U.S. Navy SEALs raid al-Shabab leader’s Somalia home in response to Nairobi attack


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5 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Ethiopian government long time ago detected this serious threat and dismantle Al shebab from Somalia. That time Ethiopians were criticized from all corners of the world, it did take long Americans and British government to share Ethiopians concern. But thanks God, the time comes, Americans believed there is Al Qaeda boot in Somalia.
    In 2006 Ethiopia was alone fighting, Al shebab and Al Queda, now there world is watching why and how Ethiopians measures were correct and reasonable. Ethiopians for that matter should take all the credit for the growing and promising peaceful in Somalia.
    Now the question should be, Americans should fight Al Queda in somalia or give this huge responsibility for Ethiopian army and back with sophisticated technology. The choice should be now, there choice is between letting Al Queda and its wings to take a strong hold or not.
    The choice is between rescuing East Africans from these deadly threats…
    The recent Kenyans attack is still fresh in our mind

  2. meron says:

    I always appreciate the late PM regarding that particular decision to go and hunt the group called Mislims court or so, before they approach our boarder. That is a correct decision from my personal perspectives, ie. at least we heard (if i am not mistaken) that the small group called Muslim court or so has clearly declared war on us. I am not sure is that group has happen to be alshebab later on.

    NB: though Ethiopia has taken that serious mission and send her army, but, the truth is that, america and UK are always behind that mission and supported it. They are there from its early inception to to-date and they never against that mission if just for some kind of political game! This fact is also equally TRUE!!

    The other point should be, Ethiopia should not carry on (if not protecting itself) this responsibility ALONE! This is not going to bear any single positive benefit for Ethiopia, rather will complicate its relation with various other countries, mainly the arab world. Ethiopia should remain part and participle of the big mission to fight against terror, and shouldn’t take any mission from other groups such as UN separately, but only as a group. Why alone????

    That mission has to remain in the hand of a group of countries (e.g. AU) as terrorism is a universal problem. Why Ethiopia should carry that burden alone? why our army has to die in the desert? NO way. Our responsibility has to remain on protecting our people, and country, not on to carry on the un mission when they through for us something and they stay in peace when our army die and their body dragged on the street. That bad and wrong!

    I knew why woyane like to receive such an important mission alone! This coz, it will give the the opportunity to keep its strong tie with America so that they will maintain their corrupt chair for long. Nothing is more than that. But, yetebela ekub new…..

  3. Hena says:

    Navy seal my …they have nice affairs only . Let the job be handled
    By AGAZI Heros !

  4. Hena says:

    Their clothes are the best . Their equipments are sophisticated . But
    They r coward . Let AGAZI handle the case with bravery and precision.

  5. kalayu says:

    Ethiopia alone or with group Alshabab has to be eliminated. Ethiopia has to declare war on it like it did for the battle of Adwa. This is not minor threat!

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