Ethiopian Hydropower Dam Assessment Warns of Structural Weakness


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17 Responses

  1. Orion says:

    If it collasps, so be it….that is why we are building it away from our towns, cities and villages….and of course to shitt the pharos with flood.

    Anyway, where is our beloved friend Issayas Afeworki…this news will give him a good sleep!!

  2. teshome says:

    William Davison
    Here goes again to make Ethiopia an essay target!!!!! We knew very well, who would prefer to be mercenary or missionary for and against Ethiopian Growth and development?? You are an example, a bad example of Egyptian mercenary. Forget this hide and seek game, You are a wolf with a sheep skin.
    We are only seeing the beginning of it.
    Imagine, Ethiopia is gonna spend nearly 30 billion dollars for the next 5-10 years. What an amazing success!!!!!
    Mr. Williams, What is the message you were trying to convey,
    ? So far, is it not enough Ethiopian tears living in the worst of worse poverty??
    Ethiopia is now under good political leadership, achieving double digit growth and development for successive 10 years. It looks that we are at the end of the tunnel, watching the light of hope at the end. So we don’t allow obstacles in life to stop us from what we want to have…

    Mr. Williams, we tell you you fall short of evidence to report the Ethiopian Renaissance DAM had structural weakness…No media out let ever report a kind you tell. This simply tells that you lost your diplomatic path and play the role of Mercenary.
    Ethiopians long time ago refused to listen such baseless accusations. Who in his rightful mind would think the Great Nile Adam is gonna be built with out a sophisticated design.
    Mr. William, you got be kidding us. Let me tell you one thing, Ethiopians say ‘Amen’ to EPRDF politics and all designed and on work huge EPRDF projects.
    As I previously mentioned it, we Ethiopians are only seeing the beginning of such absurd accusations but the good thing is 2006 Ethiopian new year started as a horrible year for our enemies, and we hope they will harvest a variety of crops of disappointments for the coming many new years. Simply because Ethiopia, the promised land, will keep on rising and rising.

  3. azeb says:

    I wish this news is true. So every Ethiopians will have a second good reason to support finanicially the this great dam. If the Dam in the rearest possibility collapse, EThiopian historical enemies wiped out from earth.. That is the minimum thing they deserve. Ethiopians were tearing, and bleeding by these for centuries.I have never read such a blessing news from Awramba times. Thank you very much for making May Day. If some one Asks me whether to benefit from this Nile Dam or benifit from the consequences of its weak structure. Call me whatever you want, I prefer the latter

  4. guta says:

    You are very sick person when you say “Ethiopians say ‘Amen’ to EPRDF politics ”
    lately, people are getting a good picture about the intention of the dam project as someone has effectively put together the puzzles behind. Just curious, why don’t you withdraw money from Effort and build the dam?

  5. meron says:

    This is a worrisome report on the one hand.
    When it come to developing this important Dam, indeed we Ethiopians need to be ONE! Juts ONE! The Dam has to be based on such a basic base and believe that Ethiopia deserve such a DAM. I used to say, there is nothing i wish to die for in Ethiopia, but our sovereignty and using our own natural resources such as water. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t negotiate. But using the water in the various tributaries of the great Abay is our natural right! No bargaining on that.

    The Dam has to grow well and benefit our country!!!!

    My deep worry as many do is on the QUALITY issue! As corruption and lack of rule of law and good governance seems official activities the government has doing itself and assigning budget for, hence, lack of quality is a common phenomenon in every woyane development projects!! Woyane cadres have no moral to say something on that. Corruption and quality CANOT go together. When you corrupt you have to compromise quality. Of course the scale of corruption in Ethiopia is not only about lack of quality but sometimes even more. One has to remember the recently lost building in Gonder university—hahahaha—many call it the building on the paper (report) but not on the ground—-

    I remember when telecom materials purchased for about 11 billion birr or so by Miheret Debebe of the telecom were found far under the minimum quality standard and debated on various media some 5 years or so. I am sure they were abandoned! and we have to buy again—or it may be the reason for why we are not getting connection these days!

    This is common becuase it is path that woyane ministers use to steal money and dump in foreign banks. This is important deal for azeb, sebehat and their like.

    Why i am worried for the quality standard of the current dam? I mean such a worry is not a new issue!

    1. first of all, i don’t trust woyane as they failed to show me their geniun services several times—they initiate a project as far as they found it useful in opening a path to money at least for one or some of the cadres –lezerefa new
    2. their background about big project is full of corruption and closed deals!
    3. lack of transparency–they do things hiding from the public, as this will give the opportunity to steal
    4. despite the existence of the current dam building contractors since the dergu time, we have no single success stories from their work during the past 30 years
    5. The company got it without any competition and no where in the world such a big project will be given to one loyal company without completion, if not by woyane—this is simply to steal
    6. I have serious doubt (of course this is the feelings of millions Ethiopians) if woyane really wanted this dam to develop ethiopia, than their political motive
    7. As woyane loyal cadres including the thief EFERT have to tap the benefits deep, so that it is obvious quality will be compromised! Coz EFERT never care about how long the dam serve, rather to accumulate as big money as possible before woyane may lose position
    8.—i can add more but ye woyane neger weha biwekitut emboch endalu new—-

    My point to woyane cadres!

    This is serious–woyane let you steal as much as you can, but please please take care of this Dam serious!!

  6. saelu says:

    To some cadres like “teshome” and a few others of his likes. Can you comment whether this project is a part of the plan shown at the following link:

    Dawit, please do not delete this link as this information has put me in doubt about the woyanes plan of this dam project and I would like to know the view of the cadres about this plan. Since I have seen this information, I start to retreat from my original position of helping this project in my capacity. Please Dawit do not delete and instead let the cadres answer this information. if they do not answer, it means it is true. And if it is true, why we spend our money and energy to be robed off (at least in their plan)

  7. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    I am out of the forum; but I cannot afford when the dam is attacked.

    This is fabrication or sabotage to our dam.

    You know Saudi Arabia can pay billions of dollar bribes now to sabotage our dam. I am sure William is paid a huge money to write this article. May be they have given him 1 billion dollars to write this article. It is business guys. Do not trust this media. We are living in a selfish world.

    If the dam collapses, then let it collapse and the world end, let even Ethiopia sink with dam forever.

    I in the first place opposed the setting up of panels by Meles. I opposed when Meles set up the panel. The reason I opposed the panel formation was because in this world money rules. There is no honestly in our world. I do not trust human being after learning how my country has been held hostage from using its own water. I know William is doing business. By the way, journalism is now a cash cow. William can make a lot of money now by making up stories about dam. He is not writing for no reason. It is for cash cow. Our Nile is now William’s cash cow. He can make even billions of dollars for working against our dam.

    Here is my recommendation:

    1.Ethiopian government must never open any hole or window on this. The government must never entertain this kind of stories.
    2. It is our dam and if Dam collapse, it is us who will be affected. If the dam is going to collapse, then let it be. We lost 3 million people by famine, we will not lose such much if it collapses.

    Egyptians and Arabs have been saying the dam will be hit by earth quake? haha, let the dam collapse; let the dam be hit by earth quake; let the dam be hit by meteorite from outer space; Let the dam hit by dangerous cosmic ray from deep space. Let the dam be collapse by any fiction William’s.

    We all Ethiopians must commit to this dam. We must not allow anyone from outside to dictate our demostic affaires. I do not see any hysteria when Dams build every where across the globe. USA has 500 Dams; We never cared about them. Every country has its projects and dams, we never cared or interfered about how they do their damming.

    The Ethiopian government must never give ears to the paid Journalist like William or William our born enemy wants to make money on our dead body? selfish, wanton, wicked, evil.

    Let the dam collapsed by whatever forces of nature, and it is our business. William please get the fuck off my country. Get lost please.

    I do not hate human being. But I hate mercenaries, bigots, doomsayers, selfish and lewd people like you. You are my enemy now. The money you will make by hurting us will make your life miserable. If you think you can build a paradise life by selling our interest. Leba ( Thief). I do not negotiate with you; Leave my country alone, corrupt and selfish. Go to hell William.

  8. Name (required) says:

    we will never give up. Its just the begging. When ethiopian start the to fight on their loyality, nothing will not hold them. So be careful for what u wish. God bless ethiopia

  9. Sam says:

    The stereotype view of the developed world toward Africa and other developing country will never change easily.
    But, as they may have learn from the far east Asia like China and others, it won’t be too long before they start to see the rise of Africa and Ethiopia in Particular!!!!!
    We will build the GERD-The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam- that achieves international standard ensuring safety, reliability and quality.
    No worries!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Innocent Sawa Rental Bloody Foot Soldier says:

    Dear Egyptian bargaining chip William Davison; your article might help you to get “Bargaining Chip” status introduced by Egyptian to award all anti-ethiopia elements based on their work. I hope you will be the first man next to Eritrean leaders to get the brand name.

    As you know the Eritrean government via its foreign minister signed agreement with Egyptian government of renting Eritreans as foot soldiers, innocent bloody agents, each drop of water lost defenders, anti-ethiopia elements trainers, terrorist/terrorism care takers,…and awarded the first trial brand name “Bargaining Chip” for Eritrean leaders (President, Ministers,..).

    Comparing the bargaining chip power of your alike’s bloody eritreans, anti ethiopia opposition elements, terrorists influence to stop the dam construction is insignificant, they might get some amount of financial benefits but they can’t serve Egyptian interest as planed to use them as a bargaining chip against the Ethiopian government to force, to pressure and get the GERD capacity, size, width, depth,… minimized as Egyptian wanted.

    However, William Davison have got the power to get contact, preference of the International Panel of Experts to share all information regarding GERD and you shared this news. Therefore, I am happy for your success to get the “Bargaining Chip” brand name.

    Viva Bargaining Chip William Davison.

  11. ZeBihere Bulga. says:

    No problem. The GCC already solved the problem without the Arab League Observer State Eritrea (Red Sea Basin).

    How to resolve the Issue here is the news better than yours.

    UAE to help resolve Egypt-Ethiopia row
    The UAE and Saudi Arabia are preparing to go into bat to help resolve the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia over a multi-billion dollar dam that has been constructed by the Ethiopian government on the so-called Blue Nile River – while an economic deal is being
    The Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation made the announcement last week that the countries would lead dialogue between the warring factions over the dam that is being built in the area of the
    Nile River that borders Sudan and Ethiopia.
    The 4.3-billion, 6,000-megawatt Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, to be completed by 2017, has raised concerns in Egypt that accords which guarantee a certain amount of water for Egypt will be broken due to the dam
    reallocating water.
    The Blue Nile River is the main tributary of the world’s longest river.
    Egyptian media reports quoted the high-level sources as saying the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries, except Qatar, were moving ahead towards setting up a mammoth economic project including Egypt, Sudan, the state of South Sudan and the AGCC states.
    “Recently, a political agreement was concluded between the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to benefit from the Egyptian and GCC political atmosphere to support the negotiation stand of Cairo with the Nile Basin Countries, especially under the GCC investments in these countries, which the sources estimated at more than US20 billion. This will give the GCC’s role weight in resolving the differences between Egypt and the Nile basin states in the next period,” the sources said.
    The sources were quoted by the Egyptian Arabic daily ‘Al Misri Al Youm’ as saying that the GCC stands serve as a vehicle for rapprochement between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, and not a means for pressure, to achieve the economic interests for the region.
    “The UAE and Saudi Arabia are working on charting out an initiative to solve the disputes between Egypt and Ethiopia over the The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (formerly known as the Millennium Dam).”
    The colossal structure, sometimes referred to as Hidase Dam, is about 40
    kilometres east of the border with Sudan.
    “The GCC, except Qatar, are planning to set up a huge economic project including Egypt, Sudan and the state of South Sudan and the GCC to benefit from the relative feature of the Eastern Nile basin states in executing it, provided that the principles of the agreement for operating the Renaissance Dam after completion ensure no damage to the benefits of water for Egypt,” the sources added.

  12. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    We do not Arab mediators; We have right to use our resources. We do not need the blessing of anyone. My policy on Nile is no deal is the best deal for Ethiopia. Our people have been held in darkness for long; Enough is enough now. No need for Arab mediator or anyone. We do not need GCC or whatever you call it.

    All we need it to speed up the damming and finish it and also to develop our fire power. No need for Egypt or an Arab blessing. This must ispire us. Arabs or GCC did not come to help our people when they falling like dry leaves by famine.

    It is better half of the Ethiopian populoation die defending this dam and the next generation benefit. I here declare again, I am ready to give my precious life for this dam. I mean it from my heart. I am willing to offer my only life for it. I do not want my citizen to live the way I lived after now.

    I warn the government not to make any Arab or whatever deal about our dam. We do not need another EEBC here. Do not open door for them. We do not need their money or investment even. They are just cancer to our country. Do not give the impression they have right.

  13. Ash says:

    I have challage to mr.William Davison…what damage he will pay us if the dam stand? If the dam past the test of filling the water…he have to put down his beat…first then we can we talk…about it.

    We ethiopian put one million dollar the dam will stand how much would u put mr. William Davison? And all ur friends bring it on

  14. w .yilma says:

    William DEVIL where have you been up to now?. You are raising an old history. This report submitted by the international expert panel is may be 5 to 6 month old history. Are you paid by Egypt to raise an old issue which was dead? Let it be what you have said, the construction of the dam will continue. It is Egypt, stubbornly isolated her self from participating in the implementations of the recommendations made by the International panel group. Even Egypt and the Sudan were invited to invest 50% of the cost of the dam. Unfortunately, Sudan reluctantly not showing interest although she will be the beneficiary and Egypt on the other hand sticks with her wrong choice, and hiring people like William DEVIL to to spread gossip and rumors (to misinform the public) about the dam.
    Sir you are on the wrong side of history.
    We Ethiopian do not have an intentions to harm our neighbors, especially Egyptian people. This concept was taken in to consideration when we decide to construct this dam. It is Egypt who want to the statuesque to monopolize the Nile, and keep the old agreements of the infamous 1929 and 1955 between her colonial power UK, Sudan and colonized Egypt. By any standards any agreement reached during colonial era is illegal, hence Ethiopia have the right to reject and nullified it. That is what we and other up stream countries believes and determined to repel any kind conspiracy being it for Egypt or international spoilers.
    Even some of the recommendations made by the international panel group was mostly proposed by Egyptian “experts”. To be frank,not only experts but also their politicians are blind folded regarding Nile issue and no one is expecting to hear truth from them.The only one who believe their false opinion about the dame is people like William DEVIL.

    Long Live Ethiopia

  15. Tes-Mar says:

    Both{the dam’s strength and weakness] are my favor. Either it will generate electricity or it will degenerate and destroy our enemies.
    How dare do u [the writer and alike] compare the GERD dam[under construction on 21th century by modern Italian and Israel company] with the lumpen Aswan dam [constructed on 20th century by ancient Russian company].
    I really hate the EPRDF, All opposition parties, and All Arabes. I need to be alone pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,.

  16. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Even though I disagree with the current regime back home on many political issues but I will see or have no problem with such infrastructure projects. Dams, roads and communication lines are about-time projects that were neglected or looked upon for a long time. In the long term they will be put to good use benefiting the population at large. Our country has many grand rivers with little internal drainage system except one or two. The Awash(Hawaash) is one I can think of. But there are numerous seasonal streams that gush out plausible amount of water during the rainy season but stay dry during most of the year. Their raging floods should be skillfully retained and filtered for use as tap water and food production. Any planned projects meant to harness nature to bring our people out of the dark ages to modern times, I am for it. Economic progress is known to be killer of tyrants and bigots. I can cite quite a few examples. Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Taiwan, South Korea, The Philippines, Portugal, Spain and even South Africa are best examples our contemporary world that were once ruled by ‘invincible’ despots.

  17. This is the time to campaign to bring the people of Ethiopia to be together when it comes about millennium dam and any economic development. Ethiopia will choose the development because; it will create more Jobs and will minimize the immigration of our sisters and brothers to Middle East and get sloped and get killed. “Poverty is an acid drop on the pride of human being. Ethiopian enemies are not about the dam it is also against the richness and the gaining of power of Ethiopia.

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