Africa’s journalists honor jailed editor Woubshet Taye (CPJ Blog)


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  1. Ash says:

    How this thing work?

    Berhane Tesfaye and the couple’s not-quite-five-year-old son…goes to Ethiopian authority and ask exit visa.

    The Ethiopia authority ask reason for traval

    Berhane Tesfaye:- to accept an award (CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards 2013) on behalf of my jaild husband Mr.Woubshet Taye

    While at the immigration office ms.Berhane Tesfaye phone ring it was ESAT…

    They want to get interview about the award while setting at Ethiopian immigration office ms.Berhane Tesfaye bad mouthing the government and when she finished..she said sorry that was esat..important call.

    The Ethiopia authority:-said it okay …good luck in South Africa ..

    Then Ms. Berhane Tesfaye, said u didnt give me exist visa? While seeing her passport without exist visa.

    The Ethiopian authority :- Ethiopia doesn’t have exist visa after 1991…u r free to go any where u want…we arrest u husband not u…u can accept any award u want or speak with how ever u want…as long as u get South Africa entery visa u r free to go…

    This how it is going down in today Ethiopia..believe it…Ms.Berhane Tesfaye is a witness to Ethiopian government fairness

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