Ethiopia Admits Imposing New Restrictions Against Jailed Journalist


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20 Responses

  1. meron says:

    hahaha the poor shimels–who may thought you this new point? hahaha,
    The most abusively and over utilized person in woyane politics is so called shimeles kemal.

    I am sure he will one of the most regretful person when justice come to Ethiopia!

    Teshenafi, feri—-

    • Sisay A says:

      The girl beeing advised badly. She must be watching and reading ESAT and ER too much to believe they will save her from DC.

      She shouldn’t participating taking picture of falling electric poll or telephone line and passing to Elias Kifle just to get a couple of dollar is not right.

      she should have trust the opposition back home and work with them instead of trusting the 5 star hotel meeting oppositions in diaspora.

      • bendo says:

        In Africa if you want the rule not to work on you and if you want to do any thing you want with the protection of the west call your self journalist.

        Who gave journalist extra right than the rest of the people when they don’t live according to the rule of the country?

    • Mekdes says:

      Meron. I hope you r not Ahadu Sabure’s daughter, but who gave you a right to threaten and intimidate z officials from 6,000 miles. She is an elementary school school teacher who is collaborating with Elias Kiflom who was qorking day and night to destroy Ethiopia with Is Ass Afwerki. Shimelis is law graduate who is standinn to defend his country . He is right she is elementary teacjer not a journalist. They should ban her sissteer also 4 mentioning the name of the prison oficial onESAT. She was abusing he cellmates according to her mother and her sidter explsnation on ESAT. Haimanot the x colonel was a prisoner like her so she is in no posotion to be treated more. Badmouthing thegovernment will not help her in the future. She is like every prisoner. She was supposed to think twice before she was dealin with Elis kiflom. Is there any law a prisoner can right a letter by defaming the goverment. Good decisiin Shimelis Kemal. People like Meron as long as they get some change they will make the y will sale the country.

      • Ewnetu says:

        Mekdes – I hope you end up in kaliti, ziway or one of these woyane gulags and think of what these prisoners of conscience are passing through! You are passing judgement on Reyot’s sister – and Reyot, who by international standard is recognized and awarded as a journalist – while defending kemal(am), who – like samora and his other bosses – must have bought his degree as the way he conducts himself exposes his true identity – illeterate!

    • Name (required) says:

      U guys! U r always dreaming to be poletical leader of our common beloved country. If somebody has the ambition to be a leader of Ethiopia his poletical party shall have genuin poletical program that serves all people and the people shall coment the program.I have dout u can forward 2 or 3 pages unless u copy from EPRDF program. Most of u are from the group of either Haileslass or Mengstu both groups have no the knowledge or educational poletical background of nation & nationalitis . So if u come to power by chance u will not stay for weeks. Most of u r from the same ethnic group so that u can’t satisfy most of the people interest.

  2. Dude says:

    She may not be a journalist but this freaken Shemeles dude one hell of woyane … Your day is numbered boy! U will perish with your masters woyane. Till then though, keep spreading woyane poison !

  3. abbiyy says:

    Not everyone who writes is a Journalist and not all Journalist’s or Journalistic activities are sacrosanct, beyond the remit of the law or constitution.
    This lady was working with the openly violent group, G7, and has been convicted in an open court of charges made under the law of the land.
    CPJ really need to find itself more worthy causes because, at least for me, I am just seeing this outfits as irrelevant at best and very condescending at worst since they show no respect for the law as they are in Ethiopia.

    • Sofanit says:

      Who drove G7 to be violent? Woyane
      Who killed innocent bystanders and those who opposed the election results in 2005? woyane
      Who stole more than 20 billion dollars and put them in offshore accounts? woyane
      Who is still killing and commiting countless crimes against humanity in Ethiopia?
      It definately is not G7.
      So I would say Woyanes are the ones that supposed to be in prison not people like Reeyot Alemu.

      If most Ethiopians were not suffering from iron deficiency they would not have been intimidated by Woyane this much. Woyane would have been buried long time ago if only Ethiopians got iron supplements that would bring back their manhood spirit.Brave women would not have languished in jail if enough nutritional iron was available for the young male.The young is suffering from addictions and malnutrition, due to this reason many young people cannot function well and choose to migrate rather than fighting for their rights in their own country.

      • abbiyy says:

        I take it you are a DIY nutritionist. Or the ‘iron’ is some sort of euphemism for arms and thus violence. If so it just shows how casual and lazy your views of deadly violence, lost lives, ruined families, lost economic opportunities and subsequent poverty are.
        It is ridiculous that you blame your own appetite for violence on others.
        G7 wants violence, any violence will do really. Jihadist, ethnocentric, nationalist or foreign is a matter of detail and convenience for the mercifully toothless G7.

      • Ash says:


        Dear Sofanit!

        woyane, as government have the right to KILL to stop u from breaking the law and order look Egypt, Yemen, somilia and sryia u want Ethiopia to become like them the government have the right to protect law and order…u can’t do revolution …u think u have the right to burn the city down hiding behide the government can’t kill u..

        Second woyane government also have a right self protection…the cud revolution try to oust Woyanne by force they where marching to the palace to burn the palace are u saying meles should have been setting duck for cud mob to be leached on top of three.

  4. Alex says:

    አይ የዎያኔ ነገር ማዋረድ ክብራችሁ ሆኖ ቀረ:: በጣም ያሳዝናል መምህር የሆነ ሰው ጋዜጠኛ ለመሆን ዎይም ስለጭቆና ለመጻፍ ምንድን ነው የሚያቅተው? ማንም ደደብ ከጫካ የመጣ እንኳ ሃገር መሪ ነኝ እያለ 20 አመት እመራን ነው ያለው:: እስኪ እርዮትን የምትሰድቡ ካድሬዎች የናንተን የዎያኔ ጀኔራሎች የትምርት ደረጃ ንገሩን? መለስ የሃገር መሪ ሲሆን ዲግሪ እንኳ ነበረው እንዴ? እረ እባካችሁ ሰው ማዋረድ ተው ወደፊት የማይጠፋ ቅራኔ አትፍጠሩ:: ከሁሉም ነገር መለስን የምጠላው በራሱ የማይተማምን ከመሆኑ የተነሳ ሌሎቹን ለማዋረድ የሚያደርገውን ተንኮል ነው:: ክፉ ሰው:: ደጉን የትግራይን ህዝብ አስጠቁሮ እንዲሁም በኤርትራም ህዝብ በኢትዮጵያም ህዝብ የጎሪጥ እንዲታይ አድርጎ በመሄዱ እጅግ አዝናለሁ:: ትግራይን ዳር አገር አድርጎ ከግሉ ልማት እንዲርቅ አድርጎ የሄደ የማይረባ መሪ::

  5. Ali says:

    CPJ is a poloticale organtione.
    Whay are to close with the criminal journalst.
    Are they give award to those profosinale jourst? The answer is no
    CPJ false organtione.
    I do not blive on CPJ or heuman rihteto me the they are politksian
    Pls CPJ or other western organization respect the counters low

  6. Gebez says:

    She is professionally an elementary school teacher.

  7. WeiGud says:

    Look at what Ali wrote. “CPJ is a poloticale organtione … I do not blive on CPJ or heuman rihteto me the they are politksian … western organization respect the counters low”. These are the people who lead our country today … Educated Ethiopians left the country disgusted by Woyane thugs and the likes of Shimeslis, and now you have someone like Ali on the driver seat … Melkam Menged!!!!!!

    • Mekdes says:

      The guy writes better than Tamagne amd Abebe Gelebaw. Who told you that he is one of the elites leading the ciuntry? Andargachew or Burhanu. Those are the people registering the double digit economic growth. If you thinking he is one of them I will salute them.

  8. ASTER says:

    “She is professionally an elementary school teacher and occasionally writing to a little known circulation won’t make her a journalist” he said
    Then,the question should be who r the journalist ? ETV ? Addis zememen ? Weyene ? I don’t get it!
    Actually,u can’t make her less by calling her an elementary school teacher,it is a right place where our future leaders are shaped in good maner & Ethics. It is a noble task to give once time & effort for the good of our children than to the corrupt & merciless leaders! Mind ur mouth Mr. Shemeles,it isn’t a CHAT & u can’t swallow it easyly!!

  9. axumawe says:

    i belie any one have the right to write what ever he/she chooses to write. i am writing to, but does this writing makes me a journalist ?
    let me live this to my die hard neftegnoch.
    because some one have a phd,doesn’t mean a sheet.the person can be just a clay head.
    useless he/she used that knowledge to serve his/her community (society).
    but in my experience most of Ethiopian diaspora such Educated individuals attached it with personal egoistic ful- felment to be seen as they are some one to be looked,what it makes me intellectual is how i use(serve) my intellect to make a deference in my community end of story.
    you know i am sorry to say this but when a medical student can’t be a doctor,he/she Chang to dentist,
    when he/she can;t be a dentist they be came a animal doctors but look at the Taitl doctor.ok doctors !!
    the seam thing with phd of economics,psychology,Trappist and so on,
    the suddenly be came politicians kkkkkkkk
    and know they are telling every body they care about Ethiopia blabla blabla!!!
    look at Elias he say i am one of the lucky one i run kkkkkkk but know he is fighting for the Ethiopian people,brhanu nega he run but know he is fighting for the Ethiopian people.
    Andargei he run but know he is fighting for the Ethiopian people
    Tamagn he run but he is fighting for The Ethiopian people.
    Sesay agenaw he is killed so many youth of Ethiopia when derg was destroyed by woyen he run know he is fighting for Ethiopia,
    like a father like a son,so do haile selase,
    so do mengest hail mariam.
    meron who is fere ??????who runs by abandoning the Ethiopian people ?????
    not woyen,not Eprdf.
    as all ways long live Ethiopia !
    long live Woyen !
    long live Eprdf !
    pc and love to all of as

  10. Lemma says:

    Is prison now in Ethiopia a holiday resort? I read journalists writing articles from prison cells in Ethiopia? Eskinder Nega, Andualem, Reyoot,… writing articles from prison cells? I am wondering what type of prison are these? I have never heard prisoners communicating with outside society via internet? It seems the prisons in Ethiopia are not prisons? May holiday camps? What type of laws allow prisoners to communicate with the outside world? Eskinder writing to Europe, USA, … asking to overthrow EPRDF because he is in prison and for him to become another Ethiopian Hamid Karzai? Reyot Alemu complaining about other prisoners to European or Americans? why is she a different prisoner? Why she must be treated differently from the rest of the prisoner? why is EPRDF scared of this jouranlist? Does EPRDF know this the 21 century Gugusa Hailelassie of Ethiopia? they are modern bandas. They are employed by Redhawks electtronic herds called neoliberals. They get paid money from the neoliberal messiah budget of Washington consensus. They are given scholarships, financial supports and they are hired.

    Why do you think Ethiopians journalists are pomped with awards by USA institutions? you may not know but let me tell you, all the journalists agencies are American government neoliberal or electronic herd 21 century soldiers. CPJ is not concerned about anything, but about the project called Washington consensus. This is clearly put guideline in the constitution of Washington consensus that American media agency set up, and work together with American universitties and sponsor agents by giving money, scholarships and other benefits and promote free market economy called Americanism. I am not sure if Ethiopian leaders know about this neoliberal programme. CPJ and other USA based journalistic agencies and …. are on mission. There is something wrong with the prison law in Ethiopia anyway.Why are people allowed to communicate with the Europe, USA from prison? something is stinking there.

  11. adwa says:

    Let me asky a simply question for the extremist diaspora, will you prefer the down fall of ‘woyane’ at what ever cost. Let us assum that we have a garrantee that Ethiopia will be one of the developed countries in the coming five years, but for this to happen EPRDF should continue leading the country. So what would be your choice?
    I learn from the political ghistory of my countru the fact that changing governments has not been a difficult issue; what we failed to have is the history of changing a government with a better government. For this to happen, genuine change needs a true love and devotion for the country and its people. Hatred, inferriority/supperiority complex, historical revenges… can lead a better life. Please think of the coming generation, dont spoil its future.. The degree of your wish for the socio-economic development of your country is much less that the degree of your b lind hate and complex to the ruling pary

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