Must-read: “Prophet” Isaias and his doomsday predictions


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  1. yohannes says:

    This man is it is not normal I swer to God !! he forget the century right know it is not 16 century it is 21 century he tray to told as about freedom first u have to free your self Genral andargachw I have know word to u and your empty party G7 & ur parot Esat Both of them trash !!!!

  2. eden says:

    ግንቦት 7 ከወረቀት ነብርነት አልፎ ኤርትራ በረሃ ገባሁ እያለን ነው……ቂቂቅቂቂቂቅቂቂቂቅቂቂቂቂቂ
    I have nothing to say to this sorry bull of human being named, Anedargachew Tsige. Beyond lionizing isayas Afeworki, Anedargachew told us, president Isayas motives and intentions are to struggle for betterment of the Ethiopian people. That is simple stupid. We knew that the Isayas regime still harbors war mentality but we are still told that Isayas is also one of the prophets.
    I am not an expert to know how the brain works, but Andargachew Tsige hasd rocks in his mind. When the Ethiopian people heard the cooperation of usless Ginbote 7 with deadly Eritean regime, momentarily creats undue public anxiety.
    Some Ethiopians intially consider Ginbote 7 as a medicine for building democracy, but that was hope aganist hope, thank you for becoming a poison for the Ethiopian people..
    Dawit please the next time we want to hear about Anedargachew is to inform us his arrest in Eritrea or his death which ever comes first

  3. ZeBihere Bulga says:

    Thomas C. Mountain is the legacy of “Prophet Isaias Afewerqi” to Eritrea. He is the most widely distributed independent journalist in Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006 and also he is a researcher & director of “Isaias Afewerqi’s Non-Tear Gas Democracy Foundation”.

    Regarding “Isaias Afewerqi’s Non-Tear Gas Democracy” you can visit the link here:

    Likewise the white dude Thomas C. Mountain interpreting the dream of “Prophet Isaias”, Prof. Alemayehu Gebere Mariam interpreted Martin Luther King’s dream about Ethiopia. That is why Prof. al-mariam (al-toxic)
    is the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. to Ethiopia.

    To get clear picture of “Prophet Isaias and his doomsday predictions”, we should wait some articles, commentaries, researches done by those dude legacies (al-thomas & al-mariam).

    I am ZeBihere Bulga born to interpret Aleka Gebre Hana’s dream to Ethiopia.

  4. wedi eritrea says:

    Mad dog president esu says ethiopia created after second world war to service world super power countries like usa. Uk. And also he wants to fiance and arm ethiopan opposition group.he want to see democracy and peace and development in ethiopia that is jock. In eritrea have difficult times now no electricity no drinking water. Short of food no constitution no human rights. No justice system. No court systems. Fist sort out this problem first. Help eritreans first

  5. jal says:

    I thought there is some substance in the writing. The author spend all his time to say “alubalta” without credible evidence. Full of insult. I was expecting something that holds some water.

  6. yared says:

  7. Aster says:

    Isaias is frustrated with Ethiopian government due to the fact that Ethiopian has completely ignored Isaias’ psychopathic behaviors. He is stipulating Ethiopia to take some military actions on him, so that he could flee the country. He is tire of governing an empty country.

  8. Guest says:

    This is an interesting article. What makes it more interesting is the article about Shabiya and CIA –

    This brings another discussion how Meles and Isayas resemblance in their tactic to power mongering. No wonder Meles said at one time that spending with a couple of hours with Isayas is better than going to college… or something like that.

  9. Alex says:

    This writer is too amateurish and silly. I wonder if awrambatimes is going to receive another article from this same naive person.

  10. Abegaz says:

    Issaya is a dictator is the ingnotant politicians question? so what? Numeri was a dictator, ziadberi was a dictator. That did not stop woyanies from working with them. and finally they won the Derg. The big question is do you want to defeat woyanies, or continue to be ruled? If winning is your agenda, work with anyone that can give you help. If not shut up and stay in your bed. Our main problem is the Ethiopian elites are ignorant politicians. We wasted 22 years with these ignorant politician. Woyanies would have been erased in 1998 when they fought with Eritrea had Ethiopian people withdrew support for woyanies.

    • Mekdes says:

      Abegaz, u are talking b/s you the one, who supposed to sleep in ur bed. Do u realy buy that, Siad Bare was helping Woyane. Woyane, eventhough, at that time fighting the govt, didn’t side with Somalia like EPRP.THAT’S THe fact. As far as we know from history, woyane was fighting from within facing the huge army in Africa. Meles and his friends were in Ethiopia unlike Birhanu and Andargachew. I will salute them if they set a foot in war front and liberate one Mender. Talk is cheap, one time the visionary leader, Meles has said, “Talking about the war is easy but smelling the pedestal powder/barood/ is not easy’. That is what I see in Birhanu and Andargachew.

  11. konjit says:

    Esayas, Birhanu, Andargachew and Abrham Yayeh will never be at the war feront. The writer has put all things together. Do you believe Andargachew Tsige has an army fighting against the govt. He even didn’t mention that, instead he is meeting and organizing in his doctrine. I don’t realy know, the man speciality, all I know was he was a CAB DRIVER and choose to live in Asmara with the Eritrean mouthpiece Tesfaye Gebreab. He has collected some money when he was in America. To know theircheating, it is better to ask Solomon Tekalign. He was genuinely enticed by need of real change, but the reality what he saw was cimplitely fake. He exposed them and told to the world all are madeup stories. Andargachew Tsig e he has better job tham driving a cab so he will fabricate stories as long as there are people who buy that. Goodd luck .

  12. Embasoleda says:

    It is a naked reality that Isayas Afeworki, the blood thirsty vampire of east Africa is the #1 enemy of Ethiopia, and to the poor –innocent Eritrean people. So, if he gets a chance, he will never stop his evil activities to sabotage to an Ethiopia’s developments or the Ethiopian HEdASIE YE ABAY GIDIB…
    In regard to G7 group, BANDAS of the 21st century that they are foolishly preaching the Ethiopian people about IsaAss, they must have lost their mind? Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare to undermine the Ethiopian people intellect or to think that the Ethiopian people would accept such kind trash propaganda…
    However, thank to the EDF that they gave him a big lessons or they left him to seat or Crowell with his broken spinal cord…LOL. Therefore, G7 group are not an Ethiopian opposition political party, but they are pretty much the same to those drag dealers who have no care about their society well being as long as they find ways to put money in their pocket…

  13. kibir says:

    You woyane cares, you passed and took power with the blessing of Isayas. Everybody says that. I think he must be a man of principle. That may be the reason he is at odds with many of others who polish the shoes of their masters. Why then you cry while you yourself passed through that? You yourself are responsible for any crisis to happen to this country. You pushed everyone out of the geniune political development of the country. You have been extremely repressive and the system you are supporting is depriving every single rights of citizens. When pressure (repression) is too much and there is no way out, it is natural that people take any possible measures. I think, opposition political group like G7 has tried the peaceful way. You denied their right. Because they asked for that, you threaten them with death and life sentence. Even those who are still seeking for a peaceful political solution are being treated as terrorists and are put to jail for no reasons. These are your and your system’s wild politics. With this level of repression and complete ignorance of the prevailing reality, I do not think that Isayas will be as such harmful person to Ethiopian population. If you compare Meles with Isayas, Meles made too much damage to Ethiopia and Ethiopians than what Isayas did. It is Meles who gave Asab to Isayas. Isayas didn’t take it by himself.
    Instead of barking and name calling, just assess your spoiled system. What your system has been doing is beyond anyone can bear it.
    So, you can not have any moral ground to blame or criticize anybody if the path being followed by the individual or organization was similar to yours. In addition, they didn’t choose that path. Your system has forced them to choose that. All the rest of name calling and defaming are just nonsense.

  14. Embasoleda says:

    It looks like those so called political oppositions are overwhelmed by the baseless Shabia/Isayas’ propagandas, and they actually believe that the only way to ARAT KILO is through Isayas. So, they are telling us they would do whatever it takes to please him…LOL. However, believe what you want to believe, but if wasn’t for Weyane, they wouldn’t had able to get out from their rat holes, let alone to get their fake independent that is causing the Eritrean people to face a harsh slavery…

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