Media and the challenge of democratization process in Ethiopia (W.Yilma)


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14 Responses

  1. gg says:

    wow, w.yilma became columnist of Awramba Times. Dawit, it shows that you are lacking qualified contributors. This individual is the one who vilify everything but woyane. Everyone has the right to voice his ideas (though this is not possible in the woyane one party system). I just find it strange to see someone who try to appear “rational” while all his comments in this forum portray him as a dry-desert cadre.

  2. teshome says:

    @ W.Yilma

    You raised good points and I would also your concern.
    Ethiopian oppositions and their media out let hatred where it is headed, is a big question you, I and many Ethiopians have….

    When ‘semayawi and Adinet party’ are stacked like pancakes with the toxic Diasporas, to target a certain group of a community,… AND when ESAT is coming into the mix of this wave of hatred politics..
    W. Yilma, exercising democracy in Ethiopia now is secondary, so long as the past bloody and the present sour relationship among community members exist, we are in a big question to continue as one nation with shared vision..

    …Sooner the oppositions party get rid off the ordinary Tigreans, the better they challenge the EPRDF, but apparently for the last two decayed that was not possible.
    I feel that we are only delays the inevitable.

  3. axumawe says:

    dear W yilma,well say very good article.
    i hope some people well learn some thing from your article.
    when we say we love our people the simplest thing we need to do is compromise,
    listening and hearing what others are doing,and saying.
    also we are different people,we are Ethiopian,we have our own cultural & social identity,you precisely put it in words.i really admired you for your thoughts.

  4. Dereba says:

    Dear Yilma,
    I think and I feel as if I was reading aigaforum once again in AwrambaTimes.
    You show your sowrn for the opposiiton and not for the governments. you are generous enough to criticse the oposiiton with 5 pages and few lines to the government, bravo, what is your different part raport those your criticise?
    How can one be realistic when he/she is imprisoned, jailed, tortured and closed in a confinment room for long? are you human being or you are kidding?
    I can say by any means your criticise can not hold a glass of water! None sense, absolutement none sense!
    Do you know any free media in ethiopia? or you consider ETV? I hope you don’t.
    If freemedia, outlets are ETV,Fana and aigaforum, TigrayOnline, no thank you.
    No one is asking the same level of western democracy in Ethiopia. If you have two eyes, two ears like a human nature, you can read and ask people what is the current sitaution inethiopia.

    I think all oppotition parties are asking the EPRDF government to bring solution before we arrived in the same sitaution as Syria or egypt or so. It is 200% the Government’s responsability.
    Do you think it is normal to prohibit when people organise to collect money by organizing a dinner party?
    do you think it is a government that send high jackers to the semayawi party? is it really a government that function normally or is it a colleciton of bandit?
    I personnaly, I doubt to call them government because they act like a mafia.
    Organise a demonstration when others organise and prohibit people from their rights.

    You also don’t have a shame when you said the opposition lost the single opportunity in 2005, it is the government who hijack all those opportunities. I don’t come back to this topics because wuha biwoQiTute emboche timesilaleh.

    Finally, you are a brave shameless to say all those sentences….shame on you

  5. eden says:

    Double standard and hypocricy are the two phrases that described your comments.
    Look how you are badly stacked with your muddy politics…
    The writer was saying Ethiopians media out with the exception of few are designed to nurture intolerance and they are the most undemocratic. This was true for those working with governments or against….Is this not the reality we are living with…
    The writer didn’t made two opposite claims, favouring the government side and opposing the other. But rather that is a non sense imagination you been living for years
    You prefer the ‘highway’ or my way approach, get out of this democratic forum.
    We hate to see people like you one time working for the Ethiopia government, another time for rebels and this being loyal for Isayas Aforki of Eritera…

    • Dereba says:


      Dear Eden, I think and also I am sure you are the aigaforum antagonist. I didn’t fabricat anything, I just repeat what he said which everybody can juge his writings. But how much you are fair enough to say so before knwoing even the person? Yilma wrote around 6 pages and the 5 pages are criticising the opposition and the opposition outlets while on the last page he mentioned that it would be good for the government to do……

      You know even the guy who let us this forum is a one time prisoner and he is from the oposition side so do you think this man (Dawit) is a toxic like you imagine for many ethiopian diaspora?
      do you afriad for your condominium? no worries,as far as you are ethiopian, it is not from EPRDF, but your blood allow you to build what so ever you want.

      Be from the side of the people, how comes your eyes are blind to see the injustices back at home? how comes your ears are deaf to listen the voice of the voiceless?
      How can you accept that Eskinder Nega, Andualem Aragie etc are a Terrorist? don’t you ashamed really? are you subhumain? please come to you concious and think for our brothers and sisters who languish in that notorious prison kaliti!
      History will juge any ways and you will be filled with shame!
      Long live my beloved country!

  6. Minyewab says:

    This article was written by Dawit Kebede, Awramba Times editor. God only Knows why he is trying to use different name. I think he is trying to say there are others who are actually against ESAT and Ginbot 7, it is not just him. But it is easy to read between the lines and tell who wrote it. It is Dawit’s language contradicting what he thinks with what he says and he dares to criticize the media in diaspora. The funny thing is he mentioned about their reporting of Swidish journalist and similar others. Who does he expect us to belive, Woyane?

  7. John says:

    The truth is that there two camps in the Ethiopian politics,One trying to bring democracy and equality(the oppostion) and the other trying to kill everything that every human being is entitled.As far as the oppostion is concerned,it has no playing feild in Ethiopia.You can’t even gather and have dinner.TPLF media outlet including ETV are painting a rossy picture of anything the goverment does while at the sametime it is intolerant of the oppostion.In the diaspora,you have aiga forum,tigraionlie and now awramba times.If anyone thought Dawit is independent and not taking side then,he/she is lucking something.Blood is thicker than water.

    • teshome says:

      That is an absurd argument. What oppositions are you talking about??
      Come guy, you did give away the radar of knowing what a genuine democratic oppositions mean….If you are advocating Ethiopia has oppositions and meddling with them, you have no chance than being extreme
      One time late PM Meles Zenawi said “Ethiopia is the most unfortunate, doesn’t have a genuine opposition”..
      Look now how you name and blame Dawit who is committed to serve us and gave you all the privileges which you were denied from Ethiomedia through Ethiopian review and ECADF.
      In the time and space you wasted, you could have said something about the posted comment. But apparently that was not possible and we have no chance than reading your shit comment.
      You are stupid, if that is the write word here

  8. Kebe says:

    The author does not have substance, How do you create a free responsible media when the government of Ethiopia is most oppressive Government? What do you mean responsible media when we do not have responsible government, is that mean to talk something nice about Ethiopian government that is not free media

  9. John says:

    I do not understand your argument since people can not seat together and have dinner.The notion that Ethiopia does not have oppostion party does not hold water.Let people have their say and speak free and you will see how disatisfied people are.I also do not see Dawit as an independent journalist,he may issue with some people but that alone is not reason enough to be on the side of the government he claims to have run from.My friend,I read the Norwegian embassy report from addis in one of the daily paper as well as the outgoing finish ambassador how donner countries are dicived and lied to and the fact that goverments has to review their approch in dealing with Ethiopia.It is preety obvious to the whole world and I beleive to Dawit and you that things are not as they should be in Ethiopia.I agree with you on one point though,that awramba times,despite its support for the government has given a platform for us to debate.I do not insult anyone but I am expressing my view.There is no reason for you to point out I got the opprtunity here that I do not get at other websites.We live in the digital world and there are many ways to do it.

  10. meron says:

    at teshome!

    Honestly speaking, until recently, i read your comments from start to end, despite all your comments were what we heard from etv and some senior woyanes since 2 decades, mainly since 1 decade.

    But now i have to stop reading yours as you are aging like what i can say. You started to vomit without selecting what you say. Sorry to say!

    let me use two examples to substantiate one conclusion.

    1. Last time, on one of the post that you can’t even open, you commented that the author can’t write different and you asked us if you missed anything–imagine you said that before you read the article it and later you read it and you reagrated for what you said. You are one who judge the book by its cover, not based on its content.

    2. Now you call someone stupid for just mentioning his feeling. But, you don’t have to.
    Now it is time to also evaluate you with your own words. of course, that is what woyane means! Just shout and start to insult when some one give his idea and that is how woyane lead Ethiopia 4 22 years. Bemasefrarat! Bemesadeb! but that is ending now.

    You simply jump to insult than defending yourself with idea and data, because you are based on lay, and on hate!

    by the way, where do you get a moral to talk about love? can we really find government totally based on HATE, if not woyane on this world, can you find your type in other place if not in HELL?

    What do you mean genuine opposition?
    Isn’t the man you mentioned said this openly—we will allow opposition to organize themselves, but we will cut there leg once they developed to the stage we think they are a challenge?

    The other stupid idea and hate virus you are trying to propagate is that, if opposition will get power they will attack ordinary Tigirians? This is one of the most dangerous virus your man installed in your mind! I am sure it is difficult to delete it from your and your likes mind. Before he pass, he made sure that this was poised your blood very well so that you can’t hill.This is an evil idea promoted by these who illegally accumulated billion, like he and his family did. As they fear they may be accounted for their act one day, they try to use the name of the proudly Ethiopian Tigiray people and try o tell them what you said now.

    I am sure there is no one who will buy your stupid idea as Tigry people also started to question their children in mass, at least this time. I am telling you, some youth are becoming bold enough to ask tplf if their fathers died to bring such an output-you know one of the horrible slaughter house (BADO 6) is still active in Tigray!

    I will back to you for questions, though i know you have no answer.

  11. meron says:

    at John!
    I am also very critic to your idea!
    Please donot be like woyane, simply blackmailing someone for which he/she may not be.

    In science blood may be thinker than water! That may nothing to do with Dawit. Donot be cheated, there are Millions of Tigry people who donot support what woyane is doing to their country, to them and other ethnicity.
    Of course there are many who support them, but also there are many Oromos or Amahars who also support woyane.

    I was one of the serious reader and analyzer (i give this credit to myself) of AWTs when it was active in Addis. It was of the few burdens and challenge to woyane!. They have to remove it then and they did it, as did that to many others!

    My take on and believe on AWTs is that, AWTS was for Ethiopian people, when her editor is enjoying life with his Ethiopian people and in his own country, and i really don’t think that, AWTs is now for woyane, when her editor is (living) in asylum, may be engaging in (non-professional activities), his best colleagues such as Wubshet Taye suffering in Kality. I feel there is no such a logic!. But, i have no problem if some people think like that, as may have some reasons. Important is let us make our thinking based on certain kind of premises. Dawit is Tigrie, hence he support woyane, coz woyane is Tigire is not only misleading, but also harm the struggle for realizing democracy, again if it is without evidence, it is also blackmailing.

    Hey, democracy is not a secondary as teshome put it. His man once up on a time said democracy is a must to exist as a nation! But latter on (after 2005 election) he changed his idea, and now demo–is secondary. May be something else 2morrow.

  12. samuel says:

    perfect answer

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