Kenya mall attack leaves at least 30 dead


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4 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Today is a sad day for peace loving Kenyan people. This is something more a human being can endure.
    I would like to extend my deep condolences to all victims and victim families. May God be with you thorough all these difficult times.
    We knew very well, Ethiopia is one of the best target of Al shebab and Eritrea affiliated home grown terrorist organization But Thanks to our tireless working security forces and police officers, Ethiopia is the least affected.
    Up to now it was possible to protect and defuse terrorist plot in Ethiopia through a structure designed by the state apparatus and the implementation of anti-terrorism law. Presently the terrorism structure and tactic has immensely changed in Ethiopia and when opposition parties and few Muslim extremists are coming into the mix, everything looks to be beyond control.
    Semayawi and Andinet parties are the proof in the pudding.
    Where in the world a state allow to operate terrorism affiliated opposition party given all the protection under the law. You would mention no country. On this regard Ethiopia is a good example, bad example.
    The Ethiopia law clearly indicates Ginbote 7, OLF and ONLF as a terrorist organization. The head of Semayawi and Anidenet party is in Ethiopia but their neck is in Eritrea, as Ginbote 7. I am always puzzed why the government of Ethiopia failed to say a spade is a spade.
    What more justification do we need, semayawi, Andinete and Ginbote 7 are three and one party at same time.

    If we are to wait happening a honorably and worse attack than we saw today in Keneya. That is completely fine, it won’t take long..
    We candidly advise the government, to harden the law and give no space for those oppositions who always mistaken violence with peaceful demonstration.
    In the light of terrorism attack plot across the board of east Africa, If tomorrows semayawi party demonstration is allowed to happen in Addis,….then I am pretty much convinced Al shebaba and Eritrea government had a strong hold in Ethiopia….And we are lost the game

  2. yohannes says:

    @teshome u right 100%

  3. Dmbulo says:

    Certainly, it is a wake up call to Ethiopia. These, extremist thugs will never hesitate to commit similar or worse atrocity in Ethiopia if they get the opportunity. I am just hoping the Ethiopian government would tighten security, protect our people and hunt down anyone who wants to harm our society. The government of Ethiopia is vindicated for categorizing those so-called opposition groups as terrorist organizations because they allied themselves with Eritrea which has been the backer of Alshabab for so long. It is pretty shameful to see “Ginbot7” with Alshabab on the payroll of the Eritrean government.

  4. Habtamu S says:

    It is really very sad to trapped innocent people and killed them for rubbish political and power lust. Ya I agree that Ethiopia is and will be their best target and one ask here that, why those terrorist had no chance to did so? Yes Ethiopia has firmed structured security forces that are commendable and disciplined compare to other African security force. But what most important is the people that Ethiopians are never cooperate with such evil action for such thing needs assistance from within. In other word whether we have a political question on the current government, we are not naturally cooperate with others especially to such radical and cave man groups in any way. Any way we should alert and vigilant at all time to save us from such evil done no matter what is our attitude towards Ethiopian government. Thank you

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