Man who claims to be a “proud American” confronts Sibhat Nega on domestic affairs


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87 Responses

  1. Adane says:

    He is just a coward. He uttered those words just to remind himself that he will not be jailed. …

    • eden says:

      What this arrogaant and ignorant Muslim is saying!!!!
      He is repeatdly telling us that he is pround of being an American Citizen so what the hell he is meddling in Ethiopian politics. He had stripped off his Ethiopian citizenary right and duties for no obvious reason…
      Please leave Ethiopian politics for Ethiopians only..
      We knew president Obama is from Kenyan root but wasn’t heard of talking about Kenyan politics even the worst days of ethinic conflict. Do you know the reason why, it is not because kenya is better than Ethiopia or it is not because he is a president but rather he had a firm belief that he had no kenyan citizenary duties and reponsibilites, so refrain himself from meddling in Kenayan politics..
      So Sadik Ahmed stand had no syllogism no therefore

      • tamrat says:

        I agree with you Eden.
        Ethiopiyawi sayhon ethiopian wekelo endih menager tegebi aydelem mejemeria Be ethiopiyawinetu mokrat neberebet endih aynet sew le egna aywekelenem. be Ethiopiawinetu endemekurat be Americawinetu korto be adebabay semeseker jegnenet meslot new?

      • nanusha says:

        ..why don’t u focus on the idea and leave his religion. Do you really feel comfort if someone insult ur “religion” because of your damn shit idea…አጫፋሪ ምን ታረጊው… ልቅምቃሚ ደርሶሻል.. የሙስና ፓርቲ መስራች ስለተሰደበ ተሰማሽ… ዘርፋቹህ ጨቁናቹህ ህግ ፊት መቀረባቹህ አይቀርም…

        • Gragn Ahmed says:

          This christian sebhat must be confronted by Muslims all over the world.

          • w .yilma says:

            Gragn muhamed or ahmed. You are where there is a religion issue. We Ethiopian are sensible people. We respect our Muslim Ethiopian rights. Here we are talking about how we should treat each others and talk about our differences, not about religion. If you think the so called proud American guy is right it is up to you. I am not sure whether you are an Ethiopian or not. Because we are infested by outsiders like an army worms. Unless Ethiopian owned websites treated their web with anti army-worm pesticides, I do not think we Ethiopian can make a useful discussion in the matter of Ethiopia issues. Some even go further to claim that they are the first Ethiopians while working for our enemies. Any way be sensible and logical as much as you could. You said “This Christian Sebhat must be confronted by Musllims all over the world” . If this is your stand you are good for nothing. Your problem is not with Sebhat, what he did, but because of his religion. For us Ethiopians no person should be punished because of her/his beliefs. Only people like you who follows radical Islam punished people because of their belief. I believe one of the problem our world has facing today is a threat from radical Islam, and their followers. As long as you have evil intention you have no place in our society. We will not hesitating to do whatever is necessary to protect freedom of religion in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will not be a save heaven for radicalism.
            thanks to the government they will continue to bring to justice those radical Islam perpetrators. You have to thanks the EPRDF for letting you to exercise your religion freedom in our country. We know how the past regimes treated you. That was not fair, and this one goes too much and gave you excess freedom, which is not good. You abuse it the same as the “proud american” abused his freedom!

          • Gragn Ahmed says:

            Why you think you gave us freedom? Who is giving us freedom? that is why Muslims hate your attitude. You gave us excess freedom? are we not Ethiopians? are we not citizens? why you think rabish like this? Straigthen your vision of freedom first. Who gave Wayane the right to give freedom to others? They are illegal entities. Muslims are fighting and dying for everything and they are getting killed by Wayane everyday. Is this not enough for you to claim our own freedom. Our freedom is coming because we are fighting for our freedom and we are paying for it. Do not brag we are just asking without paying for it. We are bleeding right now. Wayane is using all the resources of Afar, Somali and Oromia and you are telling me to be sensible. Get the hell out of this. I am not against Christians but I replied to Eden who raised Muslim issue. Therefore, I have to reply to her.

      • A ” PROUD AMERICAN MOSLEM EXTREAMIST” is medling in ethiopian poletical affairs. The extreamist speaks also our language, amharic. I believe most of his colleags are right now in somalia helping al-shebab and in afganistan helping the taliban . Sadik ahhmed , f*** you. You son of b****, you will never be able to make a dent in ethiopian poletics from 10000 miles a far. If you are a proud american try to solve your country’s problem in afganistan pakistan , iraq, somalia and elswhere, then you can call yourself proud american. We proud ethiopians stand on guard for mamma ethiopia.

      • Abera says:

        You are the arrogant and ignorant one Eden. What is wrong with being a Muslim? Do you think your christian name makes you any better? Shame!

      • w .yilma says:

        I think Gragn Muhamed Confused as if we Christian and moderate Muslims are against Islam religion. When we discuss about religion we should be very sensitive and must handle diligently. It is a solid fact that the present Ethiopian government is the one who do not directly or indirectly suppressing (through psychological warfare) as it was practiced before against Islam religion in Ethiopia. Previously Ethiopian Muslims do not get a direct support (through NGO’s and governments and other undisclosed sources in organized way with purpose!) from the Arabs countries, as they enjoyed during the present government. If Gragn denied this it is up to him. saying this is not against Ethiopian Muslims. I know how sensitive this issue is and it is not my intention to add gasoline to the fire. We have to have a courage to stand for the truth. As far as I know Ethiopian have a history of respecting others religion. If we ignored this and continue to play with fire it is wise to know the party who set the fire will be the first to become a victim of his/her actions.
        Only those who have a hidden agenda mixed religion with politics and ethnicity as my friend Gragn did.
        The Oromos, the Afars,and the Somalis are the proud Ethiopian and I do not think they need an advocate who failed to understand the course of history. We succeed if we united and know how to live with differences, we failed if we fanning hate and extremism.
        I wish all Ethiopian Christian and Muslim followers.
        Long Live Ethiopia

        • Mami says:

          Don’t say this government is giving excess freedom that’s null if you say that.Ethiopian muslims aren’t begging anybody their collective democratic rights.You don’t have to forget that Government is the one violating muslims rights by putting muslim leaders behind the bars with no tangible reason.

        • freedom says:

          You have hard time to see things in others eyes. You see others matter in your eyes as if you are the owner of others. You are not true Ethiopian. You are still in feudal time mentality.

          You said Christian and moderate Muslims. Why you did not say moderate Orthodox (you like the word Christian) like you said to Muslims. You don’t think there is no extremist Orthodox.
          Your crime starts with this kind of mentality including from PM who always insults Ethiopian Muslims for asking the government hand off from Ethiopian Muslim religion. Article 11.

          You mentioned NGO. Wow. What’s wrong if they get help from Arabs like PM religion followers get billions of dollars from NGO and prey on poor, children, weak, old, women Ethiopian Muslims. They bribe, harass, burn Koran, build their churches in thousands on Muslim lands of Ethiopia and so on.

          What’s the crime of Ethiopian Muslims if they help themselves. Was it they share the antecedont “Islam” with terrorist Somali Muslims al-Shabab.

          Have you ever seen Ethiopian Muslims throwing a single stone despite killings, torture, jail done to them. You said if they ask for their right they will become victim of their action.
          This is what North Sudan used to say to South Sudan. This what Amhara Ethiopia used to say to Eritrea. This is what Souther African White used to say to native South African.
          Where are those oppressors and unjust rulers today.

          You can boast, be arrogant, label, insult, kill but the end result will be like those new countries listed above.

          If you are smart and wise rulers like Negashi king of Axum 1400 years ago, you will bring justice, equality and freedom for all.
          If you follow mass murderer Yohannes in 19th century then you will break up this fragile country like Western African countries into pieces.

          Now we see the return of Yohannes kind of repressive rule on Ethiopian Muslims.

          Muslims lost their lands to foreign aided Menelik in 1887. Since then they never had the freedom they had before.

          Do you deny this true history and the sufferings or you tell me Ethiopian Muslims build their own mosques with their own money during this government as freedom of religion?
          Do you know by the way over 40,000 Coptic churches build in incorporated Ethiopian Muslims lands by Muslim taxes in the past.
          Do you believe in what I say above.
          The list of crime is long.

          WE DON’T have Mendella, Gorbochov, Desmond Tutu kind, etc to solve our problem this critical. We lack mature people and mature government in Ethiopia.
          We have people like you who see the world in one eye. An Eye of oppressor.

          Try to feel others pain or you want others to oppress you and inflict pain on you to say you know what others’s fellings.

      • konjit says:

        I dont think he is an American, but he will explain that in court if he is or not. His English sound like AlahAkber. Did you realized that, when he was sayinyg “you are just a killer”. I think killer is terrorist who is encouraging people bacck home. Even on their mouthpiece Esat they are encouraging killing. We will see in the future what this Moron fate will be. I hae heard the Ethiopian embassy has registered its complaint about this Wehabi terrorist.

      • teshager says:

        Dawit and Eden,
        Please explain to us your rationale what once citizenship has to do with expressing a perspective? Dawit, i am sure you relaize that when many of us fight for what we believe you were not going to check our immmigration status. Have you seen Cuban Americans fighting agiainst Castro? Nation of israel being defended by Jews from all over the world? Alemayeh Eshete singing for South Africa freedom long before your were born. Many of us demonstrated for the freedom of Vietnam, South Africa, Plaestine etc…. There is what they call citizen of the world. You fight for what you beileve regardless of where you come from. Sadiq can say he is a US citizen and still has a right to adrress the issuse that affect his relatives who are not lucky enough to live in a land of freedom like him. I do not see that as an issue. Why do we focus on cilly issues such as citizenship instead of arguing regarding the validity of his approach. Why not also appreciate his courage to work on issuse he sees as vital. Sadiq was clever enough to bring the issue of presonal freedom to light through his courageous action. You may not agree with him about the issues he wants to fight for, but no need to call him a name. Muslims are respected ctizens as much as christians are in our nation. You may have your view that may be contrary to Sediq’s, but you have no priveldge to attack his religion. Sediq, did his share regardless of citizenship issue, but Dawit please think of a better issue to raise next time. Be fair to those who dare to confront dictators on rare moments such as starbucks event. It has shown me persons removed away form thier guns are very likely to behave normal like Sebhat.Thank You.

      • Nega says:

        Aweamba Times please give us something we don’t know…Sadik knows the law when he became US citizen All he trying to say was “this is not Ethiopia so that you can not do anything to me i’m a US citizen the law protect me”..please stay foucs on the fact that maters to the Ethiopian people.
        Free Ethiopia.

    • Nile says:

      the journalist is a real dog

  2. haflom says:

    OMG!!!. The lowest level of justification from awramba times to apologize for dictators. wow…you’re irreversibly in a self destruct mode. god speed…

  3. yohannes says:

    Mr. Sadik Ahmed, do you know who is MR.Sbhat Nega, He is the man who fought in the high land of Ethiopia to liberate the Ethiopian people from slaves and ignorance while you where eating kitfo . If you are intelligent the country where you are living and proud of it is the country declared Mafia country, but always give chance people like you to shout because in that country you are nothing and useless for it.
    if you are proud American have a good subject and change America from the actual mafia government to democratic government. Once you say something wrong about America they will put you in prison democratically, and you will say yes my lord.
    You are shouting because you don’t have nothing to do in America except to beg money from Saud Arabia and you sale yourself and country of other people which is Ethiopia. Mr, Sadik you are proud American and I am poor proud Ethiopian and I am so happy to be and on the same time I would like to resolve my problem with peace and hard work. I suffered a lot by hunger and war provoked by you and similar people to you. Ethiopians understood that people like you are ready to sale and bargain the coast of Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. you are disturbing us while you are eating your humbergar on the road of new York or else in America.
    Be proud American but don’t disturb my country which it doesn’t belong to you.
    And leave our leaders to do their work peacefully for the development of our country. those people , you are shouting to liberate them are those has been condemned according their sin. Sekender wants to eliminate all tigrians with gas Nazi done in the second world war, and the others they are Al-Shabab like you who are creating havoc to the people of east Africa, and most of them they come from your country America people like you, hidden behind the democracy of the west and religious mater.
    please Mr.Sadik Ahmed go to Mosque and pray , we don’t have Muslims like you in our country , corrupted in such a way and eat pork’s in America

  4. DASSENNECH says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm poor argument…

  5. juhar ahmed says:

    HI sadik ahmed I am musile like you but you bad musilem you do not represent musilem value at all because you shute like litel kit shame on you dam sibate is respect man

  6. Kefile says:

    This video clearly showed what a low life people in all angles!

    First, a criminal person like Sibhat walks free on US soil freely. Second, Sadik record his voice while he screams a voice of reason and he recorded Sibhat and declared his heroism by giving the video to ESAT. Third, esat presented it as a very important “Breaking News”. Fourth, as if the Awaramba times’ editor doesn’t know better, started twisting Sadik’s intention and tried to preach us USA’s constitution.

    This why I hate our politics. We all are full of I motions!

  7. Alula says:

    Dear Dawit Kebede,

    Here we go again, another poor article from you. I think your emotions are making you lose your logic.

    Sadik’s act is in no way against the US naturalization act. There is no conflict between the two. You would be able to understand that if you read it carefully. But you need to step out of your emotional attachment with Sibhat Nega, which is making you lose your logical argument skills. Let alone Sadik (who is a US citizen and of an Ethiopian origin), the US government itself asks for the release of political prisoners in Ethiopia. I know you understand this.

    What I understand from this article is you have an emotional attachment with Aboy Sibihat. Let us hope you did not cry when you saw the video of Aboy Sibihat being insulted (just like Genet Zewde cried when the PM Meles was insulted by Negasso Gidada).

    (Edited by admin due to the fact that it is off-topic) …Sadik mentioned that he is a proud American, because he wanted to let them know that he is protected by the law in America and that Aboy Sibihat could not do anything to stop him from expressing his views. Imagine that Sadik did this in Ethiopia, they would have killed him on the spot.

    By indicating that he is a proud American, he is not denouncing his Ethiopiawinet. His action ( request for the release of political prisoners) speaks louder.
    Dear Dawit, if you really believed that Eskinder, Andualem and Muslim leaders should be released, you should have reported this differently. Your report would have been titled an Ethiopian Man Confronts a top Ethiopian Government Official (I know that Sibihat does not have a position, but he is the guy behind the wheels).

    • Girma says:

      Ato Alula,
      There is a big difference between asking for the release of political prisnors and demanding for the regime change in Ethiopia. To change the Government of Ethiopia is exclusively the right of Ethiopians.
      Regarding the prisoner’s you mentioned, i don’t think that you guys in America have any interest left for them. Sorry to say it,in effect you are misusing brazenly their fate, in order to collect money for your own living.
      We are fed up of your Bravados. Be proud of America, that you have zero contribution for its success, we have no problem with that, let us also be proud Ethiopians, and let us fix our affairs ourselves

      • Alula says:


        What is your point? The guy did not ask for a regime change. Did you even listen to what Sadik said. He asked them to change their behaviour and release the political prisoners. The problem is that you are not willing to listen to an alternative view.

        Are you telling me that you are on the side of Aboy Sibihat, who is one of the influential people in a dictatorial regime that does not respect human rights, that is undemocratic, and corrupted. I think you are a blind supporter of TPLF led government and you have no logic to apply to evaluate the situation in Ethiopia.

        For your information, I am a proud Ethiopian. Do I have to support TPLF to prove that I am a proud Ethiopian? I am an Ethiopian

    • yoghannes says:

      are you in opposition while you are in America or participate in Ethiopian peoples effort to resolve their problem.
      we Ethiopians we are tired of shouters and scholars without minimum principle of understanding . the website have presented when this man is shouting in ESAT where every failed scholar give lesson to poor Ethiopians by shouting.
      Myself I don’t understand his shouting , he was asking to liberate Eskender Desta, and all-shabba , why he don’t ask and shout to his proud country anerica to liberate the prisoners brought from Afghanistan in Guantanamo bay.if
      say only one word about this issue he will go directly jail,

      • Alula says:


        You are another blind supporter of TPLF who does not care about human right. You don’t care about people outside your group. You don’t care about the suffering of other people. Why would you be mad if someone shouts for the release of unjustly imprisoned people like Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage and the Muslim leaders. You don’t even have the basic level awareness of Ethiopia’s politics. You don’t even know the name of the famous journalist, Eskinder Nega (You think his name is Eskinder Desta).

        Please have the basic level knowledge of our politics before commenting on such issues.

      • Pro- democracy Ethiopiawit says:

        Why don’t you speak for yourself, brother?! who entitles you to speak on behalf of Ethiopians by saying “we Ethiopians…”? No matter where he is from, no matter what his citizenship is he can speak against injustice. We all know that no domestic-Ethiopian speak against this old folk except that you will have your next meal at Qaliti or Qilinto. All the ones who tried are in prison and are being asked to ask for pardon even though they did not commit an actual crime. It’s enough a shame that we cannot speak against tyrants, it is worse when we sympathize them by making trouble against the other viewpoints.

    • abdela says:

      First shouting is not going to change any thing in Ethiopia.
      One thing you should not play with name are not a much for this great name.
      If you have the ball’s. Please I will help you a flight ticket your choice of jungle of asmera.the same to your DOG FRIEND
      Good day

      • Alula says:

        @ Abdela,
        You are not worth a reply.

        • borkena says:

          Abdela,you need to learn how to write in English or use your Tigrigna. You are not a match to Alula’s brilliant argument: so you are not worth reply. As to Dawit,whom I still believe one of the true Ethiopians I consider ,his emotion is going wild and unable to justify things as he used to be.

  8. ademe says:

    Dear admin
    First of all the news title “guy who claims to be proud American” itself is heat and biased, like yohannes opinion sadik is Muslim Ethiopian American by naturalization, by association he is getting money from Saudi is just b.s i think go back read history woyane and shabia have been aided and abated by Arabian countries ,after all sebehat dos’t deserve nothing expect he should get really big confrontation and humiliation at diaspora.

  9. hena says:

    oh guys ,

    i am glad that toxic have turned in to a shouting monkeys . NOTHING WILL BE CHANGED WHEN A DOG BARKS AND MONKEYS CHATTER !


  10. billfree says:

    Dear editor this is for you
    1. “Sadik Ahmed, A guy who claims to be a “proud American” confronts TPLF founder, Sibhat Nega in Washington DC.”
    2. “ተስፋዬ ገብረአብ እጅ ሰጠ ከአውራምባ ታይምስ ዝግጅት ክፍል”
    these title of two news that are currently posted by you are very biased and will confirm that how much you are dramatically changed after you established this website. I think as Alula said you have an emotional attachment with Aboy Sibihat nega{the dictator}
    But let me remind you one think: I used to respect and appreciate the former Dawit Kebede who was the editor of awrambatimes newspaper not this website.

  11. meron says:

    To AWTs (should i say to Dawit)?
    Let me this time use AWTs.
    I preferred this as i think AWTs is bigger than its editor. The editor can be the owner, but AWTs also belong to us. The editor can live without us, but not AWTs. It is impossible or at least meaningless for the a newsletter to survive without reader.

    Being an active attendant of AWTs reading the various fact based arguments to the many trashes written mostly by blind woyane cadres (for instance, see above what yohannes has written—for him Aboy has fought as tplf and hence he has all the privileges to remain above law, kill jail, steal…. He also said Sadik was eating kitfo, though Muslims are not known for eating kitfo in most cases).

    My critical questions is that, where is the position of AWTs as far as the many journalists such as Esknider suffering in the slaughter house kality??? I am also asking this question as i never heard in clear words from AWTs about these jailed journalists.

    It is none of my businesses if Dawit is overwhelmed by his close relation to Aboy, that is his right- despite he told us they kicked him out and we trusted him. It is about his mind whether he should close or distant himself to our thief leader, it is a matter of mind.

    But i ask the position of AWTs on my question above.

    Otherwise, until God come and give his judgement as He did on Meles and Aba Pawlos before they totally destroy that country, let the old guard aboy steal and jail. But i donot give much sheet to him, as he is near to his hole—esu mekabiru yetekofere sew new.

  12. ተሰማ says:

    አክራሪዎች እስክንድር ነጋ እንደጭምብል ለብሰው መንቀሳቀስ ጀመሩ ማለት ነው!!!!

  13. American says:

    Dawit -. You said he was ‘disrepestifully’ asked … and we say so what? You can only respect someone who knows the meaning of respect & practice it. And we all know who this butcher is when it comes to respect…It is all on the record . If you consider what Sadiq said or the manner of his presentation ‘disrespectful’ all we can tell you is just wait until the judgement day comes. You seem to have taken so much hurt of the incidence as we can all see the manner of your description & the extent you went to lecture us about what an American can & can not do, which by the way had also exposed your ignorance. If you know the constitution well it also says that All men are born equal, and that is exactly that Sadiq was trying to defend. By virtue of his citizenship he is also entitled to express his views & denounce criminals like Sebhat when they come to his country. By the way, this same right is also extended to people like you who claim to have been threatened by the TPLF regime and are under protection visa, but defend the same system. To me you sounded like that police who said on ESAT radio I will come and get you even after he was told the journalist interviewing was not in Ethiopia. Get this: this is the land of the free and the brave. If you are afraid of what people say or want to force people not to speak their mind (Edited by admin due to the fact that it is off-topic)

  14. በለው! says:

    በለው! አይ አሜሪካ ያለ ሰው!
    *ግለሰቡ አትክልት ተራ ሚስታቸው ሽንኩርት ግዛ ተብለው የገቡ ደካማ ሽማግሌ የሚሔዱበት አቅጣጫ ጠፋቸው አዩ ሰው በሀገሩ! ይናገራል! የዲያስፖራውን የንቃተ ኀሊና ማዳበሪያ በሻንጣ ይዘው ይንከራተታሉ የሚገቡበት ጠፋባቸዋል። መለስን ያየ ልሞክረው ብሎ በቁርተኝነት ይመጣል!?

    *ውይ ለ፰ዓመት ተከታታይ ፲፩ከመቶ ዕድገት ያላት ብቸኛ ሀገር እኝህን የሚያክል የህአዋት መሥራችና አፈቀላጤ የምትቀበለው በአሜሪካ ደቻሳ በሊቶች የልጅ ማመላላሻ ፭፻ ዶላር መኪና(ቫን) ነው!?

    *እዚያች ሬዲዮ ፋና ላይ እንደሚያናፉት አደለም።ጆሮአቸውን እየኮረኮሩ ሁሏንም ውጠው አለፉ። ለመሆኑ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በህዝብ ተቀባይነት አጝንቶ በእቅፍ አበባ አቀባባል የሚደረግላቸው ዘመን መች ይሆን? ልብሳቸውንና ፊታቸውን እየቀያየሩ ሌባ! ሌባ! ነፍሰጋዳይ!፳፪ዓመት ሲሰደቡ ይኸው አንዳንዶቹም ተጠቀለሉ በቁማቸው ያሉትም ተሸማቀው ሁለት ፀጉር አውጡ በእርግጥ ይህ ሥልጣንና ገንዘብ ማንነትን ያስጠላል ማለት ነው?
    መሪዎች ግብረገብነት ከሌላቸው ሕዝቡ ከማን ምን ይማር?

    *ምን አለ ይችን ሱፍ ልብስ እንኳ አውሮፕላን ላይ ሲወጡ ቢቀይሩላቸው?ሲሰደቡም ሲሰድቡም በእሷ ነው? ። አሁን ኢቲቪ ወይንም በቤተሰብ የባንዶች ሬዲዮ ጣቢያ ጠብቁ ነፍጠኖች! አሸባሪዎች! ሥራ አጦች!ፅንፈኖች! የእድገት እንቅፋቶች! ባህላችን ፣ስብዕናችን፣ ጨዋነታችን፣ግበረገብ እያሉ ያንሽቋልጡበታል!!። ይቆሉበታል ልብል?
    *እኔ ብሆን ለአውሮፕላን ገንዘብ ከፍዬ አትላንቲክና ቀይባሕርን ተሻግሬ በባዕድ ፊት አልዋረድም!! ኢህአዴግ ማለት ምን ማለት ነው ቅንድብ አልባ! ዘ ይገርም!!

  15. yohannes says:

    it is not a big thing he is hero any way good for u sebhat !!

  16. TT says:

    Mr Sadik,
    If you are barking pro Ethiopia, get off your US jacket. or if you are defending Islam, go to Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria and help your Muslim brothers there. And remember, barking is not heroism. Sebhat said ‘Wusha’. Well done. Sadik deserves that. The right name to the right person at the right time!!! Wusha!!!!

  17. markosk says:

    I can read serious & loud cry from the writers Title on the subject.
    some of us of us, really have known Aboy for several years believe he belongs to be at ICC court with some other woyane killers.
    His criminal history starts way back 32 years a go means barely Dawit is born.

  18. Mario says:

    Ato Sibhat Nega thought walking around and having a cup of coffee in Star Bucks in a free country is nothing but exercising ones own freedom.

    I believe he did that for four reasons:

    1. He thinks he is a clean person and can walk around in cities of the US without any trouble.

    2. The “toxic diaspora” will not recognize him at unexpected site such as star bucks.

    3. Even if the “toxic diaspora” frequent at star bucks and recognize him, there is nothing they can do about him.

    4. His driver was either a dumb or too bold to convince and take him to star bucks where it is infested with the “toxic diaspora”.

    It did not take long mighty/untouchable Sibhat Negar and his driver to realize that it was a fatal mistake.

    As far as Sadik Ahmed is concerned, he did what he did within the constitutional order. He named and shamed Sibhat Nega by calling him a murder, mafia and a dictator. That is exactly what Sibhat is. He should be proud of himself for what he is unless he is feeling guilty with his past and present wrong doings. America is a free country where we can express ourselves, including Sibhat Nega. Anything wrong with that?

    Those of you who jumped-in in defense of the mafia murderer, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Please have a bit of a shame.

    Will you defend his victims just like you did for him? If you have shame, you will.

  19. Mahmoud says:

    ይህ ኢህአዴግ የሚባል ድርጅት ክ1997 ዓም ስህተቱ አይማርም እንዴ !! ያኔ ባለስልጣናቱ በአግባቡ ማስረዳት አቅቷቸው የልደቱና ብርሃኑ አፈ ጮሌዎች መጫወቻ ሆነው ነበረ። አሁን ደግሞ አቶ ስብሐት አረፍ ብለው፣ ተመክሮአቸውን ለሌሎች ማካፈል ሲገባ ከነዝህ አነብናቢዎች ጋር በየሚድያው እየቀረቡ ራሳቸውንም ድርጅቱንም ለወረበሎች ባያጋልጡ ምን አለበት፣ ካረጁ አይበጁ።

  20. Tilahun says:

    Ay Dawit Kebede(Awramba Times) you are really showing your true colours. I used to argue with my friends when they were telling me that you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You seem to glamourising Sibhat. We all know that Sibhat Nega is an evil, murderous and corrupt person.Sadiq Ahmed is an Ethiopian who has got every right to ask this person legitimate questions. No one has the right to question his Ethiopiawinet. The time will come when people like Sibhat and co. will face justice in front of the Ethiopian people. Mark my word Dawit….

  21. mamo says:


    Young Sadik was clearly in the business of political harassment while claiming to be an American. That is not a crime as such but it raises a serious question and perhaps an investigation as to why a US Citizen would be involved in the politics of another country at a private and commercial place.

    If I were a member of the Ethiopian Diplomatic Community, I would formally initiate a legal proceedings against Sadik. According to his slogans he chanted, he appears to be radical political Islamist. For example, “dimtsachin yisema” was originated from a Medresa (a radical religious school in Addiss Abeba aka Hawaliya).

    He may or may not be a member of a Wehibist network operating in USA. But we will never know unless it is investigated. Sometimes the tiniest little dot may open a puzzle to unlock a bigger door.

    Mario, cheers!

  22. juhar ahmed says:

    I am proud be ethiopia please leave poor guy alone because be influence by ashababe extremist group in somali I am afairede this guy is gone be next suiside bomber

  23. miriam says:

    All tigray ppl commenting here. I dont know why they all hate muslim ppl.

  24. et says:

    This guy is a clown who is probably unemployed and has nothing better to do. I agree with the editor, he identified himself as an american and as such Ethiopia is not a matter for him to discuss. He could have claimed to be ethio-american but he didn’t. one thing that impressed me about this clown is his ability to be in front and back of the white house at the same time.

  25. Embasoleda says:

    Sadick, you will never achieve your terrorist dream on Ethiopia!
    It so shame that most of the Ethiopian fanatic Islamist most of them became radiclist after the 9/11 terorsist attack.
    They foolishly thought that they will concer the whole world and declare sharia, under the comand of Bin Ladin, the blood sucker terrorist.
    So, anybody can tell that Sadic, the Islamist, was taking out his frasration at Sibhat Nega for nathing. If he really want cry, he should ask the heroic American Nevu Seals whom caught his master with his three wife and made him pay for all his crime and dump in the sea for shark…LOL.
    We all know that there are many Amrerican fanatic Islamist who support terrorists, and I’m afraid to say this, but shak Sadick sounds one of those fanatics who use their citizenship to aid terrorists…

  26. Ash says:

    Sibhat Nega vs Sadik Ahmed

    The first thing strike my mind is this is the people who try to rule us?

    Mind u Ato Sibhat Nega could be his father…how Mr. Sad ik like it if few hooligans confert his aging father in Ogaden and make him tariffed imminent danger..

    Ato Sibhat Nega, aging person it is highly tariffing to be conferted by young guy half ur age in America…beside Ato Sibhat is new to America he doesn’t know his right …if someone did this to me I would have called police and sue him for a ousting my human right.

    Now u will say Ato Sibhat Nega is murder, and killer..that is fine u go to court and sue him or report him to America embassy not to give him visa…America embassy give visa to this person that means Ato Sibhat Nega is under American law protection… What American law say is u will be assumed innocent until proven a otherwise..right there mr. Sad ik, violating Ato Sibhat Nega right to be assumed innocent by declaring him murderer and killer.

    How u like it if some hooligan label ur father murderer and killer without due court or evidence ( if they claim they have evidence ) then take it to court we ont want mob justice..this. Very dangerous move by Ethiopian opposition party ..

    Because the opp. Accused the government throwing people in jail without proper legal defense..then what do u think mr. Sadik doing and all his fan doing fanning mob justice this make them the same or worst then the person they r accused of.

    Some time I wonder mr.sadik and esat want the prisoners to be released ..mind u if I want my loved one to be released I will not do what mr. Sadik did…in fact I would have begged Ato sadik to released prisoner and even offer to buy him his coffee and speak with him one on one with total respect…if my only wash is for released of my loved one..but I don’t think so the opp. Want the prisoners in jail so that they can point their finger to the government.

    I think Ethiopian government is also doesn’t take opportunity. Keeping the prisoners is counter productive…do u remember CUD crushed and burn down after it is leader released

    Saying this in America Obama have no right to jail people or released people therefore it is counter productive saying Ethiopia government should released all political prisoners…that means we r giving power to government to released prisoners…that means if they have power to released any prisoners then they also must have power to jail people.

    This power very counter productive because if TPLF agent kill ur father and court jail him only to be released by TPLF government …u thought the power u just give only work for freeing political prisoners…but it also work to free TPLF hit man…therefore it is in opp. Best interest to keep separation of court and government …

    One more. thing I want to say is next time Ethiopian embassy should hire professional body grade …the guy who drive Ato Sibhat Nega, he is an old guy but he manage to insult mr. Sadik.. Beside he did very good job by escaping the treat…that is what the body grade do.

    Next time any high level official coming to America must not be intimidated..anyone America is free country for Ethiopian official to walk freely in America..but the opp. Are refusing this right to our official but demanding the same right in Ethiopia.

    Now tell me if u r Ato Sibhat Nega, would u give up power? If u know u life would be endanger without protection of Ethiopia government..

    One last thing..if government lesson to me I will advice them to real eased all journalist and if acting up just do what is effective make their news paper available at cost without their permission…when they lose money they will find another real productive job.

  27. w .yilma says:

    I respect the right of every Ethiopian. But we have to have a moral how we should talk each other. If this kind of approaches and behavior called “proud American” I am afraid we are not on the right track to promote democracy. I do not know either ato sebhat or the “proud Muslim American”.But watching the vidio, it seems the “Proud American Muslim” have some anger about how the EPRDF handled the case of some radical and extremist Muslims in Ethiopia. We have to know terrorist are very wisely using the American democracy to promote their agendas. I am not saying the proud american guy is a terrorist, but who knows his motives?

  28. Jhonny says:

    Is Sadiq Ahmed a neutraluzed American citizen? , I thought, he came from Canada to promote his extrimist Muslim agenda and extract miney from toxic diaspora asylum seekers. I see on the video that the respected and proud Sibhat Nega was walking by ignoring this uneducated Muslim fanatic. The diasporas are making this news because they run out of news. Sadiq is recordimg himsel not Aboy Sibhat. What’s the problem with theMuslim extrimists? There is law in America no one will be harrased or intimidated. Sadiq is trying to untimidate a person who fought real war in the jungle. I am sure if he touched him he would have kniwn that real heros do.

  29. tola kebede says:

    Mr sorry its too much to u mr “asedbi…”Realy when he said to u “wusha” that was the right word “yesefer gegna” but that guy is your group “olf” with 3 month hr kiked out from ethiopia. Thats the gegena man.”maferia degmo i am a proud american telaleh” any way u r losser.

  30. yohannes says:

    @ Ash 100% u right !!!

  31. Amanuel says:

    I am proud of you brother Sadik for confronting this criminal called Sibhat Nega. All these people who are throwing insults at you, should be ashamed of themselves including Ato Dawit Kebede.
    TPLF gangsters and criminals are scared of the truth and ordinary people with just causes. There are millions of Sadiks, Andualems, Reeyots,Eskinders Wubeshets,Abubekers, Ahmedins,Bekele Gerbas,Olbana Lelissas….. in Ethiopia

  32. juhar ahmed says:

    I do not agree some OF you say all musilms are views is fanatics that is not true there are alto of muslims happy EHD because gov aloud us to musqo what every muslems live in ethiopia before old ehiopia leaders do not if recognize there is in ethiopia

  33. belata says:

    let me see other than Sadik who interfered on other counties issue as

    Oh! here we go

    Obama said Mubarek must go , Asad must go while he is US president . sky falls , Obama betrayed his country

    what a shame awramba!

    • Alula says:


    • Ash says:

      Do u understand conflect of interest..when Obama speak he speak as an American …but if Obama use his office to help his ethnic group ( in this case his half brother) to be elected In kenya then we have problem.

      If sadik say the same Mubarek must go , Asad must go then we would approved his stand because in this case he have no hidden interest or confect of interest.

      Saying Mubarek must go! Doesn’t threaten ur loyalty to America but if u say TPLF must go u say this only for one reason u feel u r more ethiopian then America therefore ur loyalty will be in question.

      A judge can’t set on his wife case…so u can’t say why he is judging in my wife case ….in ur wife case there is no confelect of interest.

  34. Ash says:

    Amanuel, is this ur real name?

    In that case can I confert and shout at Dr. Yacob Haile-Mariam age 69years, dr Berhanu Nega age 55 years, and Dr. Hailu Shawul age 77 years …when ever I meet them and make life hell for them?

    Unlike Dr. Yacob Haile-Mariam age 69years, dr Berhanu Nega age 55…Ethiopian government official have a right to arrest u even to kill u to stop u from breaking the law if u resist arrest or if u fail to stop when order to do so…without this power then what kind of government are u expecting? Toy toy government? Asking why u arrest people?what kind of question is that that is how government do there job…

    Just to remind u…. Oct 3, 2013 – A woman with a 1-year-old girl in her car was fatally shot by police near the U.S. … Driver killed after car chase from White House to Capitol …

  35. Meaza says:

    This man will die soon the same as Meles Zenawi….he got enough insult and humiliation. I can’t get the point of Dawit…what do you want to say? tninsih siga ende merfe tiwoga alu ….other wise these dictators should be humiliated where ever they are…Dawit Stop your misleading others as if the guy did wrong. Other wise we will shout on you one day and you will die next day ha ha ha

  36. myname? says:

    I think we all are in real dudu. The old man is a fool to allow himself to such an embarassment. His past seeds caused him all the troubke. Sudik aka wanna be Abebe Gelaw excercised his American right but was behaving in a coward way… a bit funny though. Awramba did what it should do but a bit out of the context of journalism. What I see hear is we all need some kind of spiritual healing, including myself. We all are loughing ssubjects.
    I don’t believe sediik is extreemist muslim but rather a scared little boy in the way he mentioned the american citizen ship cloak as a protection from a slap or a good punch from some driver or bodyguard. We all could be better than that. Lets be that. Democracy in Ethiopia will solve all this. Then we won’t see all the craziness. Insulting religions of any body is also another signof going kuku. When a person starts to lose his or her mind
    There is nothing that he or she will stop cursing at. Let us be civilized. Let us not act like we can’t express our opposition with better, well organized and analytical opinions. As a journalist seki has lost my respect because he could have asked the loser old man better questions. Sedik is pulling the old man out of his forgotten grave to prominence among tigrayans. The man purposely did set up this to reincarnate himself among tigrayans again and because he is already a forgotten piece of …

  37. Mario says:

    It is amazing to see mainly Tigrayans are ganging up on Sadik just because he confronted the mafia Murderer, Sibhat Nega for his wrong doings. This is without saying a word about Sibhat’s past and present appalling political scandals. They believe he is “clean and blameless”.

    The other sad thing is, they now twisted the whole issue into “Islamic extremism”, “terrorism” etc, etc and are beating their drum of hate against Muslims and their intolerance to any political difference or opinion in Ethiopia and elsewhere.
    Hate for Muslims and their islamophobia was/is in their ancestors’ blood. Referring to what their “blameless” king, Emperor Yohannes II did to Muslim Ethiopians during his reign is more than enough. The current hate for Muslims and Islamophobia being reflected is just an extension of that.

    The other sad thing is, the same hate and Islamophobia is being used to persecute other innocent Ethiopians in the name of protecting Ethiopians and Ethiopia from the threat of “extremists” and “terrorists”. A fabrication and misinformation that is going on non-stop!!!

    Those who are speaking in defense of Sibhat Nega, there is something that is troubling them. It is all what they say, “Afincha simeta ayn yaleksal”. That is to say, “Blood is thicker than water”.

    May rationality/wisdom outlive human stupidity!!!

  38. Hailu says:

    Now the editor spile the beans.

  39. Gragn Ahmed says:

    First. Sadiq has no right to speak on behalf of Muslims. He should pose as an Ethiopian journalist. He made big mistake. We do not know if he is official member of Dimsachin Yesema which is people based. Even though he supports Dimsachin Yesema he is not a leader. So, let us leave this as it is.

    But is his behavior against Sibhate too much for his age? Well, he may be a bit emotional. But he acted again very stupid. He should have controlled his emotions and asked challenging questions such as “what do you say your hand is in the killing of Muslims and opposition? Do you say “Yes” or “NO”? Are you the decision maker in Wayane killing of old people during Eid? Yes or NO? Do you have any criminal activities against the law of the country, Mr Sibhat?

    All Ethiopian Muslims should act reasonably in the West when opposing someone, especially they should read the laws of the country in the West before they pass their limit.

    Having said that, however, this Sibhate Nega deserves no respect whatever his age. Remember this guy is the one who called all Ethiopian Muslims terrorists and ordered the killing or beating of very old people during last Ramadan Eid alfiter prayer. Who has sympathy for this guy? Has this guy showed sympathy for any of our brothers in Dimsachin Yesema to be released or be treated nicely/ What did he do to “Abubeker”, torture him until he felt unconscious?

    It is clear that we are not going to stand this kind of oppression. I am appalled the Ethiopians at Star Bucks did not react with Sadiw.

  40. kebraraw says:

    onother terrorist is there any american with that name kkkkkkkkkk why not he represent his native country the one sent him and paid him to mess with habesha and motivate terrorism. why he saying proud american he not a proud he can only be proud ______ his native country most probable one of the countries who finance and mobilize terrorism.
    in short he is just an animal

  41. worqu belayneh says:

    The dog extremist muslim and his types are the exact ones creating havoc all over the world. It is time the world recognizes them as enemies of civilization, and counter-attack them in unison. Frankly, they do not belong in the community of 21Century globe. Just get rid of them all!

  42. ኤፍሬም says:

    ሰላም ወንድም ሳዲቅ እስላም ሰው ተሳደብ አይልም። ፖለቲኮኞቹ እንዳንተ ያለ ሰው አይወክሉም ። ድምፃችን ይሰማ አልክ የማን ድምፅ የውሻ?

  43. Kalayu says:

    Well said dear editor! Keep on!

  44. tola kebede says:

    SADIQUE is realy extrimist alshebabe “NEAW” “BE REJIM GEMED YETASERK MEHONEHN MAWOK ALEBEH ” As u said thats america.

  45. Tulu Chala says:

    “I am a proud American.” declares the proud American as if this is a special honour conferred on him by the government of the United States. I did not know that changing your identity and speaking English would make one proud. Thank for enlightening us on what your attitudes are towards Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The implication is you were ashamed of being Ethiopian and now you are proud that you are an American. Well, I have no problem with that. But what business of yours are the affairs of Ethiopia since you are a proud American? Why the hell did you make such a stupid scene? I thought you would know better than confronting an elderly Ethiopian in the street. At first I thought you were going to challenge him to a duel. You think Sebhat Nega who fought a dictator armed to his teeth would be scared of the likes of you. This is just an irritant like the buzz of a mosquito. So proud American, my advice is that you stay away from Ethiopia and Ethiopians. We are more proud being Ethiopians than you being an American. Nothing gives us more pride than being Ethiopian.

    • tola kebede says:

      Give me brake ! Dont pulling leg 4 American.”DENKAM “proud of so extrimist “YE BEAG KODA LEBSEH YE METNOR TKULA NEH.” Befor to say something about ethio. Poletices first stand your self.

  46. berhane says:

    Egyptian money via Eritrea, disbursed to ESAT is what you see. Berhanu Negas’ promise to his controller Isayas of Eritrea is being fulfilled. Money can buy so many things, even if it means selling-out your country. This guy should go to Egypt and help free his boss Mohamed Morsi

  47. GETACHEW REDA says:

    From- GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    Dear Dawit (Editor Awramba)
    That constitution you mentioned above on your editorial comment can’t protect any Ethiopian American activist from challenging world dictators who practice racism. Who gave the right to interfere America as a country in every corner of the plane earth? If that is right, who told you that American Ethiopians have no right to stand for their family back home?
    Regardless, I have differences with Sadik on the Muslim issue- on his position to challenge Sebhat the most notorious racist and anti Amhara fellow is admirable and legal!

    Sadik is an Ethiopian, unless you want to be hypocrite. What do you thing all those TPLF members writing press release in the name of the office of “UTNA” urging TPLF government to murder the opposition with the “YEMYADAGIM IRMIJA”. Do they have the right to interfere ? If yes, why not Sadik demanding his friends to release from prison? What is wrong with it?
    Getachew Reda (Ethiopian Semay Editor)

    • Chala Tulu says:

      I think you are a disgrace to your profession and the newspaper you claim to be the editor of. This is not what I would have expected from an editor. I would have expected a rationl, coherent and objective analysis from an editor. It sad to see that a person who claims to be an editor doesn’t know better than to encite and ecnourage extremism. Are you so ignorant and desperate that you don’t give a damn about your country as long as you are not in power?

  48. Hailu says:

    Awramba Times if your aim is to argue that if one is a citizen of a certain country he or she should stop being against leaders which one consider a dictator you are making a wrong judgement. Why? Human Right issues are all concerns for all human beings beyond border. The fact that he is an American doesn’t discredit his view against human right violations anywhere in the world. IN fact because he has ethnic origin in Ethiopia it is not surprise he knows Ethiopia well. But one things is clear you are a biased journalist or you may be innocent but do not have a grasp of the situation.

  49. addis boy says:

    typical wahabiya ,RUDE !!!!!
    i disagree with some woyanee polices too, but couldn’t be this rude.
    is he trying to be abebe belew ?
    this SILTEE guy i heard him many times,he is extrimist whabiya too, no better than woyanee.
    ESAT sucks !

  50. Sebhat meshebet says:

    Is it not this old guy caught uttering on open mike about his role of distraction that Amharas and Orthodox Christianity from Ethiopia? To use his own vile language “he broke the back-bone of Orthodox Christianity and the Amhara once and for all”. I think Sadik is planted by TPLF to make this old guy appear bigger than what he is. He is a dirt bag and will be prosecuted, like Kefyalew, for his ethnic cleansing scheme that claimed numerous lives in Ethiopia. We all know this is a prelude for what is coming to all those who have been on the top of power echelon by the barrel of their gun and looted the fruits of the whole nation to their individualistic need. Time is up!!
    Ethiopia lezelalem tnur!

  51. Banda Yitfa says:

    No, Sadiq did not violate his oath of allegiance at all. Which sentence or phrase of the Oath did he violate? None!!

    The US President and Government tell other dictatorial/authoritarian regimes to realease political prisoners, respect human rights, etc (essential what Sadiq said), what do you say of them?

    Your statement exposes your cowardice or ignorance, or both.

    Viva Sadiq

    • Jhonny says:

      Obama is a president Sadiik is Jihadist Silte. That is the difference. He is supporting Alshebab affliated terrorists and he is working day and night to cause a mayhem in Ethiopia. Even by calling the govt officials impersenating himself as a journalist. This is violation by itself affliating himself with criminal organization Dimtsachin Yisema. This organization has affiliation with. ALSHEBAB of SOMALIA. HOW ON EARTH THIS WILL NOT BE A VIOLATION OF HIS OATH. HE WILL LIKE A PERSON WHO IS DETAINED LIKE YEMENI ORIGIN GUY IN NEW YORK TODAY FOR ORGANISING KILLING PEOPLE IN YEMEN.

  52. yohannes says:

    Habesha ppl should keep quite and eat their raw meat and ethanol instead of fighting against muslim religous, dear my habesh ppl why should we concern about TPLF more than mr,sadik and he didn’t commite any crimes against us he just express his opinion in a democratic country we will deport u guys soon those who doesn’t have feeling for our blessed country USA me to I’m proud of USA I don’t care TpLF country!

  53. Semit says:

    The Dog continues it’s Barking and The camel also continues to walk nothing can stop EPRDF. FUCK Sadik Ahmed

  54. WINNER says:

    Iwnet naw. Siqezaqiz be ij simoq be mankiya indemibal aynet naw.Ijachew sayseneziru ye ethiopia guday iyanesa silefif neber, siyasteneqiqut degmo iski argut americawi negn alachew. Indih degmo be gura proud americawi sil, ethiopiawis proud aydelem man alew yih worebela, asdagi yebedelaw werada. Be bahlachin, sew yeminiq yetenaqe naw yibala. Yih indihu sifeter yetenaqe huno naw yagegnehut. Asafari SadiQQQQQQQQQQQQ

  55. T. J says:

    He is not even proud Ethiopian

    • It doesn’t take to be weyani to be Ethiopian it’s the other way around .The old man bunch of you defending is a coward that is the only communication skills he has & he expects to be treated this way

  56. Aas says:

    He wana be crowned like Abebe Gelaw by some fool diasporas!!! U r a proud American ? Ahahahah…….. My name is Ahmed sadik u wana be famous by acting like a fool???? I am ashamed for u

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