Hailemariam Defends Anti-Terror Law, Condemns Critics (Video)


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16 Responses

  1. Lemlem says:

    Only terrorists fear anti-terrorism because they know it will be against them.

    • Sintayehu says:

      Lemlem, shame on you. Can you give me the arrested person in relation with terrorism except Ethiopians. for example weyane freed the two Sweden journalists for political profit. if they have been involved in terrorism activity why weyane freed them. weyane prepare this anti terrorism low to attack every Ethiopians, which are request their rights including you. If you are not convinced, i belive you are living away from Ethiopia.

  2. Tesfaye Gebreab ZeBihere Eritrea says:

    After my damn identity revealed, I stopped crying for people suffering Weyannie’s tyrannical ruling. Therefore, the anti-terrorism law is the main tool to fight terrorism in Ethiopia but not the tool used by Weyannie to clamp down political decent as some self appointed Ethiopia savers cry 24 hours against the law.

    Tesfaye Gebreab ZeBihere Eritrea.

  3. yohannes says:

    you did a good job Pm HD !!!”

  4. Fen keel says:

    Those who fears the law that equally applies to all Ethiopians are with an agenda to reserve their future criminal activities when they are
    Told to do so, as usual it is the behavioral manifestation of
    Ideological slavery for money and less self esteem.

    Those are the people who should be neutralized at any cost and means for trying to instigate blood shade and extreme hatred,
    In replica of the people who did the same in the Arab world and become the sole losers .

  5. Dani says:

    “Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana!

    I listened to the PM’s press conference and as he was talking, I couldn’t help but miss his “silver tongued” predecessor(may he RIP).At least, when he fabricated facts and truths on the spot, he did it in such a colorful way (due to his command of the English language) he kept you engaged , although you knew he was selling you “snake oil”.In this regard the current PM has a long way to go.Although I was cautiously optimistic when he came to power ( given the fact that he was a devout Christian and an Engineer by training ) the arrogance or shall I say ignorance ( because the two go hand in hand) he displayed shattered my hopes once and for all.He was condescending, patronizing,out of touch and as he said “echoing ” or shall I say channeling the late PM and his still living “Iago” Bireket Simon. This doesn’t bode well for Ethiopia. Unless he stands up to “Iago” and distances himself from the late PM he will end up being an insignificant foot note in this tragic chapter of our history. I hope and pray that God will give him strength and courage to stand up for the oppressed and persecuted millions he purports to be leading.When all is said and done, he will stand ( like the rest of us) before a Living and Mighty God who can’t be mocked and deceived. May God Bless our beloved Ethiopia by giving us leaders that speak the truth, defend and protect the oppressed (the orphans, widows and the poor), hate ill gotten gain and go after corrupt leaders( political or other wise) who steal from their people and live in luxury while millions languish in jail, flee their home and country and live a life that has been robed of hope and dignity! AMEN!

  6. Dude says:

    Can somebody tell me who this freak is? Melese zenawi II?
    He said he is producing evidences ? He mean fabricating one?
    Ya ya the real woyanes are telling him what to say and the freak is just barking like a bull woyane dog that he is. God save our country from this butchers

    • Dmbulo says:

      Sorry but, what other evidence do you want to see than the so-called Ginbot 7 sleeping in the same bed with terror maniac Issayas Afewerki? Grow up little dude! As a matter of fact the terrorism law of Ethiopia is more linient than the law exercised in some countries. Given the atrocities committed by terror groups around the world, the government has responsibility to fight terrorism and terrorists by all means. If the opposition groups think that the terrorism law of the country is repressive, then what does associating themselves with a well-known terrorism supporter means to the average Ethiopian? Its disguesting!

  7. Tatek says:

    The Prime Minister and his political Masters are determined to use the so called Anti-Terror law as an excuse to go all the way to make sure that dissent and divergent views in Ethiopia are punished without any bounds of reason. Mr. Desalegn made it so clear that his regime is determined to go after Ginbot 7, OLF and ONLF, —the political opposition parties that the TPLF knows are serious threats to its long term political survival. But the question remains could this law be sufficient to stop them? I am afraid no. I was in Axsum and Mekelle this past August and only pro-regime hardliners believe that Terrorism is a threat to Ethiopia. If this is what Ethiopians think in the regime stronghold areas of Mekelle’s stature, guess what public sentiment would look like in places like Awassa, Asella, Nekemt, Goba, Jijiga and so on. Even the parties who are in the country like Blue party and Andenet feel that the threat posed by Terror to the nation has been hugely exaggerated by the regime to criminalize dissent and punish legitimate political opposition to a regime that, if anything, is yet to pass the ballot box test . For me this is justified for the following reasons: one—there was no tangible evidence linking the said opposition parties to any acts of terror whatsoever, and the one or two instances the regime wanted to blame on the OLF like the attack on Tigray Hotel were reportedly carried out by the regime itself according to Wiki leaks, two, — the so called Anti-Terror laws were put in place by the rubber stamp parliament and Parliament in Ethiopian case has an exclusive Authority both to make and interpret laws, and the Ethiopian Courts, as rubber stamp and powerless as they are in all cases, are helpless bystanders incapable of ensuring that the protection of Ethiopians from extralegal treatment by the executive and the puppet-legislature is guaranteed. In a democracy, courts have a duty to effectively perform the role of the peoples’ sentinel and guardian of their rights by enforcing their will; even against members of the legislature who may have been elected by the people but who have become disobedient to the constitution and thus strayed from their will. No election in Ethiopia by far has been blessed to have met the minimum International requirements, and this means these People who are making and interpreting the Anti-Terror Law are hardly Representatives of the People, as claimed by the Prime Minister. Mr. Desalegn seemed consumed, agitated, gutted, nervous and at times disoriented as he spoke to the media in this specific video, lacking any of the minimum requirements of a public figure under a camera; and contrary to what his close friends and those who know him try to tell us, the man by far lacked the simplest humility, obedience, honesty, repentance and civility as required by God and Ethiopians and if he is dead determined to have Ethiopians as his bride, the answer is simple: ’’ just be yourself’’.

  8. meron says:

    who told you pm HD is a Christian religious man????

    if he is so, which Christian book teach —Zelalemawi KIBER le MELES zenawi??

    May be a new teaching?

    what i knew about this man from close people (staff, students) is that he is a master in turning around–360 degree!
    In that case they told me he is acrobatist. And the other thing they told me is that he is one the most YES-man in the woyane squad since the tplf great breakdown.

    And meles love Yes man. He like a layer, a man who cook data, a man who terrorize his people—a man who say what meles says without, also in a better way again and again-so that that fold of lay could be trusted as truth! In that case he is even smarter than any current woyane people.

    But i still go for him. I wish to see him leading the country. I wish he must weak up and go forward, look around! I am sure he will do.

  9. HENA says:

    why are people talking a lot about PM HD’s religion .

    Angela Merkel is a protestant
    Many American presidants were protestant

    so what! . Did not you see then taking tough decision ? HD is a prime minster , not a pastor .Hence , do not expect him to act like a religious leader while he adminster 80 million + people .


    • Dani says:

      WHY WE TALK ABOUT PM HD’S “RELIGION “!( To Hena and to those that have a similar views)!

      There is a social rule out there that says ” if you don’t want to ruffle any feathers, leave politics and religion out of every conversation”. Seems like Hena agrees with this. I , as per my previous comment , happen to abide by a different rule…:). There is a very good reason why people mention PM HD religion when they give comments about his policy and his conduct. In an interview that he gave a few years ago, he said he believes that God has given him the gift of “leadership”. This is not a heresy. Christians ( especially those that belong to Protestant and Evangelical denominations ) believe every christian receives a gift from God that equips him/her to fulfill the mission that God has for the individual on planet earth.This is a major break from what his predecessor ever said in public and it is the complete opposite of what the Derge regime believed and practiced. In fact, the Derge actively persecuted the Protestant/Evangelical denomination from which the PM HD hails from.As a result , to down play the role faith plays in the life of the current PM, will be doing a huge disservice to him and the nation at large.To the contrary, every Ethiopian (believer and non-believer) should hold “his feet to the fire” here on earth and challenge him to live up to the calling he believes God has given him. A man who starts his day with prayer, attends church regularly, reads the bible regularly and believes God has called him to be PM , can’t be held to the same standard that atheists and communists are held to. To the contrary,we should challenge PM HD to practice what he preaches (believes), and bring about a Revolution of Righteousness that will engulf Ethiopia from Adwa to Dolo Bay , from Gore to Jijiga. Only then will “justice roll on like many waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing river” (Amos 5:24) ! Amen!

  10. Mario says:

    Rant on Hailemariam rant on! You cannot call others while your party and government is terrorizing the entire nation.

    You don’t know that dictatorial regimes terrorize their own people and this is also indicated in UN’s definition/provision of terrorism? What you call terrorists are terrorizing you and not the people. What people call terrorists are primarily you and not the people. This is the truth we all should embrace.

    We are not blinded by power like you and your likes. We are not deaf for we can hear what is happening. We also sense the anti-people nature of your regime for we are not dead.

    Please tell us you are defending your own skin and that of your masters and not the law and the safety of the people and the country.

    “Lemayawkish tategn”. We all know you and we are watching you too.

  11. Adal Issa says:

    I don’t think this dude knows what he was talking about….just repeating zenawi’s speech again and again like parrot. felt sorry for him… no way out from that “C” circle unless z power beyond normal help him out from this mess

  12. abel says:

    I don’t understand what he is talking. Is he telling us, all opposition who challenge the TPLF government have a connection with G7, OLF, or ONLF. Let him fabricate similar to his dead master, we will see whether the TPLF government continue ruling us against our will.

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