Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan Mull New Probe of Nile Dam Impact


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28 Responses

  1. meron says:

    It is good to keep discussing and engaging all parties. Ethiopia should feel confident to initiate discussions and participate when asked!! I am sure, we will remain legitimate and on top of legitimacy in any rational dialogues. No fear in that aspect.

    2 key points

    1. One of the key note to take into account is that, in any deal about this dam, we have to be represented with capable professionals. This is serious, it is not like the face woyane politics. Esun ezaw betachen. We shouldn’t be represented with these people who can’t speak their own mind, but work to always please woyane. We have more then enough of them in every government institutions, but this dam has to be free of them.

    2. the extravagant and mega corruption in the name of the mega dam has to be stopped. Construction deals (at least material supply chains) should be transparent, competitive, and shouldn’t be always given illegally to the thief such as EFFERT, and companies that belong to generals.

    Equally important, the government (if existed) has to work more in organizing and awaking citizens over the dam (etv dancing is not enough).

  2. yewellayta ligi says:

    Build the dam and never ever stop for one second keep building the dam. Never to bother about esat and g7 wrong news. They are in Washington dc. Living villa mansion and driving expensive limousine hammer. Ye Washington dc tagayoochhhh.

  3. Nega Belachew says:

    By the way, you see how your beloved boss lied saying he is not aware of the promotion of thirty plus generals with the absence of a PM, right? That’s how Wayane governs, by lying.

    • tola kebede says:

      Chulota neaw paltalk huneh ayedelem

    • Asse says:


      What do you think about the 1000 MW YOU-check this:”″


  4. teshome says:

    What a difference would it make whether millions of studies conducted on Nile or not!!!!
    The bottom line is Ethiopian government and Ethiopians are committed than ever before to support the Great Renaissance DAM construction. So it is t the out of such useless research that matters but the rather the huge commitment made by the people.
    Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea used the toxic Diasporas and ESAT (lie institution) as back door way to pressure the Ethiopian government. But didn’t work out, rather the Ethiopian people showed every singe time how they are ready to pay their blood, sweat and money for this blissful project.
    Of course here and there some mercenaries of Ethiopian Diaspora, and few Muslim extremists were interfering the fundraising programs for GERD. But we knew it that won’t last long.
    Last time, ESAT and Ginbote 7 got petrol check from Arab countries to work against the GERD. It must be God finest joke to hear some orthodox churches which are under the “exiled synod’s’ were getting some leverages from Isayas and Egypt.
    were you serious?? Don’t tell us this is also one of the God’s path way.
    This is the right time to ask every responsible orthodox followers, where, how and why the money donated to his or her church diverted to ESAT and Ginbote 7 organization. It is completely disheartening to hear some of the churches had already gone along way in this respect.
    Contributing money to some Ethiopian charity organization these days brought a question mark and donation to few Ethiopian church had two big question…
    I am not a fortune teller but soon or later the church which was acting as covertly political organization will overly join the anti-Ethiopian forces in all respects. It was not long time ago one of the priest from the Diasporas was seen in the land of Eritrea holding cross on one hand and rifle on the other…

  5. Chala says:

    Well ESAT/G7 was telling us this dam is a fake story dam and won’t become true.

    However with in 2 years started it is already 30% completed and G7 after 5 years started and promised to change gov. in 6 month still 2% only completed by doing 5 star hotel meeting.

    So some one is working and another one is talking

    • Fact about Ethiopia says:

      Guys let me tell you about ESAT
      I know one of the main share holders of Esat, Kinfu Asssefa (one of major contributers of ESAT) was sponsor of Moged! (I remember when he sell his tape recorder while he was Editor of Moged Gazeta here in Addis – to get assylem in Netherlands, I remember, on Moged Gazeta, he published title “YE MENGISTU HAILE MARIAM PHOTO MENESAT TOR AMAZEZE” (K Baro wenz)- and this news was just friends’ opinion while he was in Gambella ). We know Tamagne!-The moron – illiterate- “so called comedian”— you judge… – SO WHAT WE EXPECT FROM THESE COLLECTION OF morons

  6. juhar ahmed says:

    Good job ethiopia gov for hard work to development ethiopians to have bitter live for us

  7. Miko says:

    No problem. It is good to discuss with your neighboures , but at the same time keep on working the dam. I think this is what the government is doing and as to me it is the best strategy!! Let’s watch out and all must be together during such times. Our internal differences,which are good so long as constructive,should not hinder our development. So lets say vivi mother Ethiopia and no one will use our internal differences for its benefits.

  8. Gezaee Hailemichae says:

    I honestly do not see the merit of the study or restudy or meeting with Egypt over the dam.I do not see it. The Egyptians aim or goal or target is to stop or reduce the dam size. Our aim is to build the dam as it is and even build more. Where the common ground? What are investigating about ? Are we going to say Ethiopia will not reduce the water flow of to Egypt? How is Ethiopia going to use for agriculture without using the water? The hydro project or hidase dam is short term project. The long term project is we need to divert fresh water to the water thrist regions in Ethiopia like Harare, Gonder, Tigrai, not only for irrigation, but for drinking purpose because Nile is fresh water.

    I can only agree on this talks if Ethiopia just wanted to waste time to use all that research stuff to prepare itself militarily to maximum. I can only see the benefit of delaying tactic to prepare for the worst eventuality or worst scenario. Otherwise, I do not see the merit of talking with Etyptian who believe Ethiopians can not use a drop of its own water? I do not see the common ground for discussion. They wanted to maintain the status quo and we wanted to use our water. There is no common denominator.

    I would advise :forget all these talks with Egypt, just beef up air force surface to air and air to air defense system with the latest international defense system. Power rules guys. This is good only for Ethiopia to build its muscle power to buy more time and do more training on international level deffense system.

  9. Chaltu Helen says:

    @ Teshome, please, please, please we are sick and tired of your diatribes. Next time before you post something, please make sure that you have something to say. Besides this from what you are scribbling it is vividly noticeable that you have a chronic language problem. So I highly recommend you to take some English class in community college or elsewhere.

    • tola kebede says:

      I m telling u mr or ms “chaltu helen” teshome as chance he doesnt have life.or (“astedadeg endezihu “)

    • Tesfa says:

      @ Chaltu Helen,
      I like you comment and advise for Teshome.
      Even if you ever remarked, Ato Teshome never dare to write his name in caps letter so he knows only “t” but never realize there is another “T” which is very useful as well. So this comment is to justify the community college class
      Teshe Biretu, ayzone berta and don’t forget to attend community school

  10. HornofAfrica says:

    Ethiopia should not trust Egypt whatsoever, and she should not allow Arabs to control the GERD from within Ethiopia by allowing Egypt to participate in financing the dam. They will try to be masters of an Ethiopian dam using cunning and evil methods. Demanding to station at the site of the dam permanent Egyptian water specialists is equivalent to controlling the Ethiopian dam. In addition, Ethiopia should not budge from her position as much as the capacity of the dam, the time needed to fill it and the amount of electricity that is going to be produced. Egypt will never rest, and she will try to hamper construction of the dam by all means possible. If she wants to participate in financing the dam, she is welcome only as long as there are no strings attached. Period.
    A mistake done today will condemn future Ethiopian generations forever and Ethiopia should not squander this opportunity of asserting her God-given rights to use the Blue Nile (an Ethiopian river). Ethiopians should know that they are negotiating with their country’s archenemy, and they should be exceptionally careful.

  11. anonymous says:

    Sure, we will finish the dam!!!

  12. meron says:

    at teshome
    I stand that church must be far from politics as it has been mentioned in the Constitution.

    But one thing that you always jump over is that, who break the Constitution? woyane or the church? Is it woyane or Muslims? It is woyane who has broken the constitution in day light, not one time, but several times.

    Pls stop your arrogant and baseless support and be rational. Tell me why the government forced the Muslim communities to elect their leader in government institutions? are you going to blame them for that leaving your worobela woyane, who got constitution, but tear it every day?

    Whom do you think to be blamed the church who lost its historical waldeba monastery or woyane who send bull dossers, destroy some of the key values of the church?

    why you like that big? Is it false that tamirate confessed ordering of EOTC patriarch to leave his position? Is it not woyane who brought (abune) Pawlos to that position, so that woyane has got all the advantages to destroy the church??? tell me who interfere in another’s affair?

    Why almost all woyane cadres and leaders lie that big? what have you felt when you heard that Aboy has no idea of the 34 illegally assigned Generals? in the first place, is that not breaking of the constitutions. How aboy lay that big when he was the one after it?

    Oh i am asking questions that can’t be answered. But one thing is already answred…that—majority (if not all) woyane cadres lie and they lay as they were told, they lay as their fathers—such as aboy.

    yastezezibal! kedadoch—i never heard a big person laying to this level and in this age!

    • teshome says:

      What an analogy this is!!!!!
      If the Ethiopian government involved with churches affairs, would change overnight to Muslim and you let Egypt and other Arab countries ‘imams’ considered to be one of prophets. The least we found rocks in your brain to mix and match politics with religion.
      My sister, I mean my brother…because the tone of your ideas are not female concept.
      we asked you a serious question. Are you a subject or a citizen to oppose the Great Renaissance Dam?… If we are unable to differentiate the two, I think something else is going on in this society where we are living in.
      Both supporters and oppositions agree on two issues, woyane will not rule Ethiopia for ever. Secondly when woyane leave its Harlem, won’t destroy the basic infrastructures and sophisticated technologies built in the country. Because the neither ‘Derge’ nor Hailesselasie did that. More over, You had been telling us Woyanes life is pretty much numbered, so wouldn’t that simple be a reason to support GERD.

      • meron says:


        Why you donot simply try to answer my questions than trying to speculate my gender? is that important? Don’t you think this is the wrong men’s mind that women are not capable of doing—-yes? hence your negligence and carelessness start there man. why you jump hear and there? did i mentioned about Arab Imam? I never said,

        Come on! i am still asking you who mix politics with religion? my question is, is not woyane forcing Muslims to elect their leaders in Kebele(mixing polices with religion)?

        This is more than arrogance to consider oneself as a subject. I have told you several times, i will be the first to go wild and fight Egypt if they prefer that way and wish to stop this DAM than negotiating. Tultula, i can imagine you can’t do that than talking and harasing. I know woyane and woyane cadres accumulated too much looted money so they donot want to die any more. When you can’t answer questions (becuase the crimes you are committing are more than to answer), so that you simply jump to haras.


  13. eden says:

    Chaltu Helen
    ሳቅኩልሽ: ሳቅኩልሽ….ሳቅኩልሽ
    እስቲ ድገሚው በናትሽ

  14. Sisay says:

    —Egypt gets 55.5 billion cubic meters of Nile water annually in accordance with the 1959 agreement signed between Egypt and Sudan. About 85% of that share comes from the Ethiopian plateau, in particular from the Blue Nile tributary…

    Source Al-Monitor,

    1. what a bizarre! who are them to put their signature when we contribution 86% of the water, yet we are not there on the ceremony?
    2. At a news conference Oct. 7, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced that his country welcomes the participation of Egypt and Sudan in the construction of the dam and stressed that his government considers the dam to be jointly owned by Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt.

    2. At a news conference Oct. 7, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced that his country welcomes the participation of Egypt and Sudan in the construction of the dam and stressed that his government considers the dam to be jointly owned by Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt….

    what does this means? have we ever asked Egypt to engage us when she built Aswan? how would be the share of the benefits later on? is this not give Egypt the opportunity to knew every ins and outs of the dam, so that they may plan something bad when they need??

    NB: could this be a bad advice HD is getting from his old political adivisors but assigned as policy advisors without getting single merit about policy research???

  15. adu says:

    Just reading a news that “Egypt may join the GERD Project”, in the construction, managing, monitoring, funding, etc etc. I am just curious if the Ethiopian regime is once again selling Ethiopian Interest? Hailemariam is said to be quoted his interest to involve Egypt in the project, i.e as a shareholder.

    So, can anyone explain me how would be the logic between forcing Ethiopians to pay for the project and then intending to sell its part to Egypt? And what is the guaranty that Egypt won’t sabotage the technical parameters of the dam to bring things to its own favor?

    What is your say one that?

  16. greatness says:

    its not my first time to read your baseless comments, even sometimes I am lost what you want to say.
    If some one asks you a simple question, you try to relate it with other matters rather than simply answering questions.
    Sometimes, I know this kind of manner with some African people when I talk to them, they make a round to answer a simple question so I can say do you ever lived inCongo or Nigeria, Guinee?
    Who mess up with religion?
    by the way,it is your tpfl who gave lot of spaces for Muslims fundamentalists and when you go to Addis, you will feel better by hearing the Allah Akuber sounds, though I don’t mind, don’t forget Ethiopia is a kingdom based on christianity.
    The new constitution is just to reign fairly but not to deny our history.
    I have nothing against any muslims as far as they respect me and vice-versa.

    but woyane is doing all business
    answer the question to meron instead of speculating her gender

  17. driss says:

    It appears that you are a star in the eprdf cadres catalog. How is your knowledge about the following:

    I ask this question because of doubts whether this intention is true or not. The following are some of the elements that back up my doubt:

    1) The land deal to Sudan. This land may be given temporarily until the “Tigray Republic” is established.
    2) The TPLF and Afar region issue to interfer in their administrative affairs, meaning to get access to sea when the “Tigray Republic” is established
    3)The way the GERD is located far to the south so that it enters in the future map of the “Tigray republic”. Because, if it is in the center, it complicates the map drawings of the future map of “Tigray Republic”

    4) The arable land leased to the south of the country close to the border so that after the lease period (or even before by breaking the lease period) the land will be moved the the future map of the “Tigray Republic”

    5) Hailemariam is signaling to add Egypt as shareholder and monitoring the GERD, which means a finantial deal to finance the future “Tigray Republic”. By the way, Hailemariam is purchased to move to the north through his wife. So he may not mind the southern part of Ethiopia is taken to the Future Tigray Republic as he will be a stakeholder through his wife

    You see, all these events and actions by EPRDF/TPLF points to the idea that the regime is preparing its objective to be materialized.

    I am afraid that you may jump this type of question. But please try to prove me wrong to have such prejudice and give your point what that “Tigray Republic” map mean to you.

    Please, Ato Dawit, do not delete this question as it is a legitimate one.

  18. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    If EPRDF aka TPLF does any deal with Egypt that sacrifices the future use of the Nile by Ethiopians for any purpose they want? well, we must wipe out EPRDF from the face of Ethiopia. The day I see any like EEBC again, will be the day I will swear against EPRDF. I am saying any deal that gives Egypt any authority on our water. Just any , I am warning 100%. I will leave everything I do in my life and become purely 100% full time anti EPRDF and wipe out EPRDF from the face of Ethiopia. We will never allow another EEBC. We can not say TPLF will not do; if they do any move now; it will be the end of history. Never mind, I will unite the entire Ethiopians the day Woyane sign any deal that allows Egypt on the river. This is serious warning to TPLF. You may underestimate us because we talk online. But the day you sign any single document that allows Egypt any jurisdiction on our water resources will usher the end of your reign. We can not afford to any EEBC after now. Enough is enough. No game, if you can not handle, they give power to the people. I am not happy HD. We do not need meek leader.

    • AwareGullele says:

      It is really a financial strategy between EFFORT and big wigs in Egypt/Sudan in an agreement to take the river and its revenue hostage in turn for Egypt/Sudan to look the other way from the illicit activities of EFFORT on whose behalf and revenue stream that the dam is being built to begin with.

      The minute that Aboy Sebehat refused to make the accounting of EFFORT public, the death of the GRED was sealed. The attempt to cover-up the sins of EFFORT and more so, keep maintaining its illicit forward trajectory will coast ethiopia ever nickle and dime for years to come.

  19. Yared Seyoum says:

    Never give an inch!! ” no dam must be built Without our approval ” says Egypt. Who are they to decide on our natural resources? Master of the Nile? Or Africa perhaps? We will finish our dam. If they like it or not. We will never give an inch, when we are dealing with Abbay!!! Thank you. Yared Seyoum.

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