Tesfaye Gebreab’s New Book, “Yesidetegnaw Mastawesha” (Free Copy)


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61 Responses

  1. Gebez says:

    Free copy? hahahahahaha. They destroyed him!! Thank you awrambatimes for your generousity. lol

    • bendo says:

      I don’t think Shabia bother now about tesfaye geber ebab as they have plan b and plan c that can be paid and work for them.

      They have now ESAT and Almariam who are in the payroll of shabia and who promised not to say about eritrtia and shabia and try hard to write bad about ethiopia day and night.

      Andargachew using ESAT and Almariam are the next plan B and Plan C that are working now.

      • chala says:

        Now i want to see what ESAT and Almariam say about this. they will start to complain and say this is illegal bla bla.

        Wisha bebelabet yichohal alue now ESAT just for $200,000.00 every six month they will cry laud defending shabia.

        wey gud

      • wedinakfa says:

        BENDO is it your brain bent or are you bent!!

    • teshome says:

      Good job Awramaba Times.
      Tesafay Gebrab shouldn’t be benefited from this book. I saw the PDF file of this useless book in the opposition web site as a free copy. This was the only common intersection the oppositions and other free web sites meet and I feel this is a good beginning. We need to nurture a culture of working together when it comes to national interest.
      Have you see Tesfay’s friend Elias Kifele the ‘shabia’ how is criticizing those who made available this book for free copy.??
      UHHHaaaaa… Got you. “Zeginagne shabia”
      But Concerning me I am not willing to spend a single second in reading a book infused with another round of fresh hate-infected politics against Ethiopian people.

      • yes says:

        hhhhh keeee kil kil habesha tenadedch, gena new inante unet mesimat atifelugum wushatachu hulgize indiwara new yemitfeligut teqatelu!!!

    • Tsegaye says:

      Dawit you think you are wise by putting Tesfaye’s book online free of charge.
      What you haven’t realised is that you are providing Tesfaye free publicity.
      I am sure he knew that people would put it online for free and he didn’t write it for the money. Now a lot of readers would get to read his book and this will help him spread his ideas. I am not a fan of Tesfaye Gebreab I actually loathe him. Dawit Kebede at first I thought you were a young decent journalist but from what you currently are doing I have realised that you are currently following the TPLF crowd. Lib yistih

    • Name (required) says:

      Tesfaye,you have showen your crulity by writing “ye Burka zimtA”
      Totally u are not human bing.Because, u thought like a pig!!!!!!!!

      • Balcha says:


        • dita says:

          Balcha you habesha’s stupid dog pls dont throw ur inheritted dirty thought here! everybody know well wat u and ur fathers think… Komata ye komata Zar

  2. haflom says:

    TPLFites, you had been created, reared and trained by Shabya. You had been spies of Shabiya for most of your existence.

    Now you want to spin it as if Tesfaye GAb had committed the greatest sin of all. I would argue you guys are more close to Shabya than the author Tesfaye.

  3. Agamino says:

    Free Copy????

    who got time to read your TRASH!

  4. Bassazen says:

    Wow…The great Job of Alemayehu Messele and Judge Wolde Michael Mesesha have saved My beloved ethiopia from this snake. But you guys must protect yourselves from the retaliation of Shabia….Take care guys and God Bless you

  5. Sisay says:

    —-ተስፋዬ ገብረአብ በሻዕቢያ የተላከ የሻዕብያ ቅጥረኛ ነው አላችሁኝ። በተመሳሳይ መንገድ የተላከ ስንት የሻዕቢያ ቅጥረኛ ባለስልጣን ይኖረን ይሆን? ህወሓት በራሱ ኮ የሻዕቢያ ተልእኮ ለማስፈፀም በሻዕቢያ የተቋቋመ ድርጅት ነው። ህወሓት የመሰረተው ማነው? ሻዕቢያ ነው። ሻዕቢያ መሓሪ ተኽለ (ሙሴ) የተባለ ኤርትራዊ የሻዕቢያ አባል በትግራይ ለሻዕቢያ ሊያግዝ የሚችል ድርጅት እንዲያቋቁም ወደ ኢትዮዽያ ላከ። እነዚህ ህወሓት የመሰረቱ የሚባሉ ሰባት ሰዎች አሰባስቦ እንዲደራጁ አደረገ። ስለዚህ በተስፋዬ ስራ መደነቅ የሻዕቢያ ተግባር አለማወቅ ነው።

    source: Abreha Desta!

    • Aklilu says:

      ይህ ታሪክ ሳይሆን ድርሰት ነው፥፥ ታሪክ በአንድ ሰው መልካም ፍቃድ የሚጻፍ ሳይሆን ህዝብ የሚያውቀው የሚቀበለው እውነታ ነው:: አንድን ታሪክ ለማረጋገጥ ቀላል ነው፥ በቦታው የነበሩትን መጠየቅ:: ይህ ሲባል አንድ ወይም ሁለት ሰው ቃለ መጠይቅ በማድረግ ሳይሆን፥ ሳይንሳዊ በሆነ መንገድ በርካታ ሰዎችን ጠይቆ ማረጋገጥ ይቻላል:: ከዛ ባለፈ እዚህ ያስቀመጥከው ልክ ገብረ አብ በአርሲ እንዳደረገው አብረሃ ደስታ በትግራይ ታሪክ ድርሰት ቢጽፍ አያስደንቅም::

    • Tekle T. says:

      What do you mean? After all, at first place Woyane is the the lap top wisha of shabia. Woyane was killing the tigre people for the freedom of shabia not ESAT. Now why you want to look enemy of shabia. The work of wisha!!

  6. lis says:

    Wow Awramba times ………………………….Love U So much he anti Ethiopian

  7. hena says:


    ye selayu mastawesha ! KIKIKI

  8. sara says:

    Do u know why tesfaye posted his book for free??…The answer is easy that shabiya already paid for all his costs. The target of the book is only to promote Eritrean agenda to divide Ethiopian nation & nationalities.But it is a dream…

  9. Lema says:

    Hi Editor,

    I am
    Not sure this good for ur poor credibility which already below average.

    I like just u save my hardworking money. But professionally u are disrespectfull for your self.

  10. Damo says:

    Your website has been hijacked by TPLF cockroaches!!!! Please, act as a journalist and post something that provokes thought. Don’t act like the TPLF controlled ETV. You used to be very good. I have no ides what happened you.

  11. Point says:

    Shameful!! Tesfaye is a very talented writer, incomparable to the so called unprofessional journalists promoting their personal agenda and hate propaganda. Do you know that you can be charged for this??
    It is funny to tell us that Tesfaye is Spying for Shaebia from South Africa and Holand..etc. Do not you know Shaebia knows Woyane better than Tesfaye does?

  12. Abe says:

    Shame on you guys, shame on you, Dawit. You are posting someone’s brain work without the owner’s permission. It is a crime to do that. I can’t imagine what went wrong with Dawit, a guy whom we once as a very civil and reasonable person. Whether we read it or not, I think we have to create a network and help Tesfaye by buying his work.

  13. Ermi says:

    What an interesting book. I reached on page 38 and so far it is a superb piece of literature that forces the reader to do nothing else except read.

    Thanks for the pdf. It saves me the trip to a store. However, I will try to pay the author or publisher the cost of the book to support such art work.

  14. Merry says:

    Hiji’do hayish wuy wuy
    Hiji’do hayish wuy wuy
    Hiji’do hayish wuy wuy
    Hiji’do hayish wuy wuy
    Hiji’do hayish wuy wuy
    This is the Ethiopian Spirit that i was dreaming for long.
    Hats off Judje Wolde Michael
    Hats of Alemayehu
    Hats of Dawit

    Go ahead guys………..

  15. Ash says:

    Dear tesfaye geber ibad,

    If u read this massage, I want to one thing…if u want to apply the law against some one u must be have clean hand.

    For example if u stolen other people property and another thief stolen from u…u can’t call 912 and say a thief stolen my property or u can’t go court to recover ur property …

    On the same token u can’t enforce copyright law while u urself breaking the same law by misrepresenting urself as Ethiopia …mind u there is no problem being Eritrea but u can’t misrepresenting urself us Ethiopia while u r Eritreans…

    U might say what is problem if u r Eritrea there is no problem as long as if u disclose it…but by not disclosing it u will be now in the conflict of interest…

    Mind u u could be a perfect no biased guy for all I care but the rule say u have to disclosed ur nationality

    This like saying one guy missperesnting himself as Gahanian and allowed to referee Ethiopian and Naigrian game on Sunday …and let even assume he did great job and Ethiopia win….then we all find out that he was Nigerian citizen not Gahanian do u think the FiFA will say it okay..

    If u live in South Africa or Holland there is hate law..even so I didn’t read ur book many accused u off insiting hate hate speech is a crime in many country therefore u r criminal u can’t be benifted from ur crime.

    In fact I want all those anti Ethiopian book published without their author permission and sale it 75% less only covering the cost this must go all cd, DVD, or printing material such as newspaper, or magazine…

    I know one of the Muslim guy who is arrested have cd production …since they want oust the government why r the government protecting them late their cd copy without permission…lets them go to government and beg for protection…all those free press guys will find another job if government print their copy and sale it at cost…of course u know what I means the government keep their distance and say they will investegate…..

    This is best tools the government have infringing their copy right..

    About Elias defending this guys.

    Elias is another case of clean hand theory..

    Elias once the court order him to pay $100,000 put Elias refused to pay…now the same Elias want the court to protect his friend

    Elias telling us this guy is the best writer.

    Agan we need example here:-

    Late say someone broken in to ur house but instead of stealing he clean ur house, wash ur dash, and did ur laundry …I hope u will not be okay with that u will not allow no one to break in to ur house…

    That is what the author did he break in to Ethiopia…what he did inside is not our business u r suing him for breaking and enter

    • wedinakfa says:

      I have never seen an utter rubbish comment like yours in years but and then knowin that you are an Ethiopian, I heard substantial number of Ethiopians are dingus, prove me wrong!

    • Zone9 says:

      Ash, who are we to judge people?? but i know for fact that Tesfaye is a very talented Author regardless. but what and who are you?? i dont even know your name but whole ethiopian who knows reading and writing know Tesfaye Gebreab. Try to make sense, to have a flow when you write and to be fair !! Cheers Brotha!!

  16. Wold says:

    Well, as someone mentioned, his book is totally paid for! So, posting his book helps him reach a much wider audience to promote his sinister motives (or of his recruiters)!

  17. tabor says:


    Find yourself a lawyer. I suggest DLPPR may work fine for you. You can’t distribute someone’s work without the permission of the owner. You have violated the copyright of the owner. We are not in Dedebit where we commit crime and hide in the dungeon.

  18. bely says:

    Hi friends, this is not done by awramba or any other website and this is not a scan copy as mengistu hilemariams book. This is the original pdf copy which comes from shabia or tesfaye himself. These guys do not need money. They need their poisons message to be heard to all Ethiopians so what actually the media is doing is helping them for distribution .

  19. semhar says:

    heloo awramba ena degafiwochu tesfay is the hero tesfaye hakegna new lemin yan yewishet tarikachinin altsafem bilachu yihen yahil bitabdu aygermim be enante ye wishet tarik alem endmisikibachu enkuan alawekachu ye sidetegnaw mastawesha yale fikad mezergatu le manin aygermim mikiniyatu be tarikachu ye lelan sitifeligu bicha new yenorachihut tarikachu ye lebinet tarik new by the wey tesfaye techawetebachu ye genzeb chigir yelewim alamaw hak masawek new eraschuzergachihulet yehen yahil new chinkilatachu

  20. Name (required) says:

    The devil !

  21. dawit says:

    I dont know the reason why people talk about his background rather they should talk about the book.he is writing a book.reding or not is ur right.no bady obliged u.the basic thing which we have to focus is about the book.if we r asked about politics that is another thing.any bady has a right to belonged to any nation.in my consideration there is no rule to forbid somebady from writing in amharic or other language.even if he is spy as ur rummer,it doesnt distruct his writing skill.any way i hate shabiya,but tesfaye gebreab is a fantastic author.i think i have enjoyed on his books,get a lot of knowledge.I DONT KNOW WEATHER HE IS SPY,SHABIYA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I WISH HIM LONG LIFE AND WAIT HIS FLOURISHING BOOKS……………….

  22. gg says:

    ለባለጌ መድሀኒቱ ነው !!!

  23. yemane says:

    yes the ethiopia history is the fals history so tesfaye can”t write the false history he write the truth so whay same pipule complainig belive or not that is the truth

  24. tse says:

    wake up blinds, first know who made it free, tesfaye is as wealthy as the whole oromo land, if you want to know

  25. Temam Belay says:

    Clearly, Tesfaye Gebreab is in an Identity crisis. He is now in the Middle of No where. Neither Ethiopia nor Eritrea will never trust him for any position he is looking for, but, they might accecpt him as a citizen. B/c, he wad/ is untrustworthy. Well, he may say that “it doesn’t matter, I am a writer anyway” If you say so, well, for most matture citizens, you are not a writer, or a novelist, but uneducated, and unskilled ordinary “journalist”. You are just playing games with immature behavior using sensitive and immoral unethical words. Tesfaye even doesn’t know journalism and litrature ethic is. He just jot down what comes to his mouth for cheap fame. He has no good brain to defrenciate words from words. Thus, what Tesfaye trying to do is that grabbing cheap money and popularity. As a result,I don’t think this helps you. Your are now reaping what you sowing. Nothing more nothing less, Tesfsye is lost. Try to win another identity ftom other country, thanks to globalization. Even Eriteria may no longer trust you. You better stay safe and long in the Netherlands or in the US…and write that comes out of your mouth, not out of your mind, because, you just jot down and talk before you think twice. By the way, I can make you sure that I am proudly Oromo…I was born and raised in Bishoftu/Debrezeit… if you email me I will let you know detail. You were my senior at DZ comprehensive High School. I have known you very well. When you were recruited for MilItary, I went to Almaya Agri. University. Finaly as a human being, I just don’t want to discourage and let you down forever…Just make up your mind, take courage and face any challenge you face, be a man. Please, email me personally.

  26. Mimi says:

    Someone recommended this book and started reading yesterday. I read more than a 100 pages already and liked it. I don’t know why people are against the writer or the book. What’s wrong with it? Come on people!

  27. tse says:

    temama belay i think you have poor mined u can’t compear tesfaye with any person tefaye is the hero tsefaye is talent person why u compleainig he write the truth he don’t went to write that fabricated thio history you know he is the hero

  28. Sidetegnaw says:

    Bloodline! What a disgusting finish!It is all over, Tefaye.

  29. betti says:

    The deafening silence of Tesfaye after all these bombardment on him is an indication that he is engulfed with helplessness and sadness. I bet he is so irritable and sensitive to sun light – a light that shines so bright and cast a rain bow of Ethiopian-flag-colors upon him. Cuddled in his blanket of racism, night time is no friendly either. Drunk every night and suffering from insomnia, he gets constantly haunted by the Debre-Zeit KORIT. Garvely deceived by the Shabea/Woyane-Arab-supported propaganda, there are few minority cuckoo Oromos who still support him. We, the majority of the Oromo people, opened our eyes long time ago. Come what may, we will indefinitely stay with our people. Amhara is in our blood. We are one and interwoven.

  30. saba says:

    tesfaye hakegna new mindinew yemitilut hakegna ye amaran tsebay new yantsbarekew yaw ye amara tariku demo yewishet tarik mehonu alem yawekew new tariku ye lebinet tarik new ye sidetegna mastawsha yale fikad mezergatu yezi misikir new eske meche new yesew bicha sifeligu yeminorut amaroch lemin be sira atamnum zelalem tert teret wist yinoral ende any wey tesfaye ye genzeb chigir yelewim techawetebachu erasachu tebayachihun yawkewal leboch endehonachu erasachu zeregachihulet tanks be simu

  31. Sisu says:

    በእርግጥ እንደተረዳሁት ተስፋዬ ገብረአብን የሚጠሉ ሰዎች በአገራችን የነበረና ያለ እውነታን ፊት ለፊት ማየት የማይወዱ እና ድብቅ ፍላጎታቸውም አሮጌና የበሰበሰ ሥርዓታቸውን እንገደና ለመጫን የሚገፈልጉ እንደሆነ ከግምት በላይ መደምደም ይቻላል:: እባካችሁ ነፍጠኞች እና የነፍጠኛ ልጆች ተረጋጉ…መቼም ቢሆን ከዚህ በኋላ የድሮው ሥርዓታችሁ ላይመለስ ሄዷልና…

  32. solo says:

    debelo ke debelo lebash tadia min yitebekal kezi belay mehed atichilum god creat amhara with aut brain zelalemachun ye sew bicha sitifeligu yenorachut brain sle lele new

    • Aron says:

      I realized that people like u really need a healing from the sprit of disgracing this particular nation. It is surprising sometimes hear such an amusing comments from people like u.What blasphaming the Amhara has to do with the issue under discussion? It is infact not the Amharas who live without a brain but people who often insist on blaming and shaming the Amhara fore very complexities of their own.It must be clear that such belief will exacerbate the existing tension, weaken cooperation and ultimately pull back every efforts of change.Be rationale not regional!

  33. akb says:

    comment lay endanebebkut ye sidetegnaw mastawesha yale fikad be mezergatu ye tedesetu alu mefthew yihe aydelem esu min ye genzeb chigir alew ena new wediaw min yahil endawatulet tawkalachu yihe tegbar be ras alemetemamen yametaw chigir new yihe lebinet new so pls ye amhara hizb be rasachu temamenu ya ye lebinet ena ye wishet tarikachihun keyrut enante sitwashu alem titochu hed eko pls pls lebinet ena wishet tewu ye base endatinaku be chewa hizboch

  34. Andualem Alemayehu says:

    Thank you the Awramba Times. A real book that requires to know more of what was.
    More or less oi tried to tread some comments, it is from unrational mind.
    So. we have to oke. b/se they expressed what they feel

  35. Kenya says:

    ተስፋዬ ማነው? ምንድነው? ሰው ነው? የጫት እንጨት ነው? ኮንጎ ጫማ ነው? ጥሁሎ ነው? ምንድነው??

    • Balcha Aba nefso says:

      am sure he is everything:Racist,
      self center
      murderer and
      it is not enough for him, any way he got the right price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Hailsh says:

    Those of u who read the ‘book’ can u referred Tesfaye is a writer? Beyond telling as how Tesfaye is so rubbish it has nothing to do with our economically flourishing country, Ethiopia. By the way there is no need to be writer to write such kind of garbage. So pls stop talking about z idiot Tesfaye and listen the new music of wedi Tikabo ‘nhna neharnetna shet meantana’.

  37. Dandi says:

    Kkk,,, status lost Amhara,, betam new mitasazinut,,, u had been laying for about decades ,, you fucken ass ppl,, u don’t know nothing. U wrote wrong history when u were on the power but now every body is smart enough u can’t kid no body go hell ,, Tesfaye indinante leba , wushetam,, bado gurra aydelem he is hero he prevail the truth ,, go he’d Tesfish we wth u ,, u need to produce the true writers resemble you ; we always with you,, Tesfish Hero!!!

  38. Hailsh says:

    I’m sure Dandi must be as stupid as tesfaye. And I’m sure u know nothing what z word ‘Hero’ is meant for.

  39. bayu belay says:

    በአቡነ ተክለሃይማኖት ላይ የሰነዘርከው ነገር ቢያስተዛዝብም ሁሌም አጻጻፍህና ችሎታህን አደንቃለሁ።

  40. mohammednur says:

    i have a great appreciation for you

  41. እያሱ ገ/መድህን says:

    ተስፋይ ገብረኣብ ካብ መጀመሪኡ እንትረአ ኣንፃር ህዝቢ ትግራይ ብረት ዓጢቑ ዝጨፍጨፈ ፀረ ህዝቢ ወታደር እኮ እዩ ነይሩ። ደሓር ተማሪኹ ኣብ ትሕቲ ቁፅፅር ህወሓት ውዒሉ። ብዝነበሮ ለቑማፅ መልሓስ ገጠምኩ ፀሓፍኩ እናበለ ወሽለክለክ ጀሚሩ ደሓር ጋዜጠና ኮይኑ። ድሕሪ ዓወት እውን ጭርኡ እናዘረገ ገፅ ሓለፍቲ እንትሪኢ ቀኒዕዎ መዳለዊ ሓደ ጋዜጣ ኮይኑ። ሻብያ ምዃኑ መስተፈለጠ ሃዲሙ ከይዱ። ስለዝይ ተስፋይ ማለት ገርጊ፥ ሻዕብያ እዩ። ኢትዮ/ያዊ ዝይኮነ ኣነ ኦሮሞታይ እየ ይብል። መን እሞ ክኣምኖ ንከዳዕ። ምስቶም ጎተቱ ሻዕብያን ደርግን ሓመዱ የልለሉ።

  42. barya says:

    Pls post yejemila enat i.e.his recent book

  43. kenubih says:

    How long will he continue scoffing at himself and his instinctive fans by slanderring one ethnic group? Till he lift the cup with Black Burn Rovers playing on loan by attacking Arsenal coached by Isayas of Swansea?

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