Nigeria beat Ethiopia in World Cup playoff (+video highlights)


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16 Responses

  1. Adewale Isaac says:

    What a fantastic play! keep it up.

  2. Ash says:

    Did Saladin Said played?

  3. Mesfin g says:

    I hope rotten Meles body see it from sin.

    • Chala Tulu says:

      You are rotting in life and you will be burning in hell when you die. Meles was a great man and he wouldn’t be judged by a good for nothing person like you. Your contribution to Ethiopia is only you vile language, a big rotten mouth and deep-seated bigotry and hate. It is a pity you are alive while the great man is dead which is the irony of life. It should have been the other way round. People like you are a menace to society.

  4. w .yilma says:

    It is a game and one of the competitors will be wean. Nigeria done it. We should not be discouraging, and we should appreciate the Ethiopian players for their effort to reach up to this tournament. Except for Olympic, it is the first time our team qualified up to this level. The Ethiopian team beat most of the African team from the 50’s to 70’s. We won the 3rd African cup after beating Egypt 4 to 2 with overtime in the 50’s. We hosted the 6th and 10th African cup. During the 6th African cup, Congo Kinshasa badly and unexpectedly beat us. Although we lost, I dot think that team was the best in Ethiopian foot ball history. Mengistu Worku, Luchano and Itallo Vasalo, Awad Muhamed,Shewangizaw Agonafer, Bukuretsion, Fisiha, Getachew (one goal keeper, and the other forward)and the rest are the best players Ethiopia ever have. During this era, except Sudan Ethiopia beat most African teams, especially eastern African nation by more than 4 to 5.
    Unfortunately, after we lost the 6th African our national team start declining. Most of the players start stopped to play, and no reserve to replace them.
    The main reason why the 10th African cup was hosted by Ethiopia is not to wean but to divert the International communities attention that Ethiopia was in peace after the overthrow of the Emperor by the military government (Derge). The respected Ydnekachew play a great role to bring the 10th African cup tournament in Ethiopia. In general, except few players like Solomon and Nigusse, the rest are not good enough to make our team competitive.
    I wish a success to our national team in the future.

    Long Live Ethiopia

  5. meron says:

    honest God, this is one of the day i was saddened as far as football is concerned. It is a heart breaking. In the mean time, i am also impressed the lovely play of our Antelopes. They knew how to roll the ball—but football is such a curl and infamous game-that, in most cases only those who have experience win. Also, foot ball is such a bad game that, no matter how you lovely and tactically you played the ball, the winner is the scorer. there is no such assessment of your performance —unfair! If i will be given a chance to lead global football, i will work hard to convince the stakeholder and change such an assessment-and hence winning must be based on various measurable indicators.

    Well done Antelopes-Keep it up! 2morrow is another day!

  6. Kifle says:

    Nigeria did not beat us, it was “coach Sewnet” who beats us! He is a cruel and nonsence person the way he substituted! Drops keweyanee cadre min yitebekal!

    • zeberga says:

      tultula, it is easy to post and comment on others work, werea becha!!! turinafa

    • konjit says:

      Kiflom, I think u r right when u said that the voach has made a mistake. His mistake was taking Adane Girma Out and putting Omud okri in his place. He might have been trying to please Mr. Obandg Meto the diaspora fighter. U remember Adane was guestof honor on AESAONE tiurnament in Washington DC. That might be the case to take him out. Just curious. Any way our team played great and showed its compitativeness to the world. Its ok in football one should be the winner. But we all should agree it is not the matter how buitifull u play it is about ti score. We lack that.

  7. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I start hating African soccer again. Now the return match is going to be an onslaught, an ugly sight to behold. But kudos to those kids who played their hearts out for a winning result today. I can tell it was a mismatch physically. They just can not register winning streaks with physique of thoroughbreds. I would like to guess that most of the players came from not from affording families. Proper nourishment that does start at an early stage goes a long way in preparing players for such a sport which is the most rigorous game around. May be a generation 15-20 years from now can be that team. Not now. Players with quadriceps of a long distance runner have to wait until they develop such built up physique. You can tell from the video of the match. It looks like a college football team going against an NFL team or enthusiastic high school kids going against a Notre Dame football team. Look at any West and North African teams. This is just my opinion. I have been in a bad mood most of today nonetheless.

  8. Kalayu says:

    They did their best. All Ethiopians have to encourage them. Remember, it is Nigeria! It is World class team. Two goals only is a big progress for Ethiopia. The bad habit in Ethiopia is to discourage players after such defeats. To me, the winner is Ethiopia! Because if we keep up like this tomorrow is another day! There should be celebrations even for a defeat like this.

  9. Ash says:

    I had a chance to see the game, this is my observation

    We luck, killer instinct, we luck matrelized every opportunity to socred…by nature we r very polite people…we need a killer instinct, cutthroat attitude…

    Once we have this player who have cutthroat attitude and killer instinct..his name was Fikru Teferra Lemessa, he was striker and team captain …this guy have no mercy he trun any ball in to goal..guess what mr.Sewnet Bishaw, fire him because of personal dispute and personal ego…and this cost us dearly …

    Now just look Fikru The operator at work

    Fikru Tefera 2010 Wonder Goal

    Fikru Teferra SPECTACULAR Goal vs Kaizer Chiefs

    This video look the same but two different game and look he took every opportunity to trun the ball in to goal

    Best goal Fikru Teferra vs Kiên Giang

    This one is it look like simple but look at his …he didn’t wast time to trun the ball in to goal…it is just amazing how he scored this one from his possession …

  10. tola kebede says:

    Bravo ! ethiopia football players its good job u did it im so proud u played yesterday beautiful game like barcelona team.not only i said goal tv. Comentator he explained its marveles game he said. So waliyas go waliyas go waliyas.

  11. Abraham Solomon says:

    Ethiopia’s walia has shown us already how they are going to play against Nigeria next month. An inevitable victory will come to our way. I hope we expect the same confidence and talent from our best soccer players. Let the world see the new brilliant and best competitor team in Brazil. Nigerians are worried and scared our team; however, they don’t want to say it during the interview. Bravo Ethiopians.

  12. Kenenisa says:

    Ethiopians ..keep dreaming!

  13. Kenenisa says:

    Before the match.i read from ethiopian newsletter-Nazret,with disbelief at the hubris and baseless confidence displayed by ethiopians.i knew that the walias are not as strong as they believe.for one the defence is not that good and the goalie a calabar we will crowd the mid field and hit you with counter attack and put you in rightful place:with teams like Eritrea,sudan et al.

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