Ethio-Eritrea: Critical Discourse Beyond the Strategic “Partnership” (Abraham Yayeh)


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35 Responses

  1. Agamino says:


    do we have a different Abraham yayeh?

    The one i know by that name was dancing with shabia right after we CRUSHED the sawa kittens (10 years ago)!!

    he was giving interview with shabian radio! remember that time was the time we paid so many brave Ethiopian soldiers to protect our nation.

    so if this man was not the one i am talking about, my aplogies other wise, he is NOT hero, he is just a another Traitor!!!

    I don’t expect you to post it but lets see what happens

    • aba_chegora says:

      U fool ag… Do you really think that you crushed shaebia. U gotto be kidding. Agamino can never , i say never, crush shaebia.

      • Mekdes says:

        Aba chigaram Shaabiya, what do you think ? You r not crushed . You were sleeping infront of the white house to be saved from brave Ethiopian horic sons and daughters. Thanks for Meles u were saved. What you were doing infront of the white house? Camping what about the house of lords. It is all recorded. Your bozo leader was saying at the moment ” if the Eritrean forces pulled out from Badme that means the sun will never se t again” Did you foeget this? Abraham Yayeh was beating drum with him Agamino was right about that old man.

        • Teddy says:

          Agamino …you must have ur brains backwards …in what account have u “crashed sawas kittenes” ? I have no love for the Eritreans but be honest ok. we fought a country 1/5 our size and lost 2 battles and gained a foothold , which we lost again btw to the international court . and how many live and how much money did we pay for this ? Even with Russian Advisers ( individuals who r ex-generals of USSR) & constant intelligence feed from our western allies what did we really get ? But ofcourse your Tiber ( @agamino/@Mekedes) was not killed as they were leading the fight from behind not the front while the true Ethiopian children were being slaughtered fighting your war.

          • Agamino says:


            Amahara siterit ” EnKuaN SiSHeTu SiYasMamu eNawQalen”
            “I have no love for the Eritreans but be honest ok”

            Just because you stick the above nonsense sentence, do you want me believe you that you are not Eritrean? you are messing with the wrong kind of guy:: I know Eritreans and their dirty tricks they have been using for the last 22 plus years.

            I am not gonna argue with you, I am just going to ask you this:

            when are you going to wake up and face head on the reality on the ground?

            Can you guys try some thing new? Isn’t it nonsense and boring to do/say the same thing , that never worked over and over?


            Just mark my words, its a matter of FEW years that Eritrea will be run by Ethiopian peacekeepers!!

    • Teddy says:

      you guys hve become so paranoid , everyone is eritrean who tells u the truth isnt it ? and still have the dream of conquoring everyone don’t you? and whats the threat for ? “wrong kind of guy ” …of course you are . who in thier right minds would be advocating war and conquest ? see infiriority complex is a hard thing to cure…save ur threats to urself and your dreams for the time whne all of u r in prison like the so many innocent ethiopian people.

      • Jhonny says:

        Teddy u smell Gondere who got married with Shabiya recently, hoping they will be your Trojan horse to take power from EPRDF. Are you saying that Ethiopian Forces, they lost the war to Shabiya. You gotta be kiding but what we expect from Tamagne and co. Lib dikam yizoh timotaleh. Maferia. You said I dont like Ertreans? Oh ya? Lela bila. Yederg Cadre!!!!

        • Teddy says:

          Lol “jhonny” i suggest u fix ur name first. So Whats happening now …Gonder / Dereg etc are not Ethiopian enough for u ? Endeante Aynetu new ager bekumu meyazerefew yalew ….Enen kemetsadeb …yewasheut neger kale lemen atnageregem ? Tamage be akmu yehagrun fikire eyasayen new …enanet Weyane bekumachu eytechawetebachu alchau aydele…Or r u one of them ? Tekemeshen nekahut ende ? But dont ever try to didvde us ethiopians …Derge had its own goal..and much love for ethiopia , Gonder is the main root of Ethiopia …So please eskahun yekefelachun yebekachuhal. Eritrea/Ashebari….menamen medebekia atregew .

  2. Chaltu helen says:

    Yes, I agree with Agamino. Abrha yayeh is a traitor of all times and a very disgusting ethiopian to say the list. As far as I am concerned anyone who has slept with shabia is not worth of the slightest attention. He has committed a blunder of biblical proportion where Judah sold Christ. I am not sure how much easyas offered him for what he did

    • SAMI says:

      woyane was more shabiya than shabiya itself. and yet u r happy that they r still on power but u r expressing ur hatred for g7 and abrham when they r using the same tactic. woyane is worse than shabiya for ethiopians. woyanes have always been the right hand of shabiya in any crimes against ethiopia and its people.

  3. Embasoleda says:

    Awramba Times, who are you trying to mislead by presenting Abraham Yayeh as Ethiopian hero? Do you really know who Abraham Yayeh is? If you are really talking about Abraham Yayeh, the attention sicker. Shame on you. For your information, he has no constancy or objectivity in his political stand. However, he has been only good at picking the right time to posture himself as knowledgeable politician and to confuse people. Thats what has been doing his entire life, and for those who knows him, he is a laughing matter.
    For example, when the Derg region about to collapse, Abraham Yeyeh came from nowhere and started to preach about Woyane, when, Shabia, invade Ethiopia, he went to Eritrea to murch with them to Addis…ITC, and know Awramba Times is presenting Abraham Yayeh as hero…LOL. Well, everybody has the right to admire whomever they thinks that their hero, but if we talking about Ethiopian political affair, he has contributed nada. So, Awraba Time, please try not to mislead your audience?

  4. Orion says:

    Editor Dawit,
    I am really and utterly disappointed with you now. For crying out loud…how can you put your eggs inside Abraham Yayeh’s basket? As a journalist, you shouldn’t side with all the good, the bad and the ugliest no matter how – report as it is and neutral – why is that so difficult…? Why glorify individual/s?

    “…..we feel humbled to have been assigned to entertain the works of this accomplished Ethiopian hero….”

    Are you serious??? You call this opportunist guy a hero??? Come on Dawit…I thought you are a level headed Ethiopian – you failed me this time round tho. The guy is telling you, with no grain of shame, into your face about his little nostalgic love affair and his magical rendezvous with that hideous and monster Mengistu & you, Dawit, are clapping and dancing with it.

    • w .yilma says:

      Orion, you are right. But the fact is, leave alone in Ethiopia, it is hard to get absolute neutral media outlet in the west. However, if Awramba times called Abraham Yayeh a “veteran Ethiopian nationalist and noble fighter for Ethiopian cause” I am afraid what name are we going to give for those heroic Ethiopian who sacrifice their life in Eritrean soil? What are we call them who lost everything as a result of Shabia adventurist aggression? What name are we going to give Col. Bezabih and those unknown heroes if we call Abraham “a noble fighter” who went to Asmara at the middle of the Bademe war, instigated by Shabia? Is it EPRDF or what most of you call “TPLF” who start the Bademe war?
      You can hate any party, but you can’t denied and cover up the facts! because Facts speaks by themselves, but lies are not, only by those who deceive others.
      I do not care about the current Ethiopian government, but I do care for long term Ethiopia security and national interest. Because you hate the government, it is not appropriate to compromise with your country long term interest. Only foolish and selfish who do not have any concerns other than satisfying their egoistic interest are trying to fool us and portrait the devil as an Angel. to me Isayas is a devil!
      To ME ANY PERSON OR GROUP WHO WORKS WITH ETHIOPIAN ENEMY IS BANDA. If some of you believe that Shabia and isayas are not our enemies and they are a savor of Ethiopia and an architect of democracy, it is up to you, but hard to convince Ethiopian. you peruse this dogma ideology to fetch money for your living. Banda is BANDA, AND PATRIOT IS PATRIOT. There is no confusion between these two words.
      Long Live Ethiopia

      • wedinakfa says:

        Yilma, blame yourslef and your blood thursty leaders like Menelik, Hailesellasie, Mengie and Meles, I assure you any enmywho transpasses Eri soil, for sure it ewill be his buriel ground and as for Bezabeh the fool, while shaebia was in the bushes has rehabilitated him but true to form adonkey never lesarns so is Bezabh for his evil amhara chovinistic atittude he paid dearly nad to your surprise even his wife and kids did not shade a drop of tears cos they new he was fool hasband, dad and idiot patriot. So stop shading yazo emba, come to eri and we will show you your right place, that is six feet under with no histroy!!!
        get in dingus fool!!!!

  5. w .yilma says:

    I hardly finished of reading Abraham Yayeh article. There is no new message. He simply is repeating like a parrot what has been told by him during the Dergue time. Abraham and Gebremedihin have lecturing the Ethiopian people about their former comrades more than enough. He is talking about the old history, nearly 25 years old. Other than Abraham himself, nothing is remains the same for nearly 25 years. Especially, Abraham talks too much, without understanding about the issue he is talking about. He said something now, and then he contradicted later. If we read and annualized carefully what he said in his article, there is no new message. We are hearing day and night from them, as well as from Shabia. Since the independence, Shabia is occupying not to solve Eritrea problems, but to create trouble against Ethiopian interest. The only difference what Abraham is telling us now is that we Ethiopian should be blamed for every problems Eritrea is facing today. We are tired of hearing this excuse. They choose independent (99.9%) we gave them, and they got it. I do not think we lost nothing as a result of this decision. But certainly they are losers. Therefore for their wrong choices it is them who should, be blamed. If they regret and their decision needs to be revised they are well-come to do so, but with no ambiguity words.
    There is no need to declare war from Eritrea to unite with Ethiopia. It is better to accept the wrong choice and show willingness in peaceful manners. We can’t compromise or sacrifice our people security to attract Eritrea to unite with her mother land. There is no way we can build confidence with the government which day and night trying to cause harm to our country.
    The other interesting issue what Abraham has told us today is that he make a deal behind the curtain with Shabia or Isayas about the federation. Who gave him this right to make a deal with the foreign and known enemy government on behalf of the Ethiopian people? Did Abraham forget that Shabia is a father of Alshibab and Altihad? This shows how our élites are spoiling and undermining the Ethiopian people interest, and compromised with her national security. This is serious crime that needs to be addressed appropriately. When we are blaming the current government for miss handling the Eritrean issues, a man who does not know what he is talking about is making a deal with our sworn enemy. Abraham and his likes could do whatever is necessary to satisfy their egoistic ambitions.
    I have two questions to this insane guy:
    1. Why now we are told that Shabia was willing to accept federation?
    2. Why now you are blaming the man who was deceased? To get what?
    We know EPRDF has made a grave mistake the way they handled the Eritrean issue. It started since the inception of EPRP, and TPLF. This mistake is still repeating by many, including Ginbot 7, others the so called “freedom fighters” and people like Abraham Yayeh. This is what Abraham is telling us in the worst form!
    I know Ddergue has proposed federation to Shabia, but was rejected by the notorious Shabia. Because Shabia deeply feel we are their enemy and back ward “Hadgi”.
    The other very controversial and conspicuous issue Abraham has raised (which I do not want to talk further here) is about ethnic groups which I considered is inappropriate, and very dangerous. As far as I understand, all Ethiopian ethnic groups share the same responsibilities and sacrifice to keep the integrity and unity of Ethiopia. Ethiopian history is not one or two ethnic groups’ history. This is a new conspiracy Shabia is spewing with the soul of Abraham Yayeh. It should be clear that as long as Shabia is in power Eritrea could not be our strategic allies.On the contrary Eritrea is now our strategic hostile country we should deal with!

    Long Live Ethiopia

  6. addis ababa says:


  7. passer by says:

    No matter this losers say you are always the here of Ethiopian people.

  8. Dawit says:

    I don’t know where to start ! I have read and analyse all the article which has been written by Abraham Yayeh as well as the comments made by the readers. Very funny and pathetic ! You guys dont know the whole story ! You been victimised by greediness ! Sea ! Port ! Economy !!!! You silly people ! When you read those three words i am sure you mouth filled with water !!!!!
    Let me tell you one thing ! You guys forgot or you dont know the Eritreans ! They are very patriotic to their country and they struggled to get rid off hailesilasie and derge for almost 30 or 49 years ! Who was the loser ? Of course both ! Eritrea became free thank God ! How many ethiopians died during the struggle lol more than 350,000 real people ! Finally they gave up and lost appetite lol. Its the shabiyas who helped weyene to get their independence ! I am sure meles calculated perfectly to let eritrean to have their own country ! Otherwise shabiyas were very very very stronger than weyane ! If they say no to eritreans i am sure with in 2 or 3 month weyane would be destroyed ….
    No more no less, what ever the political situation in eritrea will be our stance wont change Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea ! Soon or later isaias will go ! I can see good governance and prosperity to eritreans !
    I am sure you guys wont sleep and u will be moaning and dreaming on having the three words ! Lol you wont get it please be selam erefu otherwise edmeyachu cherisachu timotalachu.
    Concerned Eritrean
    Old street

    • yohnanns says:

      here we go with another Eritrean fanfaron repeating like parrot old words. are Eritreans patriotic, so why they are there for twenty years in agony and death and where is their patriotism that they can’t liberate themselves from one man rule. Please Dawit I cry when I read such words from my Eritrean broths. you are only lazy arrogant. And you remain always behind on saying useless words do you know Eritrea have no constitution until now. Weyane have done far than you. Eritrea is without water, land and electricity. our brother are sold and died on the desert. Stop to be ignorant and helpless

    • w .yilma says:

      Hi Dawit. You are the real Eritrean who hate Ethiopian from the bottom of your heart. We Ethiopian (the majority) are considering Eritreans as our brothers and sisters. Still no matter how you hate us (it is not clear why you Eritreans hate us) we considering you as our friends. What is strange and sad is, no matter what we gave you your independent we Ethiopian could not be free from the problem you stubbornly creating against us. I am not a supporter of the EPRDF/TPLF, but I can’t denied one fact. Either you or your master accept it or not Eritrea independent would have not been materialized if TPLF is not exist. I know you do not want to accept it. I do not want to go further, because it doesn’t help any one. There will be time we will be united again. But it needs sensible generation from your side. Think positive my friend. Hate will consume you while the party you hate rise up!.
      Look how your people are living. Do you think this is life? If you are “Tegadelay” like sofiatesfamariam and Y. Monkey it is hard from you to get the right definition what life means. Life for you is carrying AK 47, and kill people by labeling them your enemy. Sad! We have people like you in this century who think with their legs.
      Last this is why we disproved the action of those “Ethiopian” who are trying to make a deal with your vampire “nominal president”. Because we know no good comes from your side. Do you know my friend when Muslims go to Mecca, all terrorists are going to your capital city for terrorism training by Col. Fitsume?
      Ethiopia will rise!

      • wedinakfa says:

        For yuou to claim Eritreans hate us is at best you are paranoid becauseof your previouse crimes and at worset it is pur amhara ende shinfila tatbo ayteram so are you! rest assuredEritreans don’t hate you you hate your self, so if you hate yourself you thinking the whole Eri ppl will hate you.
        again fool amhar shinfila neh!!!

  9. Mussie G says:

    Dear Dawit K.
    Can you post the article from Abraham yayeh that was posted at aigaforum some seven years back?
    Or Can anyone post the web link with Abraham Yayeh’s 40+ pages requesting the late Prime Minister, Sebehat Nega and others to forgive him for what he did in past and that he wanted to return back to Ethiopia and in fact to Tigrai? It was written in Tigrigna and I don’t know how many Ethiopians have read that article. I doubt if he has ever recieved even simple verbal response for his long application or sort of “repetence”. He has been hybernating for a reasonbaly long time after that and reapear again. I am not sure what kind of pwrsonality he has as he is swaying from left to right and redo it again and again.
    I am not saying he doesn’t have any substance to tell. I am just asking about his nature of incosistency. When should one learn in life if he or she couldn’t learn at the late hours of hi/her lifespan?
    It it a pity that I couldn’t save that link which have portrayed his stands, although every citizen with access to the internet world knows who he is.
    “amel mis megnez” as the saying goes.

  10. efrem says:

    First of all thanks to Abraham Yayeh for his articles. I have few points to each of you: Abraham Yayeh, the editors, and some of the commenters
    A. Abraham Yayeh
    1. I agree with you 100% regarding the problem with ‘some’ Amhara or ‘Amharanized’ elites. But, you need to realize that this is not the problem of all Amhara elites. More importantly, some Tigrian elites have now emerged who claim they are more Ethiopian than others.
    3. Abraham has correctly identified the problem with some Ethiopian politicians in pushing away Tigrian people and Tigrian elites from working for national harmony.
    2. Tigrian use of Amharic language is not to show good gesture to Amhara people (no need to do that for your brother), but it is because Tigrians understand the fact that Amharic is their own cousin language. I hope you mean this when you love Amharic!!
    3. You presented few evidences that your struggle was for the sake of Ethiopia, but others present million evidences that your struggle was motivated by your hate towards TPLFiets. I don’t want to go throw away your claims, but I can only judge you by your action not by your words.
    4. Your relationship with shabia while shabia was bombing children in Mekelle should rather be denounced. I don’t believe a national ‘hero’ would that even if he hates the Ethiopian regime.
    5. There is no any logic that you praise your relationship with shabia, while shabia was bombing children; and denounce others (g7……) for their relationship. All of you should be denounced for choosing Shabia as a symbol of Ethiopian unity and democracy.
    6. My strongest opposition to TPLF is regarding Assab port and I would like Tigrian elites to take the initiative to scientifically investigate the motives, assess the situation, read the points between Tigrigna lines, held accountable those who are responsible, come up with recommendations on ways of getting it back or sustainable use of it by Ethiopia, and if possible bringing back your brothers!!
    B. The Editors
    I have to denounce you for calling Abraham Yayeh a veteran hero without any practical evidence. There are thousands of Ethiopian heros whose work is either not studied or knowingly kept dark. As a media, you should rather investigate the work of these individuals.
    C. To some of the commenters
    I think Abraham is a human being and he can change. His motives can be pure heroic, but there is no any counterfactual evidence to conclude that. Moreover, available evidence show the other way round. So, Abraham should either convince us or apologize for past deeds and move forward.

    • wedinakfa says:

      I agree Abraham Yayeh is a human being and you are a sub-human blood thirst bastard boy, millions of Ethiopians perished for the sake of Asseb or Socialisim but it is evident that you have lost none, as for the Children being killed in Mekelle balme your woyane useless good for nothing thieves who are lording it over the ethiopian population.

      So stop your nonsence points!!!

  11. Embasileda says:

    When I think why Woyane sported the Eritrean independent, I believe they sported it, because they thought Ethiopia would be better off by letting those cancerous enemies of the Ethiopian people called Eritrean go. However, it is totally baseless claims by those Shabian cadres that day & night telling us Woyane let them go out of fear…LOL. The reality about Woyane is that they don’t bluff about their power, but when they fight,!they fight with bravery. I mean, they make sure that whomever they fight will have no energy to fight them back…LOL.

    • wedinakfa says:

      If Eritrtea is cancerous and you are glad to get rid of it, who is having sleepless nights talking about Eritrea?? Shinfila never gets cleaned unless you gave it away to the dogs!!!

  12. Yitshak says:


    I totally approve your above message which is logical and balanced.

    AWT Editor,

    What a bizzare endorsement of Aberham Yayeh as hero!

    No one denies that Aberham Yayeh is highly articulate. Some say, a few months prior to the demise of the Derg regime, Abrham Yahyeh, through his bold assertiveness, managed to deter a genocide which was cooking towards Tigreans living in central and southern parts of Ethiopia. However, among other things, his visit to Asmara at a time when school children were being bombed by Shabia cluster bombs is quite bizzare.

  13. Miko says:

    Dear Editor: I am really sorry and I can not tell you how I am disappointed for your profession. I thought you were an independent media. Ofcource, I understand that as an individual you have the right to choose your own’ hero’, Awramba Times so long as it claims an ‘independent’ it should act accordingly of your followers who ever they are. As a free medea you hv to simply present all ideas,articles and so on of your participants and not label them as «heros…etc». Just leave the judgement to your readers in particular and to the Ethiopian people in general. By the way , what is the definition of a hero? First we have to agree on its definition. For me , for instance, the man you mentioned is not a hero , rather he is an apportunist! Any way, please , please be an independent and professional journalists. Please try to learn from foreing journalists and share their expereinces. Long live Ethiopia and may God bless us all.

  14. Chaltu says:

    Abraham Yayeh has been severely inconsistent over the years on Ethiopian politics. Now he is back to stage with another inconsistent argument.

    On one hand he says Shabiya leaders have been interested to annex their hard won tiny country to Ethiopia. Yet, he says Ethiopian (TPLF) officials having Eritrean origin did not like the idea. Why do Ethiopian officials of Eritrean origin object what would be good for their (Eritrean) people? Those guys are in that position to protect their country’s (Eritrean) interests after all.

    On another point he stresses that the best way to solve the problem is following his advice. Though it is not so clear what he wants to advice, presumable he wants to underline discussion with Eritrean leaders. I guess that is what G7 and some other Ethiopian opposition parties are doing. What is Ato Abraham’s problem here? I think G7 is doing what he did some years ago.

  15. Higu says:

    Some years ago, I heard ATo Abraham Yayeh talking about how should the Ethiopian politics be handled and he was proposing a different direction from what he writes today. That time, I guess it was around the Shab-Woyane war, he was proposing an all inclusive politics was talking about addressing the concerns of all the peoples of the country. It is shocking now that he came down to a narrow race politics. Read his article on pages 8-9. He states that the Tigray people does not have a close friend except the Amhara people. He also narrates the only dispute between them has been in connection to snatching the power to rule Ethiopia from each other.
    In his argument that Tigray will declare independence engulfing Eritrea, he says that they will call the then new nation as new Ethiopia. My problem with this is the following. He states “then the Amhara people are the only ones who are committed to Ethiopia”. He further warns us as “therefore, expect that this TPLF’s idea of destructing Ethiopia will have a big acceptance in other regions of the country”. I never expected such statements from a veteran politician at least in public. It is really disturbing why Ato Abraham wanted to assign the burden of keeping Ethiopia to the Amhara and Tigray peoples and the fate of the country to be decided by them only. I though Ethiopia is a country for all of us and as such it is our (all the peoples in that country) responsibility to defend it and together we will decide its and our future. Abraham is, however, disclosing some new secret!

    One more point regarding Shabiya’s proposal of federation with Ethiopia, the alleged proposal was before the Shabo-Woyane war. And during that time, Meles Zenawi had not had the power monopoly he had after the war. So, if the proposal was real, it was not Meles alone who rejected it but all the TPLF big figures of the time. The point he said that TPLF leaders of Eritrean origin rejected the idea is simply not a sound argument.

    Also, Ato Abraham looks very eager to annex Eritrea. He right away approved it without the approval of the Ethiopian people. We must analyze the cost and benefit. Eritrea’s application is one thing, but it needs our acceptance as well. So, rejection of the proposal might not be a crime by itself as Ato Abraham tries to convince us. It depends on what is in it. We may reject it again if it is not consistent with our interest.

  16. Kelemu says:

    The one good thing/ outcome from this man’s writing is that it will help people with sane minds to question the different conspiratorial messages that emanate from persons of his ilk.

    Otherwise there is no substance in his writings and are full of contardictions. I wouldn’t lose sleep on it.

  17. Gebez says:

    እኔ የ13 ዓመት ልጅ ሁኜ የኝህ ሰውዬ ከሻብያ መገናኛ ብዙሃን ጋር ቃለመጠይቅ ሲያደርጉ እና የኤርትራ ሰራዊት ኣይበገሬነትን ሲያደንቁ ስሰማ ኤርትራዊ መስሎኝ ብዙም ኣልገረመኝም ነበር:: ኣጋጣሚ ሁኖ ከጥቂት ሳምንታት በኋላ ኣንድ መፅሃፍ እጄ ውስጥ ገባ:: መፅሃፉ በደርግ ፕሮፓጋንዳ ክፍል የተዘጋጀና የሁለት ወያኔ_ነበርና ትግሉን ትተው ለደርግ እጃቸውን የሰጡ ሰዎች ታሪክ የያዘ ነበር:: ኣንዱ ስም ከሻብያ መገናኛ ብዙሃን ከሰማሁት ስም ጋር ተመሳሰለብኝና ማጠያየቅ ጀመርኩኝ:: ለካ ያ ለሻብያ ሰራዊት ያሁሉ ኣድናቆት ሲሰጥ የነበረና ጀግኖቹ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ግን የወያኔ ወታደሮች እያለ ሲያጥላላቸው የነበረው ሰውዬ የወንዜ ልጅ ኑሯል? እጅ ወደላይ ተብላቹኋል ኣተላዎች!! ዩ ር ኦል ዘሴም ሺት!!

    • wedinakfa says:

      lol, 13 yrs old, who was looking after your heard then? the problem with some ethiopians is that, though they have an IQ of less than 50 they try to be good liers!!!

  18. Abiy says:

    Agamino, I can not agree more.Abraham Yayeh is acidic, manipulating and does not have a grain of soul.His citations do not have a leg to stand on.Simpy he is a veteran villain,not a hero whatsoever!!!

  19. keren says:

    This man is eritrean,and I believe shaebia & isayas have no legitimacy wht so ever to decide the fate of eri. With out eri.pple approval,otherwise it will b another turmoil. Most eritreans prefer our hRd wone independence against dergue regime.but of course after getting reed of isayas & the other inner circle mafias.and eritreans in general don’t hve hatred to etbiopians (except the few headless die hRd pfdj supporters).this abrham yaye is such inconsistent man,wrking for his own survival ,he doesn’t care bout eri.or ethio. Pple.what do u expect frm a man who
    Befriended with dictator isayas,?its not time to beat drums of war(war of words), letz think like civilised human beings.

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