Ethiopia: Al-Shabaab Poses No Threat to National Security


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6 Responses

  1. ZeBihere Bulga says:

    “our defense force and intelligence are capable enough to defend their country; there is no reason for the public should be worried.”

    Thanks for the brave defence/intelligence/security forces of Ethiopia. We are proud of you. You are defending not only your country but also you are defending others. That is why Ethiopia is Safe.

    Our self appointed Ethiopia savors are telling the world that “Ethiopia is safe not because of by the brave Ethiopian defence/security/intelligence forces hard work/sacrifice, not due to the anti-terrorism law that punished terrorists/extremists & their agents, but Ethiopia is safe because of the powerful/intelligent/visionary/diplomatic opposition parties presence, it is because of the opposition parties friendly, win-win cooperation what the world named the innocent people as terrorists, jihadists, extremists.

    Ethiopia is safe only if Ethiopia pulled out its forces from al-shabab’s home town, scrap the anti-terrorism law that prevented terrorists/extremists & their agents away from Ethiopia.

    So we the proud opposition parties of Ethiopia are marching in millions against the government, anti-terrorism law, ethiopia forces presence inside al-shabab’s home town, for not issuing visa to al-shabab to detonate a bomb throughout Ethiopia,…

    So please show up in demonstrations called by proud opposition parties to pressure the government to scrap anti-terror law, troops withdrawal & to stop fighting terrorism, to help al-shabab/alqaida/extremism get free visa & entertain their jihad.

    Ethiopia is safe because of the opposition in Ethiopia told terrorists not to do it but not terrorists lack of help, ability to penetrate the defence/intelligence/security apparatus of the dying regime on the eye of anti-ethiopia groups.

    • freedom says:

      Woy bihere bulga!
      Who are you that are proud of your security forces?
      The agazis? Self proclaimed modern day Ethiopians? Huh! Woyane mafia!! You sound as if you speak for every body included. Dedebit stone!!

    • Kal says:

      You dont know wat you are talking about it is islam who want to convert the world to muslim and to destroy your country we dont want that bullshit if you dont like your country go to alshabab! Asyu said we are brave but you dont understand what brave means , brave means the way how the exaisting government rule the country i dont beleive there is opposition in ethiopia there areonly criminal element to robe the people. Even if our beloved prime minisater meles zenawi died his idea is still alive and no one cant change it it is his idea

  2. Mario says:

    The fake ambassador, Dina Mufti said, “Al-Shabaab poses no threat to national security.”

    Oh yeah? It was labelled a terrorist group a couple of years ago by the same government and now we are told it is not a threat to national security. What is that supposed to mean? Is that to mean Ethiopia is not Kenya and Al-Shabab’s terrorist status will be removed or what?

    If Al_Shabab is not a threat to national security, how come Ginbot 7, ONLF and OLF are still a threat and stay on the same status?
    Sending such mind boggling messages within Ethiopian and among nations is typical of woyane/TPLF terrorist regime. This current “poses no threat talk” suggests a hidden agenda and what woyane/TPLF is up to.

    Woyane/TPLF may fool people a few times, but not always!!!

  3. fukeraw says:

    I completly agree with official’s line of explanation. Just
    Overnight hysteria and other cheap inuendos shouldn’t carry us away.

  4. hermi says:

    You all may want to spin the Ambassodor’s remark any way you want, however, the crux of his his message is that Al Shabab does not pose an IMMINENT threat for the public to worry. The message is all Ethiopians and visitors to Ethiopia should feel safe to carry on their every day activities and leave the worrying for the capable defense and security forces. Al Shabab and the enemies of our development, however form or shape they come they want to depict Ethiopia is next target and hence not safe. Advising and reminding the government to be on higj alert and vigilant is something, but funing and unnessarily terrorising people is not helpful. Do you realy believe our enemies north and south, left and right were not trying it? If it was not for the vigilance of every Ethiopian and our second to non security, we would not be the island of peace in a stormy sea.

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