Kenensa Bekele wins Great North Run in dramatic sprint finish


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12 Responses

  1. Azeb says:

    Who cares whether these woyane athletes won or lose!!!!!!! I wish mohamod Fara won this race. Any woyane Athlete ever in this life spoke about human right abuse?? I hate to see them cariing woyane flag in Olympic , world champion…..

    • Dejazmatch says:

      This comment is sick and it looks it like you are mentally deranged. Sport is a demonstration of human talent and endurance

    • Sintayehu says:

      It is not related to woyane politics, do you negotiate with our enemy? Think over before you say some thing.

    • bb says:

      Well, you seem you are lost your mind I know you are one of the sick diaspora who do not have anything to do other than taking welfare from tax payers money. Losers are always loser. Thanks!

  2. Ato says:

    Azeb, if a winner and someone doing good is called woyane then I am woyane too. Go for it woyane.

    Azeb, are you Shabia? Or An Egyptian spy?
    You are not Ethiopian I am sure of that.

    Get a life

  3. kenanisa says:

    We do Weyzero Azeb, the majority Ethiopians do. Ethiopian across the globe. We are elated of his accomplishments. Thanks God senseless and thoughtless individuals like you are not in decision making positions. You would have repeated your former master, Menge brutality. How logic is your statement undermining individual’s achievements (Ethiopian Athlete) to wish competitor who failed to beat him a victory. That is just pure stupidity!

  4. Embasoleda says:

    What a great moment that I had watching those two legendary great runners of Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele and Hile Gebresilasie! All I have to say is just thank you, and congratulation for your great victory!

  5. teshome says:

    Awramba times
    Thank you very much for sharing us this wonderful video.
    Kenenisa, you are real Lion. This was the time we were been waiting for long, to defeat Mo Fara. Thank for making our day
    Congratulation both Haile and Kenenisa

  6. meron says:

    Congrts too all and tnx dave for the post!

    Kenenisa and Haile! I know you are a sleeping Lions, when you walk up No one can stand on your way!
    I thank you you two so much.

    When you two run together, i always learn the lesson that says- we Ethiopians can win when we work together, and when we cooperate from heart!

    The lesson one can learn from you two shouldn’t be only running and winning, but also the importance of cooperation, cooperation for shared goal. I wonder why Ethiopian opposition can’t learn such simple theory and the principles thereof! Lenegeru gena egere siawetu woyane egrachewen yekoretewal. or They simply send people like Lidetu–keza shertete yegebalachewal!

    Sorry for mixing our happiness with—-

  7. Meaza says:

    It was a wonderful race. I watched it live,…kuch bidig asebalegn. Ewunetim Kenenisa yegna anbesa!! We Ethiopians were waiting the time that Mo Farah would be defeated again by Ethiopian athelet. The finishing was scary…it reminded me Kenenisa vs one morocoo athelet who retired now….

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