Hailemariam says extremism is expanding in Ethiopia with support from foreign forces


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26 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    As PM. Hailemariam Desalegn rightly said it, the purpose of holding demo. is to make heard the voices and concerns of the protesters to the public and the government. I think this is one of the important steps of exercising democracy whether we are living in America or Japan or for that matter democracy of the sun and moon, if at all there was. This is the only and only one goal of Demon. Nothing minus or plus when it comes to ETHIOPIA.
    In Ethiopian case, the opposition parties have done these several times, period.
    ‘Semayawi and Adinete’ parties told us they are gonna carry out demonstration every three months. Excuse me. we asked you, are you in usual mental health or some how compromised.
    There are about 90 parties in Ethiopia, and if each of them are holding a demo. to ask the one and same thing, then we will have every day demon. This is something Ethiopians can’t afford. I don’t think any place in the universe this would have been possible.

    • Ash says:


      U know the fix is easy ban demonstration on Sunday…tell them to do it from Monday to Friday..this way we know two thing…who ever join them from Monday to Friday they r unemployed or make them cost them dearly otherwise if u make it on Sunday It would be entreatment

      It’s the greatest show around
      Cause the circus is coming to town

      Gotta see it

      There are clowns- jugglers too
      There’s so much to see and do
      Now the circus is coming to town

      The lions roar- elephants will dance
      Nothing could ever be so grand

      In short it is free circus…if u make it on Monday..even a day laborer might lose 100 birr to attended the circus …

  2. yohannes says:

    Good job pm H.D!!!

  3. Binieam Mj Tyson says:

    He said the government knows those opposition leaders who secretly have connections with terrorists G7 but the government is waiting for the right time to strike. Bravo Prime Minster H.M

    Those tools of Issais are just an extension of Issais’s foreign policy to destabilize Ethiopia and to undermine its progress, as part of Eritrea’s dream of having equal, or greater influence in the region. Ethiopia’s super power status in the region and its growing influence in Africa is the number one threat to Eritrea.

    Concerning oppositions. Eritrean opposition scattered across the globe are far more effective and better organized then all the Ethiopian opposition combined, simply because there cause is genuine

    Long live EPRDF

  4. teshome1 says:

    The pseudo PM had been warned earnestly (with the pink slip from the side) to nto only to call press conference but also sound and talk tough to the poor ppl of Ethiopia. As if that is the one additional issue they need most. He even went to the extent of banning demonstrations once and for all because he felt their question is irrelevant. The perished PM must have been natural in creating stupid toys. we’ve one currently at the helm of this country to complete his legacy. The only way out for tplf is to recognize the cry of the ppl, and find solution to their questions.

  5. Tesfay G. says:

    I would not hesitate to appreciate and support the firm stand of our PM and his leadership against these local extremists (and the would be future slaves of their supporters in UAE). I wish these ppl have a clue about how it starts, grows and what is actually happening now in these terrorised parts of Africa (Nigeria, Mali, Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Somalia, etc) and through out the world. In one week alone, hundreds of innocent women and children are killed. Who will be interested to see piles of bodies and body parts in any town/village of our mother land? At least no a single mother in Ethiopia wants to experience that. I’ve worked in Pakistan and am referring to my practical observation in the massacre of innocent civilians by terrorist who are taking advantage of the government’s overture. Let’s support the PM and avoid any terror cities and towns/villages in future Ethiopia.

  6. meron says:

    hahahaha the poor haile–the bread under fire from two sides—-

    he has to speak what bereket is telling him to speak—if he make mistake in making that speech, then his day will pop up suddenly! So far HD is smart enough in imitating since his time in arbaminch to to-date- He never failed in that—he is even smarter than parrot, which also make mistake sometimes.

    By the way, is it rite to define peaceful struggle such as demo as he defined it and also as it was supported by his cadres on this forum????

    Where in the hell he has got this definition, that people come out only one time to tell to the government their issues and then simply site and wait? what about if the government didnot yet answered their appeals? imagine telling your 1000s issues to woyane who never had ears to listen to public cry and then go and wait for them to get answered!

    As it is literally described in various articles, peaceful struggle is a continued effort and with accumulating effect/impact. It is natural that people go out again and tell to the government that their questions were not answered or even if answered and if not satisfied, they will tell the government similar things again and again until all or most of them will be addressed. If government insist and stay deaf, then this phase will steadily turn into more strong reactions such as declaring no work such as staying at home, giving no services,….

    That is what is known as peaceful struggle and known to the world! there is no such a foolish argument as argued by the poor HD, —we heard your claim many times and that is ok and go and wait….ye baletet were aderegew eko…ay yene Chrstian—lenegeru Zelalemawi keber le—yale ken new eko yesu neger yabekalen…

    For that matter, are single questions by people get answered by woyane during the past 20 years? I swear!

    But he told us one important thing—we will shut the door that we mistakenly opened—-no demo again.

    But people win!! Woyane can’t keep locking all doors any more! That is almost a history!!

    • Mekdes says:

      Meron, ESAT member you are such nasty Arogit,, who didn’t know even how to spell right undermines a person, who is leading the second populous country of the continent. But, I don’t blame you most of the people in the opposition like have, that kind of trend.

      What PM HMD said is anybody who cross the red line will face the consequence. I think you have problem with that, but your feeling is not abive the safety if the country. If you choose armed struggle try it. Dedeb nesh, kefo, doma.

    • sam says:

      wtf is this….meron is writing & at the same time crying.. looks like poor littel girl is crying… becoming so emotional about her boyfriend leaving her

    • Robel says:

      I love you Meron!!

  7. azeb says:

    Meron. The poor girl. PM HD is saying, the Ethiopian oppositions are playing a dirty political game. One of their boots is in Asmara and the other is in Addis and they have two options, either to cut their last gangrene leg in Asmara , in other words obliterate their affiliation with Esat and GInbote 7 OR face it’s consequence……I think they prefer the latter and we are completely okay with it. When the time comes, as usual your role is burn tones of I front of White House. Am I wrong girl??

  8. moron wisha says:

    meron you keep dreaming you are failed girl who can’t complete highschool but now you are moking on a smart man who is leading a big nation what a wast you are meron. i better call you moron cause that is even little for you stupid all the so called opposition are recruits of outside countries who are bleeding inside to see ehtiopia move forward financially and socially and some like you delidude and who don’t know where they come and are going to they just repeat for the third time papagalo go and get life “MORON” think and speak things you are capable of don’t ever try to be smart with your little chickn mind cause it will explode one day mskinwa moron yalaqma sitasb dabo sattegb hedech endayhonbsh.

  9. Sierra Gulf says:

    Teshome, What kind of argument is this?
    This argument is a complete fallacy because it will lead us to the conclusion that students who went on the streets of Addis in the time of Haileselassiebe did wrong? They should have gone home and waited for the answer after the first demo in Yekatit 66? By the same token, the TPLF comrades should have written a letter to Mengisu Hailmariam and waited for his reply in their homes?You guys must be ashamed of yourselves; at least you could have come up with a better logical argument.

    • teshome says:

      @Sierra Gulf
      What is this compare apple and orange!!!
      I knew I am ridiculing my self in engaging such dialogue, but let it be. I would try to simplify things in case you missed the core opinion of my comment. In your previous favorite regime, there was no opposition party or election. So government change was simple possible either through demonstration or arm struggle.
      In our today’s Ethiopia the situation is completely different, there are opposition parties, election and free media with its constraints. Let allow to have a political parties demo, even the Muslim extremists are allowed to express their views however unpalatable it may be.
      So here is the point, In current Ethiopia, there is constitutional mechanism to change government. It is only and only through election.period
      My freind, Did you know the ‘semayawi’ or ‘Adinete’ parties are holding demo. to overthrow the government? I didn’t know.
      Either the legal opposition political officials did claim as such.
      By the in the rearest possibility if such a provision exists, this is absolutely a criminal mentality that need urgent answer through legal procedures.

      • Sierra Gulf says:

        @Teshome, I didn’t compare apple and orange. I would rather compare between two oranges – one is pilled but the other one with cover. It is in deed with cover.
        For me there is no difference between ‘no democracy’ and ‘unfunctional or sham democracy’. Both are against peaceful and smooth changes. Teshe, you were telling me what is written on the paper but I advise you to look outside the box, the bigger picture; what happens on the ground, not on the paper.

  10. Mohammed says:

    We already know the plan to convert Muslims and orthodox by force. Last time the Prime minister so called declared that oil from South Sudan will flow through Ethiopia to weaken North Sudan. The whole idea is to eliminate Islam. South Sudan is center of pente extremism. This prime minister will make Ethiopia even worse by declaring pentism. His wife already made it public that her wish is to see Gospel reach everwhere in Ethiopia. How can she forget she is also the first lady of Muslims and Orthodox? are we according to her unbelievers? Soon Ethiopia will get into trouble because of this idiot prime ministers love for evangelism.

  11. azeb says:

    Dear awramba times. We candidly requested you the comment thread posted by the name mohamod to be deleted. Did you notice how he described PM HD with a worst language “idiot PM” that is completely unacceptable. We need you to apologize us and correct the mistakes. This guy must be one of the diaspora mercenaries who would like to degrade this forum. This attitude should be seriously discouraged

  12. Dexter says:


  13. Tatek says:

    Interesting to see the Prime Minister, handpicked by the EPRDF to succeed strong man Colonel Zenawi, following the dictator’s death in July 2012 addressing the media. At least the public would see a PM with full hair, and the media people at ease when bringing their questions up just for a couple of times now in over two decades. I am puzzled that Mr. Desalegn lamented his Govt can report a success in many fronts to the Ethiopian public, including his trip to New York to represent both his nation and the African Union at the UN General Assembly. As an African of Ethiopian descent, I was not only saddened and devastated by the PM’s speech in New York that Africa was ill targeted by the ICC but I felt we as Ethiopians sided with war criminals and turned our back to the close to one million Rwandans slaughtered by extremist Hutus in less than one hundred days, more than five million Congolese killed as a result of a conflict that amounted to war crimes, over one thousand Kenyans massacred following the 2007 General elections and many other cases of similar nature across the continent. Was he telling the world that these petty war criminals in the skin of William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyata, Omar El Bashir, Paul Kagame and many others are greater than the millions of Africans massacred as a result of their crimes? Was he telling us that this is the success story of the African Union, an organization that has long outlived its credibility and usefulness to the African people and seen by many across the continent as a bunch of petty sharks confined to sucking the blood of poor Africans? If the main reason behind the formation of the union back in 1963 was to bring Africa together and create a VISA- FREE travel across the continent thereby strengthening continental unity, there was not a single case of visa exemption to date I am aware of, and so far the union miserably failed to do anything but just watched from the top of big towers as a million or so Rwandans were massacred in a matter of one hundred days, Somalia remained Stateless for almost 25 years, millions continue to die as a result of continued violence in DRC, Darfur, Somalia, Mali and many other places. In the domestic front he claimed the same old story of double digit economic growth, achievements in diplomatic fronts with neighboring nations except Eritrea and of course a success on the War against graft. No wonder his is a regime defined by the legacy of broken promises, bare-truths if not outright lies and evasion of responsibility and accountability to the Ethiopian public and personally, he lacked honesty, humility, repentance and God Fearing traits that define one who comes from the confines of the Ethiopian Apostolic Church—and at times he seemed worn, nervous and bleak like a gutted building. Mr. Desalegn might do all he can to try to deceive Ethiopians claiming that he surely fits the big shoes he replaced but Ethiopians are smart enough to realize that he was not anywhere close to his predecessor who was a classic political manipulator, a patent liar, a smug and successful hypocrite posing as a paragon of virtue, AND if I have one advice to him, it is this one: politics—just like football is not only playing the ball with good pace, precision, passing accuracy and team work but it also is about reading the opposition’s game plan and ability to finish you off with counter offensive tactics, good defending and ability to draw the crowd away from you and eventually behind them.

    • AMAN says:

      tatek…are you telling us that we better be governed by our former colonizers?,,instead of disrespecting our pm hd you ought to give him credit for being a good leader and standing strong against those terrorist who are terrorizing the world in the name of religion.they think theirs the only religion while killing many innocents ppl..our former p/m meles had warned long time ago about alshebab and look what they did in Kenya…why you not be honest with yourself…by the way awramba times is doing great job for standing against those terrorist..truly you are a true nationalist who loves his country.

    • saM says:

      .”…. smart enough to realize that he was not anywhere close to his predecessor who was a classic political manipulator, a patent liar, a smug and successful hypocrite posing as a paragon of virtue”

      U nailed it Tatek.

  14. wendmu says:

    @Tatek aluk weys alk rasihin??? “””Interesting to see the Prime Minister, handpicked by the EPRDF to succeed strong man Colonel Zenawi, following the dictator’s death in July 2012 addressing the media. At least the public would see a PM with full hair, and the media people at ease when bringing their questions up just for a couple of times now in over two decades””””””. eyetetah new weys eye kamk yetsafkew??? b/s yalkew neger be lela andebet aygeletsim!!!!
    Ethiopia wust tiru democracy endale giltsi honelign!!!!! Sibal semteh sile mengist quality mawratih oke; gin ante eko ager aydelem rasihn memrat yalchalk sew neh.New York wust be television eyetenageru mayethim sew neh malet new, teteratireh neber. lemehonu rasihin besint neber yeshetkew ? ligih ketesakalet weldeh mokur engi ante enquan mayet yemichil, ager memrat min endehone yemiyay ayn alsetehim, tasaznaleh. be kumu yemote meret bado endatker yetefetere.

  15. Yayesh says:

    I have a message for the prime mister of weyane:
    What do you feel when the word “terrorist” comes out of your mouth? As a Christian who have a fear of God, as a human being who would like to be fair?
    Not a long a go we have heard more than ten of your cabinet members accumulated billions if not millions of dollars stilling from the people of Ethiopia, I believe you’ve heard, farmers has been displace form their ancestral lands with no place to go, not only that tody we have heard that The Tigrians who have been given Amharas land in fonder for free is trying to claim as Tigrian land, that is not enough for the last seven month the Ortodox churches has need closed, monks, priests. Homeless people banished from the area by using forces, more than ten churches was burnt and the pries told to leave, your government also tried to wipe out our Muslim brother and sisters from Ethiopia in the name of “Terrorist”, not a long ago we’ve heard inhuman things has been done to our Amhara sisters to stop having a children, for the last two years your government put. Ore than 13 journalist in prison, plus individual persecution and group killing is
    happening every where, the list is endless.
    May I ask you this question, who is “terrorist” based on these fact, what are you going to do about it as a Christian and human. You have a chance to do right by the people of Ethiopia please listen to those shout at loud not whispering close to your ear because they are criminals, selfish in general you are surrounds by monsters not human.

  16. sami says:

    Mohamed U talking dirt things. Pentecostal has no history of forced conversion. But Islam is an expert of forced conversion. Please talk everything after realism it. I know exactly how some very few Muslim extremists try to de-stabilize ethiopia. I have many guinine muslim friend. I respect muslim.

  17. tn. says:

    “extrimism” is subjective. no one owns the power of absolute definition.
    in my opinion an african leadership that won’t deliver on a continent wide cargo train, (a design/plan by 2014 and a start of build by 2015) should be assassinated by a civil force for the crime of marginalinalizing africa. this is not extremism but merrcy killing on behalf of a continent of 1billion people.

  18. Daneal Sisay T says:

    Berhanue and his supporters are mercenaries they
    100% hired people they are already under enslavement
    of Shabia let alone to speak to another .

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