Ethiopia: Political Islam and the Wahhabi Threat (Audio)


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13 Responses

  1. Sisay A says:

    Mote lewoyanne

    We don’t care who come next? It can be Shabia, Muslim extremist, OLF, ONLF.

    Our only worry now is to change government the rest will be sort out letter. our leaders in G7 are learning how to lead the country in the best way in the world from Eritrean leaders so no worry guys.
    forget woyanne propaganda and start believing as Issayas is our only saviour then things will be good.

    If we believe in him as our only saviour he is the only way to reach to 4 kilo palace. it is about believing with out questioning.
    He is ready to give his and his people money and life to scarify for the poor ethiopians to get wealth and democracy.

    I believed on him once i sow the witness of our messih Andargachew In ESAT telling us the way and the truth for our hope is only and only Issayas

    • axumawe says:

      enath weldku atebel ante maferia,hare!!kaka
      you know we are woyanes kkkkkkk
      we don’t west any bullet for esaias or extremest or g7 or any body else in this matter do you know why ?
      b/c we are Ethiopians,we are fire proof tegarus wedi komaret!!!!!
      long live Ethiopia !
      long live Woyen !hi i have this say for yous all kkkkkkkk
      Enquan Ahun Ena droun Eyalen(TATKEN) b tor b Guradi tank Enmarkalen !!!!

  2. teshome says:

    By any other name ‘Demestachene yesema’ are Ethiopian Wahhabism followers. As we speak, they are acting as opposition party surrogates to overplay foul politics.
    Now there is clear and convincing evidence ‘semayawi party completely’ and ‘Andenet party partially ‘ are dial up presence in Ethiopian few Muslim protesters. Ethiopian Opposition parties widening role in ‘Demetsachine yesema’ has helped Muslim extremists to climb back from defeat for more than two years. When Egypt and some Arab countries came into the mix, there was no doubt ”Demestachene yesema’ were a really threat for our country.
    Initially we had hope with ‘Semayawi party’, now it is a dream and the hope had gone. But rather, its leaders came with a different picture, mixing and mingling politics into the house of lord.
    We have a huge concern that ‘semayawi and Andenet parties are overplaying the political freedom given under the Constitution.
    Acknowledging the way our government handle ”Demestachene yesema’ terrorist wing and at same time we are disappointed by over patience of the government semayawi party political foul play. So far we felt the state intervention on the matter wasn’t adequate.
    It is completely disheartening to see Ethiopian Ayman Al zawahri, Enigineer Yilikal freely moving in the street of Addis with active duty. Semayawi party and its leaders holds fire long time ago, but it is only the weakness and the mercy of the Ethiopian government, failed to put them behind bars
    The next time if where news about this terrorist affiliated political leader is only his arrest. I am sorry, that is an unfortunate necessity but that is the way it should be.
    If Semayawi party, makes a peaceful demonstration on Sunday, Ethiopia government simply failed to respect law and order. I don’t think the relevance why Ginbote 7, ONLF and OLF are denied this privilege

    • Negashi says:

      Dear Teshome

      Who makes you you wayanee Ethiopian patriot you are mersanaries
      Who brought wayanee Libya,Syria,Sudan you came to divide and destroy ethiopia your first assignment was to make ethiopia Land lock by liberating erteria you finished you tried to divide ethiopia by ethinic group you failed now all the Oromo and Amhara people starts to ask you power and wealth share you start to divide Ethiopian by Muslim and Christian tomorrow to create Muslim and Christian federation like Serbia hay hay it is good for you to keep all the money you take it from Ethiopian people for Tigray elite
      Even if you do any thing Raguel church and anwar mosque will remain together please don’t think like colonizer

  3. Bogale says:

    I am a tolerant moderate Christian but strogly prefer to laugh at my poor Ethiopians who sing the same old songs, namely, “A Christian island in the sea of Islam” now for centuries instead of marching with the trend of the 21st century and accepting diversities and equalities and through that including and accomodating all religions whether Islam,Christian, Buhdism, Waqefanna, pentecostal, etc. which in a way may automatically isolate extremists of all kinds. If you are so vocal as to stereotyp and label an entire communities of people as Wahabists then they have no choices but become Wahabists with your exclusionist kind assistances.

    This may be characterized as the Self Fulfilling Prophesies for which we may only blame our tactless backwared behaviors.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~John F. Kennedy

    What say you? 🙂

    • axumawe says:

      HI Bogale
      where i live,it is a divers society.some times there is some miss understand among people,not all but few.respect is one of the foundation of any human binge to wards other human binge period.
      when you tray to impose any thing, with out the other persons wish!!! wright- there is your problem,so what ever comes after that is what you ask for. end of story! you may not understand world politics of 21st century,but do not be naive in this matter. you may realized it letter when they killed one of your family member,(yhechi bakela yaderech end hon atkortemem )
      this people don’t belong to as they are not as they well never ever be as,they are imported from the rich Arab countries like Saudi,K wet,Bahrain Iran and so on weak up,un less you are using them for your own personal political sound like that.any ways long live Ethiopia!
      long live Eprdf !
      long live woyen !
      extremest,neftegnoc,akrarewoch yafralu !
      Ethiopia b wed ljochwa tkebralech !!

      • Negash says:

        You waynee first you come to power you where
        Taking about Amhara and you tried to divide
        Ethiopia in to ethinic banana estate you kill people’s
        In Harar badeeno ,agro welega and for twenty years
        You where singing this song now when the people
        Say you tembo you came to song another song
        By the name of wahabya wahabya is every where
        In all Africa but wayanee should have to go we
        Will not allow him to divide ethiopia in two muslium and
        Christian state who brought wahabya to ethiopia
        Now they want to bring ahbash related to Assad
        Family alawi Shia after twenty years again abousebahat
        Will talk about it by the way no way fighting terrorism
        Will not be another way for colonizing ethiopia you wayanee
        You are using divide and rule untile now even your name
        Is TPLF Tigray people libration front leave us we Ethiopians

  4. mo says:

    ohhh. The bugyman. I am so sacred. Please…stop it!

    Ethiopian and Muslim!

    Thank you!

  5. Confidencial says:

    This is a secret; Semayawit party is funded by G7 and Egypt, Saudi Arabia. Government again be advised to outlaw both Semayawit party and UDJ. If not, you are allowing G7. Semaywawi party and UDJ is G7 Ethiopia branch.

    Be warned; do not play with fire. Focus on basic needs.

  6. Helen freedom says:

    I do not know Wahhabi in Ethiopia exist or not?
    “I’ll tell the truth about them such that the worse of all lies.” (William Shakespeare. “Romeo and Juliet”)
    Wahhabist – Arab Jews
    who lived 1703 – 1792. In the Arab countries, it is the same jews Protestant and dissideta Calvin Christian world. – The founder of the Wahabi Muslim, so to speak, a new “protestantistzma” that is, a Muslim dissident. The fact that he himself(Wahabi) – Arab jew
    Although differences among the Sunni and Shia Muslim was and Wahabi, it works Wahabi exacerbated these until then peaceful differences of opinion, and turned them into enmity, which is the 1980s resulted in a bloody war between Iran and Iraq.
    I think so Understand that the idea of ​​Wahabi Mohamed was sponsored by the British Empire – British jews and sponsored by the United States so far – Israel…. Prior to this Wahabi Sunni and Shia are not feuded in any degree, and could be in the same family.
    “Henry Kissinger: ‘Terrorists Are Really People That Reject the International System’
    Wahhabi – is the Arab jews, mowing under the Muslims, and who hold in their tight rein on at least Saudi Arabia and the TPLF media shoulder the responsibility for these entrenched Wahhabis terorist actions in Ethiopia, with one small Readdressing that, say, Wahhabi – is the muslim terrorist !

  7. Jegnaw says:

    This looks like the Wahhabi propaganda website.

    Is Awramba pro or unti-Ethiopia?

    Just curious?

  8. meron says:

    at teshome!

    at list this time in particular, you made me laugh!

    – wey gud—ke kepapasu kesu malet ante neh
    – I think even woyane may surprised to see people like you! You are not degrading the Constitution, but totally crushing it–amede aderekew eko sent yetelefabeten hege menegistachenen.

    One of the most key factors/thing that make all woyane cadres same and only same (ende shewa dabo), is their interest and capacity to blackmail some one as individual or group.

    Mechem —-bebelat yechohal. Enam yeker belenehal.

  9. elias says:

    wehabye is weyane’s boggy man.

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