U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appoints prof Gebisa Ejeta to scientific panel


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23 Responses

  1. Aster says:

    Congratulation Dr. Gebisa. You are a good role model to Ethiopian and the rest of African next generations. This is what we Ethiopians want to see with our elders not like Sibhat who sold his soul to the villain Eritrean.

  2. meron says:

    Excel more, shine more prof!

    Despite my little career and experience compared to this honored professor, I have got the opportunity to be part of the event organized in Addis Ababa to celebrate Prof Gebisa Ejeta, right after his award. That was one of the few days i appreciated woyane for the good did. That date has also given me the opportunity to enter into the 4 kilo Palas where the president live. Coz, 100 aleka Girma also prepared further ceremony and award on behalf of the government at his house. It was that day i have got the opportunity to see 100 aleka from close and wonder how old that man was. Of course i has seen him before too, but never cared. Really old-believe me some 2 fat guards have to almost carry him when moves. Me and my friends were not that patinated with the over served food and drinks, rather we asked our self—ahun mengest men yehun belo new egnihen mut yemichawetebachew? i was so sad and also angry at woyane. Is there no one to stand in 100 aleka’s position from the then 89 or so million proudly Ethiopians?

    My surprises of that day were many:

    1. What i knew is that woyane hate and hate from heart scientists in particular–hence how they organized that event to upload the prof?—what i knew from my experience is that woyane really hate educated people–and to believe that, it is a matter of assessing the current collection of so called woyane leaders? donot tell me the MScs they are purchasing like coffee from open online schools!! Were they really comfortable in awarding the scientist?

    2. My second surprise was how the boy from remote Ethiopia and poor mother excel to that level and become FAO’s particular man of that year?—i was impressed how he stretched from nothing to that height, from dust to the sky.

    3. My 3rd surprises were the points the prof raised in his presentation–he picked no other theme than education and research. Emphasizing the importance of education, he appreciated woyane for engaging in opening many universities. But the title of his last slide says–My worries

    -education quality! He drew lots of theories and practices, compared his time of university to the current—compared education quality in Ethiopia and the world—the quality of education and students in his time in Haromaya (the then Alemaya) which was without computers and little technology, to the current education quality and the mind outputs with several techs…, and the resports he has show poor quality, poor management, poor govrnance—not only poor student, but poor building–he asked what ups now?

    -we are using techs, communicating well—but why poor quality students every where in the country? why the increasing no. of educated people failed to bring anything new to their country—-

    His final point!

    the government has to-care. Building many universities alone can’t take us to the destination we want to go.

    He added, if universities can’t produce quality mind they are just collection of stones, not university!

    This is my own point:

    The sick woyane policy has to be blamed for production of graduate students who can’t write names, if not exaggerated—

    Why?—coz they told the students one important thing. Go and be member of woyane–YOUR C by being woyane is more than THEIR A without being woyane!

    Cry Ethiopia!!

    Woyane told to the university heads-donot dismiss students (never fail them no matter how they are unfit)—let them go–go–go–and graduate! we are ok, we will give them job!! Now almost all government institutions have died being led by (C) holders. Well leadership is not a matter of A and C, but woyane always prefer to assign stupid people as a leader. Donot ask me why??

    Net time, I may present the 25 problems university were facing (presented by the president of Haromaya university)—25 problems???? Oh God i am sure i will find my note book.

    sorry for the extended—

  3. Ali says:


    Why don’t you leave Eritrea alone and focus on Ethiopia?

    What has Sebhat to do with Eritrea?? He is one of those Eritrea’s enemies number 1 after his dead master.

    Please focus on your ethnically divided “Ethiopia” – we will see what will happen to it after the fall of Weyanes which is happening very fast….

  4. William says:

    Well, this is a good news for a country that never had enough food to feed its population, stamped for ever for food aid , to have someone to get elected and hopefully will help his people in agricultural needs .

  5. w .yilma says:

    Dr. Gebisa deserve to get this position. He is a man of his words, and he know where he can be more effective and contribute more to the scientific communities as well as for ordinary farmers. This is what intellectual means! To find and propagate a drought and disease resistance crop, in this case sorghum is not easy in time, money and knowledge wise. Beside this it is a science of genetically engineering,a complex biological science manipulating of the gen to get a desired gen which does not exist in nature. It is a science which should be handled with cautious. Ethiopian agriculture is mainly depends on rain fall, and most areas have erratic rain fall which is not enough to grow crops. Therefore, we are experienced famine, and our people are starving all year round. To change this image, adapting new farming system and using improved seeds is a prerequisite. hope fully, Dr. Gebisa improved seed will be a game change for our hard working farming communities. His founding will save millions of people from hunger by enabling them to grow and harvest more food from their farming lands. Especially in those area where experienced shortages of annual rain fall. It save them not only money and time, but also from buying pesticide and reducing pesticide residues in food chains. Ethiopia need this kind of personality, and need respect both from the government and societies.

    I Wish him a success in his new position.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  6. Beyond says:

    This a great achievement. The fake free media has not mentioned about this. I doubt that they might not understand what it require to be selected into this position.

  7. Beyond says:

    This a great achievement. The fake free media(ETSAT) has not mentioned about this. I doubt that they might not understand what it require to be selected into this position.

  8. Helen says:

    Look at this nonsense, confused and ignorant so called ALI how he is reacting…..Honestly, I do not understand how these foolish and confused people behave and perceive things since they got the so called fake independent. These ignorant, shame and disgrace of Africa know one and only one thing…i.e all people in the world are mistaken but Eritrean, and all policies of the world are shallow and nonsense but Eritrean, all countries and peoples’ of the world are divided but Eritrean….hahah…It is really funny.. I do not understand how they perceive the rule of the game……….As fat as we know, it was Meles and his accomplices who allowed the so called fake Independence and we Ethiopian always blamed these bandas for letting Eritrea go illegally….But foolish and animal people like so called ALI still trying to deceit us by blaming Meles and his accomplices as if they are their enemies…….. How??? Now, this nonsense so called ALI is trying to tell us Ethiopia is a divided nation while Eritrea (the failed state of the horn next to Somalia) is on the verge of disintegration……..Currently, while thousands of Eritrean youngsters are fleeing from that hell country and are perishing in Sahara and Mediterranean sea, foolish and idiot supporters of the notorious and ruthless regime of the insane (Gaddffi of Eritrea) and crazy leader-Isaias Afewerki are supporting him to save his decay regime…..

    • ali says:


      You are the one who is stupid and ignorant who don’t even know her country’s history! We got our independence by fighting for 30 years and after kicking the Derge Regieme. Meles was wise enough to accept referendum otherwise he knew that his fate would be the same. His only mistake was to declare war in 1998 by claiming that Eritrea invaded Badema, which was proved by the UN that it is inside Eritrea.

      Time will tell whether I am right or wrong. Yes, we have crazy dictator but at least he didn’t divide the country ethnically for the sake of divide and rule like the Weyanes.

      Good luck after the fall of the Weyanes …..

  9. Forward says:

    Where is Teshome?……….. I bet this Teshome guy is Bereket, Sibhat,or evern Adhanom

  10. jarra korjo says:

    congra DR Gebisa this is what u and ur people need ………………………………

  11. Kinfu Manzura says:

    Bravo Prof Ejeta,
    This is a fantastic success for you and your nation and a great encouragement for African youth!
    God bless your future and wish you better success!

  12. Embasoleda says:

    First of all, I would like to say congratulations to Professor Gibsa for his achievement!

    In regard to your wonder of why EPRDF appointed the X-president Girma Weldegiwegis, my best guess is since Ethiopian has been known for their malnutrition bony physic, and starvation they appointed his excellency President Girma to show the world that how Ethiopian would look if we all well fed…LOL. Just joking.
    However, I’m sure he was appointed, because he was a well experienced and capable to conduct the job. And regardless his wait problem, I believe he served the Ethiopian people as their president, and leave him alone?

  13. addis boy says:

    i don’t like it ! brz. GABISA very close to the wire, illuminati……….we need this brother for good cause only ….”sustainable development” is a hidden name for population reduction and /or control !!!!!

  14. Helen says:

    I know that you are already indoctrinated by the brutal and notorious regime of Eritrea who has been talking now and then about the fake 30 years of struggle against Ethiopia and finally managed to convinced some of people of that country to believe that they defeated the Ethiopian Army..hahah!!! Let me tell you one thing if you are thinking out of the box…had it not Woyane’s cooperation with the shaebiya and the insane and crazy leader of that country, you would not had get the so called Independence….The other nonsense thing that you mentioned here was, Woyane declared war against Eritrea in 1998 which is stupid at all…According to the independent Commission who investigated the incident of 1998, it was the crazy leader of Eritrea who first initiated the war by invading badme….Your nonsense argument stated that Badme has been rewarded to Eritrea so that the war was started by Ethiopia which is rubbish at all….Finally to tell you the truth, it is not only Badme but Assab also belong to Ethiopia and we will show you how we are going to bring it back to its mother country….But now, what you need to do is, just pray for your hell country which is on the verge of disintegration than talking nonsense politics here….you people need to re-open the already closed sole University of Asmara again and try to study the rule of the game again than talking nonsense politics that you learned at SAWA and MAI-NEFHI…..thanks

  15. Ali says:


    Yes, you have the right to dream to bring back Assab or any part of Eritrea but a dream will always remain a dream! The Weyanes had similar dreams hence, tried and tried for 3 years (1998-2000) but failed miserably.

    Yes, you are one of those stupid/ignorant Ethiopians who still think that they can bring back Eritrea by force! Please focus in uniting that beggar country instead daydreaming about annexing Eritrea again. Why don’t you advocate for peaceful co-existence? The unity don’t come by force!

    Yes, the Weyanes very well collaborated with Eritreans during the struggle – this is fact and I don’t deny this. We are instrumental in bringing the Weyanes to power and their support helped us achieving our goal – independence. But this doesn’t mean that we were given our independence by Meles or Weyanes. We lost over 60,000 fighters to achieve it. Also remember that we got our independence due to the stupidity of your leaders who thought that they would solve Eritrea’s struggle for independence by killing more and more people. I can see that you have the same mentality.

    I am not from sawa but I have very big respect for those graduated from sawa! Don’t forget that they are the ones who protected the country from your invading army during the 3 years war – I am sure you must have lost few relatives during the war as it affected so many people (specially from your area – Tigrai).

    Again please focus on your ethnically divided “Ethiopia” – forget about our universities, sawa, etc…

    • Woldai says:


      What are you doing here? Helen is on her own website! For your knowledge, you got your independence because of woyane, but not because you fought! The best way for you is to just say thanks to woyane! If woyane didn’t sign for your independence , you could have been in a state of like the SomaliLand! By the way, why don’t you free yourself from the mess you are in now?

      You can talk whatever because you can, but woyane is the only one who can save you from the shame you are in! I know you don’t know any shame!

  16. Helen says:

    “Again please focus on your ethnically divided “Ethiopia”………” Indeed you are one of the funniest people I ever seen in life.hahaha!!! How a person from Eritrea claiming that Ethiopia is a divided nation and could advised us to reunite. Indeed it is amusing. According to all legal measurements, given the reality on the ground, Eritrean are nothing but a stateless people like their brothers from the Palestine. The tinny, too secretive and North Korean style nation of the horn forced its people to flee their country and consequently, as much as 50% its people left the country under a very horror and unimaginable way. According to International Human Rights groups including the UN Human Right Commission, currently Eritrea is a hell and an open giant prison land on earth where by more than 10,000 prisoners of conscience languished incommunicado and thousands of youngsters flee each year from the hell country. All, in all, Eritrean are nothing but a stateless people like Palestinians. So, how on earth a stateless can called Ethiopia a divided nation and advised its people to reunite????????????? Funny!! MILASS AYMOT ALE YAFERE SEW!!!! Finally let me invite you a recent article from ALJEZEERA under a tilte:
    Is the Horn of Africa facing another collapsing state????????
    Visit: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/10/horn-africa-facing-another-collapsing-state-201310611177564655.html
    Thanks my stateless brother…

  17. ali says:


    Yes, let me say it again – please focus in uniting your divided country instead daydreaming about annexing Eritrea again. Why are Muslims demonstrating day in day out for around 2 years? Why are the Ormos using Latin instead of “Geeze” after the fall of Mengistu Hailemariam? Why did the Weyanes commit Genocide in Ogaden and Gambella? Why are the Amhara’s being chased and killed in Benshangul, Arussi, etc…? Why are the Ethiopians dying in the Gulf of Aden every week?

    Thanks for posting Aljazeera article – what do you expect from people like Goitom Gebreluel – typical Weyane Propoganda…. Eritrea is one of the few countries in Africa who are on track to achieve MDGs. Also note that we are not begging food year after year (like “lemlemitwa” Ethiopia)!!!!!

    As a good neighbor I wish you all the best after the fall of the Weyanes which is inevitable… Also let us advocate good neighborly relations between the two countries…..

  18. Embasoleda says:

    When are you going to abandon your fabricated story preaching post that given to you by your crazy master, IsaAss? For your information, we have been overwhelmed by your & likes imaginary story about your hellhole state for the past 22+years, and get lost. I’m sure, if you had a chance to run away for your blood sucker boss, you would love too, but it looks like he is watching you closely…LOL. Thats what Ali Abdu or other cadres had been doing until they got a chance to run out…LOL.
    However, enjoy watching Ethiopia moving forward with all the development that her people engaged in to irradiate poverty and backwardness. In addition, enjoy the Ethiopian people practicing their constitutional right to voice or demonstrate for whatever reason they would like to address…
    Most of all, watch your poor people vanishing from the face of the Eritrea to run away from their warlord master…LOL.

  19. pls every one of u talk about future africa specially with regard to young african who could not still afforded suficiant food education pls again and again think about the problem and solution

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