Aboy Sibhat says Eritrean Authorities Kill Colonel Bezabeh Petros (+Audio)


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33 Responses

  1. cazzate says:

    would you want to know how many innocent eritreans he killed by droping bombs in eritrean villages and towns. In my opinion he should have never been released to begin with.

    • teshome says:

      You mentally disabled ‘shabia’. What are you doing here in exclusive Ethiopian forum?
      I didn’t know colonel Bezabehe Bombed innocent Eritreans.
      If at all that was the case I wouldn’t regret, rather we would be glad because what happened in ‘Adire school is still fresh in our mind’ and many Tigrians are carrying the pain in their heart for what Isayas did to young children in ‘Aider school’

      • Awet N Hafash says:

        Hahah good and every time you feel like taking back Assab, remember that feeling because we eritreans have not forget the cowardly attack against our Airport when there was only civilians..

    • Gebez says:

      Have you ever heard about the Geneva Convention you filthy dummy? Blood suckers Al-Shaebia Al-Nakfa, Al-Sahals, your ultimate demise is approaching. Bezabih Petros is an Ethiopian hero. May God bless his soul.

  2. keyo says:

    If he was a woyanne solider they would have done more to rescue him alive or getting his body.
    Politics is sheet. Sibhat is talking rubbish now as he favoured Eritrea against ethiopia.

    What is funny is people like Lemagne beyene who been advocating about this cause and the the other prisioned colonel from arbegnoch ginbar but now they shout there mount b/c shabia paid $200,00.00 for ESAT.

    • Aster says:

      It is interesting how we Ethiopian accept so much from Sibhat, who has continually told us that he would die for Eritrea people to protect an Ethiopia’s hero Colonel Bezabeh. Had Meles and Sibhat stood strong for the militaries and many civilians Ethiopians captured and killed by Shabia, we would have not been talking about this today. Nevertheless, Colonel Bezabeh died fighting for his country and he will always be remembered for that. This old man needs to shut up and go to a nursing home. He is embarrassing the heroic Tigray people.

      • robel says:

        1 col bezabeh nab asmera aranshi hizu aykonen mtsiu
        2 ab gizie gedli hiznayo lekiknayo kea
        slezi sebari tsahlu entay tigebro

  3. meron says:

    AWTs has to chose between what will be presented and what is not. The over aged mand who may speak 1 truth out of 1000 lay dose not deserve to be posted in here.

    Let him wait his death in peace, eating the billion he and his family has robed from my country.

    The bad thing of him is that, he donot know how to shut up and pop once and again in the media.

    my point is that, why woyane has totally forgotten this colonel????? could this be the same if he is from Aboy’s relatives? or from Adewa?????

    I don’t think. How a government who sent out such a precious man for the poor country, with precious mission forget him like that?

    Imagine colonel Bezabeh decide to stand by woyane when woyane has only figure counted army at hand, and when woyane has more or less no capable personnel that can fight from sky. We all remember that woyane reached the level of using hired foreign aircraft pilots. This happened not because the country never had them, but woyane abandoned the army. when isayas told to meles i will come and eat you as usual, them meles has to cry and beg Ethiopians to join him. I may say almost all the deregu army re-joined the mission and fucked shabia. They rejoined not they like meles, but was a call from mother Ethiopia. Colonel Bezabeh, though abandoned by woyane, he kept that aside and heard his mother’s call and went on to his aircraft, safely accomplished several of his missions, but was unlucky in his last flight.

    What bad he did to woyane except joining them when they abandoned him? why they have forgotten him like that?????

    May the Almighty God changed the wish of the old sabhat and show up this gentle man once.

    Note: My fear is that, this has several implication to the rest the national army (if that is national army)! What is their grantee to work with woyane????

    I remember when the late man said, in the parliament, the government is not obliged to report the no. of dead soldiers in Somali—Imagine their family?

  4. Degif says:

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for posting the audio interview of Aboy Sebhat’s all rounded and matured analysis of the current Ethiopian politics and related issues. I am sure the people in the opposition camps(beshitegnochu) will learn a lot from these facts and truth. Aboy Sebhat always speaks the fact, of course this is a bitter pill for the toxics to swallow.

  5. w .yilma says:

    For Ginbot 7 Col. Bezabih is Woyane solder. Therefore they are dancing and sleeping with Ethiopian enemy. How many Ethiopian solders and civilian were killed and disappeared by Shabia maniac government. Almost for the last 50 consecutive years we are bleeding by this government, even after the so called independent.The Ethiopian government should exerts its efforts to eradicate this blood thirsty exodus parasite from our region. As long as this terrorist government is in power Ethiopia will never get peace. The mission of this government is not to bring economic prosperity, peace and and liberty for the Eritrean people but to finish his job by disintegration Ethiopia. This government comes out of the Eritrean societies, but what actually doing is not for Eritreans. The main mission of Shabia is to serve the interest of Ethiopian enemies.
    Col.Bezabih is an Ethiopian hero need to be respected and a monument should be erected for the his heroic deeds. Col Bezabih will remain alive in the minds of Ethiopia. He was a true son of our country, dedicated himself in time of need. That is what we call heroism. The same as Ethiopia have heroes like Col. Bezabih, we have people like Abraham yayeh, Andargachew and Biirhanu who are sleeping with the killer of Ethiopian hero Col. Bezabih. Yemot mote!

    Long Live Ethiopia

  6. ታማኝ ምን አለ says:

    ልክ እንደአሳዳጊ አባቱ መንግሰቱ ሃ/ማሪያም ታማኝ( አንዳንዶች ለማኝ ይሉታል)በየአጋጣሚዉ በዉሸት ናሽናሊዝም ከሌ በላይ ለኢትዮጵያ የለም ሲለን ከርሞ ከለየላቸዉ የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ሻቢያና ግብፅ ገንዘብ እየተቀበለ ንሮዉን የሚገፋዉና አንዴም እንደወንዶቹ በርሀ ብቅ የማይለዉ አሁን የቅርብ ወዳጁ የሆነዉ ሻብያ ኮ/ል በዛብህን ገደለዉ ሲባል ምን ይለን ይሆን

  7. Berkeley Molla says:

    He was not even a good pilot! He got shot down twice! Twice!!
    Should have stayed on terra firma the second time!

    • black says:

      u idiot if he is good pilot see his profile,
      he bombed 191 times in less than two years at somalia,he is not shot on his first.
      ask yr self why he fight cintinously,coz hero

  8. Sisay says:

    at tamagn men ale

    I think you do not have the moral to blame Tamagn. He is the only person i knew who has spoken about Colonel Bezabeh. On one event he equivocally asked the world, woyane and the tyranny in Eritrea to release the colonel.

    We may disagree on what Tamagn is doing now, but it is immoral to try to hide truth of his effort about the release of the colonel. You rather blame woyane and Isayas for that.

    By the way, my only reservation to Tamagn is if he work with Isayas, otherwise, it is our moral responsibility to appreciate and support him when he struggle for human right, free press and trying to give the Ethiopians an alternative media. But we have to tell him not to sleep with isayas as you said.

  9. Raza says:

    Why Aboy Sebhat wanted to use col.Bezabih’s issue for political consumption ?
    In the first place the war wasn’t necessary. Why we fight for Badme ? while the entire Eritrea was gone ?
    Secondly col. Bezabih shouldn’t involve him self to defend TPLF.
    Third, col. Bezabih flew all the way to Asmara and bombed innocent citizens and killed many civilians. This man was held as a pow for 8 years and Shabia let him go home safely. The col. supposed to think twice before engaging him self in the war between TPLF and Shabia.
    Obviously the was wasn’t to defend Ethiopia.
    I do believe col. Bezabih is un replaceable hero , but this time he is a loser.


    • w .yilma says:

      Raza. This is what shallow Eritreans like you are using the word TPLF to achieve your hidden agendas.This is what Shabia is exploiting to divide Ethiopians. You achieved some thing out of it, because you fooled like Abraham yayeh, Andragachew and Birhanue. No matter how you fooled few Ethiopians by raising race issue, you will never succeed in achieving your dream, a dream which will never materialized! Your attempt is not about as you said about TPLF, it is about Ethiopia. Because TPLF decapitated your neck and hand while you are sneaking to steal, and robe Ethiopian wealth, of course as you claimed TPLF is your sworn enemy. However it should be clear that it is not TPLF, it is the Ethiopian people who gave you lesson in war front and humiliated Shabia and his cohorts. Shabia pretty well know the role TPLF played for your independent. You know it, and you will never turn history back ward as you wish (for Shabia a tel-tale history is his true history). Without TPLF Eritrean fiasco independence would have not been a reality. I am 100 and 10 percent sure you would have been in jungle at this time.

      Col. Bezabih is not a solder of TPLF as you claimed. He was a proud Ethiopian people solder. Why not just leave us and do your own business? If you are choosing independence it is with all its full packages. You leave your own we Ethiopian leave our own. This is simple! I guarantee you, col. Bezabih blood will hunted Shabia forever! The time will come those perpetrators who killed our hero by violating the Geneva convention will be accountable.
      Long Live Ethiopia

  10. Shiromeda says:

    This guy is always worrying more to Eritrea stability than Ethiopia in his most interviews. He does not even know how to talk politically correct phrases when he talks about Ethiopia and Ethiopian people feeling. He is simply arrogant and dashed the EPRDF image I cannot also understand why he talks about Ethiopia politics beyond his limit of political power and he sometimes pretending to be more powerful than the Prime minister. Nobody from EPRDF can stop or zip him from his foul mouth. I do not see any person to be more terrorist to the government than this guy.

  11. bezabeh Petros says:

    Ezih sle colonel Bezabeh yemitaweru hulu tetenkeku ! Etaw lenantem liderss ychlal !

    • Teshoma chufamo says:

      Please our brothers please don’t be stupid you guys when you are speaking you have to know you are talking about what?ኮሎኔል በዘብህ ጴጥሮስ one day when he come out and today you been being like this tomorrow what you will be

  12. wedi agame says:

    Aboy Sebhat is one drunken bastard even though i like him. Why in the hell you do a poor audio in the era of superb technology. He is always controversial and a video interview would have been better. You are morons.

  13. blen says:

    Why did aboy or a boy sebehat is talking always some gaffs …this guy is out of TPLF ruling circle and he has no power or autority. He is currently acting as a think thank for Africa but he talks always against two things for his entire life,the amehara and the ortodox churches ..now he is tring to lecture us about Ertiria about which all of us equal access to any information. I may give attention if this information is given from ethiopian security chief but MR. sebahat you are an old guy on the side and your words worth nothing but a mere eco without meaning!

  14. Habtamu S says:

    Some people seems alive while they were expire and some others death while they alive forever. Co. Bizabihe was an Ethiopian hero who sacrificed his life to Ethiopia and Ethiopian and we will remember and put him in the list of national hero. R I P. Thank you

  15. Teddy says:


  16. Mat says:

    My respect goes to the old generation in Eritrea as well as few former Eritrean fighters who had true respect to TPLF/EPRDF fighters and to the general Ethiopian population for a number of factors and historical wisdom. But I would say long live to the dictator Shaebia so that all thugs/cadres in Eritrea and the confused youth/new generation from SAWA will get enough lesson about the, meaning of ‘independence and Eritreanism’. Good luck with your New Ere and focus on your own business. Live Ethiopian politics to Ethiopians including to those few thugs/hodamoch and Zeregnoch/ who are begging Shaebia while sitting in Europe or America instead of fighting like true heroes from the bushes. Asafari hula!

    TPLF / EPRDF, I’ve respect to the good changes in Ethiopia although the prevailing corrupt officials may lead you to failure unless you addressed it professionally. But please stop playing old political games and start addressing to all genuine grievances from ordinary Ethiopians, including the Muslim and Christian community. If not, you may creat conducive operational environment to Shaebia or our own Thugs and some Muslim/Christian extremists and you will fall free fall similar to Derg, etc.

  17. abba Toboa says:

    the interviewer is obviously a tigrayan. therefore, it is a useless interview.

  18. Yoseph says:

    Co. Bizabihe Peteros is the great hero and faithful for his mother land. He is not simple solider of TPLF, he served his country for three consecutive regimes by protecting from enemies. In the first place it is the Ethiopian government that has to blamed for making less effort in the POW release.The government even forgotten him. As an Ethiopian every one feels the pain of loosing him and i can say that the one that doesn’t feel the same…lacks love for his/her country ! the hero scarified his life for the love of his country, his people that is all !…but, what we need now is to be sure up on the status ( death as Sibhat said or alive as we always hope). Even if he dead we want his body ! He will always be remembered in the hearts of all Ethiopians for His great contribution and scarification !!

  19. nisbert says:

    Col Bezehabeh he is huj 4all each and every bodies must respeact him also we have to give him big place for our huj fighter spicially arritiesdt must sing about for his job I love you dad!

  20. eritreasucks says:

    kill all eritreans- it is the only solution to a lasting peace

  21. fire says:

    coll. bezabi is the strongest pilot in world for reason ,why ethio gov’t realese him?he is alive.

  22. paul says:

    Ethiopian peoples always runs for the freedom and soverignity of their country but Ethiopian government runs away from them……………why Etuiopian govt kept silent while those eartreans kill BEST ETHIOIPIAN PATRIOT COL.BEZABIH……………Why also his older brother PROFESSOR BEYENE PETROS DID THE SAME WITH those……………..The best HADIYA,BADEWACHO SON

  23. congragulation for mother land hero person

  24. Teshoma chufamo says:

    Please our brothers please don’t be stupid you guys when you are speaking you have to know you are talking about what?ኮሎኔል በዘብህ ጴጥሮስ one day when he come out and today you been being like this tomorrow what you will be

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