Dialogue with Andargachew Tsige (Abraham Yayeh)


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12 Responses

  1. w .yilma says:

    First it is easy to talk about war, as long as you are in your comfort zone, no idea what war means, and what it brought or societies. As long as you and your families are in comfort zone it is easy to instigate war and call others to sacrifices. A sacrifice which consumed a million lives brings neither peace nor prosperity to both people. This is what Ethiopian and Eritrean elites are doing for half century and they are asking us again blood spill. The poor are calling to spill blood again and agin. What I believe is that this trick will not work again.
    There is an Ethiopian say “ke Ahiya gar yewalech Tija fes temera timetalech” . This is the right word for this naive Ethiopian opposition. It becomes true that Shaba is making them an Ethiopian Ghost and Vampire to suck and spill blood again. As if the past bloodshed is not enough, our own people are now preaching us only Shabia and Isayas are the only options to bring us democracy, peace and prosperity. I do not understand what the secret behind this deceiving intention. To me this is not only a day light lie but a crime to force us believes that Shabia is a saver for us. To me it is an insult for Ethiopians.
    I do not know what is beefing in the minds of infamous Ginbot 7 and others like Abraham Yayeh. What should be clear here is that they hate their own one specific group, but Shabia hate all Ethiopians. It is true as Andargachew and Abraham has confessed, Shabia and Isayas can do whatever they could. But it is only until they created a favorable precondition for Shabia to finish his home works others assigned him to do. Shabia is smarter than these idiot individuals. Isayas knows his first attempt with EPRDF/TPLF was failed and he is conducting an experiment in assumption this one might works to finish his dream, a dream to disintegrate Ethiopia. I do believe because the majority of Ethiopian people are smart, this will never happen, and will fail, and it may be the end of both Shabia and the so called Banda, Ethiopian opposition stationed in Asmara. If these idiots failed to understand their action is a destructive and continue to do what they are doing, the Ethiopian government should take appropriate measure before things come out of hands. Ethiopia has the right to protect itself from a real danger.
    Why we invade Somalia? And what is the difference between then and now? Or is there a secret as it is gossiping between the EPRDF and Shabia? For how long the threat is coming from Eritrea? As far as I knew we Ethiopia do not have a policy to cause harm the Eritrean people and their government. But what are they doing against us? For how long we allow this to continue? For how long our solders will stay in trenches? Are we serious to continue as a country?
    What is not clear here is the silence of the Ethiopian government. I am not a person who appreciates war. We know war consumed us for more than a century. War is a destructive and waste of opportunities for development. But there is time as a country we should decide between war and peace, to get lasting peace. For nearly 50 years we do not have peace with Eritrea. We gave them independent to get peace, but instead of peace it is a night mare. We are witnessed that one group openly declaring war in western capitals. They told us their master is Isayas.
    We have to know it is a crime for any American or an English man to declare war against another country. But ours who changed their citizenships and have other country passports in their pocket has declared war against their country from Asmara. This shows on their side it is not only Isayas, but also some Arabs and western countries.
    Relied on the so called un effective Eritrean opposition is not an option. We can make Isayas and his servants’ solders discomfort and sleepless by taking provocative actions, and when it needs with direct blow to destroy his capability and give him lesson.
    Last Abraham is a parrot. He is talking nonsense since Derge era. He is the man who never hesitates to work with Devil. Therefore I do not take time to talk about this crazy insane man ( yetarik atella!) . He is the man who was in Asmara conspiring with our enemy while our gallants were fought against Shabia invaders and pay dearly sacrifices for their country and people. No excuse for this man.
    Why Eritrea spending their time, energy and money to destabilize Ethiopia? The reasons are clear. They not only hate us, but they are jealous of our history; they are jealous, because our history was recorded with blood, not like them with faded ink; they are jealous because of who we Ethiopians are;
    The Camel keeps walking while the Dog barks! Ethiopia is walking forward, but they as a dog are barking while going back ward!
    Long Live Ethiopia

    • Zewdi says:

      Thanks W.Yilma for the courageous and insightful comments that you are contributing to the readers.

    • Ibrahim Al Eritry says:

      To start with, it is inpolite to curse and use volgar words when it comes to analyze your own view as to a person or an organization.
      Allow me to correct you as far as Eritrea concern. Of course I am Eritrean before you say anything.
      It is the interest of Eritrea to see a united Ethiopia in peace and harmony within and with its neighbors. I do not think it is fair to fallsly and without proof to accuse Eritrea of looking for the integration of Ethiopia.
      Let me remind you that the Eritrean governmnets main goal right after the declaration of independence was to declear a fight against common enemy of the continenet that is to fight poverty.
      Among other programs “SEEDS” Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia’s integration in Economy and Political arena. That means when the above stated countries are working together in harmony and people move from country to country without any interaption the economy will florish people will know each other more and the benefits will link them starongly to have some kind of common benefit will unite them.
      Other than that what you have missed or trying to misguide your readers is that it is the Weyanes main agenda to disintegrate Ethiopia to create a greater Tigrai indendent nation. That is not going to happen unless Eritrea and Ethiopia are disentegrated or come to their knees to mimick Somalia that the Weyanes can do what ever they wanted to do. But that is only day dream of Weyanes.
      In conclusion please stop thinking negative towards the peace loving neighbors of Eritrea as reciprocating them for their good will of peace and harmony to the peace loving Ehiopian citzens.

      • DEMHIT G7 comic says:

        DIA promised DMHIT as well as Ginbot 7 as Eritrea will be given to Ethiopia on a golden plate. Because those mercenary groups either don’t need to remember our history or because they completely believe the dictator’s false promise, they became a complete submissive for what every he order them to do. In addition to that what I am amazed is how the leaders of DEMHIT and GINBOT 7 were forgetting or don’t know about 30 years struggle & sacrifice for liberation. During last weeks, after given order from their master dictator Isias, the mercenary demhit soliders started to do raid , house to house search ( i.e AFFESA ), harass , torture our innocent brothers & sisters in the whole Eritrean cities. Like mercineries of Niger as well as Mali mercenaries for Ghdafi, the fate of DEMHIT & Isias will end their story the same like Ghadafi in Libya. We Eritreans are 100% sure we will eradicate them from our mother land. Every household in Eritrea as well as in diaspora is outraged because they did a pure mercinery’s job.

        Last but not least DEMHIT recent obedience for DIA to be his mercenery & personal guard is a typical political suicide attempt rather than to look like Ethiopian rebel for democracy & justice. This will be a political lose for DEMHIT and a double bonanza for Woyane. Woyane is lucky in this respect because with out a bulleit it will get enough political opinion in Tigray or the whole Ethiopia for free. Now Woyane could convince it’s people as those Ethiopian rebel oppositions resided in Eritrea are mercineries of the tyrant rather than the democratic movements.. From now on wards who gone believe DEMHIT& G7 in Ethiopia as democratic movements while already tarnishing their names by doing out of the typical Resistance Manifesto?

  2. Buzu says:

    Andargachew, Are you preaching the ever buried socialism principles? Eritrea is a closed country which would go far away back from the rest of its neighbors.

  3. Abe says:

    I thin Abrham Yayeh is right. Amhara ilites’ strategy not to work with Eritrea has helped Woyanie stay in power for 22 years. They still live in the sky when they try to denounce Ginbot 7. It is absurd to see these stupid elites to preach mass uprising to overthrow woyanie when condition at home do not permit it. The only way to remove woyanie is to work with Eritrea and live peacefully with Eritrea in cooperation. If you do not want this, Amhara elites, shut up!! You are no good in leading your people.

  4. Zeg Fanta says:

    I appreciate your mission and your true color has emerged that no Ethiopian on this side of the river would confuse and mistaken it what you really stand for. You have suppressed my comment because it cuts deep into the TPLF political machineries. Well, that would help me to understand what hurts the camps of TPLF abroad.

    Again, happy not sad that you rejected my comment. How sad feeling for me to try to post my comments on your web site in the first place. You will read them across the web sites except Awramba and Deqi something!

    (Admin Note: Dear Zeg Fanta, thank you for your comment. Even-though it is the editor’s right to delete comments that are extremely abusive and off-topic, no one has suppressed your comments. your comment (better to say insult) was originally posted here http://www.awrambatimes.com/?p=10186 and it is still there. Surprisingly you clicked another page, rushed to a wrong conclusions and insulted the editor without even checking where your prior comments were posted. If your problem is with TPLF, go and fight them. Why you attack Awramba Times and its editor? It is simply a shot in the dark. I don’t expect this from an old man whom I used to respect)

    • Zeg Fanta says:

      Dear Dawit Kebede,

      I did not see the comment where I expected it-keeping in mind the timeframe I posted the message.

      Never mind the fact that you did not figure out why that might have happen to your readers. I am used to web sites that send message to remind readers when their messages got posted.I am not blaming you about it or suggesting that you should have done that. I revisited the web site and did not find it and so, my comment.

      Knowing what happened, and understanding the honest error, you should have guided me to it instead of retaliating with heavy handed insult of yours. Have you acted professionally, I would have without a doubt retracted my comment and apologized to you!

      Ato Abraham Yayeh emailed me his Notice, and I responded expressing my opinion and position in the strongest terms, I suppose. I challenge you to show me the sentence and or word that you found abusive and insults.

      If you have established such moral and ethical measures for your web site, your own words/sentences and those of your ardent followers (Army of TPLF?) have nullified them!

      I hate to think that you have categorized me unfriendly to your political camp, which also make me regret my having ever visit your web site.

      I see that I disappointed you, and that you lost respect to my person “Old Age”. I expected that you would run your mouth like that after I heard you speak about Abraham Belay in regard to his identity as Wolloye (Amhara). You meant to expose him that he was not a Tigrean, but a Wolloye (Amhara).

      Being a “child” you have to be, you did not understand the implications of your statement and the message that it conveys. Let me break the bad news to you that I am from good Wollo, not that it matters to me in the way and manner that the Tigre province does to you!

      The person that you had the nerve to refer to as an “Old Man” was at one critical point a life-savior figure. If you have the guts, it would be one good opportunity to share it to your followers.

      Good luck friend!

  5. karta sirawoch dirjit says:

    Zewge, did you say “Deqi something”? Why don’t you advice your tensheratach relatives such as Lidetu Ayalew and Abdurahman Ahmedin instead of preaching hate in this forum. If you hate “Deqi something” go to “Kombolcha times or Woldiya times”, Awramba times is for non racist Ethiopians only…
    Dear admin, next time don’t give a response for such irresponsible individuals. KILETAM SHIMAGLE

  6. Belachew says:

    Two men without the reality on the ground are mixing apples and oranges in rare form of uncivility by showing their narcissm. Who would heed for their “I am the giant in Ethiopian politics mentality”, if one is not easily deceived by their unity now or earlier by the unholy allainace with the Eritrean dictator in order to “save” Ethiopia from the clutches of oppression. Two talkatives in need of media. Abraham was banned by many media or websites due to his lies. Think this man who was sent to Geneva by Issias during the war to give his witness about suufering of Eritreans at the hands of Ethiopians in Ethiopia and his radio messages to the gallant fighters of Ethiopia to surrender to Eritrea. This man can really sell to the highest bidder whether to the Eritrean dictator, to the butcher of Ethiopia-Mengistu, to the diggers of graveyards in Eritrea or burglery of gold ornaments in Uganda or appropriation of refugee money in the Sudan.His statement that he used his own money to travel to his comrade Mengistu is totally false. He was the middle man and as such responsible to hold the money until the Ethiopian refugees leave the Sudan by forged documents. What we remember is that this man took a total of $7000 of poor refugges money, who were on their way from the scorching sun in the Sudan and disappeared to Ethiopia. Was that his money? He now and then comes with the explantion that his life was under threat from Woyane and was forced to leave to Ethiopia. He was there the whole his Life in the Sudan by lying that he had a transport company called Wintana, which was in reality owned by Negusse. This man has the temerity to tell us that he has the moral ground to teach us ethics and politics! Liers should be exposed every where and they have to know their limits. Andargachew praising the number one dictator, where his Eritreans are leaving in droves to neighboring countries exposed to the worst type of trafficking cann’t be taken as a sane policy to “liberate” Ethiopians by the “apostle of Peace”.

  7. Ema says:

    Ato Andargachew and G7: People of paradox:

    1)On one hand they blame Woyane for cooperating with She-abia in the struggle against Derg and the subsequent independence of Eritrea. On the the other hand, they are cooperating themselves with the same group (She-abia) and the same man (Isayas).

    2) on one hand they say ‘Zeregna’ to Woyane and on the other hand they always talk about ‘Zeregninet’. for example, Instead of saying innocent people are displaced, they say ‘Amahara’ are displaced.

    Few questions to Andargachew and his group:

    a) Do you think the Sheabia’s struggle for Eritrean independence and self-determination was right?

    b) Does Assab belong to Eritrea or Ethiopia?

    c) What is your opinion on the recent president Isayas’s comment: “Ethiopia was created after WWII?” Will u ask him (the president) when u meet him in Asmara?

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