Hailemariam to Appoint two more officials as his Advisers


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32 Responses

  1. kebraraw says:

    Why is Awramba neglecting the demonstration made by Eritrean refugees and the federal police brutal response and killing of unarmed refugees. is it worthless or is it not supportive for the poletical stand of Awramba. news is news and people need to know the truth if truth is jumped then credibility is ruined and no body will trust the media outlet that does so.

    • dubale says:

      kebraraw..lol awrambatimes cannot make all news on this planet. BBC neither does. You are funny. May be it is negligence as compared to other news. It might be a concern for you, but doesn’t mean every body is concerned about that. I never heard any news about that from other medias either. Tell us what is that? Are u talking about the boar sunk last week?

    • MENGEDEGHNA says:


    • teshome says:

      Kebraraw, you just answered your own question. every one knows most websites have their own agenda and political stand to inculcate. if a news does not fit their narrative, its bound to be skipped, if not misinterpreted by them. This is a way of life for this ppl.

    • Mekdes says:


    • Dan says:

      You should be thankful to Awramba for posting your twisted comment.
      It is very sad that this has to happen but one thing you need to understand is that the refugees have issue with UNHCR or/and the countries that provide resettlement. They didn’t say that they have a problem with the ppl and gov of Ethiopia who are sheltering them. If this is the case then why did they have to disturb the peace of local residents and create damage? I appreciate they have anger and desperation but I advise them to revolt against their brutal leader in their country and not in Ethiopia. The gov of Ethiopia has the responsibility to maintain peace and safety of its citizens and moral obligation to support the refugees as long as they remain peaceful.

    • lemma says:

      It is not Awramba’s duty

    • Dube says:


      It sounds that if u do not report something to ur bosses , you will be losing your job. I can tell that by your obssession with Eritrea and the opposition. What a life?

    • Orion says:

      Thanks…that is is really funny. However and just to remind you that according to Ethiopian Constitution, you need a permit to stage any kind of demonstration….Okay! We do understand that you guys (Eritreans) are getting behind a lot…Damn it.

      You Eritreans are getting mad and DonQoro as days go by. Who gives a shitt about your little insignificant country anyway?

  2. hena says:

    so called kebraraw ,

    I wonder if you have any sympathy for eretrians !

    in any case refugees any where must respect the laws and the rules of the host country or else leave the land.

  3. tola kebede says:

    Before say something you have think two times. They never kill him perposely.they demonestrate unwell come strike that acedent.

  4. Sisay A says:

    Thanks this will be good to talk about in ESAT political expert analysers

    Now we will forcast how many days left for the gov. to collapse

    Depend on our insider report EPRDF is divided in 9 group and with in the next two weeks it will fall down.

    We need another interview with Dr. Birhanue to ask him if he is ready this time as well to become the next PM of ethiopia once the gov. fall by itself in the coming weeks.

    Last time when meles died we predict this and didn’t happened but we don’t give up easy we will predict the gov. to fall down for the 928 times again.

    we might be lucky in our 100000 try. until that day just give us money we will give you hope.

    • chala says:

      We going to miss now Tesfaye gebr ebab expert ethinic base analysis why this transfer of power happen.

      Well thanks to Shabia thou they gave us another choice now we have ESAT journalist who are getting paid by stolen money from the poor Eritreans who are dying in the sea and they will sit and tell us this one is oromo and that one is trigre bla bla politics .

      Shabia you should have used the dollar you paying for those G7/ESAT journalist to Eritreans who are dying every corner of the world trying to leave the country.

      The only Journalist who admire and wish Issayas rule are ESAT/G7 and Tesfay gebre ebab

      • keyo says:

        With in one year we almost witness a full power transit in the country with out and problem.


        New PM
        New Foreign minister
        New Almost full cabinet change
        New 3 dupty PMs
        New First lady
        New Mayer of Addis
        New Parliamentarians same people but different attitude
        New President

        With out any problem Amazing this not America this is happening in ethiopia.

        But what did we sow in extremist diaspora politics The same people for 22 years talking the same hotel and collecting dollar and promising lie again and again.

        • fredom says:

          @Mr keyo,
          There you are! what is “new””new””new””new””new”…………? There is nothing new in your new! Have you n ot heard “Gulicha be-keyayer wot ayatafit!”
          Your fake new!
          The PM is an accidental hero with out his own life. Look how many deputies and advisors he has as if he has no head! The country is to be run by a squad of robbers; not by a PM.

  5. teshome says:

    While ESAT, a propaganda machine was telling us power vacuum and exodus of among EPRDF top officials, the current appointments of new Ministerial advisory positions are enough showcase how EPRDF and Ethiopian government are doing fine. and getting stronger and stronger
    I like the EPRDF soft ware of leadership. PM Meles Zenawi’s political road map was simply outstanding and farsighted, the young generations will be let to shouldering the future of New Ethiopia.
    Look now How Many young leaders are given the opportunity of high level of leadership, while their peer old guards are infused at the level of advisory position…
    From now on the ESAT unschooled journalists must have brain tumor or something to tell us there is a political leadership fracture in the ruling party.
    Imaginary division Addis and Mekele TPLF, is simply a ‘Mamo Kilo’ story or may not be more than a bed time stories of kids.
    Both EPRDF power struggle or TPLF division are two versions of the same lie

  6. meron says:

    i am really laughing from heart.
    This this office of the PM and so called advisory can not saturate?!!

    Is the sentiment of advisory service has been changed, so that it became the store to dump old and retired guards?

    Or is there something wrong behind the shadow, so that tplf has to come close and watch HD?

    I believe in seniority and experience. But also i believe age matters, and no research is needed to evaluate the already disappeared and dramatically declining capacity of these comrades (all older than the late PM, if not Aboy), to cope with the current day policy dynamics. I am sure they are not going to advice him good thing, if not to watch him from close and may be inject him their evil mind.

    Ke 100 aleka Girma tegelagelen senel lela 100 aleka girma!!

    That is incredible—we will hit the genius book in terms of deputy PMs, and divisors to the PM. Ahunes yeferi dula aderegut eko—feri dula yabezal gen beandum saymeta yenetekal.

    hahahaha i shouldn’t forget the progress we showed to the world (may be are the first as we are in poverty) in the number of tikakenena anesetegna opposition parties.

    of course that shows how the late man divide us and to a tiny groups.Good job woyane!

  7. blata afar says:

    kebraraw,keep on fooling yourself.i can see the streams from your crocodile tears washing your face.

  8. Lemmatise says:


    If u think AWRAMBATIMESIS care about ERITRIA u must be crazy

    He care about one thing only TIGRE and Tigray.

    It is not a rocket since dude!

    He is what he is*********

  9. mik says:

    My hero abay tsehaye I am very happy to see today my hero tagay.

  10. Aster says:

    Perhaps, Awramba has neglected the demonstration by the Italians’ dogs at the refugees’ camp in Tigray, because it is not a newsworthy. A lot hurtful things are happening to these people in the world today, why talk about a minor incident that probably was instigated by Isaias Aferwerki to convert the current big problems Eritreans people are encountering.

  11. lemlem says:

    This is the best style of administration. Team leadership. EPRDF is getting wiser and wiser. This is unique when a country is led by team leaders. Bravo ; we will forgive you if do correct mistakes and become good leaders at the end.

  12. Embasoleda says:

    I have a big respect for Dr Kasu Elala and Abay Tsehaye. So, I believe that his excellency, Prime Mister Hilemariam Desalegn has made a good move to include those two well experienced politician as his advisors….

  13. azeb says:


  14. meron says:

    Dave (AWTs),

    Would you please initiate small discussion about our Walias, so that we will have the chance to discuss bit about dramatically developing football in mama Ethiopia. BBC argue that FB is developing in Eth. I am saying football, not face book. Face book ema eyashikolekole new!

    I prefer to call my antilops the silent killers–imagine of someone killing you before you see and known he is killing you —-they will kill (win) the Eagles before they notice they are dying. Mignote ehe new. I am also confident!

    This is the single time in my life i was lost my heart, pressed and nervous, feel both bad and good as far as football is concerned. I used to say—demo le kirila—kirila be 2 yekomu enchetoch mehal selesholeke—yalew man neber hahaha—

    I think Emp. Hailesilasie feel FB like i used to feel it. That may be why he scored on his own goal keeper and replied—wanaw goal magebatu new—.

    I never known football has that power to surrender oneself. I am the slave of my antilops-the walias. May my God be with them, give them the skill to roll the ball, just to roll it until the other corner—

    I pray that they will have the power to cop with the heavy push and pull from the west Africans—

    You, God, You created us bit thinner and shorter than these in the west africa and hence you are responsible for that—now we only need skill, wisdom–to keep the ball rolling under their legs!

    I afraid our keepers! Once they get nervous, then we are lost! Pls cool down—watch out!

    God you have to also watch the guy who will lead the play. It is not any easy event for him to announce Nigeria lost—

    mechem ye Nigerian techawachoch egrachewen ketema aynachewen chelema—yadregew beye alilemenem. This is football and everybody want to win. Legnam techaweten mashenef new sem yalew.

    As we never benefited from unelected government so far, we can’t benefit to win the game if we are not playing it well—But i feel we deserve this game—enem esey silete semere lamalet—

  15. kebraraw says:

    just a bunch of fools trying to be smart whether it was proper action taken by police or not is not my question but ithink it should have been made public but may be the masters would be upset with that besides to those who said eritrea is a small trush eritreans never wanted to be ethiopians rather ethiopians wish and as you all know every one coming to us and europe claimes to be eritrean but no eritrean claims to be ethiopian even though his life is endangered so who is trash who is beggar who is the one lossing confidence in his identity eritrean? never ofcourse you know the answer well besides eritreans didn’t come to ethiopia they were invited by the late prime minister and why are such insidents happening now after the eriteran opposiiton refused to be dectated by the ethio gov. all these questiones would have been answered if the media did their work unfortunatly most so called private medias are under oposition or the authoritarian governemnts and that is why either they propagate opposition or Government ideas only and not tell the truth

    • keyo says:


      first you choose a name ethiopian just like tesfaye gebre ebaba your first try was to act as ethiopian to divided us when it is known now you start saying ethiopian want to be eritriawian.

      you know why no goverment on earth will believe you if you say you will be torture for being pente or johva or be in prision for not staying in military for life in ethiopia.

      but in not alone to create opposition party talking about it will make you killed so you are proud for people mentioning your country for wrong reason.


  16. GENDS says:

    Haile Erguman Desalegn.

  17. Fukeraw says:

    The country doesn`t need more and other token political acts . It needs diverse and free political parties with different minds. By the way, what the appointing the people of the same ideology/interest group could change? Nothing.the situation is akin to one step forward and one step back, which means status quo will remain pretty the same old style.

  18. Mario says:

    Rant on Hailemariam rant on! You cannot call others while your party and government is terrorizing the entire nation.

    You don’t know that dictatorial regimes terrorize their own people and this is also indicated in UN’s definition/provision of terrorism? What you call terrorists are terrorizing you and not the people. What people call terrorists are primarily you and not the people. This is the truth we all should embrace.

    We are not blinded by power like you and your likes. We are not deaf for we can hear what is happening. We also sense the anti-people nature of your regime for we are not dead.
    Please tell us you are defending your own skin and that of your masters and not the law and the safety of the people and the country.

    “Lemayawkish tategn”. We all know you and we are watching you too.

  19. AwareGullele says:

    Hakim sibeza beshitenaw yimotal.

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