Address by PM Hailemariam Desalegn at the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly


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2 Responses

  1. w .yilma says:

    I heard Prime minister Hailemariam was a good student at Arbaminch water technology. His presentation is well-done, and I gave him A-!However in his speech he raised a big and controversial issue. This is regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC). To me as an African, and with no denial the human right issues problems in Africa, I fully support the AU recommendation not to abide by the ICC. This organization have purpose when it was organized by western countries. The main objective is to destabilize the third world countries by interfering in their internal affair. The ICC is an external body not elected by African states. Legally they have the right not recognizing this and other puppet organizations. The methodology they followed in gathering information and evidence is sub standards. In some case the opposition of the government in question are the witness or other special interest foreigners.Therefore neither of them are credible to promote democracy in the third world. We can be witnessed our situation. Imagine when the Diaspora oppositions become a witness to get fair trial or others such as Human right watch, International rivers…, or international religious freedom, or Ginbot7 etc..
    To bring democracy is the responsibility of that particular country. You can’t feed democracy as a food for the oppressed. It materialized when people become conscious, feel the agony of oppression and ready to pay price to get their freedom! Democracy does not need helper, like domestic server.It is up to the respective countries responsibility whether to live free or live under oppression. True democracy comes from within. Africa should not be a Banana republic, manipulated by outsiders and their Diaspora agents.

    Long Live Ethiopia

  2. axumawe says:

    Africa needs to be looked after by Africans.
    even thou we Africans have long way to go to democratization our continent,we well never be fairly judged by westerner accordingly.
    so i am happy and agreed to pull out of the ICC for good.
    As Africans we need to take a stand on our Owen issues and Economic development,governance and so on.
    Also our African leaders need to be more liberal,pragmatics & forgivers to the people whom they are govern.
    This is our time,our children’s time.

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