Reviewing the Past Year and Looking Ahead to the Coming Year (Mushe Semu)


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10 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Mushe Semu
    We knew you are an Amhara but to think Amhara people is targeted in Ethiopia not only unhealthy politics but also apparently an old age politics serves no relevance.
    Many people in Ethiopia are displaced for understandable reason. Being an ormomo or Tigian or Afar or what have you is not a guarantee or made you immune for displacement if the need arises. But why are you capitalizing on the Amharas?? Sir, we say that is a sick politics, Ethiopian won’t entertain.
    I can feel it, the key magnate in your article is chauvinistic thought. Mr. Mushe, if we took your assertion as it is, then there would be certain ethnic groups who target Amharas. we will tell you at this moment, you are lying about lie. We strenuously denied your accusations.
    I am afraid if such an absurd thought exists, Your hate to the other ethnic origins rarely goes unnoticed. That is simply bullshit. The Ethiopian people long time ago say no to such absurd thought. Mr. Mushe Semu, we have decided to stick with love, Hate is too great a burden to bear.
    As a political party leader, love, tolerance and peaceful , would have been your rich resources but apparently that was not possible.
    Mushe, we candidly demanded you to leave the political arena. But if your intention is add petrol to the already volatile ethnic tension….You might get a non-sustainable political profit that would eventually damage you

    • Belay says:

      Do you have to oppose this reflective thought which might help you understanding the dynamics of other than your party fathom to see? It looks like your job is dissenting any point of view that doesn’t support the ideas concocted by the deseased leaders of yours. It is ok he is gone, don’t be afraid of looking outside of your isolated and chauvinistic, ethnically restricted piphole.

      • eden says:

        What are you talking about? I prefer to stay ethnically piphole than taking American or British citizenship and meddling in Ethiopian politics. Do you think that is a kind weird thought?
        Whenever any type of political issue is raised, you opened your dirty mouth about our great leader. It tells me Meles is still your night mare and night terrror, you can’t believe his death.
        For us, Meles death was an extermely unfortunate but it is not the end of the world.
        Had what Mushe Sema talked about EPRDF and Ethiopian governemnt was true, I would have been the first to line with the oppostion camp. But the good thing is, there was no a single fact, and no therefore.

        • Belay says:

          To your mischaracterization I have nothing other than to forgive you. By the way when and where is that a dissenting thought automatically implies American and British citizenship? I am just like you except I went school with your “god’ Meles. I happen to know his deed more than you can imagine. Unfortunately he never cared for himself because he was afraid of alienating himself from the chair from Arat Kilo. Secondly he was Marxist then and never changed. Learning from the experimental mistakes of chauvinistic ethnic enclaves that he put us through and replacing with the notion of united people for one nation you name it oromiya, tigriya, ethiopia, guragiya, and so on is more peace oriented to our future as a nation. Thus, young Eden do not afraid of opposition and run to level it with name since it doesn’t solve the quagmire that your leaders put us in. please say no to ethnic politics and free our nation from the explosive that was buried by haters of Ethiopia.

    • keyo says:

      Well done Mushe. I would admire your party and the leaders . as it is very tough in now a day ethiopia to become fair and balance with TWO different extremist ideas leading the politics you and your party are trying to represent the majority of Ethiopians who would love to participate in politics with open mind with out full of hate .

      We are only given a chance to be right or left extrimist there is no middle ground to speak your mind.

      Awramba website is doing well by showing the extremist of the two sides how you can be free media by showing two different ideas and make the people judge.

      I wish you all the best fighting the two extremist sides of the politician.

    • Tolla says:

      You fulish…everybody criticizing you(Weyane) is Amhara? I know for sure Semu is gurage that is why he is in faver of you minority junta
      Mafia Criminals!!!

  2. Alex Jembe says:

    I really appreciated the way you presented the fact prevailing in the country. You properly analyzed the existing situation. Keep on criticizing the EPRDF system in more constructive and rational manner.

  3. ETHIO says:

    @ Mushe Semu Thank you, GOD bless you
    @dawit(awramba times) Thank you and GOD bless you.

    Ethiopian need to implement law and order. The place I live now is not Ethiopia it is one of western and democratic country. who ever like me or not I can work, study ,have a family,what ever I want, according to the country law and order. Ethiopians deserve the same

  4. axumawe says:

    HI mr’ Mushe SEMU !
    I read your article,from what i understand,you have luck of comparing reality,you have luck of judgment and luck of intellect of world politics broadly.
    the biggest problem with most of the Ethiopian opposition groups is luck of there peoples political,social,economical understanding.
    why ???? b/c if they truly understand what is what?
    who is who ? why ?,when ? where ?all this q needed to be answered by every body before we jump in to blaming others.this is one of our problem as Ethiopians in general.
    all the opposition parties,they could be strong,well supported by the people of Ethiopia.because they could be seen as alternative challengers to the ruling party.
    let me ask you this question as a politician,do you think if there is a strong political party who can challenge Eprdf,EPRDF WELL BE IN POWER FOR THE PAST 22 YEARS ?the answer is no
    ask your self.but Eprdf is laughing and relaxed because all the oppositions are good for nothing.
    Also Eprdf is 100% sure, any opposition well never ever come close to what they have done in the past 22 years at all. they can’t even agreed in one thing,but look at the ruling party we need to give them the respect they deserve.
    it is not b/c we wont to, but they earned it period. then we can complain on there job performances,end of story.
    I am not going any far, look at addis ababa,look at all the public r alleys you have,look at all the freedom you have to speak,to write,to demonstration and so on.
    you compare Eprdf with Derg ????????
    you are a blind NEFTEGNA,you are un Eivel,killer like derg,you are disrespect full to all the people of Tergay particularly.
    b/c the people of Tegray have paid the altmate life in order to destroy the Amhara superiority,and freed all Ethiopian nation and nationalist’s.
    that is why you all Amhara,specially (GONDREEWOCH)ARE PUKING,b/c you Gonderawoch are mostly the cooperators of derg,the killing machinery of derg
    do you won’t examples,Melaku Tefera,Tamag Beyen,Andergew Sege,Sesay and so Neftegoch you can burn your self,you can plead to any ICC,human right watch dog,Amines-international you name it,but Ethiopia well never ever go back to Amhara superiority,ever .
    you are done for good.!!!!!!!!
    you are one part of Ethiopia,you well be treated like every body equally that’s all.
    If you don’t like it we will provide for you a good strong rope, that way you can finish your self the job,ON THE TREE YOU PREFER.
    don’t ever compare the people of Tegray with the evil derg again.
    by the way you are not Muslim,you are Akrare Amhar specifically GONDERE.
    forget the Muslim issue they never have what they got know, if it is necessary there is a way to deal with it.
    I may sound rude to any one. but force by force, intellect with intellect(What you give is what you get) this is 21st century.
    let me ask any one,who proclaimed that he/she is Ethiopiawe.
    what have you done to the country you clam my country ??
    wereeeee becha. jegnoch hiwetachow geberwal,of course there are some greedy corrupt members of Eprdf. i agree on that but Eprdf is a straggle,Eprdf is a plat form, Eprdf is a constitution of the country.
    Eprdf is, way beyond slogan. individuals well come and go,but the ideology,political plat form and vision of the party, well go long way according to the best interest of the Ethiopian peasants,intellectuals,solders,women,men,young old,and ethnics of all Ethiopian.
    We need to see it according the basic transformation of the future of the nation,not based on one groups political interest.
    Neftegnoch power monger,Amharas,Extrem Muslims have one thing in common Yetem Fechew Seltanun Amchew!!!
    it well never happen! so lets be fair,lets give and take on the best interest of the nation.on the equality of every body.
    Beher Bhere Sboch,the Amharas,Tegres,Oromos,Gambelas,Afars,Beshangules,Wolitas,Aderes,Gurages and so on.
    as always long live Ethiopia !!
    long live Eprdf !!
    long live Woyen !!
    The courapted leboch,Neftegnoch,Extremestoch,Akrarewoch well be demineshed if only we are united for the equality of our nation.

  5. felasha says:

    teshome don’t be wrong

    Mushe is a Jew not amhara

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