How safe is Ethiopia from Al-Shabab Terror Attacks? (Video)


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30 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Meles was creating a mess in Somalia. Suzan Rice is not going to help us if Al-Shebab or Al-Qaeda start creating a mess in Ethiopia.
    Ethiopian security force a joke when we compare it with Al-Qaeda…
    The only job of Ethiopian security force is to jail peaceful opposition parties.

    • FBI says:

      Mr Alex if you know how good are al shebab al quita you must be a member of this terrorist group watch what are you saying dude think before u post something like this

      • LogicY says:

        Hi, Ethiopian security is not easily penetrable whether you like it or not.
        One big reason for this may be is that the people itself is in watch. Besides the security force is one of the best in Africa. you better accept the reality before you plan something bad.

      • ilula lemma says:

        do not try scare individuals for their comment. It is true we need to be vigilant against terrorist attack and Ethiopian security forces need to do more to protect such treat.That is what ALEX try to warn our security officials.
        Please, do not be an obstacle for genuine idea on on our blog.

  2. yohannes says:

    we have a wondefull security force I proud by our securty force!! long live to Ethiopia !!! most of our enmy they knows !!! we have a strong government “!!

    • keb says:

      Thank you Johannes those people who undermine our security are our enemies they don’t want the progress what we have seen in Ethiopia

  3. Embasoleda says:

    Mr Alex, If Ethiopian security were a joke, we could bee witnessing the same things happening in Ethiopia, but thanks to the Ethiopian security, and EDF forces that they have been able to keep Ethiopia safe from those anti peace terrorists. However, you like or not, one of the Ethiopian force duty is to hunt and bring those criminal to justice. By the way, what makes you to say that “the Ethiopian security forces are a Joke to compare with Alshebab/Al-Kahida”? Well, you just sound one of those who would like to see distraction and terrorism activities happening in Ethiopia.. LOL. If we were to take you as serious, we could been terrorized by your statements…LOL.

  4. Mekato Shopkeeper says:

    Awramba, what are you wishing on us? For god’s sake please find something else to obsess about. If that happens it’s because of the endless propaganda by minority regime and its honchos like this website. If that happens, that will be the beginning of the end of EPRDF. For the Ethiopian people (over 50% Muslims) will not stand for the divide and rule scheme of this website or the minority regime in Ethiopia. Ethiopians know who is really a terrorist. Let alone your heartlessness, Abehsa knows a fly who has one eye. Got it bro?

    • kebraraw says:

      mekato shop, ethiopian government is a legitmate and elected government by the people of ethiopia muslims and christians excluding terrorists like you, and if you are dreaming to see naironi kind or attack in ethiopia let me make it clear that you will never see it or if in case tried to be then the terrorists and their supporters like you will be brought to justice before you do any harm God bless ethiopia long live beloved country

  5. Kedir Ebba says:

    who is Al-Shabab? Is Ethiopia in Somalia?

  6. axumawe says:

    MY opinion in this mater is not different from pm melese’s answer,as he put it, if the government make one mistake they will find the opportunity to create a mess.but what i want to add here is, every citizen have responsibility to protect his/her country from any attack.b/c any attack have a regional source. any attack is not going to happen from out side or by any outsider.
    No body wants to see human safariing in any cases, but when you strive for development and success there are people that well never be happy in your success or development why ???
    Because it is not in there best interest.
    if we see our countries economical,social,technological strive, there are those who rather die from seeing mother Ethiopia Exiled in the goals which have been planed. who are those people or groups or countries it is not a hidden thing to all of as.
    Egypt,Shabia,most of the Arab countries,AL-Sheba,g7,extreme muslimes,you name it.this groups and organizations they are taring to do any thing and every thing to destabilize our country ,b/c all of them have there interest on the out fall of Ethiopia,it is obvious.
    but if we sit down and ask our self why?
    the answer is simple it is our profound long history.
    The golden Ethiopian history we are different.
    Brother & sisters have you read our history ?
    Among so many books let me suggest this book,as pure Ethiopiawe to see how fare our governing system was magnificent and modern back then and looked at to “as An exemplary” to the other world. Special THE PERSIANS,SO PLEASE,READ (Persian civilization)by Herodotus then you may be proud to be Ethiopiawe and you may think twies for any action you have in mind to harm your country.
    also you may see who is who based on the fact of our long standing history as Ethiopians in general.
    you may see,who is ling to who ?
    you may see not western civilization, Ethiopian civilization is more moderate from the beginning. and even those, it seems we are taking it from them by following or(sounding)western civilization!!! no,no on,no,no it is our Ethiopian civilization.
    you may look around,be for sleeping with your enemies.
    you may think be for you speak as Ethiopiawians.
    you may say i love this country called ETHIOPIA.
    YOU may feel the pried you have inside of you how precious is to be called ETHIOPIAN !! and you well protect your country all around,terrorism or any attack.You won’t seal your Ethiopia for any amount of money or power for 4 killo,well you ??? i mean
    if you are really Ethiopiawe any ways.
    Brothers & sisters,can’t be stopped any harm from evils B/c it is un predictable,un expected & spontinous,but if we opened our eyes & ears to protect our self, we did our part for our nation just protect your self. End of story!! “protect your self individually.
    If we are protecting individual, we are protecting our country collectively.even though,it is the governments job to protect its citizens, only thepeople can stopped or prevented the evil action of terrorism, citizens have to have full participation,if not the danger well knock every door,may be it can be your door 1st or min.
    as all ways proud Ethiopiawe
    Long live Ethiopia !
    long live Eprdf !
    long live Woyen !
    if we are united we can beat any “Shertam” b/c we did it for years any ways.

  7. kamera says:

    Dawit is becoming the cyber version of Shimelis Kemal, lol

  8. denden says:

    thought the devil was reincarnated!! ho ho

    • Mess says:

      go to areza ,nakfa .that is where you belong stay away from awramba .how many times shoud I tell you or you don’t get it unless you takeoff your plastic shida shoes.dedeb

  9. Obvious Question says:

    Ask BIRHANU NEGA & ELIAS KIFLE who openly receive $$$ from UN sanctioned Eritrea, who shelter and arm Al Shabab!

  10. nadya says:

    In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate(???) Go Out and Kill Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus!

    Over the last 1400 years, 270 million non-believers were murdered by Muslim jihadists.
    Islam destroyed the Christian Middle East and Christian North Africa.
    It is estimated that upwards of 60 million Christians were slaughtered during this conquest.
    Also, half the Hindu civilization was annihilated and 80 million Hindus murdered.
    Islamic jihad also destroyed over 10 million Buddhists.
    In other words, Islam is a killing machine.

    • naif karaa says:

      really you are double face sharpened and intoxicated are among those who defame the islamic tolerance with other are acting like people whose mouth more talks without knowledge of mind.may allah guide you.

  11. Asawe says:

    Poor Kenya! Blindly following Ethiopia’s example of war adventure in Somalia. Ethiopia knows what war is like not Kenya. Before you go to war make sure your flank is defended. What is happening in Kenya is inexperience. I feel sad for the loss of lives but that is what Kenya should have thought about before sending its army over a couple of white tourists. If I recall correctly Al Shabab even offered to retyurn the kidnapped hostages but Kenya would have none of it. Now how can it defend itself against terrorists? At the very least it should ask AU to replace its troups with African troups further away from Somalia, send its lazy army to guard its borders.

  12. Meaza says:

    Alshebaba is not worse than Ethiopian Federal police. Ethiopian security forces are also terrorists who terrorize opposition political party, journalists and all other peaceful people. So what is the different between the two? Is there any one who can tell me their difference? Who is terrorizing Ethiopian people this time? is it alshebab or EPRDF force? is it alshebab or Ethiopian federal police? is it alshebab or Shimelis kemal and others?? So the struggle should be with EPRDF forces not with alshebab.

    • Gost says:

      what a fu… women are you? why don’t fight and freed Ethiopia

    • kelly says:

      no one, u r terrorizing by urself. do u thing that u fight for peace, u know the meaning of terrorism, in my opinion no , u don’t. till now i didn’t affected by terrorism of EPRDF, WHAT do u think the reason, because i didn’t participate in disturbing public peace, i wouldn’t involve in terrorism activities. may be r addis to this country or to this earth who grown up in a week. and people who grown up like this couldn’t able to analyse, because may be they are selfish.

      • Meaza says: you really know what you wrote? antema ye woyane firefari eyebelah endet woyane lante terorist lihone yichilal? I tell you again Woyane is internationally recognized terrorist same as Aleshebab. Haven’t you heard this? if not read more or ask your friends starting from today. A bunch of kids like you are under woyane umbrella.

    • Samuel says:

      God what is wrong with u. Should have to thank God for living in a such blessed and peaceful country. Think what ur life would be if alshabab is control of Eth. But in realty that will never and never come cause of our respected military. Beside our country is and has been the land of promise for GOD will protect us from any harm. If u had clue of what eth is u be should jumping and enjoying in the persuit of happiness. My sister let me tell one thing just beleive in JESUS and u will see. May the will and blessing of God be with u.

  13. addis boy says:

    we miss PM. Meless.
    this is wat the islamists want to bring in Ethiopia too, haji nejib,jawar mohammed and sell out Tamagn beyene …..
    ……people did you heard, they let go the musslims and massacar the christan aka kafirs.
    comming soon to ethiopia ! if we don’t fight back….

  14. Fukeraw says:

    Though we should not be wishing similar thing happening in Ethiopian. But are big difference Kenya and Ethiopia.

    First thing is that Ethiopian Muslism are far outnumbered, more integrated and more indigenous/mature than the Kenyans. Whatever has happened in the past, they see themselves as stake holders, not marginalized minorities like Kenyans.Secondly, politically, psychologically and culturally Kenya is more dependent on the West, specially the deceit policy of the dirty British. They still manipulate and use it like semi-colonial turf, which encourages further discord of religious and class/tribe among natives. Second, unlike Kenya where daylight corruption and bribery disabled any effective administration or security, Ethiopian politicians and Security apparatus are doing better by identifying early troublemakers and strangers: first check up in the borders, along with regional admin and communities, and then in Addis, where they figure out anything out of ordinary.

  15. seyoum777 says:

    I really miss that great leader of ours, His excellency Prime Minister Melese Zenawi. Had it not be for the visionary leadership of Meles, Allshabab would haven been by now the dominant force in Somalia. Thank you Melese for crashing the backbone of Alshabab.

  16. Ash says:

    It is all drama! Blue party leaders told me…

  17. Goodman says:

    If some of you guys are directly and indirectly mewing for the lightening attack from the guerillas I am sure that you have your back bones broken for good. Talking big nad doing big are two different things so why don’t you keep your mouth shut and mind your business in peace when you are not under attack?

    You see the kenyan example, the whole army, police and the security forces were completely defeated for four long days and would have suffered for months or for ever if Israeli commandos from far away did not rash fast to intervene and do the direty job for them.

    To this day, the Kenyan authorities know practically nothing because most of the fighters escaped both by car and by foot as aresult of which the police and military only arrested peaceful bystanders. The Kenyan police also arrested a physically bruised Somali ethnic with western nationality claiming that he is one of the terrorists while he was boarding a plane heading for his home country. But his home land western government said that the guy is not at all any terrorist and demanded his immediate release. Then the Keyan authorities said that they have killed a White women who was taking part in the assault but could not privide any proof even though she is said to have been killed in the very early ours of the assault.

    And then came very funny news, to the effect that there is not any woman participant in the mall occupation but probabily a man wearing femal wig. So, up to now all what the Keyans know is that they know nothing. This also means that it is better for us Ethiopians to do what we are good at, that is to say, ” Thank you meles for being with us for a while. Too bad Meles for having been with us for a while” of course depending on our political and economic benefits or deprivetions during the rule of Zenawi.

    Last but not least, how can Shabab even thinks to come closer to Ethiopia unless on a trip in civian cloths and football suits to eat Doro wot and fresh injera while the mighty hands of our current living prime minister is intact and doing very well? haa!

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