Meret Simeta: New Single Dedicated to the Walias (Teddy Afro)


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24 Responses

  1. Mehret says:

    Tedy, take lesson from “Fim Esat”

    • nafkot says:

      This guy is too found of fame. After a wile he may look for presidency for Ethiopia as Haile G/slassie looking for. He is working for g7 and Esat under cover

      • Dani says:

        @Nafko guess you have no taste in music…

        I always find it amusing when I see Woyanes “shaking” in their boots when they hear any thing that units Ethiopians. Unity is a great threat to Woyane! Divide and rule is the only thing they know. But the irony is, even after all of the atrocities they have committed over the past twenty years, Woyane hasn’t been able to break the indomitable Ethiopian Spirit. Good job Teddy Afro and good luck to the Walya Antelopes in their second match against Nigeria!

        • ali says:

          really is a bussines man not a true musician just for money …..he nothing n for nothing on the building of a country and next generation!!

          • Gudu says:

            Do you mean a true musician can’t be a business man?? How do you define/understand a true musician and a business man?

            It is a blessing to be a true musician and a businessman at the same time!! The people decide who a true musician is and pay good for it!! You know how the people accepted him. Your problem is his love and unity spirit.

      • Solomon says:

        Dil le weyane. Dil for eprdf. Forever

  2. Efrem says:

    Teddy is but an opportunist. He did a single when Haile and Kenenisa won their meet. He now sings for Walias because the public is attentive. He sang for the Great Dam when it was fashionable.

    • dagm says:

      so what? are you telling us you are smart to know this? in fact it proves the otherwise. this is plain jealousy. you must be one from that cursed land north of ethiopia.

  3. meron says:

    Weste weyra zefen new! Gerum new. My worry related to our national FLAG is that, woyane may be disappointed with current massive move to celebrate and worship our flag. Flag is a symbol of UNITY. Unity is sustainable, unity is strength. Flag is a binding fuel that give life to a people of one country. It is identity.

    When we carry our flag, we immediately dismiss woyane’s secessionist agenda. That time we all think we are one and one Ethiopian. We can me Amhara, Gurage, Somali, but one! One Ethiopian. FLAG has that big power, and that was why meles hated it so much. For that matter it looks they also regraded for their bad dids.

    So, as Tedy put it clear, the walyas put the FLAG up on the top of the biggest mountain in Ethiopia, and the second in Africa.

    Victory for Ethiopians and lose for her enemy.

    • dagm says:

      ya bandera ahunm cherk new, alfo alfom endeyehunetaw ke wereketim yiseral. kum negeru kemin tesera sayhon, yemiyizew mel’ekt new. ahun baderachin betiliku mehalu akebabi kokeb allew. yihm ye bher bheroch ekulinet bicha sayhon ETHIOPIA IS MADE OF DISTINCT NATIONS AND NATIONALISTS. so you are right we need to honor the flag – this flag we now have.

      • dagm says:

        while when you say “we can be amara, gurage, etc but one ethiopian”? Its not very clear. weyena never say multiple ethiopiaa. it claims an ethiopia composed of amara, gurage…your saying of ONE ETHIOPOIA seems to line up wtih the old version of ethiopia which means one ethiopoia having one national language, one culture, one religionm, one history, one chemistry, one etc….which became the hot bed for rebels to inbreed their seccesion war. but now, at least they have a poletical means they can openly ask for their desire and achieve it as long as they got 2/3 of the votes.

    • lemlem says:

      anchin bilo bale k’nie. yilikun yalasebewun kinie minamin eyalachuh, lijun metekemia atadirgut. he just sang for walia, to our national football team. why draw another interpretation which has the potential to put the guy for poletical consumption?

    • Tulu Chala says:

      Sports and politics are two different fields. You are so obsessed with politics that you have to connect everything to it. Why is everybody so absorbed in politics? Why not in nuclear science, human welfare, environment, etc where one can make more contribution to ones society or country? Is it because politics doesn’t require any intelligence other than being able to talk or write? Or is it because politics gives us the chance to express our hatred and prejudice? Or it is because we want to conform to the trend or to appear to be an intellectual who is more concerned about others than ourselves?

  4. Manny Ayele says:

    Good job Tedy you are true Ethiopian from your heart.

  5. mike solomon says:

    he always song for love and unity, OLLA and OLLA. love you teddy bc u also the reason for those love for my country, he thought us foregiveness in his young age than our poleticians those who always tells us the other side, he thought us respect, honesty, hope and song for all africa, he is BOB for us, he might scape this country when he can, but he defend his enemy and thought them love, he always near to the heart bit of our life, he express us at all and i hope he will do this again.

  6. kedist says:

    OLLA AND ONLY OLLA u thought us, u always near to our feeling and heart bit, we love u.

  7. Dion habesha says:

    If you don’t get this lyrics than you don’t understand amharic very smart lyrics
    ቴዲ አፍሮ — መሬት ሲመታዋልያ፣ ዋልያ፣ ዋልያ፣ ዋልያዋልያ ብቁ፣ይታይ ሰንደቁ፣ወኔ ታጠቁ፤ (2x). . .ባና ባና ሳተናው ዋልያ ሆየኮርብታው ብርቱከዳሸን ተራራ ጫፉ ላይ ያረገውእንዲታይ ሰንደቁ (2x)ታጥቄ ወኔ ሳትል ግባ ከሜዳው ድፈር.. ዋልያ ዋልያካናብስቶቹ ምድር ቀንሼ ልስጥህ አፈር.. ዋልያ ዋልያአልመህ በኳስ.. አፈራርሰካል እንኳን እስከ ሞት ሞት የ 30 ዓመትአሮጌ ግንቡን. . .ባና ባና ሳተናው ዋልያ ሆየኮርብታው ብርቱከዳሸን ተራራ ጫፉ ላይ ያረገውእንዲታይ ሰንደቁ (2x)እንዲታይ ሰንደቁ [4x]ዛሬ እንዴት ተነቦ ..እንዲታይ ሰንደቁሰምቶ በወኔ.. እንዲታይ ሰንደቁቢሞስ ባንበሳ.. እንዲታይ ሰንደቁጀግና አይደለም ወይ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁወድቆ ሚነሳ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁ (2x)ወሰን አስፍቶ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁዘማች ሲመለስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁእንዲህ አይደለም ወይ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁጀግና ሚወደስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁመሬት ሲመታ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁአቧራው ሲጨስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁ [3x]ባና ባና ሳተናው ዋልያየኮርብታው ብርቱከዳሸን ተራራ ጫፉ ላይ ያረገውእንዲታይ ሰንደቁባና ባና ሳተናው ዋልያየኮርብታው ብርቱከዳሸን ተራራ ጫፉ ላይ ያረገውእንዲታይ ሰንደቁአርማ ማለት ሰንደቅማልያ ማለት ዋልያዋልያ ዋልያአንተን ማየት ለአለም ብርቅ ነው ከኢትዮጵያ ዋልያ ዋልያአልመህ በኳስ አፈራርሰካል እንኳን እስከ ሞት ሞት የ 30 ዓመትአሮጌ ግንቡንባና ባና ሳተናው ዋልያየኮርብታው ብርቱከዳሸን ተራራ ጫፉ ላይ ያረገውእንዲታይ ሰንደቁባና ባና ሳተናው ዋልያየኮርብታው ብርቱከዳሸን ተራራ ጫፉ ላይ ያረገውእንዲታይ ሰንደቁ [4x]ዛሬ እንዴት ተነቦ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁዋልያው ተነስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁሳልና ጥጉን… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁማን እንደሆነ …እንዲታይ ሰንደቁአይተናል ወንዱን… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁአይተናል ወንዱን… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁብታገኝ ይዘህ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁብታጣም ናና… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁሁሌ አይለካም… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁአንዴ ነው ጀግና… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁ(2x)ወሰን አስፍቶ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁዘማች ሲመለስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁእንዲህ አይደለም ወይ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁጀግና ሚወደስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁመሬት ሲመታ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁአቧራው ሲጨስ… እንዲታይ ሰንደቁ

  8. Yayesh says:

    I think we all should remember that the artist have the right to express their believe, in Tedy case he actually pied the price to sing out unity. We should respect his contribution

  9. ayele says:

    he think he is great because he is a singer. kikikikikikikikikikiki.amarawoch achebchibulet

  10. Solo says:

    Eprdf fore ever. Dil le weyane

  11. abel says:

    Timing is everything fyi. That’s what makes one successful out of many.His single during the Olympic was one of the best ever, I personally don’t see all the fuss is about,artist have to be free to express,if u like it enjoy if not do not listen others might do.
    Why specialize on skeptic and NEGATIVISM.

  12. Tewodros says:

    Midre banda min tinchachaleh teddy lay yezage afehin kemetkeft bekumeh ardo libelah yetezegajewin ebab(WEYANE) lay afehin bitkeft yishalehal haeya hula!

  13. nasre mac says:

    teddy is love love is teddy

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