Dr Tewdros Adhanom’s Speech at the Global Citizen in New York


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16 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks God the dwarf guy Meles is gone. I like Dr. Tewodros Adhanom. Yetemare yigidelegn ale yagere sew

  2. Miko says:

    Great speech and nice to see an Ethiopian minister at such great gatherimg!!

  3. Tebaw says:

    Talk at “Global Citizen” meeting by a representative of an ethnic apartheid regime. Oh the sweet sweet irony!

  4. Tony Lakew says:

    We are proud of you Dr. Tedros Adhanom. I cannot express my internal feelings in words that how we Ethiopians are lucky to have a charismatic, educated and humorous Ethiopian foreign affairs minister Dr. Adhanom. God bless him, and God bless our motherland Ethiopia!

  5. Embasoleda. says:

    Indeed, Ethiopia is regestering an emrasive growth under the current EPRDF government. Surely, Ethiopia is in good hand!

  6. Ahadu says:

    Wow! my Foreign Minster!!! I – proud of you!!!!

  7. yohannes says:

    Good job FM Dr Tewdros !!!!!!

  8. dude says:

    woyane fake doctor
    if you woyanes leave Ethiopia alone, every citizen of the world will visit the united, prosperous, and lovely Ethiopia. for that to happen, woyane must go. why are you inviting people to visit Ethiopia when woyane is chasing Ethiopians in to servitude in arab countries. may be woyane needs that hard currencies. down with woyane!

  9. juhar ahmed says:

    good job doctor Tewdros you are very smart and makes us pride again after we lost great lead meles zewn

  10. Ash says:


    Speech, were good, but he was telling the geathring to come to Ethiopia or Africa on emotional level …

    One of the reason he give Ethiopia is where Human Evolution started..that is good but if he say since all human being started in Ethiopia…all human are Ethiopia citizen because ur mother is Lucy hence if anyone come to Ethiopia doesn’t required visa because he is coming home…if u want to go to singapore, u don’t need visa to go to Singapore and their port is tax free…so no visa police is not new things but u package it differently…U say all world citizen are Ethiopian citizen

    Second, Dr. Tewdors, should have told the advantage of investing in Ethiopia..one it is low cost, electricity,land, and water almost free…and very law abiding citizen and safety and pro business government

    3rd. Ethiopia is located next to oil rich countries..by producing product for very cheap and ship it to oil rich countries almost next door save investor huge transportation cost this means American company can compete with cheaper manfctruing company ( implying china) by relocating in Ethiopia.

    This self interest will attract more investor then emotional invitation all all dr. Tewdors, did very good job his hand show how he was emotional and look like he was speaking from his heart..

  11. Tadeos Daniel says:

    The TPLF is grooming Tedy as the prospective PM come the next election. Hailemariam will certainly be replaced by Tedy, mark my word!

  12. kebede says:

    Unlike Newyork, Ethiopia is the place where people are being dislocated based on naturally ascribed ethnic identity.

  13. Henok says:

    Good job you did it .we proud of you.

  14. Kalayu says:

    That’s great performance! Impressive! The next prime minister.

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