Dr. Birhanu should apologize for the public (Tedla Asfaw)


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34 Responses

  1. solomon says:

    Very funny…..
    I am pretty sure the author of this article is not Ato Tedla Asfaw.

    • keyo says:

      are you kidding?

      The people who attending the meeting are the same people who spend there time on paltalk. There is no open question and answer thing.

      If any one ask some thing different he will be labelled as woyanne and dragged out from the meeting.

      Didn’t you hear what Andargachew said he will going to follow the style of the best democrat leader in the world Issayas.

      so you know what to expect.

      • chala says:

        More question

        1. Why is Eritrea creating more than 20 ethinic base parties if they are for supporting strong ethiopia and if they don’t support ethic policy of woyanne.

        2. What can G7 give to Shabia to make them happy more than what meles gave them before 1998 war. If that all didn’t make them happy and started war what change now?

        3 If Andragachew talk is true about eritria why then Eritrean become the gypcy of africa by become refugee in all the world countries including somalia?

        4.Why is 75% of G7 leaders have a foreign citizen ship?

        5. If eritria is doing good for others why did then become the first country in the history of africa that the african union asked for sanction to UN?

        Africa union didn’t even support libya bombing or sudan sanction but they 100% support except libya under gardaffi in that time all of them vote sanction against eritrea

        6 Is shabia can’t live peacfuly with Yemen, Sudan,Djibouty. how can we trust him to be good to ethiopia.


  2. truth says:

    I agree with Tedla Asfaw, I was deeply disappointed with Andargachew tsige for lionizing the leader of shabia.

  3. Mehret says:

    Who ever the writer is but it is futile to expect G7 gangs to give answers to their words and/or actions due to the simple reason that they dont have one.

  4. addis ababa says:

    don’t be like them
    try to be fair unless you yourself will be anther ESAT, TIGRAY ONLINE, ETHIOPIAN REVIEW AND OTHER.

  5. Eng says:

    Is this how big an issue Ethipia is facing? Or is this a reflection of how small thinking Mr.T.Asesfa is?

  6. Ato says:

    Dr. Brihanu and Ato Andargatchew have to work for a living. ESAT and Ginbot 7 are their livelyhood. So it is all upto us Ethiopian who to support or dessert.

    As for me, I made my mind up! They are upto no good. My advise is the below:
    1) Keep as far away from Ginbot7 and ESAT as possible.
    2) If you can spare change – use your money – directly to sponsor a child or give something to Abebech Gobena or other orphanage.
    3) If you have the gut buy bond for Hidase Dam
    4)Political Party talking about political change chat show in DC or Europe…well, they are nothing more than a sells person.Keep your money away from them.
    5) Stop for a minute – think hard – Then act. Oftentimes stick to your principle and almost always to the side of the truth.

  7. freedom says:

    It is work time. It is not time to gossip! Andargachew said this.. Birhanu said that.. Heros don’t show their heart on cyberspace. I won’t, unlike the writer, expect straight answers from any party on internet. If u have courage go attnend their meeting or discuss your issue with them or write only your opinion mentioning people/authoritis etc… I support any one who could deliver on removing ethinic feefdom and totalitarianism from Ethiopaia. I don’t care where they deliver it from-sudan, kenya, or Eritrea. Woyane slept with devil to make the country unholly.

  8. Aster says:

    Nice analysis but wrong target ! Ask the the Ethiopian leaders who lead us to such kind of fragmented politics, here and there, for a range of causes just to keep their power for a while. Like it or not,be it now or later,the change can’t be stoped by so many mischives & propaganda machineres. Ethiopia can be a a better nation for all, if there is a will from the ruling party. But by pushing all competetors,by labeling different names,by money & propaganda,u can’t change the nacked truth to anything else. Let Berhanu or whoever or whatever keep on asking their right,the answer is expected from Ethiopian government, if not the means of solving our problem will be so coplex & so difficult. But,history has shown repeatedly the olds will not stay for ever & the new changes are coming with might. I wish we could have not gone there but I afraid we do!

  9. w .yilma says:

    I think the writer is confused. It is unclear where he stands. What does he want to say to Ginbot7 and to get what? Apology? Is that enough? Or to give back the $500,000.00 to Shabia? absurd.
    It is insane to expect success from this infantile and an old demagogue ideology followers of Ginbot 7. We should not be a lazy fish to be caught by Ginbot 7 fishermen.
    Unless and otherwise Ginbot 7 or any other opposition political party choose a peaceful struggle, taking arm will not take to Minilik palace. To think this methods by itself is a suicidal. If we have a sanity of mind Ethiopia is not a place for such struggle at this point in time.Simply because Birhanu or Andargachew want arm struggle doesn’t necessary mean the road is smooth. It is foolishness to expect a positive changes from the generation of 70’s. I know there are good and honest people from that time generation, but the majority especially “ha hu yekoterew” generation are the most selfish and wrong thinker.
    Any one who advocate and get assistance from Shabia is an enemy of the Ethiopian people. No mater how Andargachew or Birhanu portraying Isayas, it does not change the true nature of Shabia. I think Andargachew insulted the Eritrean people by being a parrot for Isayas. Andaegachew may not feel what the ordinary Eritrean are feeling or he may not feel their suffering,the agony Shabia has inflicted to them.Because he have a privilege as a VIP, he acted the same way that one time a french Queen has acted in the 18 century. The Queen asked one of her servants why the French people are angry about her. Her servant reply to her “they are complaining against you because they are hungry”. The Queen replied “why not they eat cake”. Andaegachew think the same way the French Queen think in the 18th century.
    No explanation or apologies change the true nature of Shabia and Ginbot 7 marriage. Their nature and behavior is the same. Both are power mongers.Except power people are secondary for them.
    It should be clear that we all need democracy, a rule of law, freedom of speech, work and live in any part of Ethiopia, to abolish article 39, etc… But to achieve this we do not need a support from Shabia. tO ME Any thing coming FROM that country is a threat to us. I do not think it need a rocket science to understand this. Of course there are people like Birhanu and his cohorts who do not have a vision to Ethiopia other than overthrowing EPRDF.
    Birhanu and his cohorts pretty well knew they will never overthrow the EPRDF.
    They simply pretending to be a hero and fishing the Diaspora by raising sensitive issues.
    If you raise arm because you hate some one you do not have a purpose other than killing your “enemy”. Ginbot 7 is the same as this.
    who HATE the EPRDF and do not care other than overtrowing Unless and otherewise we are blind folded and fTO US. Those who denied this are those who do not care about Ethiopian people.
    Let me raise one question for our discussion here. But to discuss on this issue we have to have a sanity of mind, and think critically. Is there a comparison between EPRDF and Shabia? How do we compare and measures their achievement and failure, in terms of economy, education, health, infrastructure and other activities. As far as I am concerned these two countries are not comparable at this time. Ethiopia s achievements in all sphere is by far better than Eritrea. If this is the case why our opposition choose to go to Asmara? To take us back ward or to disintegrate? One think we should understand is this: The main reason why Shabia secede from Ethiopia is to exploit her natural resources by creating week Ethiopia. Shabia never and ever want to see strong Ethiopia. Shabia knows, if Ethiopia is strong Eritrea will be weak state and can not be exist without Ethiopian help. This struggle is going on since the independent of Eritrea. If Shabia knows the prevailing situation, it would have been drop its claim, Eritrean fiasco independent.
    Therefore understanding this reality our so called oppositions should asking themselves two times before they commit crime against their people by aligning with our sworn enemy. Once they put themselves in Isayas shoes I do not think apology is enough to regain acceptance from the Ethiopian people. We have to look the feeling of the Ethiopian people who are living and testing Isayas cruelty not what “Tigabegna” Diaspora says!
    Long Live Ethiopia

    • freedom says:

      “Saydeferis ayteram!”-is the saying in our culture!
      Enjoy your wish alone! The existing iron fist ruling structure in Ethiopia is dumb like your opinion and will never understand peaceful change; neither will it go in peace. This has been tried tested 21 years. Woyane did not come in peace and won’t go in peace. The nature of the rampant corruption, power abuse and uperhand on meager resources added to the uncivilized and arrogant nature of the woyane rulers doesnot comand for peacful cahnge in Ethiopia. Both externa and internal pressure must be applied as needed till the the totalitarian system conceds.

      • Faysal says:

        Who is ging to Take the sacrifice, when push comes to shove? Neither you nor the g7 gang will ever show up for a real battle. You will do the Fukera and Qererto from as far as Washington DC taxi-fermata. The nearest you may come to facing the heat might be Asmara.
        The main problem of the Ethiopian opposition near and far is that they don’t present alternatives. All they have is undying hate, and that is too little to offer for the challenges our nation faces right now.

      • axumawe says:

        @ AIEEE FREEDOM!
        L kererto ma man bloachuh,example
        when Derbush attacks Ethiopia,king yohanes sent a massage to you great grand father to join the battle. never showed up king yohanes paid the only life he have for his country.
        when Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935 your lion king fled-ed the country with his wife and his children to England, but the patriots of Ethiopia defended with there altmet life for the country they love.
        when Derg proceeded :yale menem dem Ethiopia tekdem”hagretuan dem b dem aderegat ena arefew fainaly 34 million dollars and farm in Zimbabwe.
        know brhanu nega and andargew tsige with your support are ya-pen.
        but let me ask you this is brhanus & andarges children going to the battle? is brhanu ,andarg,tamagn you are going to the war front?
        you people are talking, planing like you really mean it ???
        b/c we are going to be there with our short pants and tmelatet sandals believe me,but don’t ever change your mind “shentam”were becha.kkkkkkk

    • laki says:

      “Unless and otherwise Ginbot 7 or any other opposition political party choose a peaceful struggle, taking arm will not take to Minilik palace.”

      Good but today woyane has denied peaceful demonstration of Andinet and Semayawi. Woyane has allowed his own copy cats of the so called “religeous group” while denied all others. Woyane has made impossible any peaceful struggle, even demonstration.

  10. Harere says:

    Ether G7 is right or wrong, I have to liberate my self and fight my own war. G7 is not elected to do what they do now.

  11. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Does the writer of this article mean to say ‘apologize to the public’ when he wrote ‘apologize for the public’? I am part of the public and the public does not have anything to apologize for. I would not touch Ginbot 7 or those so-called ‘National Liberation Front’ who are profiting and making a comfortable living in the name of ethnic groups like my own Oromo people with a 14-ft pole. How can you justify accepting money from a proven despot and merciless killer like Afewerki? Do you think he is that stupid to dish out monetary aid from his meager coffer with out a sinister scheme attached to it? How? And above all, I don’t support those who are bent on violence to bring about regime change. I have learnt from lifetime observation that despotic regime have life expectancies relative to the march of the economic progress in their countries. I can name of many countries in our life time that have cast away despots as a result of economic growth. Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, South Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and to some extent Malaysia are perfect examples of our times. Economic progress has political dividends in its own rights. On the contrary, in the countries where despots ruled with out any economic progress we still see peoples of those countries being victimized by 2nd or 3rd generation thugs. CAR, Somalia, FDR of Congo, Sudan, Guinea and the entire African continent with possible exceptions of Ghana, Senegal, Botswana and Liberia, Venezuela and Haiti are glaring examples. Don’t start with me with the Middle East and countries of the former Soviet Union. All these African countries had had all the opportunities of the world way back in the 1960’s and 70’s to engage their countries in productive economic programs. But what they did was instead engage in wholesale murders and broad daylight robberies. Some of them were downright comical. They seemed to have found the magic wand for economic development. They were busy changing the names of their countries. Fortune tellers had become experts in economics. And everything ‘took off’ after that. Swiss banks accounts ballooned to astronomical proportions. And we were (are) told that was(is) meant to be economic progress. Their children bought and are still buying properties of entire blocks. They amass collections of exotic and expensive sport cars. Dahomey became Benin, Upper Volta became Burkina Faso, Republic of Congo chose to be called Kinshasa and back to FDR of the Congo (Make up your mind please!!) on and on and on to ad nauseum. Ladies and gentlemen that is what is called sound economic reform!!! Africa style, that is!!!! What a shame!!! A low down dirty shame!!!!

    As I said before, enough with violence!!! That means no more violence!!!

  12. Hagos says:

    Dawit, I think you’re confused; I don’t understand why you always try to attack ESAT and Ginbot 7 when it is TPLF that is actually killing the country. I thought, at least you said so and we the Ethiopian people believed you, they forced you to leave your country. They persecuted you, not Ginbot 7 or ESAT. At least they protect the country’s territorial integrity and promote its national interest. What’s wrong with Ginbot 7’s strategic alliance with Eriterian gov’t to get rid of TPLF? Didn’t TPLF use that same strategy before? I know you have motive in doing what you’re doing but believe me there is no way you or TPLF could stop people’s the urging wave.

    Good day

    • suleman says:


      The author of the article is “Mr Tedla asfaw” and not “Mr Dawit kebede”. You are just biting the wrong dog.

    • axumawe says:

      use your head,thick tray to understand 21st century politics.you can argue with fundamental proof for our country’s political and social development and peoples life time change.
      Ethiopia have been gone for over 120 years ruling of one Ethnic group of superiority The Amharas.
      No more!! Ethiopia is the home land of more than 80 Ethnic groups and those different groups need to be herd for their god given voice,not any more we well tell you what is best for you kind of the Amharas way of thinking.
      This is Tplf(EPRDFs)Policy.the Amharas don’t like it, but it is to bad.
      know they are taring to tell as one people,one nation,one language,one flag.
      we are saying one people collectively,but different Ethnics separately.
      one flag as a nation but we have our identity as Ethnic groups.
      we have national language as a nation, but we have our mother tong as Ethnics and so on. no body well imposed his/her mind in to my way of life or thinking. i know who i am, you can’t tell me what is good for me. i am not going to tell you what is good for you either but we can cooperate what is good for all of as as Ethiopians in general,as a nation end of story. stop telling as your old way of Ethiopia it is gone with mengestu,haile selaseand it well never ever come back to the new Ethiopia tanx to woyane and Eprdf !!!

  13. John says:

    I am being censored,I thought awramba times was a democratic website.I know better now the motive of awrambatimes.I should have heared to a friends advice.

    (Admin Note: Dear John, we actively encourages commenting on news stories. We are dedicated to this forum and strive to maintain a respectful, engaging and informative conversation. This forum does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults, nor does it tolerate intentional attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response. These types of comments will be censored and even removed.)

  14. Abe says:

    I never thought Tedla Asfaw is this much bone headed. Who cares if Issayas is a dictator. Sudan’s Numeri was dictator; Somalia’s Ziadbarie was dictator; but woyanies were working with them to remove the Derg and they did it. Come on Tedla, are you so retarted to question freedom fighter not to go to Eritrea? You cannot do popular uprising from Ethiopia. The country is so interconnected you will be Agazi’s super in two hours; there is no alternative Dedebit that can hide you. I think your mind is in the Italian Invasion era when you talk of popular uprising. Educate yourself, if you are so naive, before you show up in public forum such as this.

  15. Multu says:

    Very interesting article.

    The road to power in Addis Ababa goes through Asmara. TPLF is a living proof.

    TPLF depended not only on Eritrea but also on Somalia, Sudan, Egypt and the CIA.

    Don’t be hypocrites and confuse the issue.

    Ethiopian opposition should get help from everywhere. It worked for TPLF. It will work for Amharas, Oromos, Ogadenis, Sidamas, etc.

  16. aipo says:

    Can any one give me an e. g. of a country that the government is elected/won by peaceful demonistration?

  17. MomaEthiopia says:

    “..Dr. Birhanu should apologize for the public..” are you serious? for what? Does it matter who owns ESAT? who is behind ESAT? How do you know if there is woyane behind Awaramba Times? I don’t agree with Dawit all the time but he gave us an opportunity to express ourselves so it is up to me to read or visit his site but i never ask who is behind it. what it counts is the message they deliver.Apologize? where is your letter asking woyane to apologize beating up people on the street? some people just need to get a life.

  18. GENDS says:

    To me the man called him self Asfaw is Dawit himself, There is one ETHIOPIAN Saying “TIGRE HONO WOYANE AYIDELEHUM malet BAHIR WUST GEBTO WUHA Alnekagnim Endemalet new”
    Dawit what ever you say WE KEEP SUPPORTING ESAT.
    Viva ESAT.

    • Axumite says:

      I think you meant “every Tigre is Jegna” and it happens to be a God given gift. We can’t help it. Please let us respect one another though.

  19. Akmel says:

    “How do you know if there is woyane behind Awaramba Times? I don’t agree with Dawit all the time but…

    There is something called evidence! If you have evidence we are all ears. But to utter anything in the hope of washing away real and concrete evidence is mere stupidity!

  20. michael says:

    By whom is the rebletion front lead? If it lead by FACE BOOK Gen. Brhanu Nega that is nice.

  21. YARED says:

    Ethiopians are smart and GOD loving peoople and knows who is good and bad for them. G-7,the shaebia infested idiots,like Berhanu and Endargachew? you must be kidding? Every body know that these idiots work for money and that big cash $$$ is coming through the hand of Isayas and hence Isayas is “MAN OF THE YEAR” which is the slogan of Elias Kifle the half casted Eritrean. Have ever heard Berhanu or Endarkachew mentioned about ASSAB? Never ever and this is a litmus paper for identifying a sold out IDIOTS. So ignore these idiots and keep your money in your pocket or give it to your family..

  22. seyoum77 says:

    The day before yesterday while I was flipping through the channels I happen to hit the remote and there comes ESAT. I watched Ato Andargachew Tsige making a speech in front of an audience.He was uttering the usual gibberish and accusations about woyane. Particularly Andargache accused the late Prime Minster for the plight of Ethiopians in the Arab counties. Andagachew wished that the body of the late Prime Minster be exhumed and thrown away.

    Andargachew is a sick and perverted individual who is blinded by hatred.

  23. kaleb says:

    u people (z so called diasporas) what is wrong wiz u men? still u r on ur dirty politics? open ur eyes and see how z country is moving forward. if andargachew gave zat comment about isayas and if it is true zat g7 has any link wiz isayas these people pose huge threat more than isayas himself. isayas is not z enemy of eprdf or tplf. he is z enemy of ethiopia. still he is dreaming to disintegrate ethiopia. it seems he is not a man waking up from his dream. for z diasporas: open ur eyes & see how z country is changing. only u r unchanging. we would like u to cotribute on this change and zer r many ways to do so. otherwise mind ur own business & leave us alone

  24. BBT says:

    kaleb,Seyoum77,and Yared you are the dirty puppies of TPLF.You have eyes ,but they don’t see,you have ear,but they don’t.Your minmind knows the truth,but you denied the truth.You’re definately the benificiary and mouthpiece of the regime.Wethere you believe or not the independence of Ethiopia and Ethiopians will not far.Great Victory for Ethiopian people.

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