Weird and Funny Story of an American man in Addis Ababa


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8 Responses

  1. meron says:

    Dawit-he may be doing some adventure. Tegibo yehonal-my Grand father used to say-ke rabew zemede letegebew zemede asibalehu—sizel endayseber—

    One may simply laugh at this funny event. But for me it has also various message.

    It bring to my attention the number of Ethiopian teenagers migrants suffering both on their way to their destinations and after they arrived their destinations.

    What we hear every day is not such a humble acceptance like the Ethiopian mother did for this young american boy, rather torture, abusive sex, killing, biting, damping…

    As it was mentioned on this post, American embassy went to the the place right away when they heard about the issue and trying to assign psychiatrist for him. Coz he is their citizen.

    But we all remember what woyane embassy in arab world did when a young girl was bitten, intimidated and abused and forcefully dragged on the street to the vehicle, like a dead person—just informant of the woyane embassy—-finally she was found dead!!! This is the natural difference between woyane and Americans. This is also the typical difference between woyane and all other countries in the glob when come to their citizenship, if not Eritrea. Citizens are nothing for woyane!!! No matter to cleanse over 20,000 of Amhara ethics, jail over—Oromo youths and rote them behind the bar, when they die etv come and tell us they die coz of this and that—but they knew it how and why they die—

    Every crime and or funny things like this one will expose the evils of woyane, implying their failure in all aspects.

  2. chala says:

    I don’t blame him his job in USA is now stolen by people like Lemagne beyane who managed to live 22 years with out work just only by begging.

    So if Lemagne managed to raise 3 children on begging money then why then this guy given a chance to do that in ethiopia.

    He sow how fool ethiopians are in diaspora when they give there dollar in 5 star meeting the last 22 years with the same speakers comes up with different lie and he thought he could be better in addis.

  3. Jhonny says:

    May be he was gone with the mission ofDIMTSACHIN YISEMA.

  4. netsuh gedey says:

    these american man acts like tplf very over self confidence and rude.It may help u to see urself in him kkkkkkk tplf and the american man are the same in deed.

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