Let the voices of our people emerge (Amanuel Zeselam)


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9 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Mr. Writer
    I hate the act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversion.

    There is overwhelming evidence that ‘Andinete party’, ‘semayawi party’ and Ginbote 7 are three and at same time one party. Some describe this as a symbiotic relatonship but I would say it is more than.
    Their shared Motive and political tactic is palpable. The difference is only a geographical location of the leadership power. Two of them in Addis and one abroad. If you are courageous enough to ask Sisay Agena of ESAT, he will tell you the fact you are shy away with.
    Dude stop that mental masturbation right now, …Birhanu nega is Enginer yilikal and Enginer yilikal is Birhanu Nega.
    ..Don’t tell me you are not convinced till Engineer Yilakal go to Asmara, I would say that is just another tactical issue of these absurd political parties.

    Mr Writer,Given what we know now, you shouldn’t have any intention to promote violence in the name of peaceful demonstration. I am glad up to this day that the Addis Abab administration will have any proclamation which preclude such double political game the semawyawi party on one hand and Ginbote 7 on the hand playing with.
    I can’t wait how the planned Andinete party demosntarion would be taken care, I hope it won’t be different from the bankrupted semmayawi party last week protest.
    I advice you, Mr. writer..Denying or refusing to acknowledge working by combining legal and illegal political moves, it would have a sever consequences that you might regret

    • Hamid says:

      @Woddi Teshome, in your mind what kind of opposition would be acceptable? Are you saying that our current TPLF-lead government is so immaculate that there is no need for any opposition. Do you really understand what law really is when you talk rubbish about legal and illegal demonstrations? Do you think it is legal to be a chairman of a liberation front and a Prime Minister of a nation at same time? Is it legal for a party members to misuse national wealth in order to build unprecedented private wealth and party owned mega corporation under the guise of privatization? is it legal to give top government jobs to extremely incompetent sycophants rather than competent citizens? So shut your big yup on your a** and learn from real patriots like Andinet and Semeyawi how a political party supposed to be.

  2. axumawe says:

    I just read your article,from what i understand,since you don’t have any support in side Ethiopia,you are trig to milk the diaspora.
    what a shame,i have this massage for you.
    1st i live in Canada,but you are lucky i am not the pm of Ethiopia. if i am one of the politicians in Ethiopia i could fought day and night to abolish the Medble party system in Ethiopia.
    Do you know why ?
    Ethiopia needs one party system like China for the moment until all the feudal so called doctors,Phds,Engineers well go to there graves.i am honest!
    b/c except EDPA the rest of yous are good for nothing,hate based politicians,power mongers dis-respect full politicians.
    2nd,your education is just fore power not for the Ethiopian people,if i was you or your likes what i do 1st is respect the countries constitution,regardless of who the ruling party was.
    tell the truth give them credit to those who pay there ultimatum life in order to bring the freedom you got in hand today.
    Then tell the truth the Ethiopia we see to day,is much better and greater Ethiopia than 22 years a go.
    of course we need opposition,but not opposition like all the gar-beg opposition we see in to days Ethiopia.
    If you are going to blame Eprdf for not being democrat,big mistake!!!!!!!
    It is the other way around, it is you the opposition not democrat,not fair,every thing denying,every thing wrong,every one wrong “bere-Woled”political analisses kind of doctrine,if you are going to blame, beam your political knowledge,beam your own luck of civility and luck of mind change.
    Tray to see where we use to be, and appreciate where we are today, and put some positive effort to the future,then i can listen to what you are asking for.
    Even thou we live abroad, we are well informed about our country good and bad at this moment thanks to technology.
    remember this the Ethiopian younger generation is way ahead of you old feudal’s political despair. the youth is smarter than any opposition leader they know what is best for them self and for there country. good luck any ways with your search for million sign-cheers !!!
    by the way you do you have video or picture of the people you are getting ? if not one person can register 5,6,7 times with different names to b/c your politics is a scheme like Esat ,g7,ong and so on .
    as all ways long live Ethiopia !
    long live Eprdf !
    long live Woyen !
    Ethiopia b wed ljochwa tkeberalech !!!

  3. meron says:

    The many points mentioned by the author are of facts what happened here and there.

    My big question is why woyane fear demo like this? i am sure woyane cadres such as—-on this forum have one and one answer to that-and it was told to us several times ago by their man. They are saying it (as it clearly put by—-above hahaha), their reason is that oppositions have some relation with foreign based organization.—that is what is teshome trying to tell us. Living their own dream! They always talk about evidence (as their man used to say we have enough evidence—and he do that often before the issue go to judiciary, so that the lawsuit have no room any more to talk their mind)—and they donot bring these evidences they were talking about when asked. As we see it when kinjit leader put in jail, when 1000s of oromo youth put behind bad, when eskinder and reyot abused, when andualem…..all the said evidences are just trashes that can’t hold water. No not water even stone!

    They are just fabricated evidence like things! But one thing is clear that their issue is POLITICAL! Period!

    Any person with his mind can’t call Eskender or andualem terrorist. It is only sick people! The court would have leaved them, but the man said i have evidence. Then how comes for the judiciary to deal with such sensitive issues than simply deciding what the then woyane head told?

    But why woyane fear demo? It is crystal clear-the reason is that woyane is EYARIKO. They are like EYARIKO. Tall buildings waiting for a wind to come and crash. They have NO (NO) base! They simply based on their lay and army! Hence they have to fear demo. Peaceful demo could make them like EYARIKO. They will broken into pieces if they allow us go out to Abiot and shout! They crush and hit ground! Awedadekachewem yekefa yehonal–says the wise holy Book.

    Otherwise, demo is our Constitutional right! Woyane can’t give or deny than from us. Today it is possible by policy or agazi. But day will come when that will not work. What we asked is to go out and simply tell the government their evils, their bad did. But they donot want that.

    Now woyane is like a bread under two hot plates. On one direction they wish to show to the international community that they are democrat enough and they allow demo and others, but when they allow they knew what could happen to them—hence, they have to put in place a new rule that restrict us. That is all. They have to back to their natural behavior (restriction) as they donot have a master cheater-a master layer, like that man! A man who play around with blood, who enjoyed dividing ethiopia until she break to pieces! But God decided before he put his final crime on us.

    he made his all small followers to fear demo, as he himself fear it bad! He really fear demo. I think that why he just disappeared like Eyariko after someone has shouted at him, but at important place. What is Eyariko if not meles?

    But Debrestion has not fear demo, we have evidence and confidence that he is pure of any corruption. This is the man meles has failed to spoil by corruption. he could have done that, but there are several old guards around him and restrict him too. But it is a matter of time! He will win them! and Above all we the public will win!

  4. ZeBihere Bulga says:

    Don’t allow the voices of our people emerge via the self appointed saviors.

    Who gave the right to self appoint themselves and act like as Activists,Intellectuals,…etc & savors of Ethiopia & its people?

    How come the remnants of tyrant regimes of DERG, Feudalism, Bad People Fired from politics/work due to various reasons, former regime sympathizers, extremists self appoint themselves and say we represent Ethiopia & its people ?

    Who made Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam is the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. to Ethiopia?

    What kind of legacy is that Interpreting Martin Luther King’s dream to Ethiopia ?

    Why not the self appointed intellectuals interpret Aleka Gebre Hanna’s dream ?

    Down for dream interpreters !

    Down for self appointed savors !

  5. Tatek says:

    I saw two sides of a story in this piece of opinion by Amanuel. The first one is the call to come together to help make history by working for change, which is commendable and to be encouraged. The other one is quite bizarre as the writer tries to detach himself from reality by trying to portray Mr. Desalegn as a man of change within the TPLF Coalition. There is no denial that change is needed and is needed now and the only way to achieve it is by doing all it takes to remove the TPLF from power and help Ethiopians determine their future. I believe Andenet party is exactly doing that and we all need to do all we can and join the movement. The days of watching history unfold from the top of a fence are long over. Ethiopia needs change and it needs it now if our kids and grandkids need to have a good future, and I have to say even a country. But I am disturbed by the disturbing paranoia experienced by the writer that he tries to frame Mr. Desalegn as a man of change, who was trusted with sort of giving Ethiopians the political space to maneuver within. If such a gift were ever offered by politicians IN THE COURSE OF history, a magnificent price had to be paid for it and there was none offered to date at a silver plate. Tens of millions of Ethiopians see Mr. Desalegn as a ‘’wolf in a sheep’s clothing’’, a carbon copy of a regime whose only ambition is to hold on to the mantle of rulership at any cost, including selling the very fabric of the nation. If Colonel Zenawi said he would make Ethiopia another Rwanda should the opposition force his departure from Arat kilo through massive public uprising in the after math of the historic 2005 elections, Mr. Desalegn said he was dead serious to see through the legacy of his dead boss, including this one. Mr. Desalegn is NOT a savior of Ethiopia charged with extricating the nation from its predicament of exponential proportions, part of which actually being the gifts of his political masters, the TPLF. His premiership prerogatives, so bold and Imperial under his dead boss, were substantially constrained by his TPLF bosses, and many believe that he is so much subservient to his three deputies, who are in charge of the Cabinet. No wonder both Mr. Desalegn and his EPRDF Coalition find themselves in a big hole, quite bigger than they actually think, and no one knows if they are blind to the fact that they are walking in darkness or determined not to admit this to themselves and the people they pretend to lead. As a public we have long seen that our nation is in a sinking ship and the captains are clueless people with more guts than brains. As to Mr. Desalegn though, my feeling is that he was not the kind of man Ethiopia needs to save it from its predicament, and after all, he assumed this role only by Metekakat and the reason for that is not because he was Gandhi or Martin Luther King that Ethiopia needs to save it from this sinking ship but he was the only horse the EPRDF could ride for now.

  6. john says:

    Awramba times is the best Ethiolian website.Very selective.Guys like Teshome are allowed to insult people and name calling of Amharas.

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