Dialogue: Benefits and Challenges of G7’s Strategic “Partnership” with Eritrea (Abraham Yayeh)


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19 Responses

  1. Berhe says:

    Dawit, Please don’t be afraid to publish this information. Good journalism seeks to work with facts rather than fiction or propaganda. Thanks.
    1/ A meeting organized by Abraham Yayeh was held yesterday (Sunday, July 25, 1999)in Washington, D.C. Cover charge was $10, and the meeting was attended by
    about 200 people. Interestingly, there were a lot of shabiya Eritreans in the
    audience. Woyane Tigres attempted to disrupt the meeting by starting a fight.
    Cops had to be called… Once the woyanes were gone, Abraham Yayeh introduced
    the guest of honor, himself, and started his speech with “wud Etiopiawyan ina
    Ertrawyan ingidochachin.” He went on to talk about the current war between Ethiopia and Eritrea and that the war was the result of a conflict of interest…. Eritrea is now an independent country, we were told, and ought to be recognized as such by all of us Ethiopians.

    2/ Abraham Yayeh went on Hagerfiker Radio (June 10, 2007) to accuse what he called an Amhara plot behind the Aider School bombing during the Badme war. He elaborated what he called the hidden motive of the Amharas to instigate hate and division between Tigrayans and Eritreans.

    His recent appeal, written on more than fifty pages of article in Tigrigna for the Eritreans, is to bridge the difference between them and call for the Eritreans to reject Issayas Afwerki. He tries to assure Eritreans that the sacrifices that is paid for Eritrean independence will not be in vain.

    3/ Abraham Yayeh is a former treasurer of the Tigrean People Liberaiton Front. In early 1980s, he defected to the Derg, along with TPLF accountant Ato Gebremedhin Araya. When Derg was ousted, Abraham fled to Uganda. While in Uganda, he was arrested and convicted for savagely beating and robbing two Ethiopian immigrants. He served a prison term and released. Now he is trying to return to his root–the TPLF.

    • Keyo says:

      Well no need to talk about Eretria as it will be with out men with in the next years as every body is leaving.

      the only people in are a couple of borcham diasporas to beg shabia to take them to kilo.
      thousands are dying every day trying to leave that land

      • Aster says:

        you are right Eritreans are fleeing their country due to lack of food and water. Soon the only people lift in Eritrea would be Isaias and Demhit.

        sadly, what amazes me about these people is that they have being partying every night this weekend in DC and other states, while their people are dying at the sea by hundreds. Its sad, I guess this is how slaves’ minds function.

    • Jhonny says:

      Berhe, u sure, r u living in Washington DC or thhis is the same lie by Shabiya. If u are talking about 6&L Bet Tsihifet u r right. Actualy the place has no capacity of 200 people. Antem ende Is Ass u r lier. If he came here and have a meeting may be, u & him will be at the meeting. U guys why don’t leave Ethiopia alone. We don’t need u no more. U liberated ur country and enjoy ur life period.

  2. wedi eritrea says:

    Abrham yaye was living in asmara 2003 I was there. Abraham yaye invite all ethiopia origin living in eritrea for conference and meeting to start gorilla fight against ethiopian government inside eritrea. But no ethiopian origin or single person come to meeting or conference no body interested by his call. That is why he flee from eritrea on 2005.

  3. Alibira says:

    The title and story do not match this is all about shabia and woyane. Where is the gimbot 7 story. Abraham the se old Abraham it is all about him

  4. Point says:

    This is an absolute 100% garbage from Abraham yayeh, an opportunist and bankrupted so called politician! Please do not waste your time and age in state of confusion and egomania! Reflect on what you have done and achieved over the last 30 yrs.

  5. Tesema says:

    i am very sorry to learn that amhara elites are the headaches of ato abraham yayhe. for the last some years i didn’t see any statement from our country man mr. abraham yayeh where he forgot to mention amhara elites as enemies.
    mr. abraham why are you fixing yourself on amhara elites. is this your strategy (calculation) to label amhara elites as enemies and cut them from amharas (not elites). are you still thinking in this ethnic lines?

  6. Belachew says:

    Now the froth is bubbling again without any decisive outcome of what Abraham wants to say. If he wants to publish a book and sell it he might get soem income otherwise the same story and the same turncoat is again in his acrobatic exercise. Not long ago Abraham had an interview or rather called Hager Fikir Radio and declared that he will enter Ethiopia by condemning what he called the tribal and chauvinsit Amhara, who are against the welfare and peace of Ethiopia. However, this could not be materialized as his request for entry visa was turned down by the Ethiopian Embassy in Sweden. He made all the preparations by cajoling all he knew and saying that he is a close realtive of Sebhat. Now bitter for ever not to enter Ethiopia and remain in his closed and cold room in a room in Copenhagen, this poor guy has started his curse against Woyane, the organization which overthrew his master dictator Mengistu. There is nothing of objective content and knowledge-base to be obtained from his usual blubber. No more opportunism and no more turns can change the damage posed by Abraham against the Ethiopian people in general and the Tigrian people in particular. Enjoy your stay in your Denmark with the social welfare given by the government there.

  7. azeb says:

    Another G7 news ….it has been a long time AWRAMBA TIMES is addicted to G7 news …what a phobia!

  8. w .yilma says:

    A confused person rumbling here and there with no substance either in his speech or writing. It is not clear what he want to say. This guy like to make a long speech, but with no knowledge what to talk and how to finish. I do not know what he going to bring us (as he promised) to read in the future. What one thing he confessed today in his life time is,the contribution of TPLF for Eritrean independent. Shabia has never accept this facts. If TPLF force is not there, the so called “Eritrean independent ” would have not been in light today. Shabia knows how to start war, but they can’t finish.

    No one will convince me to believe that a positive change could come to Ethiopia from our Northern “friend”. Choose, and bring another options that convince the majority of Ethiopians. Don’t spend your time. Leave politics and stay home.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  9. How this man Associate with arch enemy of Ethiopia Isias Afework, who has colonized mind.
    1. Isais Afework is the vicious enemy of Ethioia
    2. Isaias Afwork who tried to dismantle Ethiopia into pieces, he is non sense man, he did not differentiate guerrilla leader and state leader,his mind is not changed and he will not change for ever.

  10. abera says:

    andargachewu tsige yasafiral wereh erasihin bitatefa yishalal
    le ertrea newu weyis le ethiopia newu G7 YEHONIKEWU ASAFARI NEH HOSPITAL HID

    • Name (required) says:


  11. SOLOMON says:

    i shame u endargachewu tsige
    i think u are ab normal
    asmera hospital yelem ende

  12. abera says:

    esayas ayizerifim yemitilewu leante yemisetih dollar ke kisu awutito newu misikin ertreans begid 2%yawetutin aydel antes dream yemitaderigewu yedehawun ertreans genizeb eyebelah aydel ke ethiopians endematagegne tawukewaleh santim yelem ke kegna kalat yelegnem silante ene yeweyane degafi aydelehum bitaminim bataminim gin yawerahewu yasafiral yasafiral yehilm enjera mebilatihin ketil

  13. Abe says:

    How low can one Go? For what? Fill Up ur tammy?
    These two Idiot are nothing but a flop Shaebia Cadres. Who in his right mind would take a piece of all this nonsense propaganda.
    May those innocent Eritreans continue to perish in deserts of Sinai and the Sea RIP

  14. gurmessa says:

    “Ye man bet tefto ye man libege yawre mefancha yehonal enge “time io work with esayes then we will see what will happen ,BRAVO G7we are their to die or kill

  15. Aman says:

    This two are scumbugs. I dont know why try trying to shed their skin. I read Gebremedhin Araya article sometimes from Australia. He acts as if he cares for ethiopia. He is a thief. Thats why he run to Derg beforehe get caught. When someone talks much it shows the other way. They feel guilt conciousness. so they are not at peace with them. So Abreham and Gebremedhin are just thieves nothing else. I remember how Abreham used to talk too much to impress mengistu. On Tv. But all that talk couldt save mengistu. I respect Aregawi and Gidey becuse they dont agree with Tplf they left. atleast they are principled person. But These two are poitical prostitute, flipflopers, if anyone remember how Abreham was flurting with isaias during thecethio eritrean war. So without reference or taking the word of tplf. Their work shows who these people are.

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