and highly educated,so breliant son of Ethiopia!
    pr,rass mengesh seyum,one of the founders of the modern Ethiopia!!!and so many others.
    even mengestu haile mariam,have a place in Ethiopian history,for killing most of the Ethiopian tommores hope younger generation,this is the responsiblity of jornalizem!!!!
    not heat base political view.
    to days younger generation needs to know how did we be came to where we are today.
    the good and the bad that is our moral obligation as jornalistes not biest,one side information or heat political intrest,either inside or out side of the country .
    this is (21st century) people week up,2006 lets do some honest public service to our people ut,list we owe our nation even if it costs our life!!
    lets carry the torch of all the fallen heroes of Ethiopia,including the forgaten ones.like
    pm Aklilu habtewold
    pr,rass Mengesh seyoum
    All the Ethiopia youth who have been killed by derg !
    writer baelu germa !
    writer tsegaye g/medhen
    artist afework tekle
    all the follen Eprdf freedom fighters,and all Ethiopianes who gave there one life,not long a go the golden son of Ethiopia pm meles Zenawe. and so on love is some thing we need
    finaly if some one wants to jump from a high story bullding lets tell him/her don’t,but if he/she wants to jump let him/her. she is freer, he is free end of story,that is why i am foxing on the forgotten ones!!!!
    as all ways long live Ethiopia !
    long live Eprdf !
    long live Woyen !
    Ethiopia b lejochwa t kebralech !happy new year to all of as!!!

    • yared says:

      Everything you wrote is right except for the part that mentions

      all the follen Eprdf freedom fighters,and all Ethiopianes who gave there one life,not long a go the golden son of Ethiopia pm meles Zenawe.
      finaly if some one wants to jump from a high story bullding lets tell him/her don’t,but if he/she wants to jump let him/her. she is freer, he is free end of story,that is why i am foxing on the forgotten ones!!!!
      long live Eprdf !
      long live Woyen !
      … bla bla bla …

      I wish i could also say this to your face: THINK AND MIND YOUR VOCABULARY FOOL !
      PS: I am OK with you on this one:

      Ethiopia b lejochwa t kebralech !happy new year to all of as!!!

      • axumawe says:

        @Yared,our history is not going to be
        revaived the way the neftgnoch have been lectured as for over 100 years,it is what it is,
        you see your father & grand father thinkes the way you think, that is like a son like a father kind of up bringing.
        you see we are the one with over 3000 years of Ethiopian history b/c we are axumawians,we are abisinians,we are habeshas and we are Ethiopians end of story.but who clamed it in theory ,the amara diaspora,they are making a living by sealing our country and our flag shame on you,look at brhanu nega,andarge tamgn beyene and a lemariam garbages shame on you again.
        you see we die for our country,b/c we are the childrend of king yohanes rass alula,general hayelom, it is in our blood,we are the childrend of king kaleb,king Ezana,king g/meskle,king Abreha w Atsbeha i can go on & on to the time of queen of sheba.
        and we defend our country!!!
        there is no Ethiopia with out tegray & there is no tegray with out Ethiopia !!!
        who soled Ethiopia,in to pces ?
        not as.
        who run away when the country is in the midle of war to England ?
        not as.
        who soled the felashas and run away with 34 million dollars?
        not as,but incontrary we die for Ethiopia 65,000 breav tegrians have paid there life to the country they love Ethiopia !!!!
        who bring Ethiopia from poverty,back wardness,luck of roads,hospitals,schools,universtyes and so on the golden son of Ethiopia pm meles zenawe!!
        Either you like it or not we are the childrend of our fathers and mothers!!!!
        if you like it or not i don;t give a sheet but this is my history and it is going to be passed to my 3 butyfull childrend the way it came dowen to me !!!
        as all ways long live Ethiopia !
        long live Eprdf !
        long live Woyen !
        long live Tplf !
        kehadi woch,y Ethiopia telatoch extremestoch,Neftegnoch,zeregnoch yetfu!!

        • yared says:

          Axumawe, you and your types have never changed even after 20years of chance given to you to do so, you always bring out the race card, you always rely on your past that is already past to live now, you don’t advance, you are always in the dark bringing up all your murderous past heros to justify your present grip of power! Who cares about your axumawinet, eat it if you want!

          • axumawe says:

            @hi Yared!you may not have deep knwldege of Ethiopian history,i wan’t convicted you for that,but don’t bring your shenanegan dinail of the truth.
            manen zek argesh manen letkebiee kkkkk
            no more over our dead body.
            by the way who is giving the chance to who dood ?
            Zenjero y raswan kit satay b sew kit tsekalech al amara kkkkkk
            by the way i don’t have a clay mind like you !!!
            long live Tplf, just for you alon kkkk

          • yared says:

            To Axumawe:
            Down to Woyane just for you alone ! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Nehema says:

    Hahaha, she is trying to use the other prisoners to set herself free? This is not acceptable. She must be recorded for more years penality. This is so selfish she try to use other people. Tell her she can not be free because she misbehaved in cell.

  12. Mestewat says:


    I think that you are sooo jealous about the superb beauty of this beaty. Why don’t you get angry at the creator rather than getting angry at the one created beautiful? Do you know as to how long time it has taken mother nature to accomplish such feature? Hmmm…

    I know that because I am a high quality mirror(Mestewat) 🙂

    • Mekdes says:

      This the picture when she was in Gamogofa, this is not the picture of her at the moment. If she was beautifull she would have been in Arab country like with Arab sheiks. She would have been worst than Betty. I know this lady from the bottom, she is selfish and do anything to get money. The amazing thing her sister and her husband are bad mouthing the govt on ESAT radio. I am not in a position t o advice the govt but when her sister mentiomed the name of the public servant name on ESAT the Radio which was gettimg help from G7 one of the organization catagorized as a terrorist group by Ethiopian parliament. I am sure they will do something about her sister mentioming her name by media outlet of G7.

    • wey gud says:

      hahaha … awramba is bringing news about her what news could it be if i tell you one of our pets gone on hunger strike today and the us animal rights watch has awarded her a prize it could only be fools news… wake up and work hard to change your self and your country.

  13. Embasoleda says:

    Didn’t we hear the same kind of propaganda that was spreading while the kinijit members where in kelati serving their crime punishment. I believe this news about Rieyot on hunger strike is nothing but to have thise diaspra fools something to talk about….I’m sure, she having her meals acordinly. So, pelease diaspora, have some reasonable topic or constructive things that makes sense to the majority of the Ethiopian people. After all, she serving the punishment she got for braking the law of the land…if the Ethiopian people, and government didn’t inforce the law of the land by punishing criminals, we shouldn’t see a safe Ethiopia for all her citizens to live in peace, and there wouldn’t be possible to move forward with all the development that Ethiopian people conducting to win against poverty and backwardness that been the main enemies of the Ethiopian people. However, we would like to see if those diaspora idiots go on hunger strike to losen their big belies that causing them to not right like normal human being…LOL.

  14. samrawit says:

    My fello Ethiopians, it’s time 4 us to wake up we should focus on the coming generation because it is building up the habbit of corruption and chavinism, for those who noticed please let’s try to stop it and for those who didn’t wake up! We have to stop it now or else we’ll be in the same place we are now after 20 or 30 years. Historical cycle!!!

  15. Mestnant says:

    Is she a big deal. But the question is to those who lionesses her. Take a while and ask ur selves if u are thinking righr

  16. Barcho says:

    It will be ok at the end. If it is not ok it is not the end!
    Love and respect to Reeyot and her family.

  17. don't care says:

    who cares?

  18. wey gud says:

    no one cares if a terrorist eats or not the sadest thing is that the white guys run to give prises to those who betry their mother land for the sake of european and us sick ambitions

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