Lampedusa tragedy: Isaias Accuses the US administration of backing the “Abduction” of Eritreans


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16 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    What do Eritreans Diasporas feel when they see tens and hundreds of caskets lying in Rome land??? So far We never heard and saw any Eritreans abroad paying for their respect for the Lampedusa Tragedy.
    Even after a lot such traumatic ordeals, many Eritreans are still supporting the criminal Isasay Aforki and his regime. No word would explain how Eritreans are loosening Morals ever human have.
    They choice is up the Eritreans and Eritreans only. If Eritreans are not saying enough is enough for Isayas Regime, well and good they should continue entertaining such traumatic ordeals..

    • keyo says:

      Well you know what the white people say every people have a goverment what it deserve.

      So for Eritrean Issayas is the only solution otherwise if it is not by power they don’t know the meaning of right and wrong.

      If you see them in every habesha restaurant they are always fighting and the only thing they stop is by police force.

      So I feel sorry for them to have a gov. calling his dead people illegal immigrant

      • Saba says:

        Keyo, that is so cold for you to say this, if you are Ethiopian, what do you say to the Ethiopian Gov. killing for show some respacts and simpthies to thier follow Eritreans who lost lives at the Sea.

  2. Aster says:

    First, I would like to share my condolences with the mothers of these incent kids and women who lost their lives in search of liberty. I could only imagine what goes inside of Eritreans’ mind and heart to see such tragedies. Is this the fruit of 30 years’ struggled for independence?

    Second, in regard to Isaias Afeworki’ accession of the US administration involvement in the death of the people, in my view it is a joke. Why would the most powerful country in the world would attack kids and women? If the US has issue with Eritrea it would be with Isaias not with the citizens, and if the US wanted to take out Isaias they would have done it without hurting the Eritrean people. So, as usual this accusation is part of Isaias’ illusion’s symptoms.

  3. juhar ahmed says:

    I feel sorry for those poor eritearns their try to run way from evil man who rule eritrea back word

  4. በለው! says:

    ለድሃ ምን ደላው ማ ምን አለ ውሃ በላው!
    የአበባ ብዛት የሳጥኑ ማማር ወሬ የሚቀባጥረው
    በለው! ዮሐንስ ባየ አንገቱን የሰጠው
    ቴዎድሮስ በነበር እራሱን የሰዋው
    ምነው ቀና ብሎ ያ..ጀግና አብዲሳ አጋ
    ለክብሩ ሰንደቁ ሟች የጠላት ቀጋ
    ምንነበር ምንይልክ ባየው ይህን ትውልድ
    ልገዛ ብሎ እሰው ሀገር ሆ! እያለ በእግሩ ሲነጉድ
    ጭራቆች አንድ ሆኖ እንዳይኖር በታትነውት
    ወኔና ማንነቱን ነፍገው መሪዎቹ እንዳረከሱት
    ጥቂት ሆድአደርን እንቢኝ ብሎ ላይሞት
    አወይ ጅግና አቤት ወንድ ሴት ሕፃን አዞ በላት!
    ምን ነበር ለሀገሩ በሀገሩ ገንጣይን አጥፍቶ ቢሞት
    የውጭ ኑሮ አልጋ በአልጋ የሚመች ነው ማንብሎት?
    ጎበዝ እንቢኝ በል መሳቂያ አትሆን ሁለተኛ ሞት !
    እንቢኝ!ባለ ነው መይሳው እንቢኝ ባለ ነው ምን ይልክ
    ጦርና ጋሻ ተሰልፎ ወራሪ ፈረጠጠ አወቀ የአበሻን ልክ
    ሀገርህንና ሰንደቅህን በፓርቲ ጎሳ ነገድ አትለውጣት
    ሀገርህ ነፋሻማ ወንዛማ ሜዳማና የጋራ ናት!
    አግዚኦ ለፈጣሪ ቅን ልጅ ተወልዶ ሕዝቡን በታደጋት
    አንዱ በአንዱ ላይ ተደርቦ የሟች ጓደኛውን እሬሳ ታቅፎት
    የድሃ ልጅ ረገፈ ሆድአደር ሹምባሽንማ ማን ነክቶት
    አቤት ስቃይ አቤት ቅጣት እየሳቁ በውሃ እሳት መሞት
    ከ፻ዓመትም በኋላ ግዞት ማህረነ ፈጣሪ ፍቅርና ሠላም ስጠን
    በቁም ያለንም ሞትን አርቆ እንላበስ አንድነትና ቁርጠኝነትን!
    የሞቱትን ነፍስ ይማርልን !!!
    አሜን በለው!ከሀገረ ካናዳ

  5. amlakaman says:

    Once upon a time ,
    People asked a WiISE man What ever happened to the ERITREANS The WISE man answered :
    The ERITREANS lost their History and they Perished .
    How sad to see the ERITREAN
    people go through this pain and suffering ,
    I think , like the saying goes , Since they deliberately don’t know where they came from , they are so lost they don’t know where they are going .
    No wonder Eritreans don’t give a damn about Eritreans or any one for that matter as long as they are OK it don’t matter where or how .

  6. Mahmoud says:

    ይህ እብድ ሰውዬ በሆነው ባልሆነው አሜሪካን የምይዘልፈው፣ ታላቁን አገር በመስደብ ታላቅነት የሚገኝ መሰለው? ኤርትራ መካሪ ሰውም ነጠፈባትንዴ?

  7. azeb says:


  8. Taitu says:

    Isn’t he ashamed of himself issayas you’re just the worst person you are the only reason. There will be a pay back time God will avenge them.

  9. Hagos says:

    It is very sad to see the death of young Eritreans and losing their HEART to european Heart patients (in EU a lot of people are waiting for heart surgegy and thanks to Isayas Eritreans heart will be sold and save a lot of european HEART patinets)

  10. Ba says:

    the endless isias’s statement, to defend himslf.

  11. Task says:

    Why are you shading your crocodile tears? The Eritreans who perished in sea are victims of Tigrean Human Trafficking from refugee camps in your homeland Tigrai.
    If you are real journalist, why did you not report the current demonstration of Eritrean refugees in refugee camps located in Tigrai! They clearly and unequivocally told to the world that the have become victims of greedy tigrean human traffickers, it is Tigreans taking the opportunity of resettlement in U.S and other western countries in the name of Eritreans.

    • Tertaraw says:

      so what go demonstrate,in your own not blame any always like to Point a finger.shut up and deal with it.
      Good day.

  12. Aregawi says:

    Eri Shabia pigs…Will be destroyed…TPLF is the master of Ansebas

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