Why do Ginbot 7 leaders ridicule Semayawi Party?


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3 Responses

  1. Ash says:

    Ginbot 7 r not ridiculed semayawi party’s peaceful struggle back in Ethiopia. Ginbot 7/11 r ridiculing the same people that give them money year after years…semayawi party cutting in to their business..

    To start with nobody get democratic government by come to power with war… U can name a single nation that transfers itself from freedom fighter to democracy once they get power using gun..

    So u can’t get democratic government by using gun therefore it scam if anybody told u otherwise..

    Second u can’t get a democratic government by ousting the current government by using revolution…if u think one country successfully transfer herself in to democracy once the pary get power using revolution then name one.

    Therefore both party are scam…even if semayawi party’s get power using revolution then another party have right to oust blue party by using revolution endless cycle.

    The solution is election that the only solution yes the government cheat but u keep on doing it it might take u 40 years but that is the only right wy to get power…if u think 40 years to long to wait then ask OLF, EPLF it take them 40 years fighting therefore war is not short cut

  2. MomaEthiopia says:

    This article just doesn’t make sense.The writer is either an idiot or G7 hater.What is wrong with calling Blue party a young leadership? or young people? because they all are.second, yes peaceful struggle doesn’t work with woyane.look what happened to this so called opposition groups? most of them are behind bars and the rest are getting abused.Blue Party office was rubbed in a day light by woyane and you call that peaceful? beating up people on street in a day light, you call that peaceful? opposition groups have only ONE seat…do you really believe that 99.6% elected woyane? if you are, you must be an idiot!I agree with G7 beacuse every other options are gone.If woyane wants a peaceful struggle, then they need to stop putting the opposition group leaders to jail, they need to stop rubbing opposition group’s office. they need to stop beating up people on the streets, they need to stop rubbing Ethiopina and deposting millions of dollars on their personal account, If NOT, the ONLY way out is G7. Don’t be stupid Mr. Writer.At one point the writer use to be the #1 G7 supporter and now what did he get? what did it change? did woyane stop arresting people?…no it is getting worst..Mr. writer, you need to STOP playing both side…it just won’t work. Idiot!!!

    • Ash says:

      I think u miss understood peaceful strugle..it doesn’t mean blue party get power the next day…it might take them 40 years, and a lot of jail time and so on…it is not easy but they don’t use gun and they don’t destroy city every body building their life while the fight the same time…look South Africa their leader jailed 27 years so that doesn’t change them strategy… Look the Arab and Jew the Arab use gun and still the didn’t get their land but South Africa got their land and power…so don’t underestmet the power of peaceful demonstration…I know if war break out u will not go so stop preaching war

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