Ethiopia achieves development target on reducing child mortality


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24 Responses

  1. Meaza says:

    The government provide them fake data and they trust it ha ha ha. All wrongs and poverty is increasing in Ethiopia…thanks to the policy of evils, particularly Meles Zenawi. The economy is double digit, now death rate is decreasing etc. It is misleading information because the reality is very different. It is because of roads and TPLF generas’ building that the GDP looks growing. Let they kid and fool them selves.

    • Azeb says:

      sir. One time you write a comment with the name Yared and the other time with name Meaza ……That is completely foolish and won’t come to the caliber of this forum readers. For record purpose, I invite readers to see the comment thread written about Reyote Alemu.

      • Meaza says:

        may I call you Azeb or Azaba..I don’t know which one suit you perfectly. Anyway, you want to tell me who I am than I know my self. You may do like that….changing yourself at different time and thus your small brain think that people of the same thought are also using different name etc. For your surprising I even didn’t change my real name let alone to use different nick names like you. No you want to tell me I am a man and called me sir ha ha ha fool yourself. Why do I do that leaving in such developed country with full freedom. By the way how old are you? and your education level? because your speculation is so poor and and in your pocket size.

        • Mess says:

          Meaza,you said you are living in developed country with full what? we are also living in a developing country called Ethiopia freely 24/7. the difference is we are not behind computers to creat confusion like you But to plan and work day in day out to change ourselves and our country:: If you don’t trust me come and see ,I can cover all your expenses so that you can add some value .othewise shut your big mouth .personaly I don’t think you are toxic diaspora but confused diaspora .I advice you to change you referece books like ESAT…..

    • Yonas says:

      R u blind my friend?
      Why would IMF and the World Bank copy figures from Weyane and just paste them? What do they gate doing that? Think about it … We r improving ourselfs and ofcourse we know we have a long way to go.

      • freedom says:

        As any one else, I am skeptical of the 2/3 reduction statistics in child mortality in Ethiopia.Woyane has been ruling the country for 21 years and now in the past 20 year we have acheived 2/3 reduction in CMR big time with the foot steps of TPLF hiting addis ababa. How nice! I would say even with all countries resources thrown towards improvign child health, I think this much change would be doubtful. I have personal experience how the so called governemt minstries doctor or fix statistics cadre style(politics). How WB, IMF believe these figures if they are not confirmed by indipendent findings is simply b/s they also have to sell the idea that their donation is working so that the could continue to refill their money coffer. Woyane did send lot of health extension workers to farmers with primary objective of winning support to prolong their grip not really with concern for the poor. Perhaps the educated has to well examine if these numbers are real; what has contributed; and look for independent sources of statistics information. In any case if there is real change i would not be surprized as even the Derg would even do better if all the resource sent for war was directed to development. And the war was not something derg promoted but still the source was woyane/TPLF promoting its ethinic aparthied policy.

        • teshome says:

          I didn’t know still ‘Derge’ was alive…
          You are a good example here. You are pathetic and a case study too.
          What are you dong here in a democratic forum???
          You said “even Derge was better than EPRDF”
          That is the reason why we said thoughts of Chauvinism is still alive.
          I wish I would take this as first break psychosis..but my instincts tells me otherwise…You might be Engineer Yilkal by any other name.
          …Friend, Derge is dead for ever, you are not likely to find it

        • Yonas says:

          Well, u r blind then.

    • teshome says:

      Your opinions are asshole, they usually stink…Mind you I said your opinion.
      I thus find it both troubling and unhelpful..
      I knew, Events in real life are sometimes stranger than fiction, however this is a moment of truth. Ethiopia is changed for ever, The growth and development in ETHIOPIA that the world is witnessing is simply palpable.
      Well the world bank, IMF, UN and UNICEF are a well structured origination, the information gathered all over the world is not simply the way you and Berhanu Nega would like to understand it. In today’s world it is not extraordinary difficult to undertake independent investigations and systematic gathering of data…
      Do you mean, UN and its subordinate organizations accept if Ethiopia gives statistical data to the level of European countries standards????..this is completely ridiculous to think.
      So don’t simplify things to the level of mental deficiency understanding that the world prestigious organization are fooled by Ethiopians data.
      Had it not been for the fact on the ground, The international media out let from Aljazeera to BBC and CNN and from country USA to Britain and across the board of international organization, wouldn’t have spoken the same language about Ethiopian Amazing Growth and development…

      Is that what they say….Only losers say, winning is not everything

      • Meaza says:

        Partially I agree with you but the figures the we hear and the notes that we read are not compatible with the reality on the ground. The reality is, hunger espcially in urban areas has increased in double digit (food service decreased from 3 times to 1 times ha ha) due to extreme inflation and decline in food production. What do you think about this? Be polite and explain, if you jump here and there and tell me about my blindness, hatemonger, biased etc. I will simply escape you.

        • teshome says:

          In Ethiopia Concerning infrastructure, there is undeniable fact. Don’t argue with that, simple because you will be a loser.
          The asphalt and concert road constructed in the last 10 years is as twice as the whole roads constructed ever since a country Ethiopia came on earth.
          The same is true even the numeric size is better, on school, health sector…
          ..Man power development, Ethiopia had only three or more universities, until the last regime, now it is completely incredible…we had achieved 1000% growth..
          Hydopower..Ethiopia had only 300KW when Derge regime was thrown way,now we are reached 2000KW..

          Just these are the few amazing facts to soften your heart. Well Ethiopians problem is like an ocean, and what has been done is equivalent to the glass of water but at same time don’t forget the ocean is still less without that glass of water.
          Ethiopia is not like heave as ETV tells and either not a hell ESAT hearld. But for Ethiopia is changing.

          I don’t understand why many opposition party members or people at your wave length misunderstood what the late PM spoke two decayed ago about food security in Ethiopia. He didn’t say the Ethiopian people will eat three times after 10 or 20 years or what ever…but he had rather told his vision…
          Remember it is a vision, and a vision can be wrong or right but you always need to have it. It is easy to see how this kind of seemingly simple but extremely important issue could be forgotten.
          Congrats, you dragged me to a different conversation….
          Any way sis, …misquoting is bad. Okay

          You asked me about Ethiopian astronomically growing inflation, let alone to suggest, I don’t know how best this issue ought to be handled..

    • Kelelom says:

      How many ounces does your brain weigh? Amazing!

    • Orion says:

      Don’t forget and be thankful….Zenawi introduce you with the term “GDP”. I suggest you name your first baby “GDP”.

    • Jamal says:

      At meaza
      ዲያስፖራዎች የሚቃወሙትን አያዉቁምና ይቅር በላቸው::ልቦናም ስጣችው::

    • Ethiopianism says:

      At meaza
      ዲያስፖራዎች የሚቃወሙትን አያዉቁምና ይቅር በላቸው::ልቦናም ስጣችው::

    • Sisay A says:

      This is nothing if it was our beloved leader Birhanue or Andargachew they would have been done more fallowing the perfect leader of Issayas Afeworki.

      World bank, IMF, USA, China, UK all are woyannes we will destroy woyanne soon and bring prosperity and democracy to ethiopia with the help of Eritrea.

      Life in ethiopia is hell compared to Eritrea who is blessed a wise leader who going to scarify his life until his death serving the people.

      Our party G7 will learn a lot from this leader and will take out ethiopia from poverty with in years of taking of the 4 kilo palace.

      bravo Andargachew, Birhanue and Issayas

  2. meron says:

    Well i share there might be some grain of truth in such a report. Thanks to my org that gave me privilege to travel to various parts of the country, i can be witnesses to see existing little improvements as far as child mortality is concerned.

    But it is still widespread! By the way child mortality may also be assessed based on poverty index, which also encompasses nutrition available to family and children. Then, one has to see the poverty level of Ethiopia. Despite woyane’s double digit, poverty is still shocking in here! We are still on the pick of the ladder, we may better than Seralion. Hence, how would child mortality decreases when poverty is up in the sky? This is outrageous and contradictory indicators! Indeed, i am witness for the growing number of rural health posts, but i am witness too that these posts are without medicine, and without professionals.

    Woyane may use such increasing no. of health posts and hospitals as indicators to conclude we are changing and convince the world to trust their duplicated data. Cocking data is normal and a profession in woyane administration. If you are not cooking data, then you will be cooked or kicked.

    I remember a friend of mine who told me that, he was reporting total yield obtained during that production season at his district in Oromia region. He had his real data as DA (development agent), but too much less than what was reported last year by his boss for the same district. He was worried as he may be targeted for low efficiency. Then he discussed the matter with others and they advised him to add bit onto his boss last year report (to show he has done better than last year) and he has to forget about the data he has at hand( the real one).
    The saying goes—man yesekelewen man yaweredewal? that was the advise he got from his colleagues.

    You see this is how data come from grass rout level, and again when it reach zone, zonal boss add some to it, and then by the time it reached regions, it may doubled, and by the time it reached the central agencies—you can imagine–500 quintal may be 5000. Then, etv will tell us that, this year we are Japan.

    ato teshome, let us share existing improvement, but data fabrication is indispensable and can cheat any agency in the world. By the way, WB, IMF—all have NO right to say this is false data or this is true, but they may give their own estimate and alternative figures about your country. That is also why WB give different figures for instance when woyane say double digit growth. That is how it work.

    NB: but why these built up health posts and hospitals are devoid of medicine, facility and expert? donot go far, it is corruption! Also the sick policy of woyane, just believing in number, not in quality! No plan to do something, such building a health post. Number is more important to cheat. Now azeb is telling us billions of seedlings. If here report is true, as Ethiopia has enough place to carry of all these seedlings, so that we may borrowed some places/land from sudan.

    Chatachewn yekemuna ehenen kuter yefeberekutal! kami hulu.


    is my English improved bit this time?–lenegeru ene menagebagn, demo wanaw hasabu new, neger ende bericheko eskiseber masredat aytebekibegnem.

    • axumawe says:

      @ hi moran today you seem like a data collector,for the love of god is there any positive thing you can ever say you die hard diaspora amaras ???
      gena men tadergut amlak se fetrachu tlk hod enjee tlk brain Alsetacuh!

    • axumawe says:

      @ hi moran today you seem like a data collector,for the love of god is there any positive thing you can ever say you die hard diaspora amaras ???
      gena men tadergut amlak se fetrachu tlk hod enjee tlk brain Alsetacuh!
      by the way you are not even good exampleary in you report so as i say,
      if you can find some one who can put up with you drope every thing and have lots & lotes of babys that way you can learn how to govern for all your childrend !

  3. john says:

    The headline should be.
    WOYANE killing amhara babies in the womb.

  4. Argebgibe says:

    Unless Ethiopia closes it’s borders for Somalian immigrants soon all the imaginable communicable diseases will plague Ethiopia to loose numerous lives. The next generation will have it hard.

  5. teshome says:

    Your opinion doesn’t make sense, It is full of holes and is based on lies…
    We are talking about at nation level, at the level of International organizations but you gravitated to tells us the story of your helpless friend. Being an Ethiopian is always a problem, we believed gossips than facts at hand. You told us you are living in Ethiopia, rather repeating obscene evidences of ESAT, you would have done much better by dong a very small research by yourself
    Wait where did I hear such similar story told by your freind? Yes, it was from Birau Nega.

    Ethiopia is becoming a new country, a country with all success,….it is up to you to accept or not.
    But what is worst is to follow ‘intellectual flatus’ of toxic Diaspora and tell us repetitive obscene words about Ethiopian growth and development.

  6. meron says:

    at woyane cadres such teshome…bla bla,

    I am sure millions agree on this point that, woyane and its cadres have NO moral to stand in front of us to talk about data.
    That is also why teshome is struggling hard to to rather falsify what i said, but without giving us the data he is talking about. You never wonder about your 100 times repeated big lies, but wanted to talk about the quality of my data. It is these type of people such as you who always gossip, as your life is rather based on cooking data and cooked data. That was the principle of your boss who told you to repeat fabricated data so that people may believe it—wushet sidegagem—. That is what you are doing know. I am sharing my opinion based on realty on the ground, having my own observation, mainly rural Ethiopia.

    hahaha are you encouraging me to do research? what research? have you forgotten the massive effort woyane made to bury science and research in Ethiopia? have you forgotten about the over 40 senior scientists your man abandoned from Addis Ababa University, simply because they are not his Aba Dulas? is that false? Are these professors and docs were some of the finger count experts this poor country ever had to do research?
    Or do you have an idea of the recent BPR, which ended up in firing most of the best scientists, because they told your boss they are simply scientists and wish to do science not politics and hence donot want to be woyane members? These are fact on the ground and have been accomplished recently. They are also ongoing. I am counting my day man.

    You may tell us what your lay laboratory etv told us several times—-these people were fired from their job because of their poor efficiency—but most of them are best known scientists in America, and most of the recently left professionals are know holding big position and surveying some of the African countries.

    why woyane hate scientist? its is simple! because they donot support lay, and they donot cook data as woyane do. If you have a moral to listen to how they were submitted to their opinion, see the bellow link.

    This is one simple example.

    Hence, i am telling you based on several facts though as it was said many years ago—woyane melas enji joro….

    The other thing that always makde me wonder is, why teshome wanted to associated every simple personal opinions to esat, BN? is that you really fear them? it seems of course. Otherwise, go and f**k them if you can. I don’t care. I am telling you and people on this forum (tnx dawit for holing this forum) my own opinion. Donot try to tell to the cow it is donkey, while it is a cow—yeteretu bete atehun.

    The other thing you said is that, you are talking about nation, not persons, but again you said, being an Ethiopian is a problem. hahaha what is hole for you? are you not insulting a nation, by saying being an Ethiopian is always a problem? are Somalian, or may be Eritrean? Or you are just trying to make yourself saint out of trash!

    If you have data, falsify all the points i made above (in my earlier post), so that i will be blamed for posting facts without data—but not these from etv and your WB, or so. It is as i told you.

    You also raised important point–new Ethiopia? which new Ethiopia? by the way can a country be new? what dose that mean for you? how can you make a country new? if a country is new, it can also be old? i am sure you are saying this because sebhat nega like this point.

    Or you mean,
    -before Ethiopia has two ports, but now without even one?,
    -before Ethiopians can live anywhere he/she like to live, but now NO way (ethnic cleansing),
    -before people of Ethiopia are closed to each other, but now divided and see each other as people of different countries,
    -before there was corruption, but limited, personal and secretive, but now state level corruption, multi-billion scale, matured, complicated and open, almost a norm,
    -before there was migration from Ethiopia, but now it is not a migration, looks people are abandoning their country…
    -before dereg was killing and doing it open, but now woyane kill too, but systemic, otherwise both are similar,
    – Before, land belongs to people, but now to chines and alamudin-natives can be simply kicked or killed!
    -before there ws relative tolerance of religion, but now due to the flawed policy of woyane to suppress Christianity and boost Islam, it went wrong and hence the country is engendered…

    these all are not facts for teshome…

    yes, as you said Ethiopia today is new!!!!

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