Four Ethiopian Air Force Pilots Defect and Join Ginbot 7, ESAT Claimed


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52 Responses

  1. Karyaw says:

    So Ginbot 7 has got pilots now what about Navy? KKKKK. It is so sad to hear that these unfortunate pilots will languish in Eritrea for the rest of their life like Kemal Galchu and Hailu Gonfa.

    • Sisay A says:

      This is it now what we need is the diaspora have to give more money to buy the Jet.

      We have the pilot so the rest is easy the diaspora will contribute a $1000.00 each and we will have 4 jet in a month.

      Or Issayas will buy for us and we will destroy 4 kilo palace in days.

      We need a big meeting now to nominate the next PM and Ministers from diaspora.

    • Chala says:

      If General can’t do nothing sitting in Eritrea then what can pilots do better for shabia?

      Shabia needs the jets and the money to run those big expense jets not the pilots he can train trusted Eritreans for pilot he won’t give his the only 3 jet he have for people who been working with Ethiopia gov. as he doesn’t trust them with money equal to half of Eritrea budget

      • axumawe says:

        @ hi Chala,this is what it seams to me.
        you remember the one woman pilot Eritrea have to have? and she was sent to bring Esaiases air plain from Saudi and never return 5 months a go ?
        know the Ethiopian security are trig to get the 3 jets Eritrea have with one reserve pilot, then it well be the end of Eritrea’s army.
        so defeating Eritrea with out fairing one bullet kind of system.
        As pm meles put it “we well not west any life or any amount of money to defeat shabia any more” for example we stopped using Eritrea’s port.look it know no one have ever used it. it was used for water stream for camels.
        look the disaster in Eritrea for the past 15 years, port for nothing.
        so this is a pre planed hock for g7 & SHABIA TRUST ME!!!KKKKKKKKKK

        • kif says:

          Dear Aksumawi Meles was wrong. It is more desaster for woyane. Ethiopia spent a lot of money for using Djubuti port. We have to use Assab port and Eritrea is good market for Ethiopa. The border issue is solved woyane should accept the algers ageement with out any precondition for mutual benefit.
          Otherwise BEKOFERUT GUDGUAD…. YEHONAL.

    • Aster says:

      “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” these defected air force pilots could be trash or useless to Ethiopia, but I am sure the Italians’ dogs could use them. So, it is a win-win strategy for the loser defected pilots, which will get jobs and the Italians’ dogs will have well trained Ethiopian pilots.

    • HAGOS says:

      Even the idot dead leggese Zenawi had no NAVY..Only Eritrea and Kenya have Navy and special Navy commando

  2. Birabiro says:

    That’s good news. Ginbot 7 leaders will now tour the world to collect money in the name of these incompetent “pilots”

    • bendo says:

      This is a big news. We were spending a lot of money for flight to G7 leaders and Lemagne beyane to tour the world. So now we only need is a private jet to buy and the our leaders can tour the world easily and make the collection double.

      Warning for those diasporas who doesn’t have the Arbegnoch Certificate this is your last chance you better buy it $500.00 now from G7 other wise you will never get a chance to be a leader once we change the gov. only days are left to do so harry up and buy the certificate and become a number one ethiopian.

      • keyo says:

        ESAT Creating this news is a preparation for answers for G7 leaders on the coming meeting from the people who gave $500.00 five years a go for a promise of money return on six month.

        Now they can say after five year of hard work we managed to get 4 pilots for shabia and if you triple your contribution we will get a mig-jet after 20 years letter.

        You fool me once i forgive you you fool me twice i will kick your ass.

  3. Mante says:

    They Join Ginbot7 ? to do what? kkkkkkkk

  4. eden says:

    You remember some 7 pilots defected in Belarus in 2005 and guess what they are doing now? …They are now working as bath room attendants.

  5. Meaza says:

    What is the surprise here!! Every loyal will betray woyane soon. I think a person with health brain don’t have to work with those sick EPRDF group. So we wait more betrayal soon including the officials like Bereket simon, Samura etc. At least let they live their last life in peace. Other wise they will die and stay in hell like their evil master Meles Zenawi.

  6. Yoni says:

    Good now these idiots can drive Esayas to nowhere cause his pilots are defected to the Middle East few months ago and he got no plane.

  7. Embasoleda says:

    I would guess the next news from ESAT will be that G7 under the command of Isayas Afeworki is three months away to cultured ADDIS, and they will ask more than $1000 contribution from every confused diaspora…LOL. The shabia clowns have done this kind of dramas before, and they will never stope from manufacturing spreading lies…LOL. This news is just to back up to Andargachie Tsig’s foolish claim that he has Weyane trained solders…LOL. I’m telling you they are desperately cooking lies to collect money!!

  8. Mestnanat says:

    Talk, talk, talk, talk……………………………. . Why talk what we see is what we are. Ethiopia is heading forward to create a middle income society very soon. And that is visible. And I think the g7’funeral has been held at the emergence of the semayawi party which is formed for that purpose.

  9. Asfaw abreha says:

    Ginbot7 ain’t got no planes.They should’ve gone to hollywood.

  10. dubale says:

    opposition cyber media, ESAT
    ewnetm new. ESAT loves to confuse its audiences.
    I wonder if ESAT makes it till the end of 2006 E.C.

  11. Dmbulo says:

    Berhanu Nega and Andarachew Tsigie are turning these pilots into camel riders in the deserts of Eritrea…..and they laugh all the way to the bank. Nice try though.

  12. efrem says:

    What kind of life is some of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters living in.

    They got happy when generals and pilots defect, when some disturb bond selling ceremonies and meetings; when some international organizations and medias publish reports criticizing the economic and human right situations; when extremists (of all types) disturb the day to day activities of ordinary citizens; when a long time leader and patriarch die; when they hear news about power, water, and food shortages; blab la bla…….too difficult and messy to list.

    I think, as Ethiopians (regardless of our political, religious, and ethnic orientations), we should rather feel sad and such news should disturb us and make us invent brilliant ideas to solve our political, religious, and ethnic differences.

    No one will feel the pressure and misery other than the ordinary citizens; we have seen what happened to officials and their family when the Emperor and Derg regimes fall. 90% of them are now enjoying life in the US and Europe and surprisingly they are educated and rich due to the money they stole from poor and ordinary citizens and selling our resources). You will not find them cleaning, dish washing, etc. like most of us. That should not be different for the current Ethiopian rulers.

    Guys, this will take us nowhere. Let us hope the day that:

    -our professors preach peace and stability; and put workable ideas and solutions on the table, for there are young out there to take advantage of it.

    -our rulers understand their power has always a limit and there exists a day that they lose not only their power but also their grace.

    -our opposition politicians (my hope is for the young politicians) think beyond power and work with the government in fundamental issues (even by knocking their doors) forgetting everything personal that the government did to them.

    -Our young activists learn to be ‘politically correct’ and stand for the people instead of some big and selfish guys out there.


    • Ash says:

      I think u misunderstood, the basic logic..

      If someone telling u he like to see house fire…it doesn’t mean his house burning.

      If someone telling u he want to be generous…he doesn’t mean with his own money but with other money.

      U can try this theory if u have small kids… Take them to store..they want to buy every thing… Don’t say they r children they know they r spending ur money so they don’t care things how much it cost..

      Now the same kids take them to same store this time give them their own money to spend and tell them they can spend the whole money if they want…trust me they start checking the price

      Go back to my logic…

      If someone acting hero and promoting war and war mongering…he doesn’t mean he is the one going to war but the is very easy to act hero in other people blood and life..

      If I not the one who go to war I will see Ethiopia should go to war…knowing only the poor die so why u care if other died…u also hoping u going to get power after the dust settled

      Since u don’t have houses in Ethiopia or business in Ethiopia why o u really care if the whole thing go to dust ..u r hopping u going to start with crash start much better then those who lost every thing.

      This like u pay mortgage for 20 years and one day u lost ur job and u went to ur friends to ask loan they told u they don’t have money and hoping u lose the house to bank and they buy ur house from the bank this time they had money not to give u.

      I hope u u dear stand this is simple logic in America when America goes to war billionaire make more money from the war..while the poor America do u think the billionaire will be against war…

      • efrem says:

        @Ash, I can see what you mean, but it will only be true if you assume some Ethiopians don’t care about Ethiopia. My notion is every Ethiopian should care!! I hope you will go back to your logic and add this notion 🙂

  13. Ash says:

    A pilots half brain would have defected with Air Force plane and make a news but this pilots defected without their plane…when Eritrean pilots defected they did it with their Air Force plane and they make the news..regardless they what the plane going to be returned but u would have forced Ethiopia government to beg Eritrean government to retrun the plane…that would be great political win for ginbot 7… Not now… Those pilots have no wing…if they don’t have wing they r useless

  14. Habtu says:

    Yesterday, you brought the socalled Mussie who was instrumental to kill so many innocent Ethiopian youths in Eritrea just for the sake of attacking Andargachew Tsige. Now, you are talking non-sense that the defected pilots were professionally incometent. Frankly speaking, if there are pilots to be fired because of professional incompetence, it was TPLF illitrate tegadalys who are conveted to Airforce pilots overnight without any training and even without the required medical examination.

  15. woyane says:

    what the hell four pilot can do?

  16. sis says:

    guys never undermine things! you know how many in no. when tplf went to desert? they were just (7), may be with few guns, no pilot! One thing true is they have determination. They totally lack support even from the local people, but later through killing and forcing from tplf side, and also due to the mistreat of dereg, they were able to become large. I think the current run for war from opposition side may be even faster and can be more coordinated.

    But what about us and our country? do we really deserve another war, another destruction? NO NO!

    Hence, all stakeholders, mainly the government has to come on board and take the leadership to bring the rest for gentle and trustful discussion and negotiation. This shouldn’t be seen as begging. This is smart advice.

    Again, when tplf was formed they were tooooo few, they were just nothing. Through time, they become big! Similar situation in most case even worst institution exist today.

    Count on the no. of youth leaving their beloved country-these could be one big human source to strengthen opposition camp. Donot say impossible -Azeb was just a migrant in Sudan, but latter on she joined tplf and become the first lady.

    Please these of you who have closer link to woyane, such as—-tell them change their mode of governance, and thinking, and work for peace and towards peace. Stupid leadership of menigistu has put us in today’s all kind of chaos, and same shouldn’t happen, due to the negligence of eprdf.

    • yohannes says:

      mr. sisi
      time is changed , the time of communists is finished it is a time of dispirited terrorists if you agree with them go ahade

  17. testa says:

    Mekina Yelem Inji Mekinama binoree, anedadunma inawkew neberee…..

    Plane yelem inji plane’ma binoree , mabrerunma inawkew neberee………….. silu yikozimu ingidih………

  18. dubale says:

    These G7 people are the most funny. They believe in remot control war. Birhanu’s office is near to white house. And the other day Andargachew said he wants to fight woyane from 4-star hotel in Asmara.
    this is really fun. Isaias gives them money just for fun? 500,000USD per six month? It is really unbelievable

  19. Raza says:

    Losing the efficient professionals like the guys in the news is a big lose. The Majors and Captains for the air institutions like we have one here in Ethiopia is not something we just joke about.
    There must be a pause at this point and think about the future of this country, otherwise there is no way of continuing with TPLF dominating the whole nation.


  20. Benyam says:

    Hahahahaha! Did heard four Ethiopian pilot join Genbot 7 terrorist ?to do what ? If any word from that stupid Isayas, any thing! we will go all the way to ass- mera for the last time to have for good peace, between Ethiopia and Eriteria .but what it make me sad is, IF one Ethiopian FARMER join those Terrorist Genbot 7.we were Big we will be Big Ethiopian by VISION OF MELES:: Benyam

  21. MomaEthiopia says:

    Dawit, do you have a prove that these pilots were fired? Do you have the list? why you always give ESAT a bad name? you are a journalist let people decide. your job is to report NOT judge.
    “…reliable sources told Awramba times…” what source? who? where is your list? you don’t even have a prove yourself but accusing ESAT reporting a false report? that doesn’t make sense at all Mr.

  22. yohannes says:

    ESAT tv And ERTV it is the seam no differens all of them enmy of our country LONG LiVe to ETHIOPIA !!

  23. Embasoleda says:

    If they weren’t fired, they could have gone with their fighter jets. However, what are they gonnado in the hellhole Asmara? I mean, the eretrian youngsters are flooding out of the country! Or, is Isayas replacing the Eretrian population by angry and confused oppositions? In that case the fake independent will be revoked soon…LOL.

    • Jonas says:

      You are definitely not the brightest bulb on the shelve. Two of your pilots defected from where they were stationed, correct? Now, how in the hell did they land in Asmara? Did Ethiopian airlines drop them off? So I am conclude they probably were on training mission and said, well I have enough fuel and will make to Asmara and took off.
      Secondly the Agamistan army Air Force is not in a position to revoke squat. All you will do is, sit idle and be landlocked and bitch. The rest of your drivel is for the birds.

      Now go beg your handlers to replace the two jets you just lost.

  24. Girma Kassa says:

    Dear Ato Tedla:

    This is an excellent article, well articulated and to the points. However I may have some slight difference with you on ESAT.

    ESAT was a G7-wing. Many of us questioned this media group for its unprofessionalism and failure to abide by its own editorial policy.

    However for the last 6 months, changes are seen from the part of ESAT. They have been balanced and often reporting the peaceful struggle back home. One must not also expect them to report only home based groups. They have also the responsibility to report, interview those who claim to be waging armed struggle as well.

    Though ESAT get money from G7 , it does not necessarily mean that they serving only G7. ESAT gets money from all Ethiopians. WHAT WE NEED TO MONITOR AND WATCH IS, IF G7 or SHABIA, using its financial influence, would play negative role in moving ESAT towards not reporting as need be the peaceful struggle in Ethiopia and became more or less , like they used to be before. If that happen, we will all surely hold accountable ESAT…But I doubt ESAT would become like that ……

  25. ሃበን says:

    ብራቮ ዳዊት የዚህ ዜና መጨረሻ እንደምታስውቀን እንተማመናለን ምናልባት ጡረታም የወጡ ሊሆኑ ይችላሉ በነገራችን ላይ ሰሙኑን እየርሳሌም (ተስፋማርያም)አርአያ የቤተመንግስት ሃላፊ ተነሱ በማለት ያቀረበው ዜና ከዚህ ዘመቻ ጋር ይያዝ ይሆን ምክንያቱም ተነሱ የተባሉት አቶ ጌታቸው ተፈሪ 1ኛ የቤተመንግስት ሃላፊ አልነበሩም 2ኛ አቶ ጌታቸው ተፈሪ በሌላ መንግስታዊ ስራ ካገር ከወጡ 15 ዓመት አልፏቸዋል እንዴት ነው ነገሩ ሰበረ ዜና ከ15 ዓመት በኋላ ሆነ እንዴ ? ማን ያውቃል G7ተቀላቀሉ ይባል ይሆናል ሌላው አስገራሚ ዜና የታወቁ ዳኛ የህግ ምሁር የፕሬዘዳንቱ የህግ አማካሪ የነበሩት አቶ ዘርዑ መለሰ የጥበቃ ሃላፊ አድርጎ ማቅረብ ምን የሚሉት ጋዜጠኝነት ይሆን ?ግራ ስለገባኝ ነው ዴቭ አንተን ማስቸገሬ

  26. freedom says:

    The woyane robbots in this forum are most irritated and started to show psychotic symptoms! not surprising. They are doing the posting for a living. There is nothing new. When the fire starts burning, the scorpions will start popoing out of the firework but they too will catch fire with time. How nice to see the robbots go crazy! They want to behave saintly as if they have never killed, raped or robbed. As if the country will vinish in the air if they are opposed or thrown away. May be this is the beginning of the end who knows! There is time for everything-woyane dynasty included. Future dates always come judgment day included!

  27. addis says:

    this is what i don’t understand,how come it’s only the amhara`s the soul defectors in ethiopian history, brother and sister am not a racist or (zerenga).please look back the past years, all those con artist in defection agitating abandoning their duty are all amhara`s who used to be in government posts or a party members they have no principles but run away…it’s always hard to swallow why instead of fighting for their idea and principles, how come sthey choose to runaway, and abandon everything…..these elite coward defectors elongating the suffering of the amhara poor people,i might have gave them a benefit of doubt, if they proceed ,objectively on their genuine demand “i said if ” its genuine, time and time again proves us how they are wrong .brother and sister count all defectors the last 20 years.a million dollar question is where are they , what have they done,nothing ,zero nada.what makes them these new amhara defectors god send than their predecessors,are they this time these amhara defectors will raise us from ash, and bring us to victory alleviate us from our predicament, or is it like it was before the usual,amhara fanfare and political jargon, or is it just political backing of Andargachew`s claim , educated ethiopian joining the non existent G7 political wing that deemed not to fly high.Andargachew canonizing isaias afewerki was a blessing to all peace loving ethiopians .our gov, should keep on investing , hard working to meet mdg.i salute those who work hard and defend thier country.

    • freedom says:

      we are gona get u a priest who will te rid off the devil in that makes cry “amhara…amhara..amhara!”. They are not amhara! They are Ethiopian heros!
      You have worked with this car for 21 years and is not gona work again! Think about another idea-Yetebela ekub new!!
      That is not gona sell.
      You will burn one day in the same fire you started. It is a matter of time!

    • Wrong Choice says:

      These defectors made a wrong choice by defecting to Eritrea ? Why Eritrea hile there were many other countries they can defect for? They have made a big mistake by choosing Eritrea. The defection to Eritrea vividly shows some of them in the army have a connection with Eritrea.

  28. meron says:

    This of course is big lose when poor country like Ethiopia. Pilot is not just woyane cadres who send to Civil college and graduate after injected woyanenism, not science! It is possible to teach cadre in month or so, on themes like how to spy (many around us do that), how to steal (smart corruption–by the way woyane thief are no smart, or proud of steeling, so that they just do it open, how to divide people and country, how to kill someone moral and his feeling for his/her country—how to torture, and how to kill.

    But-But it is not easy to teach some one how to fly aircraft! That is different and hence weather they join g7 or migrated to belarus, these is a great lose for the country. Army should remain intact, even when government change, it is bad to lose seniors and re-invest to teach new.

    Lenegeru le woyane senerity menamen bota yelewem. Denekoro, leba weshetam menamen mehone new yebelete yemiashelemew.

    So cadres never care when loosing such a trained and rare man power.

    Esti leb yestachehu,

    • addis says:

      i may agree on some of ur point ,about a trained man power and your honest clarification on the military apparatus which you propose should stay intact,…….wisely said,
      here after starts a usual temper tantrum, bashing woyane for everything .the empty bravado and the usual mama ethiopia mantra boiles in your blood and makes you blinde beyond .
      From your writings you are the sorry amhara surrogate with a bad perception of ethiopia,why do you guy`s think , you are the soul owner of mama ethiopia???the rest are a simple dwellers of that country?why do you patronize others???here, i am not Generalaizing the whole amhara tribe but the elite.?.
      you know it and i know it ,these the new round of amhara defectores they are not immune from sniffing there demise like those before them.
      The news was purposely reported to coincide the coming public meeting of G7,its ESAT`s tactical support to give it injection and diverts people’s perception of G7, and to cloud the public from raising significant Questions.that might expose the debacle of G7,, to me the news is just an open plea to the publice dont tell us we are dead,but we are still alive , cant you see those pilote who defected this week they are with us ,so… us with your money ,haha

  29. mengistu says:

    THE BEGINNING OF THE END now we can talk by weyane language shintam

    • Insanity says:

      mengistu, I think it is not the beginning of the end rather a beginning of knowing who are the true enemies of Ethiopia who are working and collaborating to dismantle Ethiopia. I think it is the beginning that all Ethiopians condemn the act of treason G7 as well as ESAT are doing to Ethiopians. I think it is the beginning to know that there are enemy combatants who are working with Shabia . Now the fight is very clear it is a fight with Shabia and a fight with Shabia’s surogates who are wearing a Ethiopian mask. ESAT / G7 should get the courage to ask the release of all Ethiopian prisoners of war from Eritrea.

  30. Aster says:

    “However reliable sources told Awramba times that some pilots were fired due to professional incompetence and bad behavior last year and it is unknown whether these “defected pilots” are previously included in this list” …
    I don’t know why this sentence is put in the news & reread and it mean just UNKNOWN ..but the admin looks unhappy with the pilots defection ;and he reasured us as their defection don’t have any effect on TPLF by alluding the strength of the army,”Ethiopia is the second strongest military power in Africa next to Egypt”.
    Admin: U look biased on reporting news against ESAT or oppositions in general is just my guess & u are becoming bold in your position day after day ..i respect ur difference & i encourage u to stand on your belives no matter how

  31. Yodit Gudit says:

    When Pilots who are the most previllaged memebrs of the defence forces throw white towel, it is an indication that the regime is decaying from within. PIA is mastre king maker- he once used to say when he was rasining the infant weyanes” enduye enduye ebyeley meteakata jebha ketkoneley” and he did replace jebha with weyane servants ….now the weyanes felt powerfull and started disobyening their king….he is now training demehit-demhitey ebeyeley meteakata weyane kotekoneley:-), and belive it or not weyanes are devoring one another and demihit will take over! Kulu Keqeyer hade zeyqeyer alo- nesu kea ISsayas Afewerqi eyu:-)
    Meles gone
    Salh of Yemen Gone
    Sudane’s Beshine – on the brink of leaving
    Hussain Mubaraek Gone
    Bush Seniot gone
    Clinton Gone
    Bush Junior gone
    Big eared Obama will be gone too
    Castro and wedi Afom still smoking their cigar:-)Klea beal ferenchit yu sebay !!!

  32. Dani says:

    Kikikikikikikikikikikiki Esats

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