Prof Muse Challenges Andargachew over strategic miscalculations of Ginbot 7 (Video)


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43 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Professor Muse is the right person to criticize Eritrea based rebel, cos he walked a mile in Anedargachew Tsige’s shoes.
    For instance ‘Arebegnoche Gimbar’ is a collection of gangsters or ‘shiftas’ with no political motive.
    OLF is pretty much dismantled and its leaders ‘Colonel Kemal Geletu’ is under house arrest. We are reached to point to forget OLF army in Eritrea.
    Ginebot 7 popular force is an imaginary rebel, even not yet recognized by shabia itself.
    Ginbote 7 of Berhanu nega, has no boots in Eritrea.
    Tigria democracy movement are collections of Shabia soldiers..
    As the saying goes, A Fox smells its own stink first, Anedargachew knowing that Ginbote 7 had no boots in Eritrea, what type of military training he is talking about. There are two possibilities here, one, Anedargache Tegie was not at all went to Eritrea for military training, which is most probable the case here or He would like to use the ESAT interview for political consumption, where by, in not too distant weeks he would create a conducive atmosphere to squeeze the Ethiopian Diasporas resources. We won’t forget how many times Ginbote 7 used Diasporas wealth as an ATM machine…
    The recent planned Virgin meeting of Ginbote 7 is part of this business…

    So I wouldn’t care at all and because it is simply far fetched to assume that Anedargachew Tsige or that matter Ginbote 7 would galvanized the rebels in Eritea by bridging the wide gap between Eritrean interest and Ethiopian oppositions.
    Regardless of the reasoning, there was a little strategic gain for Ginbote 7 or, in fact he incurred a significant cost for them.
    I wouldn’t have a single doubt, the next news about Anedargachew tsige would be exactly the similar story of Colonel Gelchu of OLF.

    • Sisay A says:


      You are jalousie of G7. We trust our leaders Eritrea is our saviour. Andargachew Tsige watched with his necked eye what eritrtia and her wise and brilliant democrat and loved by his people leader and wished that to ethiopia. so what is wrong with that?

      What are you trying to make ethiopia is better than Eritrea? Ethiopia is formed after world war 2 according to the wise man Issayas learn history from this intelligent man.

      once he take us to 4 kilo palace we will ask eritria to join ethiopia and we will make him prime minister for life of to rule ethiopia and eritria together.

      As our leader Andargachew said we don’t need another help Eritrean military is capable of destroying the almighty America or uk together.

      I know you are sleep less now give us only 3 month and our tanks will destroyed every thing you build the last 22 years in weeks.

      Eritreans should be treated equal or more than ethiopians as they are willing to die to give democracy to ethiopian change the life of those poor ethiopians.

    • bendo says:

      Well Eritrian review Elias Kifle was telling us in 2009 our saviour is Issayas Afworki and he put him man of the year for Ethiopia.

      Now after 4 years later ESAT become ethiopian review.. WOW that is a big achievement.

      When the time ER started giving up on Issayas ESAT become the replacement.

      The road to democracy to Africa only comes from Issayas he is Africa’s martin luter king. whoever believe on him will get peace, democracy and wealth.

    • Aster says:

      Dawit, thank you for sharing these clips with us. I am learning a lot about Shabia dreams to destroy Ethiopia, with the help of his slaves such as Ginbote 7, ESAT, and other opportunists.

      I also like to say thank you to Professor Muse for providing us these valuable information through different videos. Good job!

    • zulu says:

      Wodaye dedebit woyane,

      I am no fan of arbegoch genbar, but it TPLF and its members who world known Shiftas. I have heard heard arbegonch genbar loot banks, snach land and sell it to chinese, steal money from the people and hoard it in foreign banks. You be the judge????

  2. chala says:

    I have question to Andargachew?

    1.What can you offer to make Eritrean happy that what meles gave them?

    as before the 1998 the police was Eritrean to Eritrean and Ethiopia for Eritrean first then to Ethiopian. But even they said that is not enough and started war to get more

    2.As you said if they are really want strong Ethiopia why then need to create so many librations from for every ethic Ethiopians, OLF,ONLF, GLF, SLF, TPDM………

    3.if you believe that Eritrean army is capable of taking you to 4 kilo place why then shabia still begging to get the small badma for the last 12 years?

  3. john says:

    Teshome Teshome.
    Self denial is the motto of woyanes.I know a few woyanes with the same thought as yourself.Rememer:woyanes started with a few men and guns.Do not dismiss the very fact the end to tigrai domination is about to end.As for the mad professor who looks like a drug dealer who thinks he knows it all has to work for woyane to make ends meet will soon find out the reality.The death of meles was a blessing.

    • miqegna says:

      waw John I wish you said this when you were in shimelba hope you remember me when i wellcome you as refugee now you arrived in US and started this great mr looser meles is a person weyane is a party party never dies but persons do think about your eritrea if iseyas dies then shaebya is dead cause one man rule enjoy your daytime dream but remember your dream will never come true till the end time

  4. Abe says:

    I do not see the reason we have to hate Eritrea. Eritrea is not ruling Ethiopia. Andargachew or any other Ethiopian’s aim is not to liberate Eritreans. who cares whether Eritrea is democratic or not. When Woyanies worked with Sudan, Somalia and Shabia, it is not because they were democrats. it is because they get help from them to remove Derg. So is right for ginbot 7. Musie failed to deliver. Stop blaming Andargachew. Woyanies’s relationship with shabia was never rosy. But they know how to use them. That is what Musie failed at.

    • chala says:


      don’t get fool it was woyanne who help shabia not the other way round. if it wasn’t for woyanne Shabia would have end up like OLF a fighter on paper.

      if you don’t believe that just ask yourself then why didn’t shabia help those more than 20 libration front based in Eritrea to gain one peace of land in ethiopia the last 22 years.

      Or why he is begging for the last 12 years for the small badma while he is boosting to have more than 500,000 soldiers and mig 29 fighters jet with too many missiles he got help from Egypt and Libiya .

      Thousands of soldiers are leaving Eritrea giving up shabia after they sow the war in 2000 with ethiopia

      So how can those who been boosting that they won a war against ethiopia, america, russia combined are giving up now and starter to run to ethiopia and sudan do you think the borcham diaspora remote control soldiers will do better?

  5. MomaEthiopia says:

    G7 told us long time ago they will use anything and work with anyone to get rid off woyane that includes Eritrea. Don’t you get it??? does it work? well, we don’t know yet time will tell but one thing for sure is they are doing something. The old and bold guy (Muse) on the video seems upset and the only reason that he is upset is, it didn’t work for him and now G7 is making it work that is why he is upset.Mr. Muse, do you thing everyone need to look like you to be a real solder? you are just jealous! Mr. old and bold guy, get over it and let them do what ever and they will be judge when time comes. simply put….get a life!!!

  6. Name (required) says:

    What he talking about i can’t understsand what mesaage he transfer us i don’t every thing is stopped till he came back rebels he don’t have any point just jealous pro

  7. Abe says:

    it is up to us ethiopians to fight and win woyanies. That eritrea is a dicatorship has nothing to do with liberating ethiopia from woyanies. It is for eritreans to get rid of Issayas. G7 cannot be blamed for that. Eritea under dictator Issayas is absolutely the right place to fight woyanies as sudan was for woyanies with past sudanese dictators. It is insane politics for mussie or any other ethiopian to quote issayas as dictaor and hence preach to stop armed struggle from inside eritrea to liberate Ethiopia. Woyanies did it. it worked, why not Ginbot 7?? Meles was in power for two decades until death removed him from power despite elections every 5 years. Issayas is in power for two decades. What is the difference between the two? Election was waste of money in Ethiopia.

  8. sis says:

    This called prof is too old to comment on anything. Is he trying to teach us how to understand Amharic? We listened the guy who was in Eritrea as the prof did, but in most of the his interpretations, is so flawed. I think he can’t listen well, may be due to age!

    hahahah by the way which TV he is talking on? TV kuch Belu?

    It looks as if i am listening Indian film—hahahaha with sub-title-
    and this is totally a futile effort. He said i posted my training on you-tube, but andargachew didnot—but why they need to post what they are doing on you-tube? I think this not military standard.

    I appreciate the cost the old prof paid for his people, but i donot think that he is the right person to comment now. He tried his best, but basically unable to manage risks and shocks, and he is a loser. Then what he is doing now futile.

    Echin odio manage madregena Google map metekem man endasayebegn alewkem, beka besuwa abesachenen astefetefun eko.

    what surprise me is that, why Ethiopian opposition like to eat each other? is there something wrong? or is it natural? new ehe abesha mikegna new yemibalew—of course i donot like such a generalization! I mean public can’t be wrong or write, but person.

  9. Akalu says:

    Maferia alut, Prof. Mussie. Ewnetim maferia!

    I predict Shabiya will be tired of this Ginbot 7 junk in about 2 years and will kick them out ones it proves they are nothing but talk!!!

  10. smarty says:

    I have one question for EPRDF/TPLF. Why doesn’t EPRDF/TPLF want to discuss with G7 and other opposition parties without labeling them as terrorist? but they want to discuss and even negotiate with SHABIA? Here is the puzzle; EPRDF/TPLF is trying to settle an agreement at any cost with SHABIA/EPLF so that the G7 or other opposition who are trying to fight against EPRDF can be expelled or squashed. The easy thing to do would have been to be inclusive in discussion or negotiation with any opposition around the table so that opposition will not be forced for arm struggle at any cost. This kind of consequence is a very natural and expected. EPRDF/TPLF as a government should have been smart in very cost effective way rather than demonising and labeling opposition as terrorist. Even if you look at EPRDF/TPLF arm struggle, it was founded b/c of rejection and demonising by the Derg regim at that time as Derg was very confident he can get rid of them with military power; unfortunately it wasn’t ended that way. The same fate will happen for EPRDF/TPLF if they don’t in the political smart path i.e willing to discuss with any opposition around the table before things get too late…. This is my personal view so I am not supporting any group or party but I believe in discussion and negotiations in any conflict before it gets to the most expensive option i.e WAR.

    • FantiGhana says:

      You would have been right in every aspect of your comment except that it was already tried and failed. EPRDF/TPLF gave them a chance to participate in Ethiopian politics including the pre-2005 elections debate between Government and opposition parties that took place on live TV. So much so Ginbot 7’s Birhanu Nega was elected mayor of Addis Abeba which he refused to accept in lieu of election rigging. So what does he retort to? Terrorism! Remember those who were armed and ready to blow some key buildings in Addis Abeba before they got apprehended by security forces? That was the handy work of Ginbot 7. Don’t you think that Ginbot 7 could have done better for Ethiopia and advance its political ideology by accepting the election results and staying as Mayor while paving the way for their party’s future? If Ginbot 7 and the like had the wellbeing of Ethiopia in mind, they wouldn’t have wasted the last decade knocking doors of those who dream to do harm to Ethiopia.

      • Kali says:

        I can not believe there are people still think woyane allow
        Democratic election …, fanighana whatever you are ,
        See what I find here under . We all really need to revonsider

        ” At this specific moment G7′s relationship with Eritreans is fasinating and a very smart move for the political organaization prefered the war front to dismantel TPLFs phoney political structure.
        You can quote me wrong ” There is no neighbor country can be trusted friend of Ethiopia more than Eritreans whom they have similar culture language habitat and common historic background with Ethiopia .”
        I know the woyanes and their supporters may say what!,, and some may even throw up some anbetta while reading this sentense but this is the reality on the ground which will guide our future .
        Take a deep breath and answer this question what me and our future generation will ask and puts it on the table to compare.
        ” Which one is best for ethiopians near future and the generation to come?
        Allaying with TPLF (Tigreans) or EPLF or (Eritreans)?”
        NB * “Both EPLF & TPLF have kept the same name for years after their ” freedom” and both do not believe they are Ethiopians any more”
        I will leave the answer to the generation to come !!!! “

  11. yared says:

    The true story should be promptly told with few words and maintained for minds not to be misled and deceived!
    Before woyane (the name woyane is not a known English term, one is supposed to use the capital W letter to spell it right, but the use of the small case w letter has a purpose) entered Addis Ababa they quickly formed EPRDF to get a cover as an “Ethiopian” force, but the fact is that there has never been a representation of Ethiopians within the woyane!. woyane claims in its propaganda that they fought Derg dictatorship for the pursuit of liberty or ideals of democracy, but it has been revealed that they are a carefully crafted tool of deception to Ethiopians. They fought Derg only to acquire wealth and remain in power with the help of the venomous Agazi (Agassess) private army that is recruited from one minority ethnic group. woyane has systematically reinvented and re-created the Tigrian identity and historical heritage to Ethiopia to mislead others. The rich and long Ethiopian history and nationalism is being sadly distorted till now.
    The story
    Different people in different times said that, to destabilize and recolonize Ethiopia, Eritrea (or maybe even other Enemies of Ethiopia) initially came up with the idea of putting a government that will implement an ethnic based governance system to Ethiopia in order to allow Ethnical groups and their territories to secede whenever and if they want to. That idea was later implemented to Ethiopia by the woyane junta with the help of Shabia once they overthrew the Derg regime and reinstated to power (woyane was never strong enough to defeat the Derg by itself, Shabia put them in 4-kilo palace).
    But soon a problem started when in 1991 Shabia and woyane agreed to set up a commission to look into any problem that arose between them over the foreseen independence of Eritrea. This commission was not successful and during the following years relations between them deteriorated. Both then started to take clear sides and use whatever means they had to fulfill their egoistic visions.
    Disputes started to get created between the two as to how to suck dry the wealth of Ethiopia and its citizens, unfortunately the mischievous and venomous woyane stood by the side of Ethiopia hoping that it will win the quarrel. Its reasons were geographical closeness to Ethiopia consequently giving the false hope to woyane that Ethiopians will have some remorse to it, and thoughts that Ethiopians will not jump over to Eritrea to express their support to the Shabian side of the story at that time. woyane played a very dirty game to Shabia including misleading the Ethiopian people by promoting anti-Shabia propaganda and looking like the savior of Ethiopia from the woyane labeled “devious” plans by Shabia.
    On top of the other conspiracies, accusation and economic manipulations that woyane was doing to Shabia at that time, the border between Tigray and Eritrea became a major irritant. Shabia, realizing that his influence over woyane was slipping away calculated that Eritrea could annex Badme. However, because Badme was in the province of Tigray, the region from which many woyanes originate (including meles zenawi), woyane decided to meet force with force.
    The dispute between these two resulted into a war that very, very, shamefully killed tens of thousands of both Eritreans and Ethiopians by the end of June 2000. Two of the world’s poorest countries spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the war as a direct consequence of the conflict, which resulted in minor border changes.
    The point here
    – The devious plan of waging a war between two nations was elaborated by woyane. Shabia acted to defend their hard earned freedom. Ethiopians just wanted to defend their land.
    – Shabia will continue to get support from Ethiopian opposition political groups until woyane falls and pays the price for inflicting the suffering to helpless Ethiopians
    – Justice and compensation will be served to those families that lost loved ones during the war.
    – Payment for these families will be directly sourced from the liquidation of all those nationally and internationally woyane established mechanisms and establishments of economic colonization.
    Other related Facts
    – For exposing the truth, we are witnessing unprecedented hatred to Amhara ethnic group under woyane.
    – Woyane has become a very ethno-centric dictatorial ruler lately
    – Ethnic cleansing is being conducted in Ethiopia in unprecedented scale. Sadly, woyane and associated tugs are getting away with these crimes. To-date no one is charged for it.
    – woyane disseminates hatred to other ethnic groups and continues to exhibit parochialism to their supporters even after they assumed of power.
    – woyane is deliberately creating ethnic conflicts as one of its tactics to stay in power.
    If you care about Ethiopia do not remain idle, get involved and make your voice heard. It will take a massive effort, discourse, dialogue to get Ethiopia back on its feet and make it home again for all Ethiopians.

  12. So So says:

    Wei guud! What does professor Muse wants from Andargachew Tsige? Is he saying that Andragachew Tsige can not do some good politics and known for that or in the absences of that can not do bad politics and known for that? My be Prof. Muse just wants Andargachew to fold his hands and legs and seat peacefully in one place doing practically nothing and die of old age in foreign country. Even that the professor may blame hima on television for being lousy and lazy.

    So what is the solution folks? 🙂

  13. Embasoleda says:

    Even though he looks like he chatting from mental insertion, he is reviling or unmasking the nonsense of SHABIA’s propagandas, and trashing their new Amharic speaking cadre or Andargiche Tsige…LOL. However, thanks to God that the Ethiopian people are free from those kind of barking Dogs.

  14. w .yilma says:

    I listened and watched Andargachews interview from ESAT TV, a mouth peace of Ginbot 7. By the way I respect their choice, but I do not considered ESAT as a free and reliable media outlet. I watch one time then I never open it again. It is a propaganda machine aiming at to destabilize Ethiopia.
    Coming to my point, instead of what the professor said, our focus should be concentrated on what Andargachew previously has said in ESAT TV.I do not want to spend time to write lengthily about this stubborn guy. He is an old ideologue thinking in the 60’s mentality. He still believe that an enemy of Ethiopia could be a friend of him simply because Andargachew deeply hate the EPRDF. I do not think this man is a normal person who care about Ethiopia. For him and his cohorts it is not about Ethiopia it is about power. We have to know he was an insider at one time for EPRDF. God knows why he leave EPRDF.

    What our oppositions do not understand is that our world in particular Ethiopia Geo-political location is not the same as before. That time has passed where there were two camps (east and west). My enemy enemy is my friend is not working at this particular point in time. One of the historical grave mistakes the EPRDF/TPLF has committed before was his relationship with Shabia. I know there could be time and reasons two parties could make a long or short term political deal.But not with Shabia. I truly believe that the Eritrean government is the most sworn and dangerous enemy of our people.
    Let’s discuss openly and honestly one simple fact. No better friend for Shabia than EPRDF. TPLF cadres paid dearly sacrifice for Shabia (although past history it is very sad to hear why this has happen. EPRDF is the sole player for Eritrea independent. Under the eyes of EPRDF, Shabia not only exploited but bleeding our country for 7 solid years. However, when the EPRDF government can’t stand the cry of Ethiopians, they sent delegations to Asmara to make a deal how the two countries economic relationship should be. However Shabia does not want this kind of agreement, and try to find a cause to instigate war drum. He found Bademe as a pretext and what has happened is clear for everybody.
    What should be clear here is that Shabia was born in the bush and their instinct will not allow them to learn how the modern world is behaving, working and living. After they got their freedom from us, they never show change of behavior. When the EPRDF cadres go to school and graduated from colleges, Shabia is going backward and spend their time conspiring to cause trouble against their neighbors. Since their inception they are Shifta’s and they remain Shifta too now. Therefore those naive and Banda “Ethiopian” who are stationed in Asmara and liking Isayas shoes are hooligans too. Instead of spreading psychological war they will never and ever achieve their goal.
    what we have to understand is this: No one will sacrifice his/her life unless and other wise there is a real oppression. There is a political problems in Ethiopia. But this is not enough to decide for the ordinary Ethiopians to pay sacrifice. Because some “Tigabegna” elites are not happy with EPRDF politics does not mean the opposition could have man power supply to achieve their political objectives. You have to have a real cause to carry guns and ready to pay sacrifice. That precondition is not existing at this time in Ethiopia.

    For how many times an ordinary Ethiopians are asking to pay sacrifice to satisfy few elite power thirsty politicians? Is it not enough to ask now another sacrifice to spill bloods like blood thirsty Dracula! ? Enough is enough!
    Long live Ethiopia

  15. Samuelk says:

    At this specific moment G7’s relationship with Eritreans is fasinating and a very smart move for the political organaization prefered the war front to dismantel TPLFs phoney political structure.

    You can quote me wrong ” There is no neighbor country can be trusted friend of Ethiopia more than Eritreans whom they have similar culture language habitat and common historic background with Ethiopia .”

    I know the woyanes and their supporters may say what!,, and some may even throw up some anbetta while reading this sentense but this is the reality on the ground which will guide our future .

    Take a deep breath and answer this question what me and our future generation will ask and puts it on the table to compare.

    ” Which one is best for ethiopians near future and the generation to come?
    Allaying with TPLF (Tigreans) or EPLF or (Eritreans)?”

    NB * “Both EPLF & TPLF have kept the same name for years after their ” freedom” and both do not believe they are Ethiopians any more”

    I will leave the answer to the generation to come !!!!

  16. miqegna says:

    wey andargachew?????? andargachew blew sim siyawetulh kifuwn ena degun new andargachew yaluk weyns mindnew sew endet yhn yakkl hilina bis yhonal endets hono sew tinsh maseb ysanewal wey andarge hiwetsh firen endebetese mekina wede gedel eyeteguaze new

  17. Oba says:

    at W. Yilma!
    Serious! It is not that difficult to put unrelated things together and produce a type of article you posted for us. But pls think our time, and try to put at least 1 line about what should to be done! Try to indue paths to get out of the Vicious Circle we are in now. I am sure even my government believe we in VC.

    Personally, i still think and pray our complex issue should be solved peacefully not by war. But there are many who tried that road i wish and think it doesn’t take them any long. Honestly speaking the very nature of my government make you decide what some of the opposition have already decided. I mean when peaceful struggle is considered by government and its cadres as useless and abused any time and any where, then what do you do?

    W. Yilma said there are no ground for evolution of determination for war. I will be very happy if that is the case, but dono’t think. I think you need to compare and contrast the era of derg and now, and critically look at maturity of issues using some indicators such as violence of human right, for instance. In some of the cases in this government, you may see areas where you may feel happy and no war, but equally you may find several areas where you are really upset to the extent you hate yourself. I have seen many people who say what is being an Ethiopian then if it happen to me——-?

    If you are mistreated becuase you are amhara or oromo, what you do if this happened to you several times, by your own government and your own leader?
    You need to ask, what make meles decide to leave his study and go desert? These days there are several students who are denied to study at home and abroad because they are—-,but meles never denied to study at aau. Imagine!

    There are several people whose father, or brother or uncle or—illegally jailed, tortured and may be killed during the last 20 years. Same thing existed during derg time, but also exit now.

    There are million people who burn inside thinking of the various issues in their country, the give away of their land to sudan, their port—-these who work as slave to karu Turi, insulted and being bitten everyday. Such type of things never happened even during derg era. Imagine, but meles still determined to go for war!

    Hundreds of thousands of youth forced to take one of the dangerous rout to migration-they knew they may end up in the middle of nowhere-but still determined to take it, as life at home is no more their choice. Donot fool yourself thinking they do it while they have chance at home. No one like to die. This was there in derg, but limited, yet meles went desert.

    Cost of life-oh my friend, there is nothing bad more than failing to buy milk for 2 month bay. Or finding your baby died because the milk is already out dated. This alone is more than reason to decide to go for war! While you see my government and its loyalties give Atos car to the high school girl whom he abused, thousands can’t pay even for tax and hence have to walk long to reach their office. Come and see university prostitutes! This is the result of government policy, and these corrupt riches. University prostitution is epdrf’s legacy.

    Sir, as i tried to say, things are over matured! Why people didnot decided for war? It is just they suffered of civil war several times, and fade up of its consequences.

    way out!

    The government has to see such public tolerance not as fear, or convenience, rather as opportunity to resolve issues than working day and night to make bring war out of it. Public silence shouldn’t be seen as fear!

    And never mind, if the government didnot act now, what happened to derg will happen to them. This is obvious and people will reject government (i guess they did long time ago as public) and government can’t keep cheating public.

    It is better to call for all stakeholders including these determined for war and deal in tolerance. Why the government fear G7 and OLF when they are conferrable to call for Somlai LF for discussion and when they are talking to see Isayas in Asmara before he invite them? Discussion never kill any one, may be it expose you. But no problem as it is better than war!

    i hope my new PM will move to this direction, but not sure if the big tplf such as the two Abays, Sebhat and the extra rich generals allow him. I afraid. But that is the cheapest way out!

  18. teshome says:

    Obang Meto, thank you very much for taking a part in this forum. You are very welcomed.
    But I am really confused, whether Obang has his own little Ethiopia or is he talking about the neighbor Sudan which is enmeshed in civil war.
    Your mixed messages and miscalculations are completely disturbing. Where in the contemporary Ethiopia have seen people are profiled by their ethnic root??
    Are you serious? The Amharas and the oromos are denied to live in Ethiopia. That was why my initial assertion was doubting, you have your own little Ethiopia..
    Had this been the case, ormoas and Amharas combined are more than half the population of Ethiopia wouldn’t have allowed EPRDF another day let alone two decayed…
    So there is a lot of holes and lies in your claim.
    I will ask you one question, did you have such imagination before you had six beers or after.

    Well no body deny that there, rising cost of living in Ethiopia. For that matter that is happening across the board. Where in the world didn’t you see such problem creates a revolution? Had this been the case, we would have witnessed every single day a revolution in our continent. But don’t be mistaken, I won’t deny it would create a momentum if an up rise occur

    Rather reluctantly concluded for a matter which you didn’t well understood, it is always good take a wider view…
    But try to stick to the point, we would like to hear your take about Anedaregachew position with Eritrea..

    Anedargache, I would rather call him Betenache stand….A messy deal is still a deal, Is not only unhealthy but also bring unprecedented challenge to the future Ethiopia.
    Mr. Obang try to think out of your small box for a moment, say goodbye easy and cheap politics

  19. Abegaz says:


    Tell me what Ethiopians lose if TPLF falls through Ethiopian armed struggle based in Eritrea? To me only TPLF and TPLF firfari leqamis lose it all. If it was okay for TPLF to work with Eritrea what logic makes it wrong another Ethiopian party’s cooperation with EPLF?

  20. am says:

    Is “teshome” running this forum? He resembles more and more of Mr. D

  21. eden says:

    Why do you repeat as a parrot what Dr.Birhanu Nega told you? Can’t you use your own brain.
    No body support and acknowledge what TPLF did with Shabia…The then TPLF affilaton with Shabia was a shame and coward to say the least. But what is most disturbing here is your party, either Ginbote 7 or 30 is repeating the same mistake.
    An Ethopia like you is threat for the country, one time you pledge to work with Egiypt and another time with Somalia and this time with Eritrea…But the most blessing news is, you will fail in all accounts.

  22. dirara says:

    From which comp do you belong? I just read today that another Meles loyal, Getachew Teferi, is removed from his assignment as national security officer. Debretsion is uprooting spoiled criminals and corrupt network one by one. May be people like you are about to lose your corruption link or maybe get cought at cross-fire. No wonder, some faces of TPLF cadre are out of action from this discussion forum. Let me guess if you will be one of them in the near future. maybe Ethiopian renaissance is in the making.

  23. kebadu says:

    A. Armed struggle will never effect democratic change in Ethiopia! It suffices to see how EPRDF has failed to institute democratic institutions even after 20 years of peace. War breeds leaders who govern with the logic of war in peace times!
    B. To forge an alliance with this anti-Ethiopian psychopath (Isayas Afworki)is treasonous. It disgusts me!

    • dirara says:


      I agree with you that war will never be a solution. But, the current regime has closed every avenue for civilized accommodation of different political views and unable to reform some of its very repressive and discriminatory laws that are designed to benefit ONLY the regime in power as well as to PROLONG its power.

      – When people say a word, they are just thrown to jail.
      – When they want to do business, they can’t compete with those who receive preferential benefits from the regime because they are affiliated to this party (especially if the individual is TPLF member).
      – When one looks for a job, s/he is discriminated systematically and never get the job

      So, under this circumstance, what do you thing would be the best solution? I would be glad to know if there is a miracle out of this extremely repressive and suffocating situation. Please share an alternative idea then?

  24. Abegaz says:

    Sure TPLF cooperation with EPLF was disgusting. But you guys enjoyed it. If Ethiopian fighters work with EPLF it is not going to be disgusting. Why? 1) TPLF did it and controlled Ethiopia 2) There is no port they are going to give to EPLF; so there is no loss. Port already gone due to TPLF. 3)Ethiopian fighters are going to be pan-ethiopian party unlike TPLF elites.You guys bark only when ethiopians want to work with EPLF and get rid of TPLF. You do not bark at TPLF. We know the hard-working Tigryans can make a living by themselves but you TPLF elites and firfari leqamis want to live as parasites on the rest of Ethiopians. Instead of

  25. sis says:

    To dawit

    As you knew we are reading the opinions of many people who say, though there are many Tigire people who didnot like what the woyane do, but they still prefer woyane than any thing—

    There are also many who still drop such as association and try to justify their claims using various means. Among these evidences is the basic information and article written by Abreha Desta. His articles are anywhere except aiga and tigry online.

    Of course Awramba! As this person is in Mekele and getting one of the most fresh data, i am more than sure his articles could have been posted on awramba. What is your reason not to consider that? I think this need serious answer!

  26. Samsontesfa says:

    TPLF- Woyane Started its struggle against the dictator Derg regime from Dedebit, Tigray.
    Unlike the “modern days fighters” like Andargachew, Berhanu and there likes, they fight their oppressors sleeping on rocks & eating dry ration food. That is because of their strong belief on the cause, determination and endurance to achieve their goal, which is resistance against humiliating oppression of their people.
    And, they succeeded and delivered by TPLF-EPRDF.
    Cheers !!!!!!!

  27. Cola says:

    I am so shocked to see this ugly interview. What I see in you, you are as desperate as Isaias Afowrki. So the US$500,000 paid to you and your boss was to make the propaganda for him. Andarge, Be honest to yourself, do Eritreans have water to drink in Asmara, or electricity to cook their food? You know we are abut to kick out Esayas and you are going out of our country with him. Are you preparing him a ground. I wish I did not know you. You are just the biggest layer on earth. Indeed if he is your model, you are a finished person

  28. Hailu says:

    Musse tegegn is a deep cover WOYANI agent, trust me I know !
    He just another imposter imbedded in a thick of the struggle only to jeopardize it !

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